2 months with iPhone 12 + New Accessories!

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iJustine 3 månader sedan
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שמואל מוסאי
שמואל מוסאי 29 dagar sedan
תודה רבה לך הזמנתי לישראל את המגן הקדמי והאחורי לאייפון 12 מיני וזה הגיע אליי תוך 4 ימים משלוח ממש מהיר והמגנים ממש איכותיים ויפים. תודה רבה לך.
Kimora C
Kimora C 2 månader sedan
@1 sub with notis before 2021? o
Dakshana Madusanka
Dakshana Madusanka 2 månader sedan
commen section guys can you shipping Dslr camara for this address for record video for upload youtube plz im poor boy help me (12/110 gajabapura manintown borella colombo 8 sri lanka) plz plz plz
J024 3 månader sedan
I would want to hear your thoughts on companies like Apple making their devices harder to repair and recycle.
kirdot2011 3 månader sedan
@Fun with NP just this year?! dude you`ve missed the best of her.
DoctorWho123123? 3 dagar sedan
Love your channel
Natalie 4 dagar sedan
not me crying because i cant afford any of this nope not me
iiRonald 4 dagar sedan
Ok i know I have a SE 2020 I waiting for apples school discount to maybe upgrade?
TheMinecraftslayer 6 dagar sedan
I have the iPhone XR
TheCoolGuy0288 13 dagar sedan
Just got my 12 pro max gold today and omg I missed bigger iphones so badly since I had a 11 pro and not a Max. No regrets, camera is insanely good!!
Thiago Matos
Thiago Matos 13 dagar sedan
OMG the amount of plastic from these boxes
Victor Ruiz
Victor Ruiz 16 dagar sedan
I have a 11
Yani Serra
Yani Serra 22 dagar sedan
Ijusjtin you are crazy bro
1429 Arnav Kathuria
1429 Arnav Kathuria 22 dagar sedan
From buying all colours of iPhone to just settling for one i have seen ijustine
Travel Buddies
Travel Buddies 28 dagar sedan
I love the recap video and love learning how you actually shoot and film your videos.
Jahanzaib Malik
Jahanzaib Malik 28 dagar sedan
nobody: iJustine: turns down the contast to have that contrasty look :)
Jojo Carter gaming
Jojo Carter gaming Månad sedan
On my iPhone 11 I have a see through case and I put photos in it
William Vo
William Vo Månad sedan
Hey Justine, Wanna do ‘What’s on my Apple TV library Collection?’
SHANTELLJOHN09 Månad sedan
I got an ihome phone case for iphone 12 pro max
Tee Simon
Tee Simon Månad sedan
Lmao just like the iPhone...iJustine keeps getting better with age 😂😭💀💀💀
Harsh Jaiswal
Harsh Jaiswal Månad sedan
Ma'am plz plz do giveaway
Joy Baker
Joy Baker Månad sedan
Did you know that foxes actually sound like a screaming girl? It’s creepy. 😬
szewei1985 Månad sedan
haha justine store going strong there
Prince C_1st
Prince C_1st Månad sedan
hhhhhhhiii big fan
Jack Randle
Jack Randle Månad sedan
You literally have the best job in the world iPhone 12. Pro max on order! Thanks Justine!
Aerrolle Bundalian
Aerrolle Bundalian Månad sedan
iJustine is my Queen.
Jessica K
Jessica K Månad sedan
i jumped from the 6s plus to the 12!! love every bit of it
Susan A.
Susan A. Månad sedan
I spent over $50 on the Mod NX case for my new IPhone 12 Pro Max, and when I received the case I was so disappointed, it had a cheap cloudy plastic for the back plate, and it took me "forever" to get my phone in the case. I put the screen saver on before as directed and when I tried to get my phone in the case I had bubbles in each lower corner that I could not get rid of. This case SUCKS !
Robert Ferrari
Robert Ferrari Månad sedan
Justine Cooperfield the best magician !
Sewar Horani
Sewar Horani Månad sedan
don't mind me with my iPhone 7 just scrolling through the comments
vincent elumba
vincent elumba Månad sedan
I think iJustine mature a lot.
ASTMA193 Månad sedan
Always really slick videos. Love them. Thanks.
Charan Raj D
Charan Raj D Månad sedan
Please help me by giving a apple mac pro please
AJ Chadha
AJ Chadha Månad sedan
I would've used your code, but the code: WILLNE gave me more off. Next time though!
