Upgrading my smart home!

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Andy Fidler
Andy Fidler 10 dagar sedan
The word 'pants' doesn't translate very well into English. 😂
Ryan Armstrong
Ryan Armstrong 11 dagar sedan
Why brand/model are those standup lights in your background?
Sunny Khullar
Sunny Khullar 19 dagar sedan
Please give me an iphone
Bruno Jorge
Bruno Jorge 19 dagar sedan
So what about Apple!? I thought iJustine was mainly an Apple user!? Hmmm
Nite San
Nite San 20 dagar sedan
This stuff works way better than I expected
Alive Body
Alive Body 29 dagar sedan
Love this videos
Kipras Stasiulis
Kipras Stasiulis Månad sedan
She uploaded the day i switched from my iPhone 🤣🤣
Third Eye Survivor
Third Eye Survivor Månad sedan
Your promoting transhumanism, technocracy and the removal of privacy and security. This is the new world order. This is the enslavement of humanity to the beast system.
Brent McKnight
Brent McKnight Månad sedan
I been wanting to get one of the stylers for my wife. 🤔 is it for me or her... Doesn’t matter😝
Zack Collado
Zack Collado Månad sedan
Why don’t u stack the washer and dry and place the styler next to them. Just a thought
Rolo Månad sedan
Noo don’t wash/clean your JJ belt! You’ll lose all your technique!
Derek g
Derek g Månad sedan
If I have a cx oled from lg but a Samsung phone can I still use the LG thinq app with the TV without an LG phone
David Beiler
David Beiler Månad sedan
looks like an ad for lg products....
The AntClans
The AntClans Månad sedan
ThinQ makes me think I'm definitely a poor
Third Eye Survivor
Third Eye Survivor Månad sedan
A poor?
diemarcus Månad sedan
Nice housewife 2.0
Shazeem Khan
Shazeem Khan Månad sedan
Awesome stuff, no joke but I'm biased towards the styler 😶
River Today
River Today Månad sedan
where do I get the lights in the background?
Rizwan007 Månad sedan
It's the same as android app smartthings
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones Månad sedan
Damn don’t forget your Power bill 😂
Paul Strehlow
Paul Strehlow Månad sedan
It would be nice if there was one app for all devices, with the multitude of items available manufacturers don’t allow cross migration to other apps. Nest and Samsung for example.
sparkiegaz Månad sedan
Is this women single ,,ide have apple tattoo on my forehead if it got you a date....
Third Eye Survivor
Third Eye Survivor Månad sedan
Please tell me your joking.
Moped Mike
Moped Mike Månad sedan
You should get a smart fridge with touch screen to see what’s inside of your fridge before you open
Julie H
Julie H Månad sedan
It’s pronounced ‘think’ not ‘thin q’
Issa H
Issa H Månad sedan
This is my dream home 😍 I can't even afford wifi right now so out of my budget 😫 and that 'week' worth of laundry is everyday worth in my house though lmao
Watch and Learn
Watch and Learn Månad sedan
Well actually this is good for covid-19 and laziness
Gr!ffs comedy
Gr!ffs comedy Månad sedan
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 2 månader sedan
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 2 månader sedan
heyJustephan 2 månader sedan
I love tech but this is too much... I don't need to get remind of every shit....
Roy T
Roy T 2 månader sedan
Very cool devices, my friend 👍🏿
Embargoman 2 månader sedan
I hope Google have something in their sleeve to do with a smart home or Apple.
spencertheman 2 månader sedan
I really want to know where she got her light from in the background if anyone knows please let me
V P 2 månader sedan
Is it true you need an LG phone to use the LG smart home stuff because that is never happening. I’ve got that same washer and dryer but I always thought the LG smart features were not available to me.
roma8716 2 månader sedan
It would be good to review the integration with Alexa, Siri, etc
Leo Simmons
Leo Simmons 2 månader sedan
When I have the same tv but a better smart home lol
paul campagna
paul campagna 2 månader sedan
You washer and dryer are in the wrong location. The doors need to open opposite directions.
Wade Lee
Wade Lee 2 månader sedan
Nick Lemen
Nick Lemen 2 månader sedan
Justine only uses the LG phone for her appliances.
Alessandro Ferrario
Alessandro Ferrario 2 månader sedan
I love you!!!!!!
