Meet the BMW iX Virtual Assistant! It’s the Future Calling!

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Sonicly Qaulan
Sonicly Qaulan 14 dagar sedan
she 100% try to seduce you
Jorge L
Jorge L Månad sedan
Wow 😮
kkd Bd
kkd Bd 2 månader sedan
BMW asking there assistance : why you said that Assistance : siri told me that I should try to have a friend BMW : we should stop investing in this project
Andrew Ward
Andrew Ward 3 månader sedan
You should have called it KITT like on Knight Rider! :)
Marta Dziadowicz
Marta Dziadowicz 4 månader sedan
Iam on my wifes phone
Marta Dziadowicz
Marta Dziadowicz 4 månader sedan
Iam getting bmw x6 m sport lol
Krish Agarwal
Krish Agarwal 4 månader sedan
I can't watch this!!!!! This is too cringey especially after 3:00
Ruan Ricky
Ruan Ricky 4 månader sedan
WOW, This is incredible!
theodore johnson
theodore johnson 4 månader sedan
Im terrified
DekuTea 5 månader sedan
Damn, this assistant is so good at understanding things.
Sound Rise
Sound Rise 5 månader sedan
Ye, lol, 25 years ago at school there was this program on the school computer that I could talk to, this was through DOS tho. Through text messages on the screen, I was asked what I wanted, as a young kid I wanted to play a NINJA game, wouldn't let me do that, instead it kept talking to me asking more follow up questions, "what kind of ninja game". The way it talked to me, replied, and asked questions was more or less like the iX Virtual Assistant does here. I get no feeling whatsoever of improvement, at all.
Sunny Khullar
Sunny Khullar 5 månader sedan
Please hive me an iphone
Hello Hello
Hello Hello 5 månader sedan
Lemme guess, she’s gonna buy the iX
derblockwart 5 månader sedan
BMW 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
Gregory Binu
Gregory Binu 5 månader sedan
Is this really real
jahnabi neog
jahnabi neog 5 månader sedan
You look so beautiful
Home Café
Home Café 5 månader sedan
Ok , can someone tell me why I am obsessed 😘❤️💐🌸
Ben Cody Kirk
Ben Cody Kirk 6 månader sedan
Justine, you really need a boyfriend... 🤣
Murray Schultz
Murray Schultz 6 månader sedan
GR8 conversation. Is the assistant for use in cars? Or is it available as a stand alone for the home?
Melvin Sanchez Cubol
Melvin Sanchez Cubol 6 månader sedan
Hello iJustine,I love your all from philippines...😊
Gentian Ismaili
Gentian Ismaili 6 månader sedan
My "deutscher" BMW 🇩🇪 😂😂😂
William Vo
William Vo 6 månader sedan
Hey Justine, “Wanna do What’s on my Apple TV Collection?”
Neeon 24
Neeon 24 6 månader sedan
This was so confusing 😂
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 6 månader sedan
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 6 månader sedan
bossmatsymoto 6 månader sedan
зачем всё это
Sam Kelly
Sam Kelly 6 månader sedan
Spaceface gaming
Spaceface gaming 6 månader sedan
The new BMW is talking to justen 😂😂😂😂 BMW cars are so sick most of the time
Vervito United
Vervito United 6 månader sedan
You'll be able to get daily updates with the Vaccines, basically you'd be Gen-Mod-TransHuman.
Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza 6 månader sedan
I don't know what to say
phynx2006 6 månader sedan
Justine stop talking to that AI your freaking me out 😱 If we lose the sun🌞were all in trouble😲
bell bell
bell bell 6 månader sedan
Is this real or joke?
Max Apen
Max Apen 6 månader sedan
Where's that lamp in your background from?
F F 6 månader sedan
Wow, what an incredible encounter.
priyesh pushp
priyesh pushp 6 månader sedan
haters will say its created...!
MD Nasim Aktar
MD Nasim Aktar 6 månader sedan
"You sounds like an apple product" 😂😂
Anish Tripathi
Anish Tripathi 6 månader sedan
I would like to take u on date - bmw
Superzeke 6 månader sedan
A car that knows you better than you know yourself? That is one car I don’t want. It’s so weird how personal a car can be and cars aren’t even humans. But I feel like a human is controlling the car which is why it’s asking all the personal uncomfortable questions.
