New DJI Mobile Gimbal! OM4 Unboxing and review!

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New DJI Osmo Mobile 4 is here! More info:
Snapchat: iJustine

Sony a7 III:
Sony a7S II:
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
Rx100 V:
GoPro Hero 7:
Insta 360 One X:
Memory Card:

Nassuri Vlogs
Nassuri Vlogs 9 timmar sedan
I liked it gonna but it insha Allah
Nassuri Vlogs
Nassuri Vlogs 9 timmar sedan
It is soo amazing
Sky Stalker
Sky Stalker 16 timmar sedan
iPhone user's and gimbal 😂😂.. so crazy
Stopmotevery Thing
Stopmotevery Thing Dag sedan
I’ve seen Mac and me
Stopmotevery Thing
Stopmotevery Thing Dag sedan
I’ve seen the flight of the navigator
RABIA AFRIDI 2 dagar sedan
I love it 🤒
Borden Webb-Brown
Borden Webb-Brown 5 dagar sedan
I loved flight of the navigator
A1Bokeh 6 dagar sedan
man I am REALLY interested in one of these lately..
Navi Baasi
Navi Baasi 6 dagar sedan
and google says u r 37, LMAOOOO
Slowshop & Custom
Slowshop & Custom 7 dagar sedan
OHMYGAAWD!!! Is this instructions!!? The level of drama on such a trivial thing is amazing. 😂😂
Pero Pavlic
Pero Pavlic 8 dagar sedan
LetsrollQ 10 dagar sedan
Thanks for your video, I just ordered mine.
Engineers Squared
Engineers Squared 10 dagar sedan
Thanks, very useful! and fun!
Jasmine Stewart-Oliver
Jasmine Stewart-Oliver 10 dagar sedan
Does it auto tilt up and down? I couldn't tell.
Joe Leone
Joe Leone 11 dagar sedan
I know that movie.
James Vitale
James Vitale 12 dagar sedan
Thank you for the lesson.
Afshin Aghabalaie-Derakhshan
Afshin Aghabalaie-Derakhshan 12 dagar sedan
Hi there Many thanks for your videos What camera and what microphone are you using to record your videos Thanks
Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy 13 dagar sedan
Can you use it with a case on
OMGiGi 14 dagar sedan
Did you ever see D.A.R.R.Y.L
OMGiGi 14 dagar sedan
Awww I know flight of the navigator hahaha it’s on Disney plus!!!
Ic g
Ic g 14 dagar sedan
Can you use it with a phone case on the phone?
I love it idol..thank you for showing us amazing unboxing
Eryk Dragonheart
Eryk Dragonheart 17 dagar sedan
I think the mount is more worth it? If you change your phone, the sticky cant be remove off your phone right?
ReydP 18 dagar sedan
3:21+++ you just don’t attached your phone to the gimbal the way did, that’s totally and simply wrong: “Simply unfold the gimbal and align the magnet with the magnetic point (white dot) printed on the DJI OM 4.” NOTE: The word “ ALIGN “ !! you owe your viewers an apology
Moh Creates Vlogs
Moh Creates Vlogs 18 dagar sedan
Loved this review. One of the best reviews, you and your sister are my new best SEmostrs :)
Jonatan August
Jonatan August 19 dagar sedan
Fun and cool review, thank you.
sergio trevino
sergio trevino 20 dagar sedan
Omg !! you are so beautiful !
FirstPlayer 21 dag sedan
2:17 ok that's cute
mithrandir404 21 dag sedan
5:20 still a lot easier then zeroing out a stedicam
Whiskey Bravo
Whiskey Bravo 22 dagar sedan
Flight of the Navigator... watching this tonight. Remember this
Mark Gunn Media Inc.
Mark Gunn Media Inc. 22 dagar sedan
Just purchased it and will be getting it this week. I have an LG V60, so I'm looking forward to seeing what I can do with it.
Harley Romero
Harley Romero 23 dagar sedan
I just discovered you searching for gimbals. This is the first time I’ve watched you & omg! You’re awesome!
