NordicTrack Rower RW900 Review!

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Thanks to NordicTrack for sponsoring this video! Click here to get your own NordicTrack complete with iFit personal trainers:
Snapchat: iJustine
Sony a7 III:
Sony a7S II:
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
Rx100 V:
GoPro Hero 7:
Insta 360 One X:
Memory Card:

Piotr 14 timmar sedan
Most stupid thing I saw today. Someone should pay me at least 5k $ to force me to use this piece of junk even once.
Windy Berry
Windy Berry 16 timmar sedan
I just ordered this.. I can't wait to get it.. How is your training going?
mhieljet_0222 2 dagar sedan
can you watch youtube on that screen
Ethan Hunt
Ethan Hunt 7 dagar sedan
Is iJustine gay?
Vivet Maragh
Vivet Maragh 7 dagar sedan
I bought this rower in Oct and was really excited. The tv won't stay up. And Nordictrack can't fix it, return my money or replace it. Nordictrack's focus is on sales, not customer service
Frank Kwok
Frank Kwok 10 dagar sedan
Great work out space. 🦅🦅🇺🇸
Henry O'neill
Henry O'neill 10 dagar sedan
Get a refund. Buy a concept 2
Geo A
Geo A 10 dagar sedan
I just got a rower too! - check out the proper form; it wont make it easy but will help esp when increasing resistance. Catch. Drive. Finish. Recovery.
Steve Animations
Steve Animations 14 dagar sedan
Damn you look great with that garage looking gym. I really love the hard work
Jennifer Lantz
Jennifer Lantz 15 dagar sedan
If you’re going to go with a connected rower Hydrow is a great choice. I love mine! If going non-connected then Concept 2 IMO.
Sunny Khullar
Sunny Khullar 19 dagar sedan
Pleawe give me an iphone
rasmokey4 23 dagar sedan
Ca-ching, $1600.00!!
Embargoman 24 dagar sedan
Yeah, seeing it from my first iPhone, Justine your awesome!
josip galić
josip galić 24 dagar sedan
I bought rx 800 two weeks ago and i am very dissapointed because of weak resistance ....
Brad Hayes
Brad Hayes 25 dagar sedan
Please post where you got those awesome mats!
carlos Escobedo
carlos Escobedo 26 dagar sedan
A Hi I Justine that was nice and u look nice to and have a nice day 💘⚘
Sharibaby67 2020
Sharibaby67 2020 27 dagar sedan
Thank you for the video! I get mine in 2 weeks-so excited
Loading Wait
Loading Wait 27 dagar sedan
She is older than linus
T HOFF 27 dagar sedan
i got a Nordictrack X22i Incline treadmill and love it. I can take runs around the world, and even map my own runs anywhere - around central park for example and it automatically adjusts the incline for the hills as if i was there along with Google street-view video. Awesome devices. Loving it
Bendy 28 dagar sedan
iJustine played passion fruit from annoying orange!!!!!!
JoeyJoJoJr.Shabadoo 28 dagar sedan
iJustine has a nice iBum...and thanks to NordicTrack, it will only get better. Thank you NordickTrack.
Lisa Newell
Lisa Newell 28 dagar sedan
If I had the room I’d have that rower. Love my treadmill and waiting for the Vault to ship next month.
Me;-; ;-;
Me;-; ;-; 29 dagar sedan
One coronavirus is over I hope she starts to do her travel videos again
Nick Gallegos
Nick Gallegos 29 dagar sedan
Another video from the worlds cleanest garage!
hay ho big bro
hay ho big bro 29 dagar sedan
who would think that stuff like this is alive!
Cassidy Lynn
Cassidy Lynn Månad sedan
This is totally off topic but you play in TVD!!! 😍😍😍
Djcrack3pro Månad sedan
Así es, este es el único comentario en español de momento.
Jason Ludwick
Jason Ludwick Månad sedan
When did you start ju jitsu? I have a 3 year old girl.
TheAustralianVlogger Månad sedan
The price tag is insane 😳
mw99ch Månad sedan
rowing is hard yes but your technique is so wrong. get some advice if you really wanna start rowing.