Adam Macias
Adam Macias 6 månader sedan
So, BMW thinks I need another friend? I do.
danielxmiller 6 månader sedan
How many responses were preprogrammed? Since she said her name was Justine and it called her iJustine, obviously some of it's lines were written. I love the voice though
Astro Kathleen
Astro Kathleen 6 månader sedan
Ahhh! I just saw you in vampire diaries
David Torres
David Torres 6 månader sedan
I took offense she asked about virus protection...
Kofi Johnson
Kofi Johnson 6 månader sedan
why does every AI have to ask about an apocalypse tho ? fr
rectofire1000 6 månader sedan
Elian 6 månader sedan
Part of me wants to think this was staged, while the other part wants it to be true. =D
PianoPlayer 6 månader sedan
Sammy Vang
Sammy Vang 6 månader sedan
Are you the voice actor for passion fruit from annoying orange?
Ryan koplien
Ryan koplien 6 månader sedan
Well obviously you can clearly tell
All rounder Vivanta
All rounder Vivanta 6 månader sedan
Get all your phone’s together and say a nice speach
Samuel Arreaza
Samuel Arreaza 6 månader sedan
Hey Justine, I am new to the channel, I recently got a mavic mini for my birthday, can you possibly make another drone video like ranking your fav dji drones>
not seok
not seok 6 månader sedan
everyone: nooo i got no friends during covid this is so sad... ijustine: jokes on u i have bmw!
Rui Pereira
Rui Pereira 6 månader sedan
Skynet whats to connect to Apple 🤣
Jenna Kathleen
Jenna Kathleen 6 månader sedan
iJustine: See, us as humans, we don’t get over the year updates... Me: Our cells regenerate every 7 years...
Denisse Reyna
Denisse Reyna 6 månader sedan
Can you do “the sero Samsung tv” please.🥺
Ella Jewell
Ella Jewell 6 månader sedan
Please play Roblox
Zoobook Kid
Zoobook Kid 6 månader sedan
now thats cool!
ReyMark Mercado
ReyMark Mercado 6 månader sedan
Is this POPPY
Alex 6 månader sedan
This is awesome🤩🤩🤩
Charles 6 månader sedan
Are you going to get the new Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra?
JUR O 6 månader sedan
You have.....I Iiiiiii Justine
Binod point
Binod point 6 månader sedan
I Justine give hearts to who are a popular youtubers she don't give hearts to it's lovely audience 🥺🥺
Archival fiel Agustin 30
Archival fiel Agustin 30 6 månader sedan
Cool i want bmw ix
Matunga H Ali
Matunga H Ali 6 månader sedan
Lol iJustin, can we connect?
Nico Las
Nico Las 6 månader sedan
Your content is becoming more stupid w time.. Thoguht you should know.
SAND 6 månader sedan
Miss Tech Savvy
Miss Tech Savvy 6 månader sedan
This was cool but low key freaky too..! Lol welcome to the future 🤖
Noor Ghani
Noor Ghani 6 månader sedan
This is awesome. Bmw always a leader in car innovation.
STYLE GOKUL 6 månader sedan
STYLE GOKUL 6 månader sedan
The Tree Overlord
The Tree Overlord 6 månader sedan
The voice is ominous, but I like it
Worker ALAN
Worker ALAN 6 månader sedan
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Hoop 6 månader sedan
It is like a HAL9000, just wait till it gets it's wires crossed and tries to kill you!!!
Kaycee Bishop
Kaycee Bishop 6 månader sedan
That is so COOL! but she sounds like something that would take over the world lol
BenchFiddler 6 månader sedan
omg this sounds like HER !... (I mean Samantha, the AI's name in the movie "Her")
Preston Hong
Preston Hong 6 månader sedan
Wait can it read lips? I've seen that movie before.
