iPhone 12 Pro Max and Mini Unboxing

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Unboxing and testing out the new iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini!
iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Unboxing: semost.info/award/pa6Eg5Wdrc2dtmc/video.html
00:00 Intro
00:06 Unboxing Montage
00:33 Phones are Unboxed
04:00 2020 iPhone 12 Line Up
04:45 MagSafe + Accessories
07:17 iPhone 12 Mini vs SE
07:52 iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Mini
07:57 Box Compairison
08:17 Camera Test
🎶 MUSIC I USE - share.epidemicsound.com/NNNGs
Snapchat: iJustine

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Sony a7S II: geni.us/B1tYeKZ
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Rx100 V: geni.us/ZVGoJ
GoPro Hero 7: geni.us/uxuU1
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Jojo John Tyler Quilon
Jojo John Tyler Quilon 2 timmar sedan
I don't know why people take pictures at the back of the iPhone do you only care about the camera???
no just no
no just no Dag sedan
the phisiphc blue is amazing
hi 3 dagar sedan
i think it has square edge’s for the apple pencil
Shourya Jain
Shourya Jain 5 dagar sedan
How much tech does she own? All of her videos are tech swags
CharliePuth Fan
CharliePuth Fan 6 dagar sedan
MarchTooFine 7 dagar sedan
F3Vlog WithAju
F3Vlog WithAju 7 dagar sedan
Plz make one video Different,s of 12pro max Jappan apeck and USA 🇺🇸 speck
Maechu 7 dagar sedan
I like the pacific blue but I ordered the silver XD
Maechu 7 dagar sedan
I like the pacific blue but I ordered the silver XD
Waqar Khan khattak
Waqar Khan khattak 7 dagar sedan
gift me iphone 12 pro max 🤕🤕
User 7 dagar sedan
I kinda want this phone. 12 Pro Max Gold 512 GB even though i have the 512 GB Xs Max
Light Yagami
Light Yagami 7 dagar sedan
0:20 *satisfaction intensifies*
Nagham Gad
Nagham Gad 8 dagar sedan
I can't stop watching this video , these phones look so good. I've had Samsung for 3 years and I'm saving up for the IPhone 12 mini. I saw it in the store and its so precious 😭
Daniel Yoshino
Daniel Yoshino 8 dagar sedan
Just not that when u film on the iPhone max it can only be 30 seconds because it will not let u upload past 1minute
Alex Maltese
Alex Maltese 8 dagar sedan
I have the blue one I love that color
Theonly._. leah
Theonly._. leah 9 dagar sedan
I love how Justine spends THOUSANDS of dollars just to review brand new phones just for us
Hunter Haneline
Hunter Haneline 8 dagar sedan
@Theonly._. leah maybe he older ones but not the new ones
Theonly._. leah
Theonly._. leah 8 dagar sedan
@Hunter Haneline no, if you watched her videos she would say that she orders them online and picks them up, which means she buys these products.
Hunter Haneline
Hunter Haneline 9 dagar sedan
I’m pretty sure Apple sends them to her
luis 9 dagar sedan
well that seals it. im buying the 12 pro max upgrading from the samsung s9.
Jose Campos
Jose Campos 10 dagar sedan
Wow I wish I can have the iPhone 12 Pro Max I still have the 8 😢😭🥺😩
Auzzie 11 dagar sedan
Just got the 12 pro max yesterday and I love it 👍
Yaynay 13 dagar sedan
My fav iphone 12 colour is either product red, blue or just normal black.
Spades Silly
Spades Silly 16 dagar sedan
I just ordered the iPhone 12 Pro Max in pacific blue and I’m so excited!
flagin havin
flagin havin 16 dagar sedan
Why is there no charging brick ?
L S 17 dagar sedan
I love this because I have the gold 12 Pro Max and my sister has the Product Red 12 Mini lol
Rif raft
Rif raft 17 dagar sedan
If only they had gone for a more ferrari red, it would look perfect
blossom 17 dagar sedan
I switched from 11 pro to 12 pro max. Just love bigger phone...
iiBrxok 18 dagar sedan
i just want a phone in general so bad lol
Pleth 19 dagar sedan
phones used to be smaller
sofia jan
sofia jan 19 dagar sedan
3:19 i wonder witch one im gonna preorder for my phone me belike you so many
Layza Marie Santiago Berrocal
Layza Marie Santiago Berrocal 20 dagar sedan
i just like i want one ahh!
