2021 iMac Colors?! Are the rumors true?

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What do you guys think of the possibility of these colored iMacs?
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iJustine Månad sedan
Thisum Bro
Thisum Bro 17 dagar sedan
@Al-Ameen Ahmed Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either I am sri lankan 🇱🇰 ❤️❤️
Al-Ameen Ahmed
Al-Ameen Ahmed 17 dagar sedan
@Thisum Bro I promise you bro, selfish self promotion ain’t good at all. It goes against SEmost’s terms of service and Justine could ban you if you do this continuously on her channel. So please stay away from self promotion on other people’s empire and try to build yours too!
Никита Жидков
Никита Жидков 23 dagar sedan
yes i know
King of Random
King of Random 23 dagar sedan
Никита Жидков
Никита Жидков 26 dagar sedan
Ijustine you are good the creator but I am Creed the creator
Mark Masters
Mark Masters 7 dagar sedan
Your using your macbook the way steve intended. As for what I am looking forward to.... well the new IMac of course
Mark Masters
Mark Masters 7 dagar sedan
Yes what you said in the first minute was very true
Jessica May
Jessica May 7 dagar sedan
i am so excited for the new imacs! i need a new system as using my 2017 macbook pro everyday isn't cutting it anymore. i'm hearing fans like crazy when i'm running webex for class. if pink does come out... u know im getting that one for sure
Dj A
Dj A 8 dagar sedan
I'm desperately waiting for the iMac with M1
Euripides 12 dagar sedan
1.5TB or RAM?!
Sophie Bunce
Sophie Bunce 18 dagar sedan
do you know when they are coming out with the new iMac
George _13
George _13 19 dagar sedan
The 1998 iMac was the first apple 🍏 computer that my parents bought when I was 10 years old. It will always hold a special place in my heart. After that my other favourite iMac was the 2002 dome swivel monitor.
Pierre Lucas
Pierre Lucas 19 dagar sedan
your are very good to sell or present some mac computers, iphone or others. To be obstinated in perfection is not always advised. If you are liking perfection, you have to pass evaluation in an scientist bacalaureate and stay modest as you are more than your collegue from LTT who made an excellent work during many years but have not the same distance with their presentations as before. He should stop for a moment to make shows and hang on an other job maybe more paid because he has overlocked his brain a little too much with all these presentations. he is interessant again today and I saw he wait to be recognize from long time in shows for computers. Perfection is too what you can realise in science or at school and not only what you are looking for around you with immaterial objects. Regards.
Ainsley Donahue
Ainsley Donahue 23 dagar sedan
I want them to have colors that are like the 10 and 11 they are fun and I love my mint iPhone 11 and maybe also would have iPads and AirPods those colors those.
Linny 23 dagar sedan
The M1 series is why I’m waiting until this summer/fall with my stimulus money to get a silicone MacBook Pro (14” or 16”). I make videos and my Air is very gradually dying.
Matthew Van Der Haeghen
Matthew Van Der Haeghen 28 dagar sedan
Is anyone else besides me amused by Justine's affinity for Apple products and her being born the year the Macintosh debuted?
Sergey 29 dagar sedan
3:50 "few issues, things weren't working properly, KIND OF TO BE EXPECTED, because". Oh lol, such tolerance. No it is not expected, that's what testing is for, and Apple can afford testing before release
Neil Matthew Llarena
Neil Matthew Llarena Månad sedan
i justine can you give me the new iphone 12 mini?
Weird stuff
Weird stuff Månad sedan
really! ?? actually, people who care about colours are the dumbest. we care about performance
woodY xyz
woodY xyz Månad sedan
So many Follower but why so few calls 🤨
hobgoblinsbuildingscompanies Månad sedan
Iphone 13 pro max tb 1000
Rishita Singh
Rishita Singh Månad sedan
Apple should come up with Rose gold iPhones and rose gold MacBooks too
Dheen S
Dheen S Månad sedan
AirPods Pro max😂
bossmatsymoto Månad sedan
зачем все это
Malicious_Mich Månad sedan
omg I'm so happy I bought my Macbook Pro M1 in January, something I always wanted and said I will buy . I didn't know if I was getting the right one but seeing this video makes me feel so much better !