Cromwell and Company
Cromwell and Company 2 månader sedan
So what did the dog toy end up looking like? haha
Nancy Urchak
Nancy Urchak 2 månader sedan
For the styler, when you say sanitized do you mean covid safe sanitize? I now have outside and inside clothes so if I could afford that it would be nice to sanitize my outside clothes before the next day
Raseem X-AiR
Raseem X-AiR 2 månader sedan
I am using the same exact velvet in aurora grey
Nikhil Raj S
Nikhil Raj S 2 månader sedan
Whoa, iJustine with an Android 😨
Tanner Thompson
Tanner Thompson 2 månader sedan
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 2 månader sedan
Wait did I miss the part were Justine started doing BJJ. she loves tech and does jits...That's awesome!
Yellie Bellie
Yellie Bellie 2 månader sedan
Do you have video with Apple Home Screen ? And what they can connect too?
Gage Seymour
Gage Seymour 2 månader sedan
my oven works with the app
gary moe
gary moe 2 månader sedan
8 minute commercial !
Ravi Meena
Ravi Meena 2 månader sedan
Everything in her house is smart 🤣🤣 After this video lg velvet phone will in kuda kawada😂
Ravi Meena
Ravi Meena 2 månader sedan
@bryan bryan she is smart only in Apple product and other are just timepass for her.
bryan bryan
bryan bryan 2 månader sedan
Everything in her house is smart including her!
Ravi Meena
Ravi Meena 2 månader sedan
youngdre10 2 månader sedan
The door of the styler sounds like cheap plastic
Owain Smith
Owain Smith 2 månader sedan
What phone is it ??
NepaliTech Reviews
NepaliTech Reviews 2 månader sedan
They are paying her to talk about this. Should we trust her now 😂
Third Eye Survivor
Third Eye Survivor Månad sedan
NPC 2 månader sedan
most of the stuff tech tubers show I can´t afford so I watch anyway
Black Carbon
Black Carbon 2 månader sedan
In between wash care aka being nasty 🤢! Wash your darn clothes
Helen Grayce Ezarik
Helen Grayce Ezarik 2 månader sedan
Some clothing is" Profession Dry Cleaning", costly, but nice.
Mrs A. Mitchell
Mrs A. Mitchell 2 månader sedan
Holy cow, I really do like the app!!!! The total control over some of the most important things.
Nitesh Maharaj
Nitesh Maharaj 2 månader sedan
I don't get the point of a "smart" washer and dryer. You have to manually put the clothes in, so turn it on when you do. Other than the notification when it's done, I see no benefit.
Melvin Lourdes
Melvin Lourdes 2 månader sedan
Technology spoiled entire human lives 🤦🏻‍♂️ if he doesn’t do physical work how can he himself be healthy 🤷🏻
Third Eye Survivor
Third Eye Survivor Månad sedan
Exactly. I won’t ever live like this. If we don’t do things for ourselves we loose the ability to. Even in looking at the fact that most people use maps on there phones to go somewhere really close without bothering to learn the roads in there own town, every single thing technology does for us it’s removing our ability to do it ourselves. People need to wake up and understand what technology is doing to them and society as a whole.
Yohan Dahmani
Yohan Dahmani 2 månader sedan
damnnn I wonder how much they paid
Csongor Mirnics
Csongor Mirnics 2 månader sedan
The most useless thing I ever heard is styler
Tony 2 månader sedan
I normally do not like foreign company's but I'm all LG in home because they are the best
Tony 2 månader sedan
thanks for this content
Funny Berries
Funny Berries 2 månader sedan
It seems like a lot of work and setup to put the laundry in and ask Siri to set a timer for you
Nicholas Coffey
Nicholas Coffey 2 månader sedan
Yo! Is that iJustine with an Android 😵
Ernest 2 månader sedan
Must be nice to get free stuff when most people can barely afford one thing.
Crypto 2020
Crypto 2020 2 månader sedan
Girl you can’t sell shit
Angel Earth
Angel Earth 2 månader sedan
I wanna know which one to Get the Samasung Galaxy a71 5g or an Samsung Galaxy s20
Angel Earth
Angel Earth 2 månader sedan
You should do a Video of Samsung Galaxy a71 5g
Juan Yepez
Juan Yepez 2 månader sedan
Winter in LA try Winter in NYC 😂😂😂
Mason Leary
Mason Leary 2 månader sedan
This type of setup looks intriguing, but I refuse to embrace any smart home that doesn’t begin and end with Apple HomeKit :/
Drew Pera
Drew Pera 2 månader sedan
I loved my LG appliances when I had them. Now I have Samsung and GE.
