McLaren GT - My New Car!

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*my new car for the weekend haha! This was so much fun to drive!
Snapchat: iJustine
Sony a7 III:
Sony a7S II:
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
Rx100 V:
GoPro Hero 7:
Insta 360 One X:
Memory Card:

Its teebee
Its teebee Timme sedan
Cool car, it looks amazing!
come together
come together 9 timmar sedan
Wait? You train celebrity hamsters? Like the ones in the Kia commercials?
Minj Max Vlog
Minj Max Vlog 16 timmar sedan
🔥💓 Heart best mclaren
Fotios Roumeliotis
Fotios Roumeliotis 16 timmar sedan
Huge dislike 👎
Gaming York
Gaming York 20 timmar sedan
Man she really made it
DarklingGolem 21 timme sedan
3:57 clean your sensor or lens lol
Muhammad Nur Dalwai
Muhammad Nur Dalwai Dag sedan
well mclarens arent reliable
bryan bryan
bryan bryan Dag sedan
2 great things about a McLaren: The sunroof can match your shirt; Never need to take a commercial jet again because the car will do the trip in about the same time.
Awful madden plays.
Awful madden plays. Dag sedan
Makes no sense how you can wait online at Disney or universal with people EVERYWHERE but every where else in America when you eat they have to spread the tables apart so far
Ultimar Games
Ultimar Games Dag sedan
AJ Pineno
AJ Pineno Dag sedan
The one reason why I’m so happy I live in Pennsylvania rn: COVID restrictions are starting to ease up and it’s not crowded everywhere PS. I am not a anti masker in anyway
Dag sedan
When Americans see F1 and no idea but comment on it. Ha ha ha ha
Ayden Serrano
Ayden Serrano Dag sedan
Soooo ur sister is anti mask🤮
Justin Moritz
Justin Moritz Dag sedan
Such a sweet car - this looks like a fun time!
j3y Dag sedan
Wow the classic mercedes! I saw a w123 in there as well!
NKO10HD Dag sedan
No mames, tuviste el Aston Martin de JUCA al lado y no le hiciste ni una toma a esos rines???
Extratone Dag sedan
said it at length on insta but I’ll say it again: I love auto journo mode Justine.
Eric Recher
Eric Recher Dag sedan
soooo the title was false. cool
leon etnegaq
leon etnegaq Dag sedan
wow beautiful like you
Mr. Colors
Mr. Colors Dag sedan
The rich life
huflungpu90 Dag sedan
We need to watch the ads so Justine can get a super car
Lo Bo
Lo Bo 2 dagar sedan
Clickbait title
Diego Casillas Duarte
Diego Casillas Duarte 2 dagar sedan
Juca is in this video in this minute D: 7:10
RANDOM HART 2 dagar sedan
Gustavo Brenes
Gustavo Brenes 2 dagar sedan
2 pretty and smart ladies in a super car. Cannot get any better
EthanDaGreatTV 2 dagar sedan
Jerome Tso Wing Huen
Jerome Tso Wing Huen 2 dagar sedan
You know, I already loved the car when showing your experience of driving it, Miss iJustine. And I have seen a lot of movies and celebrities have these fancy and high speed cars, which is super awesome and cool.
Kevin Rivera
Kevin Rivera 2 dagar sedan
Nah you getting the apple car lol!
Motlotleng Matshika
Motlotleng Matshika 2 dagar sedan
Can you please bye for me a iPhone 12pro
forever_ sunflower
forever_ sunflower 2 dagar sedan
Sajal Sharma
Sajal Sharma 2 dagar sedan
Hey...Which ND filter do you use??
shubham marathe
shubham marathe 2 dagar sedan
i am relly big fan
shubham marathe
shubham marathe 2 dagar sedan
Please unboxing poco x3 pro full review & pros & cons
Donny D
Donny D 2 dagar sedan
The low life
Stryker11427 2 dagar sedan
Bruh, we really watching MAZES🅱️IN on her channel
Arunima Sahu Ghoshal
Arunima Sahu Ghoshal 2 dagar sedan
Her subscribers have just tanked from 6.84 million to 6.85 million.