KiLLJoY 24 dagar sedan
£140? What on earth are they thinking
Sovereign SOULutions
Sovereign SOULutions 26 dagar sedan
How come when I use this gimbal it moves so much when I'm not even trying to move it? What I mean is that i can take it and walk through my house and the slightest weight of my hand will make the entire thing veer off toward the wall or something... I also have the hohem isteady gimbal and it's 100x easier to use as far as keeping my face in the frame when I'm walking in selfie mode. Yes I know the OM 4 has face tracking but I don't really like how it looks when I am vlogging and walking. And yes I've calibrated it (many times) and turned lock tilt mode on. Can anyone help? Thanks.
Rafael Adames
Rafael Adames 26 dagar sedan
Is the gimbal compatible with the iPhone 12 Pro Max? Want to pull trig and get this but almost want to wait for the next one
Osama Natto
Osama Natto 26 dagar sedan
Now that I saw this video, I can't believe that i never thought of buying one!!! Placing an order now. Thank you for this video.
Osama Natto
Osama Natto 26 dagar sedan
5:58 it's more like "Eagle Eye" movie
Osama Natto
Osama Natto 27 dagar sedan
5:11 Love the Grandma mode
Audio Tech
Audio Tech Månad sedan
i know
A Q Månad sedan
this chick just makes paid commercials and tries to make it seem like they are not.
JP Matubis Vlogs
JP Matubis Vlogs Månad sedan
How come you know all those movies? Seriously, you look too young to know them. Those were during my era, love em all though.
Mpanga Robert
Mpanga Robert Månad sedan
women and food lol
justdroid Månad sedan
She has very cute reactions 😍
Toby mak
Toby mak Månad sedan
Handycam transformation. 🤣🍵👈
Project Bonsai
Project Bonsai Månad sedan
Wait.. so you updated the gimbal to the latest firmware in 2020 and with the iPhone 11 Pro Max the DJI software will limit it to 1080p as seen on @7:55 im probably just mistaken, please someone tell me you can do 4k video on this gimbal? .. neither the Appstore nor the Google Play store reviews look promising, mostly 1* reviews for this very reason o__o
Bottop Månad sedan
i love you
Lakwatserong Ilonggo
Lakwatserong Ilonggo Månad sedan
Bawal mo yan e expose sa kalye dito sa pilipinas..baka iiyak mo yan..magnetic nlng kasi
Vikram Tatke
Vikram Tatke Månad sedan
Just tonty phy and guess the movie
rosanglura Månad sedan
As someone who used the OSMO Mobile 2 I feel old looking at the full range
K WIN TUBE Månad sedan
Great video. I like it 😎
Squeezy Hugs
Squeezy Hugs Månad sedan
@6:10 I know what he is talking about. In that film. "affirmative" man that as nostalgia Justine. I mean I remember following you back in 2002 and then I lost my way... Now that I am back, you are the first one I check out for killer reviews and more importantly for me, your enthusiasm.
philippe Van der Gucht
philippe Van der Gucht Månad sedan
Can you use it with default camera app?
Katherine Stein
Katherine Stein Månad sedan
Love "Flight of the Navigator"
The Arias Fam
The Arias Fam Månad sedan
Loved this ❤️❤️
Kobe 24
Kobe 24 Månad sedan
It look like the phone blinked at 7:50
El Mar
El Mar Månad sedan
Still confused how this works. I just used mine and the video turned out to be shaky still
Joseph Rawsthorne
Joseph Rawsthorne Månad sedan
I wonder if they can use MagSafe for OM5🤔
Arnulfo Hernandez
Arnulfo Hernandez Månad sedan
Man.. the material used looks like the material they use on those Eye Vision clinic machines! (Or any type of clinic).
Username H
Username H Månad sedan
Justine.. you look beautiful
Turtle Power
Turtle Power Månad sedan
why not have some kind of lock system aswell so I know its definitely not going to fall of and smash my phone???
I believe I Justine.. I bought this gimble , Im blind though
Harnas Månad sedan
Does it disable some features / of iPhone 12 mini when paired with it? Should I switch off stabilization on my phone when using this gimbal? What about the video quality, you shoot at does it stay the same if the device used?
Mike Capalungan
Mike Capalungan Månad sedan
So if I want to start a vlogging and want to vlog my experience at Disney World next summer in 2020. Should I just stick with my iPhone 11 Pro camera and a gimbal or get the Sony ZV-1 and a gimbal for that?
Taha YT614
Taha YT614 Månad sedan
What do u mean how can you take your phone in and out its literally a clip that mooves up and down??
