Tech Closet Tour!

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Alisha Khan
Alisha Khan Dag sedan
She basiclaly has the whole apple store...
General squirrel
General squirrel 24 dagar sedan
I heared tripod. Mg42 intensifies
General squirrel
General squirrel 24 dagar sedan
Why is that apple logo on that pc that prominent in view. Makes me wanna buy a macbook. Btw i dont mind
BasicReviews Månad sedan
So much shit
Bailey Roth
Bailey Roth Månad sedan
oh my gosh you have so many phones and things for them
Oscar Cao
Oscar Cao Månad sedan
Is it ok if I get a newer apple watch with assesories? I have a charger, maybe headphones, and an apple watch?
daan stam
daan stam Månad sedan
Thats my freaking dream
00BM00 Månad sedan
Ngl I want her closet.
Kristen Jonas
Kristen Jonas 2 månader sedan
I have lots of cables, portable batteries, two Nintendo switches, three smart speakers and four Bluetooth headphones.... This blows it out the water.
Sean 2 månader sedan
The phone draw is... Just..... Makes me jealous
Sean 2 månader sedan
This makes me want to cry the fact that she is just chilling with 10 ipads yet I can't even afford an apple product
Sid 2 månader sedan
can you give me a macbook please 💀
NIGHTMARE was lost
NIGHTMARE was lost 2 månader sedan
I could live în that closet it beigger than my house
Dejan Kostov
Dejan Kostov 2 månader sedan
8:05 You are deffenetly rich.
Marcus Harrison
Marcus Harrison 2 månader sedan
The background music is the same as on Justin Bieber’s GQ tattoo tour
Love You
Love You 2 månader sedan
So that wear my charger when
Mariana Rojas Ilave
Mariana Rojas Ilave 3 månader sedan
Justine u should do a video showing us your collection of apple watch bands hehe
Archie Read
Archie Read 3 månader sedan
My dream would be to be stuck in the closet and just have so much cool things around you A draw full of phones, yes please
Shruti Sehgal
Shruti Sehgal 3 månader sedan
There is house tour, closet tour, city tour, school tour, and so many other tours but Justine chose to do TECH CLOSET TOUR!!!🤪😝😜😍
Vic Vic
Vic Vic 3 månader sedan
Hi iJustine! What is your profession, are you a developer/programmer?
Hannah Galliford
Hannah Galliford 3 månader sedan
Imagine if all of her iPhones were flat and her charger drawer was locked Like if you think her house would explode if that happened 👇
Penguin Boi0224
Penguin Boi0224 3 månader sedan
im surpised that she dosent have a section of apple sticker. and where does she put the apple stickers
SergejGajičYT 3 månader sedan
id rather call it iTour
Isra Ahmed
Isra Ahmed 3 månader sedan
i've been asking my parents to get me a phone for so long and then I realize she has a whole drawer of phones
The Spy Squad
The Spy Squad 3 månader sedan
the amount of money she could get from selling some stuff would be unimaginable-
SQ Vids
SQ Vids 4 månader sedan
Me.sees the MacBook Air that I always wanted. Ijustine . My pile of boxes. Me noooooooo the laptop I’ve always wanted in her closet of appe boxes
Audrey London
Audrey London 4 månader sedan
When you literally have a Best Buy in your closet
Ancient Proof
Ancient Proof 4 månader sedan
Tech tour starts at 2:55
Hayden Hicks
Hayden Hicks 4 månader sedan
6:51 No wonder apple removed the plugs from the boxes. maybe you could do a giveaway
Kyle Neri
Kyle Neri 4 månader sedan
Not exciting boring tech is that it
Grisel Carnero
Grisel Carnero 4 månader sedan
Maia Sheard
Maia Sheard 4 månader sedan
[casually checks time on Apple Watch first generation]
Paris & Troy
Paris & Troy 4 månader sedan
we all wish we had this
Avahope !
Avahope ! 4 månader sedan
Imagine if someone broke into justines house!
arjun raja
arjun raja 4 månader sedan
justin i am steling this room
Gridiron Guru
Gridiron Guru 4 månader sedan
Girls: there are no girl gamers Me: ijustine , ldshadowlady , shuble. Would you like me to continue?
Kianaly Rodriguez
Kianaly Rodriguez 4 månader sedan
Imagine having entire drawer of phones
parth srivastava
parth srivastava 4 månader sedan
videos starts at 2:50
Matthew Snowdon
Matthew Snowdon 4 månader sedan
Definitely lots of money yes money Its hilarious shes got all this money for nice things whilst im using an ipod from 2013 ish I don’t exactly remember it was my brothers Very lucky
Chloe Farley
Chloe Farley 4 månader sedan
Can I Have A IPhone X Pleasse
Jersii_ YT
Jersii_ YT 4 månader sedan
You have SO MANY PHONES!!! And I love your videos.