יובל ארביב
יובל ארביב 2 dagar sedan
Im the CLICKBAIT Button
Crookz 714
Crookz 714 3 dagar sedan
DN - 07SG 753856 Cheyne MS
DN - 07SG 753856 Cheyne MS 3 dagar sedan
A.K.A 3 dagar sedan
To be rich and white. Life must be nice .
Eric Tauskela
Eric Tauskela 3 dagar sedan
Supercars because they are super cool. Nah Nah nah
Enigma 3 dagar sedan
new supercar Blondie
General Collection - منوعات عامة
General Collection - منوعات عامة 3 dagar sedan
You are lucky im not 😔
Paul Robinson
Paul Robinson 3 dagar sedan
Epic video! British car too 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Loko Boi
Loko Boi 3 dagar sedan
I thought you made enough from youtube ? You buy so much electronics , that you can not buy this car for yourself . Geezzz.....
xgamet 130
xgamet 130 3 dagar sedan
dont flex at us. only i can flex cause i have a LaFerrari and ur car is like nothing expect mine cause laferraris are limited not like urs. suck it ;)
J Tee
J Tee 3 dagar sedan
Is there anyone that owns a Samsung Q70A 4K Qled 55 inch tv? I want to know if this TV can play next gen games in 4K at 120 Hz, or at least in 1440 at 120 Hz. Some people say this TV cant do 120 Hz, but its supposed to have an HDMI 2.1 also. If anyone has this TV and can verify that this TV can play games at 120 fps, please let me know.. thanks
Kyle Mclaughlin
Kyle Mclaughlin 3 dagar sedan
1:36 what kinda car is that suv
Sameea! 3 dagar sedan
Wow Justine!! That car is awesome and it’s even more awesome that ur driving in it!!😃
Uchicha Itachi
Uchicha Itachi 3 dagar sedan
I dint know these cars exist 🥲
It’s me EJ
It’s me EJ 3 dagar sedan
You really have to watch Supercar Blondie!!!
Kai Brown
Kai Brown 3 dagar sedan
Car vlogger?
NUGGER BOI 3 dagar sedan
damn very happy for you
Rohan 4 dagar sedan
you should check out the Mercedes AMG GT lineup, much more practical then Mclarens yet they are just as crazy in terms of speed, sound and overall excitement.
MD TALKIES 4 dagar sedan
oh waow congrats
Jaimin Desai
Jaimin Desai 4 dagar sedan
Congratulations for New Car🚗🔥🔥🔥
Jaimin Desai
Jaimin Desai 4 dagar sedan
Love you Justine Ezarik❤
PKS 4 dagar sedan
So we are giving our time so youtubers can buy nice things and we are giving taxes so govt officials can get good things. Meanwhile I am driving a VW diesel.
Vaja Rakesh!
Vaja Rakesh! 4 dagar sedan
OnePlus MacLean Edition are Crazy!
Eye Candy Photo
Eye Candy Photo 4 dagar sedan
Im sure iJustine is getting one now that she had that supercar experience 🥶🔥
Mr Perambulator
Mr Perambulator 4 dagar sedan
That tiktok performance was on point 🤣😂🤣🤣😂
Devil's Island
Devil's Island 4 dagar sedan
when are you going to giveaway this car
James Oscar
James Oscar 4 dagar sedan
I'm sorry but why should you buy a GT and not a Artura
Nicki is my Mother
Nicki is my Mother 2 dagar sedan
I don’t think the Artura is actually on sale yet .
Gavin Rice
Gavin Rice 4 dagar sedan
clickbait and ur wearing ur mask in the car 🤦‍♂️
mark gabello
mark gabello 4 dagar sedan
Yeah I hope you get a McLaren lots of Maintenance why not my personal favorite cars Lamborghinis
Kevin Donis
Kevin Donis 4 dagar sedan
Tittle: My new car! Not even a minute into the vid: this is not actually my car Bruhhh
Christopher Ernst
Christopher Ernst 4 dagar sedan
It’s time to get one 💯 I think all the video views will end of paying for the GT anyway 🤷‍♂️
Groot 4 dagar sedan
Who drinks a coffee in 210,000 that isn’t yours.
