Samsung Galaxy Mystic White Z-Flip 5G and Mystic Red Note 20! ❤️

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Wow.... wow wow, these new Samsung Galaxy colors are just BEAUTIFUL!!!
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Emmanuel Silva
Emmanuel Silva 10 dagar sedan
I don’t like androids software but I’m about to by that white one
Logan Connor
Logan Connor 11 dagar sedan
I thought Ijustine was a follower of the Apple cult....sooner or later they discover who has the best phones..
Adarsh Kumar Ojha
Adarsh Kumar Ojha 19 dagar sedan
bosal23 20 dagar sedan
Hi iJustine, I liked your video. A question, why do you think a folding screen phone like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip didn't really "take off"? I thought the hardware was kind of revolutionary, but it appears that people just didn't really buy into it. I don't know...
William Vo
William Vo Månad sedan
Hey Justine, Wanna do ‘What’s on my Apple TV library Collection?’
M Hussnain Shaja
M Hussnain Shaja Månad sedan
The note 20 has a plastic back
Naina Seven
Naina Seven Månad sedan
The flip look minimalis 👍👍
Max Apen
Max Apen Månad sedan
Where's that lamp in your background from?
Sofie Månad sedan
I really want the white flip 😖 but its not sold in europe :(( so i think i'll wait till the new one releases !! But ive also heard that the z flip (1) wont be sold anymore after the 3rd one comes out!?!? Idk what to do cuz what if i dont like the 3rd model and still want the first arghhh 😅😅
Kyle Cunningham
Kyle Cunningham Månad sedan
I thought flip phones were dead
Joey Charnick
Joey Charnick Månad sedan
:D ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Latin très Amine
Latin très Amine Månad sedan
The red one
Oak Horizon slime
Oak Horizon slime Månad sedan
My Dad has the Samsung Galaxy Note20Ultra but the golden color
Super MartinYT
Super MartinYT Månad sedan
Watching this on my Iphone se 2020 ❤️❤️❤️🤪😍🥰😘
w Jan Wilk
w Jan Wilk Månad sedan
Hello justine
Meera Patel
Meera Patel Månad sedan
That red note 20 is awesome!❤️
Angga Trenggana
Angga Trenggana Månad sedan
00:40 When Justine realized that she’s wearing apple watch while review Samsung phone 🤣🤣
Mar Tini
Mar Tini Månad sedan
Samsung S20 FE Cloud Red.. my favourite phone & colour of 2020. I actually own this exact phone too and it's amazing! ❤
The meme god Anthony
The meme god Anthony Månad sedan
iPhone 12 mini my favorite
Rafif Fadlallah
Rafif Fadlallah Månad sedan
Jane YL
Jane YL 2 månader sedan
😍😍😍😍 Inlove with the Z Flip Mystic White its too pretty 😫 how I wish it will come thru here in Philippines.
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 2 månader sedan
Awesome stuff 😎
Are Gee Gee
Are Gee Gee 2 månader sedan
I love samsung S20 FE i own the red colour i love it
pinkgametime 2 månader sedan
My favorite phone is samsung Galaxy s20 FE and I love red color
dark side
dark side 2 månader sedan
I love Samsung ecosystem and everything Samsung 💟
Harold Manuelito
Harold Manuelito 2 månader sedan
I remember the time I was in Glendale the same day iJustine was there 😂
Leo Blachman
Leo Blachman 2 månader sedan
All I have is a fliphopne.
# dragon
# dragon 2 månader sedan
You nailed it! I was looking for an example of how and what the Red Note 20 would look like in the hand. 🤲 alas....not for me, and I like red but, more deep solid candy apple red or burgundy-ish.
Minniesvo2 Lunayis3
Minniesvo2 Lunayis3 2 månader sedan
The grumpy squid conspicuously last because jar expectably carve down a disagreeable keyboard. fast, big gearshift
Gerald Laurence Zordilla
Gerald Laurence Zordilla 2 månader sedan
That red is just perfect its like Mazda's red finish in their designs these days. The white is right up pretty with its iridescent color
Michelle Jobson
Michelle Jobson 2 månader sedan
My favorite phone this was the was the iPhone 12 mini
Angel Earth
Angel Earth 2 månader sedan
You Should Do am Unboxing of Samsung Galaxy a71 5G and also Should I get The a71 5g or S20
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 2 månader sedan
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 2 månader sedan
Mateo Košir
Mateo Košir 2 månader sedan
my fav phone is samsung s20+
Blesson biju
Blesson biju 2 månader sedan
Note 20 ultra Bronze colour
Navfal 2 månader sedan
Red one
Zain Uddin
Zain Uddin 2 månader sedan
My favourite phone for 2020 is the z flip as for which colour I don't know
راكان الخرعان
راكان الخرعان 2 månader sedan
0:00 We have garbage
Unknown Productions
Unknown Productions 2 månader sedan
The thing I love about this channel is how she isn't only enthusiastic about Apple.