Alexis Zapata
Alexis Zapata 4 månader sedan
Whoa loves it
Mike Yu boy M
Mike Yu boy M 4 månader sedan
This is the biggest flex like 👍 in you agree 🤣🤣🤣
Austin B Video’s
Austin B Video’s 4 månader sedan
She literally has a mini best buy
Marah Lee
Marah Lee 4 månader sedan
Nobody: No one ever: Justine: *makes rich people look poor* xD
Mollie Lovie
Mollie Lovie 4 månader sedan
You could sell or donate some of the stuff you don't use!
stephendavid57 page
stephendavid57 page 4 månader sedan
Justin is not the only one who collects, infect I have more collections in my basement of my house here in Devon. I collect old tech to, from the 70s to the currant year.
Ashik A
Ashik A 4 månader sedan
Sad to hear "closet"
D.I.Y Kid
D.I.Y Kid 5 månader sedan
Would you sell a apple watch
aaira anwer
aaira anwer 5 månader sedan
I am crying because I don't own any Apple products
Jason Daniel M
Jason Daniel M 5 månader sedan
Exhaustive collection
tor imas
tor imas 5 månader sedan
Best combo ever beautiful n smart
Dhruv Chawla
Dhruv Chawla 5 månader sedan
Me: " Goes through my tech closet before realizing I do not have a tech closet/bag or anything except my phone"😎😂😭😭
Yefferson Daney E.S
Yefferson Daney E.S 5 månader sedan
also have design of trainer bag and deport zet. you thinks what i go to use the you never have mind.compart my of the conten on my channel.
Dynasty 5 månader sedan
See this is what I’m trying to build up to!!!
Ronin 90
Ronin 90 5 månader sedan
I love tech and that closet is heaven for me 🤣🤣
KS_2 5 månader sedan
I bet all of her tech she has cost more than her house she lives in
Debbie Jefferson
Debbie Jefferson 5 månader sedan
To my fellow American subscribers, if you have the chance to vote today....please vote today and please vote wisely!
Poornima Nayak
Poornima Nayak 5 månader sedan
Hey please buy meApple 5W USB Power Adapter, Magic Trackpad 2 Silver, iPhone 12 128GB Silver, 12.9 inch iPad Pro Wi - Fi 128GB Silver, Apple Watch Nike Series 6 GPS+Cellular 44mm Silver Aluminium Case with Pure Platinim / Black Nike Sport Band Regular, Magic Keyboard US English, Lightning to 3.5mm jack Adapter, EarPods with 3.5mm headphone plug, 16 inch Macbook Pro Silver (2.6GHz 6core 9th generation Intel core i7 processor Turbo Boost upto 4.5GHz, 16GB 2666MHz DDR4 memory, AMD Radeon Pro 5600M with 8GB of HBM2 memory, 2TB SSD storage), Magic Mouse 2 Silver, Smart Folio for iPad Pro 12.9 inch (4th generation) White, iPhone 12 | 12 Pro Silicone Case with Magsafe White, MagSafe Charger, AirPodsPro, USB-C to USB Adapter, USB-C Digital AV multiport Adapter, USB-C to SD Card Reader, Apple Pencile (2nd Generation), Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9 inch (4th generation) US English, USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter. Please Justin please
Dahlia Al-Salam
Dahlia Al-Salam 5 månader sedan
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez 5 månader sedan
I don’t even have a normal closet
Selvi's Samayal
Selvi's Samayal 5 månader sedan
Yeah after 80 years Cupertino apple park will have ijustine museum
Mohammed Huzaifa. R
Mohammed Huzaifa. R 5 månader sedan
It's like best buy , u can get any tech stuff
Mohammed Huzaifa. R
Mohammed Huzaifa. R 5 månader sedan
U can make movies out of this things and also u have camera man's also
Mohammed Huzaifa. R
Mohammed Huzaifa. R 5 månader sedan
By keeping allot of stuff u can do some giveaways
Kanishka Bhardwaj
Kanishka Bhardwaj 5 månader sedan
Normal people have big closets like Justine but full of clothes. Justine: Has a large closet full of gadgets and devices. Edit: I just realized the comment below me wrote pretty much the same thing sorry:(
Zali Plociennik
Zali Plociennik 5 månader sedan
Me: 😦😦😦😦😢😢😢😢😭😭😭
Erin Kay
Erin Kay 5 månader sedan
the phone drawer makes me jealous. ive been collecting phones since i was very very young, but most of my phones are older ones that either came from cell phone recycling bins, or from back whenever my mother and grandmother used to work for a used clothing store and would find the phones there.
husamuddin moti
husamuddin moti 5 månader sedan
whoa i am so jealous right now that i could not even go half way through the video and if i did i think i would have robbed the entire house .lol
Jessica Streeting
Jessica Streeting 5 månader sedan
She acc has more phones then days i have lived
Exel Gaming
Exel Gaming 5 månader sedan
Who buys tech gadgets and never uses them and forgets where they put it?