Husky Lover
Husky Lover 2 månader sedan
Hi Justine! I haven’t been here for a while but I missed it. You were the first channel I ever watched so I’m glad to be back
Reazul Islam Mihi
Reazul Islam Mihi 2 månader sedan
Justin the ultimate TV lover :D @tnx linus
Nandan Talks Tech
Nandan Talks Tech 2 månader sedan
Unfortunately LG ThinQ is not supported on HoneKit.
Abraham Plaza
Abraham Plaza 2 månader sedan
That’s cool I did not know my LG tv had this feature lol
Erin Elizabeth
Erin Elizabeth 2 månader sedan
Her washer and dryer are backwards 😬
Fawaz Alkandari
Fawaz Alkandari 2 månader sedan
I’m in team apple
daniel snowf
daniel snowf 2 månader sedan
From my experience, LG Home products are way better than Samsung while considering the price and durability ..
Axceusbays 2 månader sedan
how much LG did you pay
Gabriela Lincoln
Gabriela Lincoln 2 månader sedan
Follow and dm @cyber_hacks_14 for any online or cyber issue you might be facing....
Gabriela Lincoln
Gabriela Lincoln 2 månader sedan
All thanks to @cyber_hacks_14 on IG i recovered my whatsapp, insta and twitter account that had been blocked....
Derek Picone
Derek Picone 2 månader sedan
Seems like it wants to imitate HomeKit. The interface looks the same. I'd prefer it actually extend HomeKit rather than another ecosystem. Right now I ensure all my smart devices are HomeKit and Alexa compatible so I have more control options and flexibility.
Cartney84 Ian
Cartney84 Ian 2 månader sedan
but we never have ismarthome for Apple lol
Xandergrafals 2 månader sedan
What she says at 6:56 is something I hear too often.
Rickey Carey
Rickey Carey 2 månader sedan
oooooo home dry cleaning it will save you money in the long run not having to go to the dry cleaners. very smart it gets a A+ I have had dry cleaners loose nice shirts in the past.
Guy Katz
Guy Katz 2 månader sedan
Paid content is the worst
FunFunnys 2 månader sedan
So basically your pushing products on us that you would never buy for yourself and especially a phone you would absolutely NEVER buy. Interesting. I think its time for people to ignore you and the rest of the so called TECHIES
Jack Ames
Jack Ames 2 månader sedan
I think the only useful HomeKit features are security and lighting thats about it
Jack Ames
Jack Ames 2 månader sedan
why would u want to control ur phone with ur tv lmaoo
Belijem Ezeomedo
Belijem Ezeomedo 2 månader sedan
Why does it look like a third-party app?
MAX XIV 2 månader sedan
Saleel Nalakath
Saleel Nalakath 2 månader sedan
I always support you when will you send me a gift
Paul Rose
Paul Rose 2 månader sedan
still have to put it into the dryer when washed haha
EveryDaySmarter 2 månader sedan
Justine, You Have Everything But I Am Missing: D
Rishi Vijayakumar
Rishi Vijayakumar 2 månader sedan
🤗When I watched the the first part she’s not using an iPhone I was like 😐 then she said it’s a new of product the I know why she did that and 2:35 it was 😂😂😂 anyways stay safe happy holidays justine 🍏
Itz Je
Itz Je 2 månader sedan
Justine! You should try to get a virtual headset of some sort, if u can and review it!! I recommend the oculus quest 2!! It would be really cool to watch you review these types of things as well! (Don't worry about it if you can't or won't, just a recommendation)
Super VNX Bruh YT
Super VNX Bruh YT 2 månader sedan
wish i had a complete smart home
Novelius Bayu
Novelius Bayu 2 månader sedan
Pretty review
mezmerized 2 månader sedan
Hi Justine, you should invite a Building Biologist to check and evaluate your “smart” home. I’m convinced that it will fail miserably.
luiszuniga28 2 månader sedan
Mobile world
Mobile world 2 månader sedan
Nice information
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