MDMusic Månad sedan
Bold prediction: FaceID comes to iMac. Plenty of space for the components. MacOS already has a cursor accessibility feature that uses the camera to track head movements. Great for authentication as well.
Joy Reyes
Joy Reyes Månad sedan
can i request for review of samsung smart monitor m7 :) just like jenna's. thanks justine!
Brad Leiber
Brad Leiber Månad sedan
We were doing podcast cuts* me and my sister were doing podcast
Brad Leiber
Brad Leiber Månad sedan
Justine you messed up on editing I never could imagine you did this. Don’t worry I give you just shocked
Ryan Lewandowski
Ryan Lewandowski Månad sedan
Just love the tangent about the stupid orange airpods max band ... lol
ericcornish1983 Månad sedan
@iJustine I just entered the world of iPhone about a week ago and so far I'm liking it alot, still haven't fully transferred over to the dark side yet lol 😅 I'm also using an android phone to get the best of both worlds right now, and now I'm kinda wanting to get a macbook pro as I've never owned Mac product in my life ever, was always mostly PC on the gaming side of things. Funny thing about those old imacs, going through highschool my girlfriend at the time one and I was kinda jealous at what could do back then, maybe soon i'll fully transition over I just haven't found my killer app yet on the iPhone and an program on Mac to make me want to fully buy one maybe you could recommend some to me to check out.
Annie pushparaj
Annie pushparaj Månad sedan
The new iMac should be bezel less
Justin May
Justin May Månad sedan
0:24 green blue pink - remind me cheap version of plastic iPhones se . Looks so cheap
Asshole Bitch
Asshole Bitch Månad sedan
"kamu terlihat manis" Sorry about my username, I know that a bad username like this doesn't deserve to be put on SEmost.
'Arun Krishnan'
'Arun Krishnan' Månad sedan
Hey justine do you know when is the apple event. I really want to know as I live in India
Susan Bartholomew
Susan Bartholomew Månad sedan
Ijustine is literally an ad that will put you in a trance and make you buy anything.
Paola jaimes Amaya
Paola jaimes Amaya 20 dagar sedan
William Vo
William Vo Månad sedan
Hey Justine, Wanna do “What’s on my Apple TV library Collection?” I wanna see lots of Movies and TV Shows!
Susan Bartholomew
Susan Bartholomew Månad sedan
Ijustine has made such a long way. I’m so proud of her!💗
Rashmika Vikash
Rashmika Vikash Månad sedan
Please give me i phone,please ❤️❤️❤️
John Peck
John Peck Månad sedan
Your channel died
brett knoss
brett knoss Månad sedan
Not sure I'm ready for the desktop, I need to see what other ARM processors are outthere, but I think an Ubuntu desktop with an Intel, and a MacBook Pro with M1 would be a good combo.
Grégory Audet
Grégory Audet Månad sedan
what Månad sedan
damn it hunk
Daves Vintage Apple Tech
Daves Vintage Apple Tech Månad sedan
Yes Justine Same Here Cant Waite The New iMac And I Thinks The New Mac Pro Will Look Like The Power PC G4 Cube Which I Love That Design Love My Cube And My iMac Nice Video
V Nurmio
V Nurmio Månad sedan
Wow, this channel is rly dying ha? Sad.. I rly liked her personality years ago, i meen she probably hasnt changed, just that her content is available everywhere so. Maybe try something new? -With love: Visa
TYLER Månad sedan
Guys guys guys she has 1.5 TB of ram😳
Chloe Fletcher
Chloe Fletcher Månad sedan
Very keen on the new iMac to replace my MacBook Pro 2016 at work (which, yes it's a laptop - but I use it as a desktop - it never leaves my desk). I'd love the pink.... but my office is small and I feel like white suits the minimalist vibe I am going for, better.