James Carlos
James Carlos 22 dagar sedan
IJustine Which iPhone pro max size is easier to hold As iPhone 11 Pro Max is curved sides And iPhone 12 Pro Max is boxy design sides>like iPhone 5 design
Bruce Grace
Bruce Grace 24 dagar sedan
My favourite is probably a iPhone 12 Pro Max in pacific blue
Reuben Lee
Reuben Lee 25 dagar sedan
Only 1080p?
Jack Collier
Jack Collier 27 dagar sedan
i loved the b-roll at the start but anyone else miss when we just got to see her unboxing the phone normally
Lazara Colebrook
Lazara Colebrook 23 dagar sedan
guypersonlel 28 dagar sedan
what i need is a 12 pro mini
Courtney Ackermann
Courtney Ackermann 29 dagar sedan
Just ordered my 256gb iPhone 12 Pro Max in gold today and it ships tomorrow! I’m so excited.
TH3 Rainbow Gam3r
TH3 Rainbow Gam3r Månad sedan
Me watching this on a pro max
mouse Månad sedan
Justine has always loved her gold iphones.
Neil Matthew Llarena
Neil Matthew Llarena Månad sedan
ijustine can you give me the new iphone 12 mini
K RAMJI Månad sedan
Wow..another wonderful iPhone which has NOTHING !!! HA HA HA.
IamNotDell BG
IamNotDell BG Månad sedan
spacific blue is the best
V Orange
V Orange Månad sedan
I want the iPhone 12
Demitrius Balevski
Demitrius Balevski Månad sedan
My fav color is the pacific blue in the max. I feel like the blue looks better on the max lol.
Juan Alcantara
Juan Alcantara Månad sedan
Does the newer iPhone 12 Pro \ pro max do they have 4K video quality?
Romeo Hassan
Romeo Hassan Månad sedan
Amazing Work
Sanish Sangeeth
Sanish Sangeeth Månad sedan
The iphone will always be an iphone no matter what!!
David Darius
David Darius Månad sedan
The gold pro max
Emmanuel Silva
Emmanuel Silva Månad sedan
Ly Horng
Ly Horng Månad sedan
OK good battery and case Edit
Sacha Joseph
Sacha Joseph Månad sedan
Graphite and Pacific blue
Abby Stephens
Abby Stephens Månad sedan
I love the gold
Geraldine Cruickshank
Geraldine Cruickshank Månad sedan
I’m so excited my mum just ordered me the 12 mini for my bday
jufu Månad sedan
How does she always find such good places to test the cameras?
Dopeman Månad sedan
Scott Sutton
Scott Sutton Månad sedan
Apple will never put Touch ID on the side button of their phones. It doesn’t work with a case.
Jair Jimenez
Jair Jimenez Månad sedan
daily gossip: linus says females can't do tech
DiNO DEV Månad sedan
I lovee the b roll :)))
Ana Benitez
Ana Benitez Månad sedan
Just got the gold 12 pro max and I’m sooo IN LOVE !
Pamela Vallejos
Pamela Vallejos Månad sedan
I wonder what she does with all of those iPhones
Max Zorgdrager
Max Zorgdrager Månad sedan
Pacific Blue is amazing
Inge Nunis
Inge Nunis Månad sedan
I have my XS Max Justine-but really like the mini- but will keep XS Max & maybe get Mini here soon. Have already been purchasing cases🙃.
Patrick Allen Hudson
Patrick Allen Hudson Månad sedan
I ordered my iPhone 12 Pro Max yesterday it will be here tomorrow I’m totally legit legin excited😍☺️💕
Uzzal Barman
Uzzal Barman Månad sedan
Gold colour
Phuc Nguyen
Phuc Nguyen Månad sedan
My favorite is blue
Aqui Me Huele A Pies
Aqui Me Huele A Pies Månad sedan
Me watching this from my iPhone 12 Pro Max 👁👄👁
Ellisyn Wynters
Ellisyn Wynters Månad sedan
I think I want the pro max. Actually I know I do! It’s at the top of my list. I have an iPhone 6s and it’s so slow! It’s just so expensive..
Tech Is life
Tech Is life Månad sedan
The 12 is perfect for me! And it’s amazing
Abby Stephens
Abby Stephens Månad sedan
The reason why they don’t put a charging brick is because if you have the USBC brick for the 11 it works with the 12
Codilla InDaMist
Codilla InDaMist Månad sedan
I remember playing go fish. 😂
Ryan Jean Baptiste
Ryan Jean Baptiste Månad sedan
Colin1.c Apple Tech and Gaming
Colin1.c Apple Tech and Gaming Månad sedan
My dad is going to get the pacific blue iPhone 12 Pro
WadOom Chanel
WadOom Chanel Månad sedan
Blue 💙
Tamera Thompson
Tamera Thompson Månad sedan
Right now I have a Samsung but in April I'm getting a iphone 12 pro max.
