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McLaren GT - My New Car!
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So, about 2021.....
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George S
George S 5 timmar sedan
Loving the matching mask and Apple Watch band!🤣
Lloyd Padiernos
Lloyd Padiernos 5 timmar sedan
Me: *I need HP Spectre now.* My wallet: *Ha ha no you don't.*
gurangel gurangel
gurangel gurangel 5 timmar sedan
I like mint
Sherin Hasan
Sherin Hasan 5 timmar sedan
Sherin Hasan
Sherin Hasan 5 timmar sedan
Hi 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩
Kayla s Unboxing
Kayla s Unboxing 5 timmar sedan
I just got an iPad a week ago and I love it I got the iPad Pro 11 inch I love how big it is
RELkay 5 timmar sedan
This bike is so 🔥🔥🔥 I love Santa Monica 💛🌻
Jack_Crutons 5 timmar sedan
They probably cost 5k lmao
Topbloke Golf reviews
Topbloke Golf reviews 5 timmar sedan
5 grand! You having a laugh
cartoon world
cartoon world 5 timmar sedan
justine looking different today
Andrew Webb
Andrew Webb 6 timmar sedan
How do you replace the battery on that thing?
Robert Ferrari
Robert Ferrari 6 timmar sedan
You looks so pretty on leggings n pink hoodie like a model also i love 💕 your voice Jus that’s a nice cool bicycle 🚴 ride
Denigames 2020
Denigames 2020 6 timmar sedan
They should have called this ios update the android update
guerro327 6 timmar sedan
Nice yellow wash cloth. LMAO
Prof NYC
Prof NYC 6 timmar sedan
Love Justine without makeup. Then again, most women look better without it.
Vlogs by Zayla
Vlogs by Zayla 6 timmar sedan
This 4 years ago
D Tibor
D Tibor 6 timmar sedan
Wow, no front suspension. Terrible.
Bojan Petrović
Bojan Petrović 6 timmar sedan
Oooh🙄 look at this Ooooo look at that. Whoaaaa look at this here. OMG [email protected],what are you trying to tell me. In the summary: she doesn't know shit about anything, let alone computers... classic women. Go play with robot 🤖 barbie and ken leave boys stuff to boys
Merelle Shayne
Merelle Shayne 6 timmar sedan
It's white or black only 4 me
PUBG PHARAOH 6 timmar sedan
Injustine's Electric Bike
David Carter
David Carter 7 timmar sedan
Cool mask - what brand?
Scott Kelley
Scott Kelley 7 timmar sedan
That's a niiiice biiiiike
Hammad Fans
Hammad Fans 7 timmar sedan
Best but I m a fan of Hammad Khatri. He hearing impaired SEmostr. No one notices him. His channel name *Hammad Khatri*
Vihanya Ratnayake
Vihanya Ratnayake 7 timmar sedan
Woooooooooow! It’s really fascinating! Awesome!!!
The Little Pantomath
The Little Pantomath 7 timmar sedan
steve missed out on the earliest ad campeigns for every apple product
monky 7 timmar sedan
i have an electric bike, it’s pedal assist levels go from 0-5, it has a throttle, and it can last a few days on one battery charge depending on how much you use it
Far Rock Qns
Far Rock Qns 7 timmar sedan
Man this video was amazing as always and that beat I love it
Genaro Lopez
Genaro Lopez 7 timmar sedan
And I like the unicorn
Genaro Lopez
Genaro Lopez 7 timmar sedan
My fav one was the dog and the watermelon
Willwellswill 7 timmar sedan
I like how her vids aren’t super long
quantae06 8 timmar sedan
Things that I can't afford. Smh
Cassia 8 timmar sedan
still find it weird watching Americans doing all the things we aren't allowed to in the UK but they all wearing masks outside .. the one thing we're told is completely unnecessary
Nnspideywebnn100 8 timmar sedan
Corrin107 8 timmar sedan
I’m watching this with my iPhone X!📱
Moto-xj Rides
Moto-xj Rides 8 timmar sedan
At lest u got it home and nice bike take care be safe
Conquer life
Conquer life 8 timmar sedan
Nice bike I.Justine
Isaia Flores
Isaia Flores 8 timmar sedan
Great video 2021
Fernando Serrano
Fernando Serrano 8 timmar sedan
It costs $4800. That’s a very high price even for a high end electric bicycle.
jonathan mclaughlin
jonathan mclaughlin 8 timmar sedan
justine won BUT jenna was SUPER close bc her pumpkin and Frankenstein cookies were really good!
Sarae Karyn
Sarae Karyn 8 timmar sedan
I want it just for the basket!
Remington Howell
Remington Howell 8 timmar sedan
I wonder how would work to how would it work for someone with vision impairedment I feel the tag may show up who k
Fusion Techno
Fusion Techno 8 timmar sedan
Do an Oculus Quest 2, please.
Fullblown 9 timmar sedan
Justine, you need to test ride the VSETT 10+R! 🐝💨
Dave Craige
Dave Craige 9 timmar sedan
Good camera work
Jackie Lowrey
Jackie Lowrey 9 timmar sedan
How are you wearing that in Cali?!