Никита Жидков
Никита Жидков Månad sedan
Are you serious
Mukesh Singh
Mukesh Singh Månad sedan
Make videos with Rosanna
Harsh Singh
Harsh Singh Månad sedan
Stupid apple nerd
Erika Zavala
Erika Zavala Månad sedan
I’m so glad you mention the red headband part of the headphones thing, I’m so annoyed by it too. That’s the only reason I haven’t gotten them. They don’t match my gold/rosegold everything mac I have!!!
sliverdddragon Månad sedan
Can I have a nintendo ds
Apple Tips
Apple Tips Månad sedan
me: the new iMac colors are beautiful also me: gets a black/space grey one
Pulsating Sausage Boy
Pulsating Sausage Boy Månad sedan
I wish they’d do a dark blue one like the iPhones. Glad they’re doing colors again on their desktops though. As for the updates, my rule of thumb has always been never upgrade to the next operating system until .3. That’s served me well and I’ve never had any issues.
Emmanuel Silva
Emmanuel Silva Månad sedan
OMG that’s so cool
Mario Månad sedan
iMac Colorful SHeep !!!
Никита Жидков
Никита Жидков Månad sedan
Yes is nice Ijustine I love you
Night_ Rider73
Night_ Rider73 Månad sedan
You inspired me to get the iPhone 11 in 2021
Nikolai Jackson
Nikolai Jackson Månad sedan
2021: Get iJustine High
Cesar Maldonado
Cesar Maldonado Månad sedan
Hi Justine, I have a crush on you. Sorry😔
Thin Line
Thin Line Månad sedan
Other tech subscribers are getting thousands of followers by the minute. IJUSTINE still stuck on 6 million. LET THAT SINK IN.. She knows nothing about tech. she simply just rambles...
Anny D
Anny D Månad sedan
This spring we see the iPad 9?
Riley Mishina
Riley Mishina Månad sedan
I remember when you opened the old iMac with MKBHD
The Technical Wizard's World
The Technical Wizard's World Månad sedan
I swear if Apple makes these, they better be called the M3 as a reference to the G3. And they also better make colorful laptops like the Clamshell again. XD
Marvin Price
Marvin Price Månad sedan
Those pastel colors look like something they paint the walls in a prison with to keep the inmates calm.
Life Works
Life Works Månad sedan
Ano Pro Max
Ano Pro Max Månad sedan
2:24 I know how it feels when you miss a cut and you already have posted the video.
ll Super Nova ll
ll Super Nova ll Månad sedan
One of the only few things I have in common with you is your love of the color Pink 🎀💞💒🌸🌺🌷👛🐷
PhotoPix Månad sedan
1.5 T ram 🐏 ?
Victor Oh
Victor Oh Månad sedan
I still want those fruity iMacs. Make those old ones with new brains and displays please... I still want them ol ones. Please Apple. All of us are crying to you 😢
evelin aby
evelin aby Månad sedan
if they do upgrade the ipod i would be excited about them adding mobile data for high school kids whose parents are strict and dont let have phones untill 13
rxspberrywasfound Månad sedan
I love pink too 😃👍
L3D_Guy Månad sedan
She really came up on her channel and time fly’s ...feels like yesterday when she was going for the newest iPhone 4 in 2010😅
Muhammad Humza Ijaz
Muhammad Humza Ijaz Månad sedan
@ijustine...make a vlog with ur grandmaa we wanna see it
PuppyBel Månad sedan
*FunFact: Albert/Flamingo used to watch iJustine*
PuppyBel Månad sedan
@Daniel Duncan ??
Eric Jovenitti
Eric Jovenitti Månad sedan
This was dope great job
Fadi Aman Saif
Fadi Aman Saif Månad sedan
I feel so uncomfortable when she says airpods pro max 🤣
HuskyGamer Månad sedan
It wont be called macbook pro tho
HuskyGamer Månad sedan
Hey Justine I don’t know if you know this but it’s absolutely for sure apples releasing leasing a brand new MacBook this month!!!!