Donny Hunt
Donny Hunt Månad sedan
I developed a headache in the first 3 minutes of this video
Romeo Martinez
Romeo Martinez Månad sedan
Worse product not easy to use lime the competition
Tommy Tha Great 🛸
Tommy Tha Great 🛸 2 månader sedan
Got Mine Today 🔥🔥🔥
Shivam Dillivala
Shivam Dillivala 2 månader sedan
She does so much of drama in unboxing a thing. Drama > Information
Kevin Dodds
Kevin Dodds 2 månader sedan
Hi Justine when is your next Q &A
Tyler Phimphanh
Tyler Phimphanh 2 månader sedan
Can this work on the IPhone Pro Max?
Dr. Hamed
Dr. Hamed Månad sedan
yes it works
craig woodgate
craig woodgate 2 månader sedan
Forget the DJI OSMO what about the films that she mentioned I remember them
Marvin Neon
Marvin Neon 2 månader sedan
I used it today but my phone keep coming out Blurry
Jordan Coughenour
Jordan Coughenour 2 månader sedan
What if I have a pop socket on the back on my phone - will it still fit in the gimbal?
Gwoshua 2 månader sedan
Is there a phone gimbal on the market that doesn’t flip the phone when you pan to far? Like one that has more the 360° rotation
truth seeker
truth seeker Månad sedan
search amazon for " Smart Tracking Holder", theres several such products, probably thats what youre looking for.
Farzin Izadyar
Farzin Izadyar 2 månader sedan
I am glad I came here, Great lighting, awesome video and review quality, above all, beautiful smile. Thanks for sharing.
Abdullah Al Rafi
Abdullah Al Rafi 2 månader sedan
I love you
Steve Loudon
Steve Loudon 2 månader sedan
Couldn't watch after about 4 minutes. Too much schtick.
Milan Pjevic
Milan Pjevic 2 månader sedan
It looks fun.
Calyops 2 månader sedan
Nice tutorial - the big question is how do I make it to stay straight in Dyna Zoom? It has gesture control off. Can anyone help?
Game Abo Leele
Game Abo Leele 2 månader sedan
give me one 🥰
Aadam I Lee Kennedy
Aadam I Lee Kennedy 2 månader sedan
Flight of the Navigator - fantastic film! 😁
Greyscale 2 månader sedan
What about moment lenses etc when it comes to weight management ?
Freddie Hodgetts
Freddie Hodgetts 2 månader sedan
Please go check out my F-yTech G5 Gimbal Review! Would mean a lot!
Ima gorilla
Ima gorilla 2 månader sedan
Flight of the navigator!!!! Holy shit.
Техника Евгений
Техника Евгений 2 månader sedan
are you a TV presenter?) 🙂
Техника Евгений
Техника Евгений 2 månader sedan
very nice and very interesting, interesting review, cool comparisons and excerpts from movies🎥, great 👍
Техника Евгений
Техника Евгений 2 månader sedan
Very beautiful 😍 vlog 👏 👌
alfonso Pina
alfonso Pina 2 månader sedan
I LOVED flight of the Navigator
Lila Volovsek
Lila Volovsek 2 månader sedan
I love flight of the navigator I am 11
Santo Diablo
Santo Diablo 2 månader sedan
Is it 360 degrees?
BLACK WATER 2 månader sedan
It's look like my mother in law vibrator 🤔
Amuzaa Jr
Amuzaa Jr 2 månader sedan
Send me one of those check my channel out
Siddharth Sharma
Siddharth Sharma 2 månader sedan
Stop the dramatic-ness!!!!!
Ib Norvin
Ib Norvin 2 månader sedan
Sydney Jane
Sydney Jane 2 månader sedan
great video lol
Chris Cantu
Chris Cantu 2 månader sedan
Anyone use this for recording sporting events. I would like to use it to record my sons soccer games. And would it lock into a soccer ball from 50 yards away?
JEN JAZZEN4 2 månader sedan
Do u sell off any of your reviews items?
eliugonz 2 månader sedan
Flight of the Navigator! Love it!! LOL!
Vaibhav Mankame
Vaibhav Mankame 2 månader sedan
is it compatible for android
Aaron Noble
Aaron Noble 2 månader sedan
I like the video do you have or have you made a video on how you can use the MIMO APP to remotely control the om4 gimbla I have been struggling trying to make it work Please help Keep up the good work
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