Sony A1 8K Footage Test!

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Have been having so much fun testing out the new Sony A1! Also, I should have worn a helmet in this beginning part of this video and I'm mad at myself for not. I did go back and get one for the ending parts of the video 🙏🏻
Snapchat: iJustine
Sony a7 III:
Sony a7S II:
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
Rx100 V:
GoPro Hero 7:
Insta 360 One X:
Memory Card:

daniel servin
daniel servin 8 timmar sedan
Now you need a gymbal... with all that movement you can't really appreciate 8k. imho.
Urban Soban
Urban Soban 17 timmar sedan
Cool footage and especially the music.
Lukasz Budzinski
Lukasz Budzinski 20 timmar sedan
yeah, looks really amazing on my 4k monitor :D
Micah Bamaiyi
Micah Bamaiyi 22 timmar sedan
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TeddyLeppard Dag sedan
You know, you don’t need to wear a mask outdoors when there’s no one around you?
Dheen S
Dheen S Dag sedan
how do you shoot this footage a car?
Shiven Dabhi
Shiven Dabhi Dag sedan
Tired iJustine is not someone you want to deal with
MTBBOI Dag sedan
Helmets only work at night kids. Daytime, stick to skull to asphalt contact ;)
BasicOtakuCatLover 2 dagar sedan
This can barely run on my shitty chromebook. Nice camera tho
M. Yogesh Ranjan
M. Yogesh Ranjan 2 dagar sedan
Bruh, it's a Movie Camera
Sir Babz
Sir Babz 2 dagar sedan
Looks pretty normal
Ishvera 2 dagar sedan
Detailing is sharper, but poor autofocus not that great for this cost.
Luis Salinas
Luis Salinas 2 dagar sedan
whoever joins and pays $3.00 month y'all must be the most stupidest people ever.
Tanish Vinod
Tanish Vinod 6 dagar sedan
Justine you blew my mind 😱😱😱😱
NITINOLZ NOVA 6 dagar sedan
hell lot of frame drops for me in 8k !!
MountainBike Az
MountainBike Az 8 dagar sedan
It gliched so much lol. My laptop can handle 4k pretty well but not 8k .
Princess Narcissus
Princess Narcissus 8 dagar sedan
This is the coolest thing I’ve seen today lol
디렉터이로 9 dagar sedan
Does the camera have a fever? Is there no limit to the recording?
Emanuel Kulka
Emanuel Kulka 9 dagar sedan
Beautiful images, what color profile is used?
Plodno 10 dagar sedan
those things look so stupid lmao
YouTube Commenter
YouTube Commenter 11 dagar sedan
Justine, no helmet? First part. Dangerous.
BLUDxYT 11 dagar sedan
@Gong lol
BLUDxYT 11 dagar sedan
iJustine : 8K my iPhone 11 : 720p My slow ass wifi : 480p take it or leave it
Ronnapong Suttiwaree
Ronnapong Suttiwaree 11 dagar sedan
Almost out of eye af?
Abdur rahman
Abdur rahman 11 dagar sedan
I think this video remix carryminati song remix
Bob Cozzi
Bob Cozzi 11 dagar sedan
Was there an issue with focus throughout or should I see a Doctor?
Che Ruzain
Che Ruzain 13 dagar sedan
event my iphone just 1080p😅😜
Im a Meme
Im a Meme 13 dagar sedan
I can’t picture when I see a car with a camera sticking out and someone riding the bike from behind and to be honest I would not even know what to think at that movement 😂
Tom Dutch
Tom Dutch 13 dagar sedan
Wearing a face mask while on a bike alone but no helmet. Makes sense!
bossmatsymoto 14 dagar sedan
зачем всё это
Akash Rahman
Akash Rahman 14 dagar sedan
i want to buy this bike what is the name of this bike??
Bodden Wachter
Bodden Wachter 14 dagar sedan
Legit SuB̷b̷ing to Everyone who SuB̷b̷s to me
Legit SuB̷b̷ing to Everyone who SuB̷b̷s to me 14 dagar sedan
Joe Nation
Joe Nation 14 dagar sedan
Bob Thunder vibes. ⚡
JUR O 14 dagar sedan
I can see the dirt on youre shoes, the little uneffen spots on youre face(thats a lie) and you in ultra Uber high definition now! ITS LIKE REAL, SEmost STARS AND REALITY NEVER BLENDED IN SO GOOD, ITS LIKE A UBIVERSES MIXING IN TOGHETHER ONLY 1 FULL HOUSE TOUR AND A 24/7 FLOG AND WEVE SEEN EVERYTHING, EVERY SPOT, EVERY SOCK UNDER THE BED AND EVERY HAIR FROM MATTY OND THE GROUDN! YOUVE BECOME NOW FROM US THE VIEWER BECAUSE WE CAN SEEE EVERYTHING DID you use a filter in the night? Or does it really look like that in 8k with the lights? I needed to see it twice to answer my question myself, 🙃
Bhaaskar Desai
Bhaaskar Desai 15 dagar sedan
Nice video. Just watched it in 720p and was still great. The 8K hype, at least for now, isn't going to work for a large number of consumers basically because most will not have a 8k display in the first place. Also, to stream it online, you would practically need at least a 100 mbps connection and one hour of streaming will exhaust about 44 Gb of data. The cheapest 8k monitor or TV will cost at least $1000.00 and upwards. More than 85% of SEmost viewers use their phones for viewing content and most will still not have even a 4k display. Summing up, this isn't for the average viewer. How far do we have to go to enjoy our favourite content ? I still seem to enjoy old black and white movies and cartoons and they never fail to entertain even in this era. Technology is great. Upgrading is nice too. But at what cost ?