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous Månad sedan
I support Apple especially iPhones
Richard Apetroaia
Richard Apetroaia Månad sedan
I sometimes wonder if she receives all of these phones for free. She could be working with Apple and we wouldn't even know it...
Henry Davies
Henry Davies Månad sedan
That would be illegal... Pretty much all (famous) reviewers get iPhones for free early because reaching the audience matters
HorseMilk Månad sedan
The b roll I swear it litterly should be the iPhone 12 commercial lol
Tameka Turner
Tameka Turner Månad sedan
I personally feel she is the best SEmostr to review apple products, since I started subscribing to her channel I can re-watch these videos over and over again!!❤️
Pacific Blue
shivain gupta
shivain gupta Månad sedan
Kirk Patriquin
Kirk Patriquin Månad sedan
What are the odds you give me that beautiful bastard. (iPhone pro max) lol. Great video hero
Matías Morales Medina
Matías Morales Medina Månad sedan
but on the mini is perfect
Matías Morales Medina
Matías Morales Medina Månad sedan
my the green
jdijahlou Månad sedan
I'm in love with the 12 mini it's so cute, i think im get one
Connor Davis
Connor Davis Månad sedan
Tbh my favorite color is the Pacific Blue in the Pro series. I even have one myself. Literally the best phone ever. I gasped when I opened it.
Arthur Ustrup
Arthur Ustrup 2 månader sedan
Can you ude The lever sleeve with The magsafe case😊
SparkXCarl 2 månader sedan
What I hate about the iphone 12 is that it doent come with stupid charger like they said its "hElPinG tHe eNvIrmOnT" when you have to buy the charger sepretely for 20$ and if you want the fast charger it 30$ and both has unnecessary packaging which doent help the environment like apple is so greedy they think everyone can buy a frickin phone and say to add a charger in it like who tf needs to answer that question like with the money you use to get both the charger and phone you could literally buy two samsungs with chargers!
Khaleda Akther
Khaleda Akther 2 månader sedan
When will the iPhone 13 Pro Max come??
Adaya Gonzalez
Adaya Gonzalez 2 månader sedan
i have the iphone 12 pro max and it is just amazing, wonderful, just wonderful
JakouSelazo 2 månader sedan
I just got the pro max In pacific blue 128g. I’m going to exchange it today for the 256g in graphite. Mmmmmmmmmaaaaaaybe silver.
George Gauld
George Gauld 2 månader sedan
Which phone do you drive daily
Cracked 654
Cracked 654 2 månader sedan
When I found out I’m gay 0:12
Jesse Ramirez
Jesse Ramirez 2 månader sedan
Best intro ever 🔥😂
Jesse Ramirez
Jesse Ramirez 2 månader sedan
Okay but why did the intro smack 🔥🔥🔥
JacksonDX06 2 månader sedan
I think the silver iPhone 12 Pro is the best phone ever in my opinion it’s such a premium phone just expensive
Arnold A. Lampel
Arnold A. Lampel 2 månader sedan
Louis Rossman: Opening up Apple products and showing the actual specs annd also flaws. ijustine: Having an orgasm over the COLORS everytime new Apple products come out. Well, you have to set your priorities I guess :-D
Joey Nunes
Joey Nunes 2 månader sedan
I love the iPhone 12 Pro Max in gold but I have a iPhone XS Max
Jesse Lleras B.
Jesse Lleras B. 2 månader sedan
Just order my iPhone 12 Pro Max in Blue from Apple. And here I am looking at this video 😂😂😂 Trading my iPhone 11 Pro max $599 so $500 off plus $100 off because Apple is giving away an extra $100 in credit, off, So I got my 12 Pro max for only $500. yay!!!!
Mikeyz 2 månader sedan
I love iJustine she is so funny and dramatic
Jani Tiainen
Jani Tiainen 2 månader sedan
I've just ordered the 12 Pro Max in blue. Can't wait for it to arrive. Obviously I had to order a USB-C fast charger and a clear case. Didn't bother with the Mag Safe for the moment but I will probably get one in the future.
Dev Mody
Dev Mody 2 månader sedan
Xander Veal
Xander Veal 2 månader sedan
Damn u guys do cinematics well
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