Apple's VR Headset Rumors?!

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What do you guys think about apple coming out with a VR headset?!
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Its teebee
Its teebee 2 timmar sedan
These VR headsets are going to be fun!
Remington Howell
Remington Howell 8 timmar sedan
I wonder how would work to how would it work for someone with vision impairedment I feel the tag may show up who k
World Asal
World Asal 14 timmar sedan
We'd like to translate it in Arabic. 🐼🐼👾👾
Cosmo 2 dagar sedan
Zaid Qasim
Zaid Qasim 2 dagar sedan
Please do the Arabic translation
Zaid Qasim
Zaid Qasim 2 dagar sedan
Please do the Arabic translation
Zaid Qasim
Zaid Qasim 2 dagar sedan
Please do the Arabic translation
Kathleen Darby
Kathleen Darby 2 dagar sedan
I have been waiting for Apple VR/AR headset for a while! I was sad when they didn't release in 2020, thought they would scramble for the marketing opportunity but of course they are still perfecting it :/
Io 4 dagar sedan
Still 20 years away from the true vr experience
mark gabello
mark gabello 4 dagar sedan
Love your videos of iJustine a little from Pennsylvania
itspenguinplays5 roblox gaming
itspenguinplays5 roblox gaming 4 dagar sedan
I am saving up money for when they make the head set and I have high hopes for it
Ornothopter 5 dagar sedan
how big was the first computer?
Cheese Boi
Cheese Boi 5 dagar sedan
I’m actually kinda excited a lot, Apple has so many projects they have hidden but is rumoured in the last few months: VR/AR Headsets Apple Tags Self driving electric cars And likely so much more!
Cheese Boi
Cheese Boi 5 timmar sedan
Even more now! New rumours of a combination of Homepod and Apple TV and another version of Homepod and an iPad, similar to the Amazon echo screen products
Clayton Berg
Clayton Berg 6 dagar sedan
Umm... didn't Justine say the airpods max have a surround sound feature that only works with ios...? She also said that didn't make much sense, generally nobody wants to watch movies on their phones... Could this surround sound feature be something that is meant to integrate with this supposed VR headset, not in a home theatre environment....?
Kamilah Parker
Kamilah Parker 6 dagar sedan
Hey Justine!!!
prpl wzrd
prpl wzrd 6 dagar sedan
0:37 my school has a sensor now, that can scan someone as soon as it sees them to measure their temperature. It’s very fast and honestly kinda kreepy
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman 6 dagar sedan
Again, Apple is late to the game. As they always are.
Muieez Ali
Muieez Ali 6 dagar sedan
Intro song is Let Yourself Go - Ooyy and Snake City
VR_GAMERMAN 6 dagar sedan
Fun fact I found this video on my google discover page
Dk Vlogs
Dk Vlogs 6 dagar sedan
aaron4820 6 dagar sedan
Looks like my interests in VR has made SEmost recommend this to me, iJustine.. haven't seen her channel recommended to me since the days of kevjumba and lonelygirl15 lol
Yo Adi
Yo Adi 7 dagar sedan
Please Tell me what mic brand did U use ??
Aman Muhammed
Aman Muhammed 7 dagar sedan
there seems to be some issues with the mic audio.....
The pixel square
The pixel square 7 dagar sedan
The Apple vr headset must be more than 1000 dollars “100% confirmed”
Jaaziel P.
Jaaziel P. 7 dagar sedan
Love this vlogs!!!! More of them is a must! 🔥🔥🔥
Meredith S.
Meredith S. 7 dagar sedan
Piyush Jain
Piyush Jain 7 dagar sedan
Name of the device: iEye More realistically Apple Glasses
Piyush Jain
Piyush Jain 7 dagar sedan
I believe ar would be more helpful than vr... However something with both would be incredible if it can be pulled off!!
Streams4Charities 7 dagar sedan
Get ready for an overpriced piece that is probably just the same quality as others. That’s what their other products are
JUR O 7 dagar sedan
I thought vr was over, apple gonna re - invented it again. Hope they make it usable then and have star wars lighsaber battles 4k with free movement and 16 player multi-player with hands and arms you can cut off and mp level from outcast and jedi acedemy and force powers.just because.... Still I thought it was about ar only......and 1 a shop...????🤔
Nicholas Goodfellow
Nicholas Goodfellow 7 dagar sedan
Will you be doing a rumours video for a possible apple event coming up? There have been lots of rumours about a possible event featuring a new iPad, HomePod, more MagSafe stuff, etc.... and I think we all know what happens to Jon P’s eyebrows as a result. Would love to hear what you think of these rumours and possible new tech. I’m really hoping for a changing case or MagSafe product. Only thing I’m missing from my 12pro max
Mishawaka Post
Mishawaka Post 7 dagar sedan
Justine ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
ITT - Itamar Tech Time
ITT - Itamar Tech Time 7 dagar sedan
Hey justine i think you have some problems in your mic
Edward Yusupov
Edward Yusupov 7 dagar sedan
What happened with mic? Some time sound off😒
sidharth g kumar
sidharth g kumar 7 dagar sedan
The subscribers to views ratio is going so down on this channel nowadays.....😔🤔☹️
polina Buvaylo
polina Buvaylo 7 dagar sedan
Google is expecting it to cost $3000 ...