Mr O
Mr O Månad sedan
1.5TB of ram......wtf are you doing LMAO , simulating the universe in case our galaxy collides with another?
Mitchell Smith
Mitchell Smith Månad sedan
I haven’t been able to use two mics at the same time plugged into the USB C ports
M Latief
M Latief Månad sedan
I was exited until this video, Now I'm on the roof. standing on 1 leg. When will they come what color. Quick tell me. Oh thanks great vid hee hee.
Kelly Månad sedan
I’ve been working on a dell computer for graphic design the last 6 months or so and I desperately miss working on iMac. I’m semi hoping the reselling market for older iMacs will become super saturated and give me an opportunity to “upgrade” if you will, back to a computer I enjoy.
Charlie S
Charlie S Månad sedan
The old color iMacs were great in the winter after coming from outside where it was really cold and you could warm your hands on the back above the vent.
Eko G.
Eko G. Månad sedan
I am in shock. There is actually something on an apple product that is she is 100% NOT happy with. Never thought this day would come ...
shelbypink1 Månad sedan
Why won't they make a rose gold phone again?! I want a pink phone
Ryan Greenberg
Ryan Greenberg Månad sedan
should i wait around for this m1 imac redesign or just get the current intel 27inch imac?
Camille D
Camille D Månad sedan
Giveaway pls for my thesis 😇😅🥰
#Taahaa Månad sedan
The reason we watch female reviewers is not that we are simps but they are the ones who actually appreciate the true beauty and visual appeal of tech!
Devv Nandan Veeravel Murugan
Devv Nandan Veeravel Murugan Månad sedan
So the world’s No. 1 🍎 fan pronounces 🍎 Product 🤐!
aryan amiri
aryan amiri Månad sedan
Omg,you joined youtube at 2006/5/7! bofore i was born 🤯
Jem Adriano
Jem Adriano Månad sedan
I don’t see it as “rumors” i feel the trend now is consumers do these renders disguised as requests to Apple...then Apple gives it consideration and think “what the hell that looks like a good idea lets release that” then the rumor becomes official..but thats just my opinion of it
Dirtweed Månad sedan
Have to be the blue. Being colorblind that is the only color I see correctly. Silver and black are boring
Adam Lee
Adam Lee Månad sedan
I LITERALLY NEED ONE SO BADDDDDD it would be so awesome
user number1
user number1 Månad sedan
Hey @iJustine, maybe it's just me but those lights behind you look like pastel colored Swastikas. I sure hope those are the Buddhist type, or maybe just the way those lights look on camera.
Ryan Fiscus
Ryan Fiscus Månad sedan
the only problem I've encountered with Big Sur has been in the beta release on my 2020 Macbook Pro, where it strangely invalidated my admin password at login, forcing me to wipe my computer and start over from Catalina... funnily enough my 2012 iMac runs Big Sur pretty well with a patcher soooo, ya we like to have fun here
TekCat Månad sedan
Totally agree about the orange/red headband & case on the pink AirPod Max! It’s so mismatch-y and not in a cute way.
Rab Tech
Rab Tech Månad sedan
Great channel yo support this channel yo
Jair Jimenez
Jair Jimenez Månad sedan
I want a cheeseburger
Kneeles Månad sedan
14inch M1x or M2 Mac Pro I WANT IT!!!! I WANT IT NOW!!!! I'M READY!!!!
CoolStoryBroTech Månad sedan
They are good but you can’t get into them when something goes wrong inside them I just wish Apple would let people do this For amount. Of cash there are to buy
Luca Grande
Luca Grande Månad sedan
Really hoping that the new iMac is coming very soon!
Raphael Duran
Raphael Duran Månad sedan
3:27 So the MacBook Pro is not a pro level machine, even though it literally has the word pro on its name and it’s specifically designed for professionals
Luna Sparkle Kitty Go
Luna Sparkle Kitty Go Månad sedan
I just realized that flamingo is ijustine's fan .-.
Mac vs PC Video Editing Showdown ft. iJustine!!
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