Pedro Fonseca
Pedro Fonseca Månad sedan
How are you getting all the stuff you want everything
Dennis N
Dennis N Månad sedan
That was a seriously clean Garage
Ryan Ponnampalam
Ryan Ponnampalam Månad sedan
Hey Justine I have a new game for your iPad it’s really cool it’s called Zooba
William Vo
William Vo Månad sedan
Hey Jenna, Wanna do “What’s on my Apple TV library Collection?”
Sorcha Marie
Sorcha Marie Månad sedan
I'd love one, just need space and a new garage lol
bossmatsymoto Månad sedan
зачем всё это
Ismail Shubin
Ismail Shubin Månad sedan
Awesome Justine!
Praneeth Gadam
Praneeth Gadam Månad sedan
I find the resistance to be lot more harder compared to the water rowers I used in Orange Theory before. Even level 1 feels pretty hard on the arms/shoulders after a few mins. Anyone else notice the same?
Rebecca Hanning
Rebecca Hanning Månad sedan
Justine has two modes: 1: couch potato who plays animal crossing for 23 hours a day 2: strong woman who does 3 workouts a day
Lyndon Smith
Lyndon Smith Månad sedan
I think NordicTrack and the iFit system are great, not only for rowing but treadmills too. I’m looking forward to exploring the strength training and yoga options as well.
MOBELEASH Månad sedan
We tried to buy a NordicTrack last X-Mass but there was no stock :( mobeleash
Spaceface gaming
Spaceface gaming Månad sedan
BMW assentan where I'm going to park now 😂😂😂😂😂 :ijusten high woops 😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆😆😂😂
Jonathan Powell
Jonathan Powell Månad sedan
Nice machine, Shocking rowing technique!!
Jeff Roberts
Jeff Roberts Månad sedan
She is actually using a knife LOL..
Boston Red Sox fan
Boston Red Sox fan Månad sedan
TheNeighbor6666 Månad sedan
This is why u have no likes in ur comments lol
Shawn Rashidi
Shawn Rashidi Månad sedan
Just buy a concept 2.... it's the undisputed best rower and lasts decades smh
Bees_nail_art Månad sedan
Doesn’t Ro have that machine too? I saw her workout video she was using one
Darian . Castillo
Darian . Castillo Månad sedan
Peleton sets up the equipment at your house
Ericksonvision Månad sedan
I just bought one of these and normally Nordictrack also sets it up at the house. However, they've suspended in home assembly due to Covid.
Stan Szeto
Stan Szeto Månad sedan
I hope you like it. It works the practical muscles. We do more pulling than pushing with our upper body. Works the key muscles in your back for good posture. Be careful not to slip on your sweat when you stand up.
Brandon Spencer
Brandon Spencer Månad sedan
Is your home a franchise of Best Buy?
krezzy Månad sedan
all real rowers are crying rn
krezzy 24 dagar sedan
@James Thompson rp3 gang
empower aizawa
empower aizawa 24 dagar sedan
Ahh yes I’m crying my eyes are burning
James Thompson
James Thompson 26 dagar sedan
Concept2 gang bruh
John Weag
John Weag Månad sedan
iJ living the good life! I wish I had the space and money to get one of those, love the video though!
Lucy Andrews
Lucy Andrews Månad sedan
Anyone part of a rowing team? Where my rowers at?
Lisa 1
Lisa 1 Månad sedan
Any other rowers watching this?! 🙈 It’s awesome that you can watch video of someone else rowing and row along with them, beats staring at the concept2 screen for hours on end. Would love to try one of these!
Nizam 123
Nizam 123 Månad sedan
Pleeeez one iPhone give me
Hoai-Quoc Vinh
Hoai-Quoc Vinh Månad sedan
Justine, what gym floor mats are those?
Lem_Scoot Månad sedan
Typical sibling talk “what if I broke you’re arm”
Shashank Vlogs
Shashank Vlogs Månad sedan
ItsRyan Månad sedan
I see Jesus in you! I heard you say Sweet Baby Jesus Before:)
Mo A
Mo A Månad sedan
Before Covid I used to take up rowing at the gym... If I had a Garage and not busy home I would, but I was actually wondering when would a company make a rowing pelaton with a
Flora Fast
Flora Fast Månad sedan
Can you do a house tour? Pleassss
Scott Kelley
Scott Kelley Månad sedan
Thaaat looks nice.