Angelo Pacheco
Angelo Pacheco 7 dagar sedan
Hi do you still listen to BTS and if you still do what is your favorite song also I recommend that you should listen to IU.
Auburn the best!
Auburn the best! 7 dagar sedan
Was Wrong with your mic
MRZsiir 7 dagar sedan
So strange,I can see your Mac wallpaper on your mic. It reflects. How come you use a stock wallpaper?
Mahdi Rezaei
Mahdi Rezaei 7 dagar sedan
I love you💙💙💙💚💚💚💚
samba ibrahim
samba ibrahim 7 dagar sedan
Cool but I wish I had the iphone 12 pro max graphite and air pods pro
ramaswamy abhishek
ramaswamy abhishek 7 dagar sedan
Her blue eyes is distracting me
SD MARV 7 dagar sedan
can't wait for 7 million subs for my ijustine
Gouri Naik
Gouri Naik 8 dagar sedan
Your speculations are always right! Can't wait for the new headset!!
Victor Kanev
Victor Kanev 8 dagar sedan
Your audio level falling from time to time! ... This and previous video!
Mike Coshan
Mike Coshan 8 dagar sedan
I’m getting intermittent audio dropouts
Jessie Campbell
Jessie Campbell 8 dagar sedan
There are some music shows in the EU using rapid tests at the door before a person can come in, I could see that being a thing in the US soon(tm).
HANUNIJA 8 dagar sedan
Do not take the corona vaccine. Warn others. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.
Joan Osorio
Joan Osorio 8 dagar sedan
Seeing is believing.
turtepas 8 dagar sedan
what if steam on the head set is not supported
Anish Tripathi
Anish Tripathi 8 dagar sedan
Watching justine yt videos in VR u spin my head right round
PhilanthroPwn VR
PhilanthroPwn VR 8 dagar sedan
Little Timmy won't let us down
Puffycheeks 8 dagar sedan
People will buy it because it's Apple, though it needs to be competitive with other enthusiast grade headsets like Index, G2 or Pimax. If it doesn't do anything new that these VR headsets do (Index being AR capable too) then I don't think they'll have the VR/AR/XR enthusiast community as a customer, and those are the early adopters that have been paying for this tech's improvement.
Quezonol 8 dagar sedan
Perhaps we are matured enough to get past the glass-hole stigma.
Titus Overmyer
Titus Overmyer 8 dagar sedan
I personally really wanted Google Glass to take off. instead, we got smartwatches. I am still hopeful for the day we get a "Smart" contact (for the eyes)
james vicente
james vicente 8 dagar sedan
No one: Literally no one: Justine's Macbook: Literally sitting next to Matty's bed on the floor
CURTISJACOB 8 dagar sedan
I’m also really hopeful and holding out for Apple Glass(es), should be called iGlass - this will be one item I purchase no matter the cost or reviews. Ready to ride the Black Mirror fantasy.
andy diaz Diaz
andy diaz Diaz 8 dagar sedan
Cool video
Stan Gogan
Stan Gogan 8 dagar sedan
Imagine a “reality cancelling” mode and “visual transparency” mode
Eric Gonzalez
Eric Gonzalez 8 dagar sedan
It seems like her whole audio was having issues. That’s why she bumped up the background music.
Kanhaiya Kumar Singh
Kanhaiya Kumar Singh 8 dagar sedan
I Love You Mam
Josh Wendle
Josh Wendle 8 dagar sedan
I got an oculus quest 2 two weeks ago and have NEVER tried VR before. Right now? I wasted 400$ but I was LITERALLY saying after I tried VR for the first time that if APPLE did it? It’d be all over. And now this video lol
Aiden O'malley
Aiden O'malley 8 dagar sedan
Apple VR same as other companies just more expensive
RELkay 8 dagar sedan
I’m excited for an in person Apple event!!! I’m tired of people standing on top of buildings. 😆😂I can’t wait to see what Apple is gonna do 🤓
DSlite11 8 dagar sedan
get a job justine
Campwise05 8 dagar sedan
Nice video iJ!
Phil Nolan
Phil Nolan 8 dagar sedan
2:25 They call it "pass through".
Phil Nolan
Phil Nolan 8 dagar sedan
If they make one they better not make it look like your thumbnail. Unfortunately you know they will.
safasfa fasfasf
safasfa fasfasf 8 dagar sedan
I think there will be a lizard test 😅
Intelligent Giant
Intelligent Giant 8 dagar sedan
Who noticed the mic cuts?