Mr boy
Mr boy 15 dagar sedan
Miu waiting for eview and then I look at the timeline 🤣🤣
Kyore 15 dagar sedan
Best 720p I’ve ever seen.
Kyore 15 dagar sedan
2tb of footage right there
venom5809 15 dagar sedan
1:31 should be a poster, incredible shot. 🙌
Jacob McDonald
Jacob McDonald 15 dagar sedan
So beautiful
Russ Fairbanks
Russ Fairbanks 15 dagar sedan
Where’s that helmet...😉
slaymaui 15 dagar sedan
since when we’re u in tvd?
Paganini Caprisun
Paganini Caprisun 15 dagar sedan
You should try out the kodak smile instant print digital camera. I want it for my birthday but I feel like the amazon reviews are not enough.
Sami Schwalen
Sami Schwalen 15 dagar sedan
Now we need a Sony A1-Grade music video 😳
Mawrick Cloud
Mawrick Cloud 15 dagar sedan
My iPad max 1080 , my country Slovakia 😂😂
Ishwari_ Mudaliar_15
Ishwari_ Mudaliar_15 15 dagar sedan
Why is the quality of this video better than my eyes 👀 honestly!!
Eduardo Rodriguez
Eduardo Rodriguez 15 dagar sedan
Jajaja que pirata
Abdelhamid Touati
Abdelhamid Touati 15 dagar sedan
Best SEmostr ever
Hussains Transport Adventures
Hussains Transport Adventures 15 dagar sedan
Me watching this on 144p 👁👄👁
Fadi Aman Saif
Fadi Aman Saif 15 dagar sedan
Me watching this video in 360p: hmm, interesting!
ETEON YASH 15 dagar sedan
My phone doesn't support 8k but I support u❣️😂
Yugi_OH Yami
Yugi_OH Yami 15 dagar sedan
love that hybrid bike, what is its name?
kam m
kam m 15 dagar sedan
Watching on 240p that's the real pain
Balaji K
Balaji K 15 dagar sedan
So I just watched a 8 K clip in 240 p Wohoooo 😎😎🤩🤩🤩
starzblue 80
starzblue 80 15 dagar sedan
Cool video
Adventures with CC
Adventures with CC 16 dagar sedan
Camera quality is incredible. Looks like I’m watching and actually movie
Bishal Digital Studio
Bishal Digital Studio 16 dagar sedan
Watching on 240p
H A S H T A G S 16 dagar sedan
Nice hoodie
Sumi 16 dagar sedan
I just realised JUSTINE WAS IN TVD
Prxsumo 6 dagar sedan
What Episode your Capping
Slider 27
Slider 27 16 dagar sedan
carson miller
carson miller 16 dagar sedan
It would be awesome to watch this on a 8k screen
SP95 16 dagar sedan
A Naketano Hoodie in 2021 😱😲
Bill Byrd
Bill Byrd 16 dagar sedan
Very cool montage. The transitions and timing changes were sick and the audio was implicitly Metal, perfect for the bike. If you’d shot it at full speed at noon you’d probably go for leather and Judas Priest, eh?
Srikar Mallajosyula
Srikar Mallajosyula 16 dagar sedan
Me destroying my computer watching 8k footage.
Smile A lot
Smile A lot 16 dagar sedan
Lukas Warsberg
Lukas Warsberg 16 dagar sedan
Where us your helmet
Jack Cai
Jack Cai 16 dagar sedan
Does Justine realize we don't have expensive monitors 😂
The meme god
The meme god 16 dagar sedan
Does it hold upto a7s3?
BlokFN On XBOX 16 dagar sedan
IJustine: 8k My TV: 4k My phone: 1440p IPhone 12pro My internet: 720p
Michael Vuong
Michael Vuong 16 dagar sedan
Why does she need to wear a mask when she’s 50 feet from the nearest person
Preston Hong
Preston Hong 15 dagar sedan
So she doesn’t get cancelled. People are crazy about masks. Doesn’t matter if she’s not around anyone, people will still call her irresponsible if she doesn’t wear one. I’m not anti-mask.
