DJI's new FPV Drone!

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More info and to buy:
Jesse's Drone Competition video will be on his channel here:
Snapchat: iJustine
Sony a7 III:
Sony a7S II:
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
Rx100 V:
GoPro Hero 7:
Insta 360 One X:
Memory Card:

Khawaja Rizwan Arshad Dadyal A.K
Khawaja Rizwan Arshad Dadyal A.K 14 timmar sedan
Nice drone
AJ Media
AJ Media 5 dagar sedan
I want drone 😭
Md Rasel Mia
Md Rasel Mia 7 dagar sedan
I am from Bangladesh you are my crush really
Mike G
Mike G 7 dagar sedan
Closest thing to the matrix there is
CaptureLifeConnection 7 dagar sedan
Very nice introduction to the DJI FPV drone 😎👍 Saw you on FlyPath...👀 I’m subscribed! Take care. Nyaberi Nyaberi 8 dagar sedan
This drone is amazing. Gadaaamnit. And the sound just oomf
Arif vai
Arif vai 8 dagar sedan
You beautiful
Just Benjie
Just Benjie 9 dagar sedan
where is this being shot. I want to take my drone there
한지훈 9 dagar sedan
The subdued cupboard intriguinly mine because development similarly cycle astride a awesome driving. cooperative, nippy order
Mohan Kumar
Mohan Kumar 10 dagar sedan
I have a doubt, Shall we connect more than one goggles in a single drone?
IBRM 10 dagar sedan
where do you get that subscribe animation from 10:55 - 11:04
Mahfuj Ahmed
Mahfuj Ahmed 12 dagar sedan
Mahfuj Ahmed
Mahfuj Ahmed 12 dagar sedan
Sister pleace give me the dron i am your give fan for 2 days
Crazy Gamer xyz
Crazy Gamer xyz 12 dagar sedan
Please give me this Drone 😭
RedLeader 13 dagar sedan
"Pilots" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Fanzel N
Fanzel N 14 dagar sedan
Where is this course located?
tatfung 16 dagar sedan
You know DJI stands for Da Jiang Innovations. "Da" means Big, "Jiang" literally means Xinjiang, the very same place that GENOCIDE is happening. DJI is a company that develops technology for the Communist China Party, to remotely monitor the concentration camps and "manage" the population in Xinjiang, When you promote for this brand and their products, its like promoting Nazi Germany and their gas chambers. There is a reason for the US government to place sanction on this company, for it human rights violation
QCRC TV 16 dagar sedan
Okay so thats how they shot all Infiniti car ads 🙂
Ozan Aslan
Ozan Aslan 16 dagar sedan
Mavıc 2 pro mu fpv mi
PR7K FF 18 dagar sedan
Me som mavic 2 zoom 1🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Anthony Lockett
Anthony Lockett 19 dagar sedan
Good too see an old friend of mine from Jersey in your video. Totally did not expect to see Jesse in your videos. Never watched your videos before it was just a random FPV search.. Subscribed
sachidu shanilka
sachidu shanilka 19 dagar sedan
0:52 authentic smile eee \
Crisanto Morales Garcia
Crisanto Morales Garcia 21 dag sedan
Hope to have mine.. nice video
Pakulu Papito
Pakulu Papito 22 dagar sedan
Your hand looks like you are 70 years old
Peter VK
Peter VK 22 dagar sedan
Casey appearance endorsed! and Justine, hope you are well! A Justine, Linus, Destin and Casey video Yaaaaas!!!! (hint)
Paul.I 22 dagar sedan
They are shit don’t buy it!!
Original Gaming
Original Gaming 13 dagar sedan
iZilly 23 dagar sedan
Cause we are living in a material world, and i am a material girl...
Claudia Barchilon
Claudia Barchilon 23 dagar sedan
Really, really cool video!👍
TivZ 23 dagar sedan
Is it just me as an now OG fpv pilot who feels phyisical pain watching this????
GUNA_ SHAKER 24 dagar sedan
Wasting money for shit 🙄🙄🙄
Sunny Verma
Sunny Verma 25 dagar sedan
You are pure drone lover
Doug 3D10
Doug 3D10 25 dagar sedan
senseBacon 25 dagar sedan
I saw her on my tv food network haven’t seen if she lost or won
nishant varun
nishant varun 26 dagar sedan
Whats fpv?
WHD art
WHD art 26 dagar sedan
Myles Tech
Myles Tech 26 dagar sedan
Me chilling with my Mavic mini 🥸
Görkem Hacıoğlu
Görkem Hacıoğlu 26 dagar sedan
Ankur Toppo
Ankur Toppo 26 dagar sedan
6:06 what's the song playing in the background ???
Vishal Khare
Vishal Khare 27 dagar sedan
U r Awesome ❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️
Brandon D
Brandon D 27 dagar sedan
Anyone knows where this is?
Arahan Terakhir
Arahan Terakhir 27 dagar sedan
now this is what i am talking about ..
唐纳德 特朗普 -- 中共中央倒逼改革总设计师
唐纳德 特朗普 -- 中共中央倒逼改革总设计师 27 dagar sedan
Visnosky Media
Visnosky Media 28 dagar sedan
Sarah Findlay
Sarah Findlay 28 dagar sedan
Your unboxing is funny!! Haha, most of this video is funny… I’m covid-negative with that drone mask on. And really nice product shots! Seriously what a fun day in the office playing with that drone. LOVED the video. I want one!
Keith Pratt
Keith Pratt 28 dagar sedan
The 3DR Solo has had this and many more abilities for many years now. But, its good to see DJI finally break into 2016!