Marc Pabel
Marc Pabel 8 dagar sedan
I think it will be a Hololens probably with fullface glass that can be shut dark or switched in coloretone so you can use it like sunglasses. It will have to deal with Corona,VR,AR and give a barrea to the surrounding environment. It will be a premium product as Appel always was so why shouledent you show off big this time with Appel and leed the right way. Still to many people don‘t understand Corona is just the shot next to the shit. It’s not a complete wipe out desease yet. It can be ways worse with future viruses or mutations.🤷🏻‍♂️
Athithan 8 dagar sedan
I wish iJustine did upcoming Apple rumours videos! Like the other Apple tech enthusiasts!
iJustine 8 dagar sedan
... what is this then?
Nagaraj Nagaraj
Nagaraj Nagaraj 8 dagar sedan
Hi rapper ❤
Tw1xDotUnderscore 8 dagar sedan
Sick vid Justine! I think your noise gate might be slightly too high for your microphone
talha khan
talha khan 8 dagar sedan
Hay please do a gaming sat up video
A21stcf Star
A21stcf Star 8 dagar sedan
Your mic. voice breakouts annoys! iJustine, come one revise your videos before publishing!
A21stcf Star
A21stcf Star 7 dagar sedan
@iJustineAh! I feel your sorrow! Anyways, keep on "Quality Content"! You are one of my FAV!😀🌟
iJustine 8 dagar sedan
It was already shot like this so nothing I could do to fix it :(
AppleBoyii101 8 dagar sedan
First time I tried vr was with Google cardboard. It was a great way to try vr for not a lot of money.
Mighty Murph
Mighty Murph 8 dagar sedan
Could this be the beginning of the Iphone replacement?
Joy Mae NYC
Joy Mae NYC 8 dagar sedan
I love you ❤ ijusten
Jojo John Tyler Quilon
Jojo John Tyler Quilon 8 dagar sedan
That's going to be a hit. I'm not used to strapping my head in a VR. Also, Great video!
Jojo John Tyler Quilon
Jojo John Tyler Quilon 8 dagar sedan
Sorry I'm late I was still a sleep when you uploaded this
Mo A
Mo A 8 dagar sedan
I assume Apple would use iCloud Authentication - Apple ID to access iOS apps for VR or whatever they plan to develop for VR, What Apple needs a promising and stable games company to give the consumers a big push, example Apple Atari Games would be nice to see, and to see that Blade Runner effect ATARI Holograms by Apple California.
Impostor Emperor
Impostor Emperor 8 dagar sedan
i have been looking for tech stuff so this might be the one!
Wendy wilson
Wendy wilson 8 dagar sedan
Sin Jon
Sin Jon 8 dagar sedan
This sounds cool on the surface, and not to be a pessimist, but I don’t see it gaining too much traction. It’ll be something like Apple Arcade that Apple just ho-hums about Abdul doesn’t really do anything revolutionary with
DSquaredDan 8 dagar sedan
listening to this video on some good studio headphones. I'm noticing a slight like, buzzy sort of frequency when you speak into the mic. it's very quiet, but still there. wondering if anyone else is able to notice it too. it seems to mute when you aren't speaking and it's just background music
iJustine 8 dagar sedan
It's so weird, when I plug my AirPods max into my rodecaster it just started doing this!!! Hope they fix it soon because It's unusable.
Michael Anthony Butler
Michael Anthony Butler 8 dagar sedan
Excited to see where Apple starts with this! I've held out on getting other VR headsets in anticipation for this. BTW, your mic keeps clipping the audio in the past two videos in this setup.
Johan Hozza
Johan Hozza 8 dagar sedan
What do you think about Apple car? Would you get one Justine?
Ashley Fukushima
Ashley Fukushima 8 dagar sedan
who else misses the cooking videos?
mathieu wuytack
mathieu wuytack 8 dagar sedan
Did you notice that there is a static beep when you speek into the mic? It could interfere with something.
Miles Upshur
Miles Upshur 8 dagar sedan
error error
error error 8 dagar sedan
the music is kinda loud in this video cant really hear you talking
Advik Kannivadi
Advik Kannivadi 8 dagar sedan
Hi Justine I would like to let you know that the audio was a little weird when you were talking it would just quiet down hope this helps for next time.
Me 8 dagar sedan
Why is the audio shit
Shikaar Ramphal
Shikaar Ramphal 8 dagar sedan
Justine's setup is so nice!! Awesome video!!
DoritosOnShirt 8 dagar sedan
apple sucks lol
wrohr15309 8 dagar sedan
Is this in addition to the Apple iGlasses that was rumored to be coming?
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones 8 dagar sedan
Love you Justine
Justin Siegfried
Justin Siegfried 8 dagar sedan
I’m so excited for it! But also is anyone else hearing audio interference from Justine?
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