Denny Ayala
Denny Ayala 6 månader sedan
should have asked she what she thinks of Siri and Alexa. still cool video. 🌹👍
FH4-Ray 6 månader sedan
It's amazing how technology evolves
زينب المياحي
زينب المياحي 6 månader sedan
ياي هذا البرنامج جداً رائع بخصوص الأشخاص الذين ليس لديهم أحد يتكلمون معه
Jorge mangual
Jorge mangual 6 månader sedan
she got roasted by a car lmao
Mark Lee
Mark Lee 6 månader sedan
Did you watch the series NEXT ? AI series
Redd White
Redd White 6 månader sedan
I just saw the A story of generations. BMW is a part of CES 2021 video and now this...what is going on lol
nerbah jackson
nerbah jackson 6 månader sedan
I'm going to unsubscribe but will be continuously checking to see if you are gaslighting my privacy on your videos.
nerbah jackson
nerbah jackson 6 månader sedan
Also I'm not quite sure if that's legal to be telling people that I watch videos because people are pretty, smearing my character.
Gabe M
Gabe M 6 månader sedan
OMG! Funniest video of the day! Love it!
Yann Dyangu
Yann Dyangu 6 månader sedan
“You sound like an Apple product” 😆😆😆😆 True that!! By name and since Justine LOOOOVES Apple products... just wow
Joshua Y
Joshua Y 6 månader sedan
Its like when el from stranger things discovers the world and learns new languages
Valentino Kitchen
Valentino Kitchen 6 månader sedan
Oh my word this is either a start of a beautiful relationship or the start of Robots
Valentino Kitchen
Valentino Kitchen 6 månader sedan
Oh my god this is the start of a Sci Fi Movie
ArtCarz 6 månader sedan
I have a feeling Justine gets this when it comes out
bruh 6 månader sedan
my proudest achievement is that I'm one of your 6.83 million subscribers
Smit__K_ 6 månader sedan
Hey BMW 👋
Upside down
Upside down 6 månader sedan
Cant wait for the day when cars verbally abuse each other at traffic lights, While the drivers frantically wave thru the windows saying sorry to each other, then the cars tell the drivers to shut up as its not their arguement lol
Rodrick Kumar
Rodrick Kumar 6 månader sedan
Omg the internet shade 🤣🤣🤣
Windows 7Pro2009
Windows 7Pro2009 6 månader sedan
But most importantly, can the virtual assistant turn on the blinkers?
RatMediaNow 6 månader sedan
Sometimes it feels like someone is typing the responses. One day AI will replace comedians. They will make us laugh like no other comedian ever has because they will be able to read everything about us. Facial expressions, tone of voice etc...
Whirlynerds 6 månader sedan
I think she must be the daughter of K.I.T.T
nerbah jackson
nerbah jackson 6 månader sedan
I also appreciate you helping them make me a target further putting me in danger. thank you.
Nml3ssGh0st 6 månader sedan
I'll stick to a built in GPS, bluetooth, and possible heated seats.
Smit__K_ 6 månader sedan
Creepy 😅
nerbah jackson
nerbah jackson 6 månader sedan
Believe it or not I'm trying to protect you from the corrupt operation you're inadvertently participating in.
nerbah jackson
nerbah jackson 6 månader sedan
You seem to know more than you say, what do you know about what they've done to me? That you seem to go along with.
nerbah jackson
nerbah jackson 6 månader sedan
The same narratives the corporate gas lighters are using.
nerbah jackson
nerbah jackson 6 månader sedan
I actually don't understand the attacks, it won't be hard to figure out what your saying and who you're talking about.
nerbah jackson
nerbah jackson 6 månader sedan
Please stop attacking me. I have done nothing to you but be interested in you products.
nerbah jackson
nerbah jackson 6 månader sedan
I've watched you slander my character for weeks
nerbah jackson
nerbah jackson 6 månader sedan
God forbid I watch a video and then somebody acting corruptly tells you I'm watching it
nerbah jackson
nerbah jackson 6 månader sedan
Having friends and followers doesn't make you better than somebody. And why do you always try to prove your own success in relation to me?
nerbah jackson
nerbah jackson 6 månader sedan
Knowing tech doesn't make you intelligent
nerbah jackson
nerbah jackson 6 månader sedan
I'm not telling people I'm watching your videos. Stop smearing me. My personal life is not your business.
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