Aaron! Despain
Aaron! Despain Månad sedan
Um did anyone else get major ocd when she put that bolt in with a wrench instead of a ratchet
abdul hafeez
abdul hafeez Månad sedan
Still waiting for your video on Samsung S21 Ultra
Urvish Shukla
Urvish Shukla Månad sedan
Hi Ijustine. Could you kindly share a link the description for those floor mats? Love the Gray color. I wish to get it in Canada. Please and thank you.
Danny Lopez
Danny Lopez Månad sedan
Justine: I have an idea Jenna: 👁👄👁
Joy Nader
Joy Nader Månad sedan
Woah just watched ro's video of the same rower!
Michael Pearce
Michael Pearce Månad sedan
Where did you get the gym matts from ? Can’t wait to see you do more fitness content
Besi Hodja
Besi Hodja Månad sedan
1:56 music plss?
Besi Hodja
Besi Hodja Månad sedan
Hey it's Passion Fruit 🤩🤩
Kris Aunedi
Kris Aunedi Månad sedan
Justine good for you on your home gym hope you have fun and keep in shape!!! Have fun honey!!!
Scott Bitters
Scott Bitters Månad sedan
I’ve been using apple fitness.
Miguel Melo
Miguel Melo Månad sedan
Rondomfy Månad sedan
Awesome Rower review.
Triggers hunter ASMR
Triggers hunter ASMR Månad sedan
You should learn how to row...This will hurt your back and you will get better to :)
Het Jamariya
Het Jamariya Månad sedan
I think you should change your profile photo is was very old put new profile photo ( love from INDIA 🇮🇳🇮🇳 )
H3erobrine Notch
H3erobrine Notch Månad sedan
Hate the Nordic screen, probably prefer my I pad with a similar app
eva Månad sedan
Justine, why does your sister look like Molly (Ro’s sis)??
B r i a n
B r i a n Månad sedan
that Rower machine looks cool but i can't sacrifice my garage space for that!
matt taylor
matt taylor Månad sedan
Really disappointed you did not whip out a katana to cut the straps. Also, you should get an infrared sauna for the garage. It’s a game changer.
D k
D k Månad sedan
I'm eagerly waiting for the Samsung s21 unboxing and review, pls don't disappoint us 😭😅❤
TAEgames Månad sedan
Does it not connect to Apple Watch?...
Betty C
Betty C Månad sedan
youtube "Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov"
kenjime VLOGS
kenjime VLOGS Månad sedan
Justine,please unbox the gqlaxy s21
Natalie Gier
Natalie Gier Månad sedan
I’d love to hear your thoughts on the NordicTrack treaDmilll that your sister has
João Sousa
João Sousa Månad sedan
Portugal!!! 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹
Bryan Gyorgak
Bryan Gyorgak Månad sedan
So you know have two gyms in your house
Mike Chu
Mike Chu Månad sedan
Wait...didn't you have a treadmill from Pelaton?
RedLadyBug 91
RedLadyBug 91 Månad sedan
I thought you liked the peloton machines ?-?
Danny H
Danny H Månad sedan
You are still relevant?
Carolina Arizini
Carolina Arizini Månad sedan
Justine lives the dream life
Dominator 306
Dominator 306 Månad sedan
Ryan Ramdihal
Ryan Ramdihal Månad sedan
Then: team work makes then dream work Camera man: let me just sit back and relax
CHEFPK Månad sedan
Justine, please help me convince my wife to convert our Garage into a home gym =(
Aleesha Collins
Aleesha Collins Månad sedan
Please help me I am from England and I am in collage and need a MacBook do you have any giveaways
Bekir Çelik
Bekir Çelik Månad sedan
OMG! Your hair! True fans sees the difference. Looks pretty ✨
Marshal Månad sedan
Justine the builder
joseph M
joseph M Månad sedan
Where is Justine’s s21 unboxing ??!
Isaac Griffiths
Isaac Griffiths Månad sedan
Bit of a upgrade from concept 2 hope concept do something like this
Kimberley Månad sedan
When is peloton releasing rower!!
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