Holiday Gift Guide!

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Thanks to Best Buy for sponsoring this video! Finish up your holiday shopping at Best Buy - online or in-store. Click here to shop everything you see in this video and more:

PhoneSoap - HomeSoap - UV-C Sanitizer - White

Withings BPM Connect - Wi-Fi Smart Blood Pressure Monitor - White/Gray

Withings - Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer

Insignia™ - 3.1 cu. ft. Retro Mini Fridge - Mint Green

Ninja - 10-Cup Coffee Maker - Black/Stainless Steel

KitchenAid - BCG211OB Coffee and Spice Grinder - Onyx Black

Philips - Hue White & Color Ambiance A19 Bluetooth LED Smart Bulbs (3-Pack) -Multicolor

Philips - Hue White Filament A19 Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb - Amber

Philips - Hue White Filament ST19 Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb - Amber

Trademark Home - Electric Car Blanket-Outdoor Heated 12V Travel Throw-Fleece, 3 Settings,
Auto Shutoff-For Road Trips, Camping and More - Blue

JBL - Clip 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black

Oculus - Quest 2 Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset - 64GB

AeroGarden - Harvest 360 6-Pod with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit - Black
Snapchat: iJustine
Sony a7 III:
Sony a7S II:
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
Rx100 V:
GoPro Hero 7:
Insta 360 One X:
Memory Card:

Sunny Khullar
Sunny Khullar 19 dagar sedan
Please give me an iphone
William Vo
William Vo 28 dagar sedan
Hey Justine, Wanna do “What’s on my Apple TV library Collection?” I wanna see movies and TV Shows!
Jay Law
Jay Law Månad sedan
A freezer is cold?! Boggles the mind this dumb made famous by Apple products freak.
Apik Channel
Apik Channel Månad sedan
Very good video. Can be an inspiration for me. Thank you.....
Sliced Chicken480
Sliced Chicken480 Månad sedan
Justine the urban farmer.
Brian Best
Brian Best Månad sedan
I literally want to buy everything she just previewed. She's so awesome.
Edgar’s VR
Edgar’s VR 2 månader sedan
justine buy a aqua phonics set you can have fishies and you also will have a garden
Rishi Vijayakumar
Rishi Vijayakumar 2 månader sedan
The plant thing is literally amazing
Rishi Vijayakumar
Rishi Vijayakumar 2 månader sedan
I don’t wanna leave the room to get Frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwich 😂😂😂😂
Rishi Vijayakumar
Rishi Vijayakumar 2 månader sedan
Happy holidays Justine
PKTV 2 månader sedan
jbahahahahaha "erbs" lol its HERBS!!! Americans just love saying english words wrong lol like Aluminium.
PKTV 2 månader sedan
lol coffee makers are Americans still stuck in the 1950s? haven't you heard of an espresso machine?
PKTV 2 månader sedan
lol cube pickup, in Australia we are corona-free so we just go to a store look around and then buy something no masks nothing. I don't think we know how bad it is for America, and I tell you to want I wouldn't want t live in that country if it truly is that bad.
clayton venable
clayton venable 2 månader sedan
I have the JBL Clip3!
Sricharan Gandham
Sricharan Gandham 2 månader sedan
Make a give away event like unbox therapy
khushi kashyap
khushi kashyap 2 månader sedan
When are you going to do giveaway ?? Give me iphone toooo
chrome wizard
chrome wizard 2 månader sedan
why the fk are Justine's hands 65?
Aqua Bourje Maria
Aqua Bourje Maria 2 månader sedan
She's a walking ad
Ni ¿
Ni ¿ 2 månader sedan
Do you still play zelda ? i love watching your unboxing videos
Selina Yuk Tai Chan 陳玉娣
Selina Yuk Tai Chan 陳玉娣 2 månader sedan
thank you love all your videos
Inna Rosko
Inna Rosko 2 månader sedan
All of that plus Foreo gadgets, anything form them! Literally.
James W
James W 2 månader sedan
I just hope Best Buy's return policies are as good as you say the products are. The BP monitor was junk out of the box.
David Duquet
David Duquet 2 månader sedan
Justine you had a 99 which isn’t that a fever technically
roy basch
roy basch 2 månader sedan
Dear Justine - would you please tell me something about the LAMP!!! The one with the philips-pulps changing the ligth? It's georgeous! Thank you and Merry Xmas! 🎄
Activereality 2 månader sedan
Can you do a video about the oculus quest 2 plz
SynaptoJoemin 2 månader sedan
What the heck is that big lamp in the back?
EatMoreBBQ! 2 månader sedan
The AeroGarden Harvest is listed at the BestBuy link at $149 (sold out) but most other places, including direct from AeroGarden it’s $99.
EatMoreBBQ! 2 månader sedan
“All the data is tracked in the app”... Unless it’s Apple and their insistence on privacy, that would be a big NO from me!
EatMoreBBQ! 2 månader sedan
Nice, but I would never buy from BestBuy unless in was my last option... “You want the upgraded warranty??? You want the upgraded warranty???”.....Ah, I only bought a pack of batteries..... “You want the upgraded warranty???”
Eric Lopez
Eric Lopez 2 månader sedan
I love the plant
Lisa Pinkerman
Lisa Pinkerman 2 månader sedan
I REALLY want the magic keyboard this year!!
aygun zeynalova
aygun zeynalova 2 månader sedan
I did watch this video hoping I‘ll find smthn to by for my friends but nope sorry they are too expensive and plus not useable by everyone🤷🏻‍♀️
Xtheonlytaurus 2 månader sedan
apple finally stopped giving her money
Pain Aux Raisin
Pain Aux Raisin 2 månader sedan
Philips Hue are too expensive
Koala 2 månader sedan
Just so y’all know I tested my phone soap (same brand as home soap just smaller) and I did a bacteria swab and it defiantly worked and there was not bacteria after words.
Bailey Robson
Bailey Robson 2 månader sedan
im poor
Grace Leiser
Grace Leiser 2 månader sedan
Mine is a Apple watch SE. Can you do a full review on it? I saw your video with the SE and series 6.
Hayden Davis
Hayden Davis 2 månader sedan
I love the home soap! I want one to hang my multitude of masks In and to put my school supplies in
Jaimehu 2 månader sedan
Link to the lamps pls?
Andy C
Andy C 2 månader sedan
eichihoba 2 månader sedan
oh so as you check the plant "every single day" we can expect a follow-up soon to see how it's doing, right.
Jacqueline marchand
Jacqueline marchand 2 månader sedan
I love Best Buy
Death 2 månader sedan
Jesse Lampel
Jesse Lampel 2 månader sedan
I really want a PS5 but those are like impossible to get.
Cris Fer
Cris Fer 2 månader sedan
Ijustine you are 99.5 temperature ? Are you ok?
milli Vs
milli Vs 2 månader sedan
About the hue lights, I agree 10000% with you... they are amazing! We have them all around our house, and have a google home that we connect with it. So I really recommend it :)
tech 2000 Domes
tech 2000 Domes 2 månader sedan
Anyone want Justine to start vlogging ?
Nomon Munir
Nomon Munir 2 månader sedan
Those are some cool tech
Paul NGumah
Paul NGumah 2 månader sedan
My favorite way to make money is investing in Crpto now 💯
whatever 12
whatever 12 2 månader sedan
IT'S A SCAMM This whole comments section is a scam with fake reviews for someone.. They been doing this recently all over SEmost... Please trust any thread like this all the people are fake accounts scamming ( STEALING YOUR MONEY)
santo jereissati
santo jereissati 2 månader sedan
Thanks for he's details I do love to reach out to him too
alencar dallevo
alencar dallevo 2 månader sedan
+1 5 1 8 2 9 0 8 6 7 7
alencar dallevo
alencar dallevo 2 månader sedan
He's availability is on What's-Ap
Mario Gabriel
Mario Gabriel 2 månader sedan
Please how can I easily reach him?
Shine Chanya
Shine Chanya 2 månader sedan
Just uploaded the same video!🦋🔥
samPlayz- Cod
samPlayz- Cod 2 månader sedan