Jc Quetua
Jc Quetua 5 månader sedan
sabi nga sa philippines: SANA ALL
Dhruv Patel
Dhruv Patel 5 månader sedan
If you could take something from her then what would it be
Kathir K
Kathir K 5 månader sedan
me just have one macbook and a iphone x and a ipad and apple watck 3 and a pixil 2 xl and chromebook and iplus6t😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 do not think its just for me oly it for me ydrawer a see this bro and my dad and mum and think we have everthing a family 😂😂😂😂needsbut after seeing this 1000s of phones and 100s of laptops i fel so broke if u do not want any of these phones ipad pls me justine
John Williams
John Williams 6 månader sedan
Kissa sins
Jackson Trostle
Jackson Trostle 6 månader sedan
The ram on that Mac Pro has mor ram then my laptop has storage
SANJAY'S STUDIO 6 månader sedan
If robbers enter her house they won't Rob the gold or platinum but will obviously Rob this closet
1,000 Subscribers Without Posting A Video HELP
1,000 Subscribers Without Posting A Video HELP 6 månader sedan
How she afford dis?
FvllingStxrs 6 månader sedan
Hiba Shariff
Hiba Shariff 6 månader sedan
Justine = It’s just a phone drawer Me = can I plssssssssssssss have one
Harp Vlogs
Harp Vlogs 6 månader sedan
Is Justine ok now from her tik tok problem
Harp Vlogs
Harp Vlogs 6 månader sedan
Ari Grande
Ari Grande 6 månader sedan
Rania Rashid
Rania Rashid 6 månader sedan
Where does she get all the money for this stuff
Rapley 6 månader sedan
I seriously need those charging bricks lmao. When I get the Apple Watch 6 I’ll probably have to buy a brick.
Arcelis Soto
Arcelis Soto 6 månader sedan
Apple: okay, which phone would you like to promote now 8, 8 plus, X , XR , 11 , 11 pro , 11 pro max , or SE? Justine: Yes
Nora McLamb
Nora McLamb 6 månader sedan
i want that
Ben's Gaming Life
Ben's Gaming Life 6 månader sedan
Your a lot like me a have a walk in wardrobe full of technology and other things.
Алана Гагиева
Алана Гагиева 6 månader sedan
If she ever gets a child, her kid will have the Apple combo of a iMac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iPod, AirPods, Apple Watch .... at 1 months old, lol
Notnoobly! 6 månader sedan
She needs to be the new jobs after he died #RIPsteevejobs
Alissa Chavez
Alissa Chavez 6 månader sedan
her tech closet is bigger than my clothing closet
Addy 6 månader sedan
imagine how long it takes to plug everything in
Drew Jamison
Drew Jamison 6 månader sedan
Me: Have a closet of shirts and pants. Justine:Has a Closet full of computers,phones,drone,cords,and other tech. Me:I want all dat stuff.
see a mend
see a mend 6 månader sedan
Let's do some give away👌
Eugenia Zamora
Eugenia Zamora 6 månader sedan
Wow amazing collection, love the video but please tell the camera man to focus and to move to abruptly the camera 🎥 I’ve got a little dizzy, it was hard to watch
Casey Gaming
Casey Gaming 6 månader sedan
She probably never worries if she breaks her phone
Stefan Johansson
Stefan Johansson 7 månader sedan
Hot girl with gadgets. Awesome.
Isabella Rhoslyn
Isabella Rhoslyn 7 månader sedan
this closet is amazing.. if i could i'd have one for tech stuff/videos/cds/etc and another one like it for clothes and stuff really enjoy how pretty and clean and elegant and organized and spacious it seems/looks/feels.
Patakat _
Patakat _ 7 månader sedan
*If Apple had a closet*
Sunny Super
Sunny Super 7 månader sedan
If anyone is willing, please talk to me about getting an iPad in 2020 becuase I need help finding one :) iPad Mini works really well too
GAMER MONK 7 månader sedan
hey justine why dont you make how much nintendo stuff do i have please
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