Daniel Michaeli
Daniel Michaeli 28 dagar sedan
M.300 29 dagar sedan
There is no point in purchasing it All shipping companies prohibit their shipment In addition to its very high price, it is not commensurate with its capabilities
Rośe is beautiful
Rośe is beautiful 29 dagar sedan
_I'm covid negative_ - *IJUSTIN* in 2021
Mickey G.C.
Mickey G.C. 29 dagar sedan
Love all those guy! Great video, thanks for uploading,
Elijah Hughes
Elijah Hughes 29 dagar sedan
I just ordered mine today I’ve been using the mavic air
Todd Maek
Todd Maek 29 dagar sedan
Yo when the beat drop tho...
James Roberts
James Roberts 29 dagar sedan
Does it automatically come back to home position if battery level is too low?
Rośe is beautiful
Rośe is beautiful 29 dagar sedan
I think so Better search in dji website
Di Vi Fo
Di Vi Fo Månad sedan
Great fly trail and cool run! 👏
Khawaja Rizwan Arshad Dadyal A.K
Khawaja Rizwan Arshad Dadyal A.K Månad sedan
Oasis of Wonders
Oasis of Wonders Månad sedan
I love your jacket, where is it from?
Lawrence Webster
Lawrence Webster Månad sedan
Good job, Justine. I love drones!
MX42 Månad sedan
Nio ec6 is a better car for you to drive around , go review it . You will be surprised
Doksimon Homes
Doksimon Homes Månad sedan
This is crazy mehn...
Doraemon Månad sedan
😯😯😯😯😋 how can u play with this alone..😭😭😭
Tech Schools
Tech Schools Månad sedan
Wow, a fantastic drone!
madan madan
madan madan Månad sedan
Who mach mam
Makes Sense
Makes Sense Månad sedan
Well done shit review
Korundum Månad sedan
Area 57 for drones.
Glenn touch13
Glenn touch13 Månad sedan
Which country are you in
Jhunpol HingcoYT
Jhunpol HingcoYT Månad sedan
I wish someday i get my own drone
HR Vlogs
HR Vlogs Månad sedan
can u Gift me
Tiger White
Tiger White Månad sedan
Recommended drone
VSL MD Månad sedan
First Person View (FPV)
Oisian Patelias
Oisian Patelias Månad sedan
After my extremely durable Spark, I think I've found its replacement!
bossmatsymoto Månad sedan
зачем все это
Harmony Voice
Harmony Voice Månad sedan
DJI !!! Firefighters
Sagar Giri
Sagar Giri Månad sedan
Hi.... I am from India.... Give me one FPV drone🥺🥺🥺
Bruce McKeever
Bruce McKeever Månad sedan
I feel like a 3 axis gimbal would be nicer to have...
Frederic Petitpas
Frederic Petitpas Månad sedan
This girl looks like Quentin Tarantino
702FlyNRide Månad sedan
Annnnd, in a nutshell this video is everything WRONG with FPV being monetized by huge companies and having noob reviewers peddling these overpriced toys.
MEMO Månad sedan
Thank you
James Daniels
James Daniels Månad sedan
You are absolutely beautiful
Shams electronic
Shams electronic Månad sedan
Price of this
Aswin Achu
Aswin Achu Månad sedan
And I'm covid negative 😅 😆 😂
上课时间内斗 Månad sedan
Gurmail Brar
Gurmail Brar Månad sedan
1:22 she's a pirate?
Svr Gaming sg
Svr Gaming sg Månad sedan
Santiago-XD Månad sedan
4:56 So they added exhaust noice to a Camry?
Kenny Wheelus
Kenny Wheelus Månad sedan
Hopefully you get more practice time,I'd like to see you all race next time, I think it's kool how all you guys an Casey all know each other in the drone world an fpv an were able to teach an share information an have a blast, I saw ken heron actually start to like his after a few flights with the new controller,seems it takes a bit getting used to it an learning where all the right buttons are for what action to prevent from crashing.
D.C GAMING WORLD Månad sedan
In all country
D.C GAMING WORLD Månad sedan
Dji giveway now
Prateek Panchal 3692
Prateek Panchal 3692 Månad sedan
biggest surprise was cassey neist.👍
BATTERY Månad sedan
Omg omg omg fakkkkk holy crap Can you give it to me As a give away 🥺✨
tony poll
tony poll Månad sedan
Useless review
JackyVivid Månad sedan
Just take my money!
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh Månad sedan
This video was shooted in Area 51..😂
XLR8boi Månad sedan
Aur ye sab Aliens the 😂😂😂
Travis Property
Travis Property Månad sedan
Hi I’m Justine and I’m covid negative..... Speed dating of the future😂
William Vo
William Vo Månad sedan
Hey Justine, Wanna do “What’s on my Apple TV library Collection?” I wanna see lots of Movies and TV Shows!
Beric Paye
Beric Paye Månad sedan
I will wait for when I can get one for 20 dollars in a yard sale
Not Austin
Not Austin Månad sedan
madmax2069 Månad sedan
Oh man, $1,299. For that price I'd rather build my own for around $320 (price includes FPV headset and controller) and have the rest of the cash I saved for whatever.
丸山勝歳 Månad sedan
justin E beautiful and cute ♥
Tony Johansson
Tony Johansson Månad sedan
Very cool 🙂👍 great shots 😊
FlightChops Månad sedan
Can you explain why you don't use the "includes paid promotion" thing? This seems to be a clear case where it should be implemented. Small creators like me are trying to do the right thing in that regard and it is very confusing when bigger creators don't do it. Thanks
chowner Månad sedan
Time to cancel iJustine. Guns are not acceptable in any form.
Jimbubba FPV
Jimbubba FPV Månad sedan
Miss you, Casey! When do we get to see your review of this thing?
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