Nayan 17 dagar sedan
Justine:8K My computer screen:8K SEmost:4K
ricky v
ricky v 17 dagar sedan
I watched this on a big screen and a large format display. Wow was the footage impressive. Thank you for sharing this Justine. (: Are you going to switch to the A1?
American G
American G 17 dagar sedan
this is crazy cool Justine😎❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗 My Dad says he wants that Super 73, but forget him I want it😍(he can have the A1😜)
Glenn Archer
Glenn Archer 17 dagar sedan
Congratulations! SEmost doesn’t even do 4k. 8k won’t even become standard until another roughly 5 years. It also depends on how gullible consumers are. Smart consumers wait for the prices to come down. That being said, here’s something you need to know. The difference between 8k and 4k is dependent on viewing distance. If you’re sitting directly in front of both at a distance of 1 foot, you will notice a difference. But who sits directly in front of there tv? Now move to a viewing distance of 10 ft, which is the distance the average person sits in front of a 65 inch display. With all the colour processing, LCD, OLED, QLED and Quantum Dot screens, HDR, HDR 10, HDR10+ and Dolby vision, I can guarantee you will not tell the difference! All Sony did was create a specifications war within the camera platform. They did the same thing within the audio receiver market. I’ve been following this market since the early 1990s. Sony thought they could battle Yamaha, Denon, Pioneer, Onkyo, Marantz among others. They underestimated that market and now have a minimal market share. So much so that this year and into 2022, they will be moving away from it. By creating a specifications war, all Sony did is put another target on the back!
Akanbi Ishola
Akanbi Ishola 17 dagar sedan
what's the name of the bike tho 🤔
Stefanos Gavrila
Stefanos Gavrila 17 dagar sedan
Me watches this in 720p Also me: Hm, interesting
American Soldier 777
American Soldier 777 17 dagar sedan
Always such a doll!! My forever crush 😊
minh ho
minh ho 17 dagar sedan
I love all of your tech explaining videos. You explain really well and creatively, that it is easy to follow and comprehend. You and your sister Jenna are so funny together. Keep up the hard work. You look like you have fun making your videos. 🤔😂
Brandon Coleman
Brandon Coleman 17 dagar sedan
why my friend looks so stiff on those turns lol,but dope video tho!
Bhushan Joshi
Bhushan Joshi 17 dagar sedan
Superb.. but a bit of noise in low light.. is it due to youtube compression??
Harrison fox Vlogs
Harrison fox Vlogs 17 dagar sedan
Who is ur editor is it amber
ok good
ok good 17 dagar sedan
Me watching it in 720p
Cristel Dela Cruz
Cristel Dela Cruz 17 dagar sedan
i wanna know the bike
Rich Briere
Rich Briere 17 dagar sedan
@renerichie sent a gentle 'follow the breadcrumbs' kind of way. He's a fabulous Guide. A pleasure to meet you and partake of your knowledge, @ijustine 🍎
Aaron Ahura
Aaron Ahura 17 dagar sedan
Me watching this in 144p ) :
Daniel Warren
Daniel Warren 17 dagar sedan
this looks like an add for a film
Helen Grayce Ezarik
Helen Grayce Ezarik 17 dagar sedan
Stellar performance, so pro! With Tyler doing the Cam and Jenna, the pro driver, how could you miss. I still cannot believe your stamina and sharp eye for perfection. You three are a winning team and look forward to the next video.
Sunny Khullar
Sunny Khullar 18 dagar sedan
I have poor vivo phone my touch glass was broken pleaseeeeee
Sunny Khullar
Sunny Khullar 18 dagar sedan
Pleaseeeeee give me an iphone it's so expensive i can't afford it.
Ritesh Fernando
Ritesh Fernando 18 dagar sedan
My grandfathers name is Sanaka Senaniake he is a celebrity artist he shears a birthday with u
DiGiTaL 18 dagar sedan
Amazing Video , 8K is crazy clear in 2021 what will be the quality in 2022 | 12K !! IDK 😂
DiGiTaL 18 dagar sedan
Hey Justine Makes me feel like thief in the night without mask 1:06.5
Okt xv
Okt xv 18 dagar sedan
Rip to all the people watching this in iphone 11/XR in 720p
Sam M
Sam M 18 dagar sedan
i feel really bad for those who watch it in 360p 😂
The Apple Brain
The Apple Brain 18 dagar sedan
I betcha that file is probably 10 GB (Fully rendered)
Garvin Putta
Garvin Putta 18 dagar sedan
i know this footage size at least 1 gig
Shalese Johnson
Shalese Johnson 18 dagar sedan
George Covin
George Covin 18 dagar sedan
Which iPhone did you go with and what color
Giacomo Urbano
Giacomo Urbano 18 dagar sedan
Without helmet ! Very smart...
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