Joao Pedro
Joao Pedro 4 dagar sedan
Of course it could only possibly be a “Mac”Laren 🍎❤️😂
Jonathan Pandian
Jonathan Pandian 4 dagar sedan
Hopefully she doesn't loose this one like her Xbox fridge video
Joshua Oloton
Joshua Oloton 4 dagar sedan
I can't tell who's more beautiful, the Mclaren or Justine😍
Salad TheSalad
Salad TheSalad 4 dagar sedan
You'd better not loose this one like you lost your last one. Anyone remember the mini fridge video?
Steve Guzman
Steve Guzman 4 dagar sedan
0:58 nice shoulders Justine 👌
Know Your Craft
Know Your Craft 4 dagar sedan
Aye appreciate it Justine for one of those tracks you used in the video, been building a "SEmost Creator's" playlist lol (it was the House Of Say one btw).
Mark Steve
Mark Steve 4 dagar sedan
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Scott 4 dagar sedan
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Avalos 4 dagar sedan
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Angelina 4 dagar sedan
No doubt STEVEN Trading strategy is very good, I invested $ 5,000 and cashed out $29,700 after 3 weeks. I still wonder how he got good ... ... ...
Jack Panda
Jack Panda 4 dagar sedan
I don't understand what people see in these cars, they're ugly af and only scream "I got a small penis" instead of wealth and class.
YouTube Commenter
YouTube Commenter 4 dagar sedan
Jenna: "I'm just trying to know... ...what do you do for a living?" Justine: "I am the hamster", 9:51. Hehehe.
kevin lam
kevin lam 4 dagar sedan
I’m surprised how being your so techie that your not getting a Tesla
John Nio gaming
John Nio gaming 4 dagar sedan
Keiron Raven
Keiron Raven 4 dagar sedan
Dammmm! That car looks good.
John Perry Pakingan
John Perry Pakingan 4 dagar sedan
Travis MCP Bring me here 😂
Angie Bowden
Angie Bowden 4 dagar sedan
I love the color
SIRROMON Mandi 4 dagar sedan
Its nice but i dont like its long boot which pretty much has low capacity of storage
Shahbaaz Perwaiz
Shahbaaz Perwaiz 5 dagar sedan
Reminded me of NFS II SE
Shriyank Lal Birali
Shriyank Lal Birali 5 dagar sedan
Aamzing race was that of bharain
Yusuf Ali Alaz
Yusuf Ali Alaz 5 dagar sedan
Steve Cornelius
Steve Cornelius 5 dagar sedan
I guess they have to give them to youtubers since they can't sell any of them
Soham Belge
Soham Belge 5 dagar sedan
Literally everyone: Floor it
Victory 5 dagar sedan
I want to buy u yours 🥺
JDog reacts to everything
JDog reacts to everything 5 dagar sedan
Andrés Murillo
Andrés Murillo 5 dagar sedan
El próximo carro de Marcianotech
Nerd Plays
Nerd Plays 5 dagar sedan
One word Nice
Drew Wise
Drew Wise 5 dagar sedan
Now I want one
Jonathan Guito
Jonathan Guito 5 dagar sedan
Everyone: wow a McLaren! Me: OMG look at that photovoltaic glass! 😍
KwadKen 5 dagar sedan
joint the DDE club :)
matthew 5 dagar sedan
Jeff Da Marine
Jeff Da Marine 5 dagar sedan
You know, I never understood the reasoning of wearing a freaking mask inside a freaking car. 😬😣😂
KevlarOxy [] The ART of Video Games
KevlarOxy [] The ART of Video Games 5 dagar sedan
Awesome car.... best of British right there ;)
iPhone Pro y Más
iPhone Pro y Más 5 dagar sedan
you called a Kia Sorento a minivan lol
Even Drunker Grandpaa
Even Drunker Grandpaa 5 dagar sedan
How much does a SEmostr with 6.8 million subs get from supercar company to film this video?. Thats a new upload.
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