Imagine getting these things for Christmas...
matty 2 månader sedan
let me buy $100 light bulbs for my friends house....
Samuel Larios
Samuel Larios 2 månader sedan
Why you don't mention Wiz (alternative to Hue)
Anum 2 månader sedan
can you compare all these headphones to rank them on sound, comfort, etc... beats studio3, beats solo3, bose quietcomfort 35 ii, Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700
MTutorialsForMinecraft 0
MTutorialsForMinecraft 0 2 månader sedan
We all get it your rich
IT’S AURELLIA 2 månader sedan
On my holiday wish list is for COVID to be over and for my family to be happy 😃 I really want the iPhone 12 lol
Area51 of Tech
Area51 of Tech 2 månader sedan
I got myself I charger for this holiday actually 2 charger bricks so I doubled up 👍
Sahil Devale
Sahil Devale 2 månader sedan
I didn't knew you were in tv shows, i saw you in vampire diaries as a bartender at mystic grill.. You looked so cute since then till now damn❤️❤️💯💯
Ximelord I
Ximelord I 2 månader sedan
Don’t think I didn’t know you been changing tops, trying to confuse us. Lol
Rosendo Rendon Jr
Rosendo Rendon Jr 2 månader sedan
Anyone want to buy me a red iPhone mini? I promise to be grateful and i will repay back.
Rosendo Rendon Jr
Rosendo Rendon Jr 2 månader sedan
Best Buy is the best!
Cai Ping's Journal
Cai Ping's Journal 2 månader sedan
YAS lettuce 2021!
EDGAR RAMIREZ 2 månader sedan
you uploaded that iPhone 11 vid on my b day vids are great thx
Vntgevibbez 1228
Vntgevibbez 1228 2 månader sedan
Ok i am Only one that found it that she was on vampire diaries!!
Abby Gaming
Abby Gaming 2 månader sedan
I don't have stocking :( My last christmas gift was when I was 10 years old, I'm 28 now :/
DANIEL HWANG 2 månader sedan
Justine is so good at engaging content. She pretty much did a 9 minute Best Buy ad and I couldn’t stop watching it. Respect. 🤜🏼🤛🏼
Mentocylex 2 månader sedan
Homemade tomatoes are the best!!! Way better than store bought ones!
itsnicoletiana 2 månader sedan
OMG i want everything you just shared with us, lol. how freaking coool!!!!! i have a fridge in my room but that fridge looks so cool!
The MYSTERIᗝUS Gírl _11M
The MYSTERIᗝUS Gírl _11M 2 månader sedan
The MYSTERIᗝUS Gírl _11M
The MYSTERIᗝUS Gírl _11M 2 månader sedan
Morgan Productions
Morgan Productions 2 månader sedan
I fought tooth and nail to get a PS5 and finally secured one! Doesn’t come in until Jan. 8, but I’m still excited. I hope for Christmas to get gift cards to buy digital games with (I got the all digital version) or a second controller so I can get my wife to play some games with me
Tahira Rafique
Tahira Rafique 2 månader sedan
Could you make a video based on Nintendo or Animal Crossing?
Letto Jr
Letto Jr 2 månader sedan
Wow how can your hair be so perfect
Muhammad Sardar
Muhammad Sardar 2 månader sedan
iJustine is the best
Maryam Jan
Maryam Jan 2 månader sedan
Hi please iPhone 📱 me
Travel Health Central
Travel Health Central 2 månader sedan
The Thyme is... taking it's time :P
Yuvensiana Viona
Yuvensiana Viona 2 månader sedan
Hey i from Indonesian
Xabier Landa
Xabier Landa 2 månader sedan
Hi Justine, thx for the ideas, one question the lights behind you what are the brands and where I can find it, please , pleasure to following you and your energy. Happy holidays
I AM ANGRY!! 2 månader sedan
I like how Apple's really helping the environment and reducing e-waste by making their own products unaffordable.
Emeli Rivett
Emeli Rivett 2 månader sedan
pretty sure i saw someone else comment this🤔☺️
Ruj B
Ruj B 2 månader sedan
lol that freezer is a bad idea! I would be eating more than working then using fitness app to get fit. A continuous cycle 😅
Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar 2 månader sedan
Hy justine ... 💟 from INDIA .. How can i connect uu..?
Tavisha M
Tavisha M 2 månader sedan
Hey iJustine Please do a giveaway
darius jerome
darius jerome 2 månader sedan
the transition is so smooth 👀
Super VNX Bruh YT
Super VNX Bruh YT 2 månader sedan
christmas is almost here, can’t wait!
dotmatrixxx 2 månader sedan
My home has a lot of connected devices and have Phillips hue lights but not enough with they were more affordable because I totally need more especially that pack of 3 of the colored bulbs. But I need like like 10 bulbs but they are so expensive I haven’t bought some in awhile
Haleel Kalluvila
Haleel Kalluvila 2 månader sedan
Lov u dear😘
Jake Mickey
Jake Mickey 2 månader sedan
God created very pretty plants
Rick Dockham
Rick Dockham 2 månader sedan
Hey Justine where can we find that big lamp in your office? We love lamp!!
DobleMc 2 månader sedan
Good to know that you like Yerba Mate! Shoutout from Argentina🔥🔥🔥
Antonio Hernandez
Antonio Hernandez 2 månader sedan
A HomePod mini white on my list
Rick Escobar
Rick Escobar 2 månader sedan
Hi, does anyone know what the name or brand of the large, round industrial coil looking lamp is??? Thanks
Yailet Valenzuela
Yailet Valenzuela 2 månader sedan
“ my freezer is getting a bit chili”
Noah Bobo
Noah Bobo 2 månader sedan
I’m getting the blue Apple Watch series 6 for Christmas.
M P 2 månader sedan
I asked Jesus, “how much do you love me?” He replied, “this much” He spread his arms out and died on the cross for my sins. Comment this on another video, you could change lives !
heyitsLS 2 månader sedan
Justine is the type to put a HomePod mini in your stocking
N S Månad sedan
she sounds dope
jaw04005 2 månader sedan
What brand is the spot lights accenting your videos? I’m assuming there are Hue bulbs in them?
swnoble99 2 månader sedan
We have the coffee maker and it is excellent.
Jacob Blanco
Jacob Blanco 2 månader sedan
I prefer the LIFX smart bulbs.
Mary Pyke
Mary Pyke 2 månader sedan
7:41 oculus quest 2
R MCK 2 månader sedan
Love it, great that your videos are in 4K for watching through my projector.
Laurie Baker
Laurie Baker 2 månader sedan
I buy almost all of my tech at Best Buy, including smart home, home theatre, many of my Apple products and much more. My local Best Buy is really good as far as customer service goes, as well. They’ve always been great to work with.
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