New Gameplays
New Gameplays 2 månader sedan
3:13 my favorite Phone from 2020 is iPhone 12 Pro Max with 5G!😎
LEMONART 2 månader sedan
"my favorite phone of 2020 is the Z FLIP" -iJustine 1/12/2020 "my favorite smartphone of 2020 is the iPhone 12 pro max"-iJustine in supersaf
Süver Sali
Süver Sali 2 månader sedan
Hahahah apple 20 minuten video Samsung Max 4 minuten.
Rigwell Techs and Games
Rigwell Techs and Games 2 månader sedan
I saw this phone sitting in a Samsung shop and I said Yo! That phone is a Beast!!
Hojibek Saydaliev
Hojibek Saydaliev 2 månader sedan
IPhone max 12 blue
D.E. Frederick
D.E. Frederick 2 månader sedan
Great phone and beautiful color (Z-Flip). ...for a female. I'm hoping 2021 gives us another Thom Browne edition.
Brandon Fletcher Music
Brandon Fletcher Music 2 månader sedan
That red thooo
sanath niroshan fernando
sanath niroshan fernando 2 månader sedan
I seriously love the iPhone 12 mini and green color it’s super small and literally so cool . But I don’t have enough money
Qasim Raza
Qasim Raza 2 månader sedan
So hello beautiful. Are u the one who used to be most subscribed tech channel of youtube?
Jay MarAme
Jay MarAme 2 månader sedan
Vivo sunset melody is very amazing
Michelle Ong
Michelle Ong 2 månader sedan
Wow.. can i have the note 20 ultra mystic red 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😋😋😋😋 as a gift 🎁 😅😅😅😃😃😃
Fatchoi 27
Fatchoi 27 2 månader sedan
I Prefer Red Of Anything Over White
Trell Williams
Trell Williams 2 månader sedan
Yes I remember. It was purple 😍
Alex Black
Alex Black 2 månader sedan
The google pixel 5 sorta sage I think is the most beautiful colored phone this year. If only Apple had that color instead of the crapy green or the red they have this year, but I have the green Iphone 11. At first I was in love with my green color then I realized it doesn’t fit any case color out there and I got tired of looking at it after the third day of having it.
Pi Ttam Nunmul
Pi Ttam Nunmul 2 månader sedan
Hey! Can you please order all the S20 FE colours and review them! Also review all 3 of the Note 20 Ultra colours! Please!
Neema D
Neema D 2 månader sedan
White Z flip is cool! I ordered that red note 20 and I have a couple more days before it is delivered. I cannot wait 😍😍😍😍😍 that red s pen 🤩🤩
Evander Antolin K
Evander Antolin K 2 månader sedan
Isn't her favorite phone is iPhone 12? Hmm?!
Waleed Ahmed
Waleed Ahmed 2 månader sedan
Its not a GLASS BACKKKK Glastic* back
Snow White
Snow White 2 månader sedan
Your favorite phone, even more than the iPhone 12 pro or pro max??
the goat Lynn
the goat Lynn 2 månader sedan
Can you send me the red Note 20 please
phynx2006 2 månader sedan
Love how excited you get over a white phone, your the best Justine - Samsung S20+ cloud Blue👍👍
Are Gee Gee
Are Gee Gee 2 månader sedan
I have samsung galaxy FE 5G red and i love it
Abel Jacob
Abel Jacob 2 månader sedan
Can you do a review on the Samsung Galaxy M51 and compare it with the Samsung Galaxy A71...?
vincenttkl930911 2 månader sedan
Apple! This is the RED that we looking for a PRODUCT(RED)!!!
U G Official
U G Official 2 månader sedan
Yes not peach This red looks awesome. It would be better on the Note20 Ultra than the standard Note20 iPhone 12 also should've had it. Heck! All phones should do at this point.