Steven Elena Tech
Steven Elena Tech 9 timmar sedan
Me before looking at the price: please don’t a 1000 please don’t be a 1000 Me on the website: 👁👄👁 4,000
Ian Hall
Ian Hall 5 timmar sedan
Ikr, i was like um, $4,000 yeah i think my 6 years old bike just works just fine....
Ilona Reichenbach
Ilona Reichenbach 6 timmar sedan
Exactly what just happened to me 😂🥲
craigr98 9 timmar sedan
Great video but please drop the mask agenda, you didnt need to wear a mask when cycling outdoors.
smydie 9 timmar sedan
Thanks Justine ! Great review The e bikes are pretty popular here in Australia
BHAGAT SAAB 9 timmar sedan
Osm baby
Jayfonzy24 9 timmar sedan
This bike is 4,800 dollars damn. Cool but sheeshhhh 😬
Martin Acuna
Martin Acuna 9 timmar sedan
I wish I had the $3000+ to get one. Very cool bike
Campwise05 9 timmar sedan
Nice video iJ!
come together
come together 10 timmar sedan
Wait? You train celebrity hamsters? Like the ones in the Kia commercials?
venom5809 10 timmar sedan
Me raises hand 🙋‍♂️I'm lazy super super lazy. 😂
TheDeviltech 10 timmar sedan
You should try the canyon Precede:On. I'm not sure if they sell it outside of Germany. But God damn 4k€ carbon city e bike.
Apple Guy
Apple Guy 10 timmar sedan
Justine you are awesome these videos are inspiring
Selena Spice
Selena Spice 10 timmar sedan
Thanks to *Michesliver* on telegram for the fresh cc you are such a great💯❤️❤️
James Roggy
James Roggy 10 timmar sedan
I love the joy and fun she brings to everything.
Linda Towt
Linda Towt 10 timmar sedan
Helen Grayce Ezarik
Helen Grayce Ezarik 10 timmar sedan
Great to have Bike Lanes on the avenue, you did another pro job on this video, like that Specialized.
EndeavorDC 10 timmar sedan
So expensive lol
JC - Tech & Finance
JC - Tech & Finance 10 timmar sedan
Beautiful bike but its pretty expensive. If It could take advantage of apple’s find my app, I would definitely consider it.
PINK LOVER 10 timmar sedan
I love watching people unbox things I could never pay for
Nassuri Vlogs
Nassuri Vlogs 10 timmar sedan
I liked it gonna but it insha Allah
Nassuri Vlogs
Nassuri Vlogs 10 timmar sedan
It is soo amazing
Julian van der Merwe
Julian van der Merwe 10 timmar sedan
If you're interested in an e-bike, you should honestly probably just get a haibike or specialized MTB type one... Your wrists and knees will thank you for the suspension.
Vito Vizziato
Vito Vizziato 11 timmar sedan
I just got a high end E-bike from Sondors called the Rockstar with a mid drive motor. E-bikes are becoming increasingly popular so much so that there's huge delays in deliveries
RM 713
RM 713 11 timmar sedan
I'm thinking of getting these SONY WH-1000XM4 having had TWO AirPods Max Headphones that I have had to return having noise at times in the right ear cup and the second ones completely packing in.
Bill Rink
Bill Rink 11 timmar sedan
Nice to have pro features like through axles on a Cruzer
Raymond Mercado
Raymond Mercado 11 timmar sedan
2021 And Still Recommended 🤣
Riiu Snow
Riiu Snow 11 timmar sedan
One day! Ile get there like Ijustine! She is a BEAST!
Kaylie Mason
Kaylie Mason 11 timmar sedan
I LOVED YOUR BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had one!🚲
Dr Brooklyn
Dr Brooklyn 11 timmar sedan
Rohloff hub with belt drive looks amazing, I always wanted to try one
Joy Mae NYC
Joy Mae NYC 11 timmar sedan
That bike is sick
Sydney Helton
Sydney Helton 11 timmar sedan
That was amazing! 😃😊❤💕💞
Eric Santizo
Eric Santizo 11 timmar sedan
Don’t you have the super 73?
ARW1234567 11 timmar sedan
If you are riding an e-bike to take a car off the road, you are doing good. If you are doing it for exercise, you are a bum. Normal bikes will last 30 years, but these e-bikes will be landfill once the battery dies.
Ricardo Mazeto
Ricardo Mazeto 11 timmar sedan
The batteries and all the electronics are INSIDE THE FRAME!!! This is something I always thought about, but never saw on an actual electric bike, but now someone finally did it! Awesome!
Sunfrog 11 timmar sedan
Specialized is a very good brand. It's like the Sony of bicycles, but you probably already knew that. I love how they solved the basket problem! If you put stuff in a basket it flies all over the place when you turn, but not this time, 'cause it's attached to the frame instead of the handlebars! Brilliant! What kind of helmet is that? I need one. Please review more bicycle stuff. Every time I see you on a bicycle I want to marry you. Lol! I love wholesome girls. Oh, can you review the helmet please? I'd like to see you headbutt Jenna with it. lol! :D j.k. I love Jenna... but maybe a soft headbutt right in the stomach? Lol. :D