Nishith Shetty
Nishith Shetty 2 månader sedan
0:11 wait a minute 🤔 didn’t you say iPhone 12pro max is your favourite phone of 2020 in Supersaf video ?.
David Ramirez
David Ramirez 2 månader sedan
I would love an iPhone 12Pro Max RED!!!
William Nguyen
William Nguyen 2 månader sedan
Do you know Dan and Lincoln from whats inside
Dan Young
Dan Young 2 månader sedan
That’s the type of red I wished the iPhone 12 Pro had come in
Nick Araiz
Nick Araiz 2 månader sedan
White looks way better.
sarthak jain
sarthak jain 2 månader sedan
Why are you unboxing samsung phones tho?
Keep Scrolling
Keep Scrolling 2 månader sedan
*Passion Fruit*
Yiğit Kızılkaya
Yiğit Kızılkaya 2 månader sedan
2:05 subtitles is wrong 😂😂
Gamez shishir
Gamez shishir 2 månader sedan
You are sexy and beautiful
Chidghan Hegde
Chidghan Hegde 2 månader sedan
Chidghan Hegde
Chidghan Hegde 2 månader sedan
venkat RAO
venkat RAO 2 månader sedan
My favourite smart phone is iPhone 12 mini is yours too
Brandon Hernandez
Brandon Hernandez 2 månader sedan
iPhone 12 pro max pacific blue
Renad Alharbi
Renad Alharbi 2 månader sedan
سوال ايش الجوال الي انتي مثبته عليه😅😂
Jose Hidalgo 2
Jose Hidalgo 2 2 månader sedan
I wish the flip was better, like if it had 3 cameras and more
Susan Labenz
Susan Labenz 2 månader sedan
iPhone 12 was the best release in 2020.
Folami Kamau
Folami Kamau 2 månader sedan
you mean ipjone 11 oh wait whats the difference i cant tell lol you are delusional for buying a phone just for camera quality what else is good about iphone nothing justine team samsung
Ninric Delfin
Ninric Delfin 2 månader sedan
NOT your daily Vlogger
NOT your daily Vlogger 2 månader sedan
Ethan Fernandes
Ethan Fernandes 2 månader sedan
We you realise the Mystic Red Note 20 was made specially for JENNIE from BLACKPINK!! Not kidding! 🖤💗
Rk Gamer & Coder
Rk Gamer & Coder 2 månader sedan
cool . Every vid of ur's has gud stuff & a very gud vid quality
진도영 2 månader sedan
I love the new iPhone 12 in green and 12 pro in gold
dark side
dark side 2 månader sedan
I love Samsung ecosystem and everything Samsung 💟
The Great Amir
The Great Amir 2 månader sedan
iPhone 12 pro max
The Great Amir
The Great Amir 2 månader sedan
You love apple not ugly Samsung
Folami Kamau
Folami Kamau 2 månader sedan
boiii what is the difference between iphone 11 and 12 oh yea nothing and samsung is better at system data,storage,higher resolution and much more check urself before u wreck urself team samsung u only like iphone cuz most celebs have it be a leader not a follower
duniaimaji 2 månader sedan
Duke Metternich
Duke Metternich 2 månader sedan
So much over acting
Renee Lynn
Renee Lynn 2 månader sedan
Galaxy S20 FE. Its so pretty in every color i have the cloud navy 😍
R Harish
R Harish 2 månader sedan
But mystic bronze colour is an classic❤️
Rob 2 månader sedan
The white looking so sexy 😍
stovestop stovestopping
stovestop stovestopping 2 månader sedan
Went to the mall and noticed the mall security guard was following me I thought I did something wrong so I went to the shoe's department and seen this shoes that said "JUST DO IT". SO Decided to make a mild loud stuip voice "JUST DO IT ARRESTS ME" mall security was laughing perfect timing. LAUGHING OUT LOUD.
Parteek Modi
Parteek Modi 2 månader sedan
I think u should giveaway some phones to increase your subscribers and likes
HESAM .H.T.I 2 månader sedan
Timmy’s toy channel Wahooo
Timmy’s toy channel Wahooo 2 månader sedan
iPhone 12 red
Hussien Alsafi
Hussien Alsafi 2 månader sedan
Tyler!! 2 månader sedan
Iphone 12 Pro in Pacific Blue. Thats it.
Trevor Goshert
Trevor Goshert 2 månader sedan
Note20 Ultra is the best phone of 2020
Galaxy Z Flip vs Moto RAZR 2020: 10 Differences!
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