Jkdabomb10A Månad sedan
Oy I mean ads are fine but the first 4 minutes?
SwedishDisney 2 månader sedan
NO HATE!!!! I like Samsung. I am in the samsung eco system but I love iJustines videos about technology because they are entertaining. I have watched her videos for a couple of years now and I rewatch a lots of the iphone unboxings. I tested iPhone 7+ and 8+ and it was very good phones. it is the smoothest expirience i've ever had with any phone. but I had couple of problems with it that seemd to do with updates, so I switched back to samsung. I am visually impaird and VoiceOver started to bug, and that is the ground for me even be able to do the basic, also samsung has a better, bigger and sharper, more contrast screen, since I have remaining vision, i want to use it as much as possible.
Navyansh Technical Point
Navyansh Technical Point 2 månader sedan
Has she just open an Apple Authorised Store and started selling iPhone accessories?? 😅😅
Mjau Kiss
Mjau Kiss 2 månader sedan
OMG... So over consuming 🤦
Leah Menasha
Leah Menasha 2 månader sedan
Ijustine which iPhone should I get? Which size Apple Watch?
graycee redinger
graycee redinger 2 månader sedan
Why is her Apple Watch upside
Simeon King
Simeon King 2 månader sedan
ijustine: what do you want to wear today? IPhone 12: like, idk... I’m thinking something....blue..... 😆
diego21sooyoung 2 månader sedan
Maryland?!? OMG !! I live in MD !! Thank you Justine for acknowledging us, Marylanders 😂😂
Camila Rose
Camila Rose 2 månader sedan
I have a iPhone 6s
Mario Pereira
Mario Pereira 2 månader sedan
Nice 😊
Nickesha John
Nickesha John 2 månader sedan
Hi i have none but a j6 2018 hoping to get a upgrade for Christmas but i am very short of finance to buy one so fingers cross
Eden Sam
Eden Sam 2 månader sedan
You have way more that you can use. Why don’t you do a giveaway for all these accessories ?! You can’t use them all.
Blake Brook
Blake Brook 2 månader sedan
Because her hobby is to collect iphone accessories and it’s her decision
Samantha Moreno
Samantha Moreno 2 månader sedan
I live in Joshua tree ;(((((
Minniesvo2 Lunayis3
Minniesvo2 Lunayis3 2 månader sedan
The diligent home optimally soak because snowplow architecturally grate alongside a difficult education. heartbreaking, unwritten cat
Saleel Nalakath
Saleel Nalakath 2 månader sedan
Brittany Thomas
Brittany Thomas 2 månader sedan
I’m upgrading from the 6 to the 12 Pro Max. I’m excited to see the vast differences. I originally wanted the 11 Pro Max simply for the Midnight Green color bc it’s so beautiful but, unfortunately, they’re discontinuing the 11 Pros :/
Amanda 2 månader sedan
girl please send me a case for christmas lmfaooo.😩❤️
my name is not your business
my name is not your business 2 månader sedan
True or False 5G can kill
Dylan Power
Dylan Power 2 månader sedan
I’m on iPhone xs max and getting 12 Pro max for Christmas
Mi'Joi Sanaa
Mi'Joi Sanaa 2 månader sedan
I’m from Maryland ❤️
RS CREATION 2 månader sedan
Jason Kwasky
Jason Kwasky 2 månader sedan
How well do they work with the mag charger?
Andrie Becca
Andrie Becca 2 månader sedan
if not for @DUMPSGURU where would I be? he saved me from these fake niggas selling dumps, I appreciate you man..
last crewmate
last crewmate 2 månader sedan
iJustine's videos are amazing for me to leave playing in the backround while studying . Nice video iJustine ! Keep up the good work!👏👏👏
Nayeli Diaz
Nayeli Diaz 2 månader sedan
"OH MY FASHION" i cant I love her HAHA
KathleenLyudmila 2 månader sedan
I just got my very first iPhone ever!!! I’ve been an android user but for my photography I already had the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro and finally got the iPhone 12 Pro Max. First. iPhone. Ever. 😍 I’m in love!
Jackson and Will Perelman
Jackson and Will Perelman 2 månader sedan
9:43 - iPhone 12 Pro Mini???
Rev. Tyler Mallari
Rev. Tyler Mallari 2 månader sedan
Trifurcation Sieve
Joshua Grace
Joshua Grace 2 månader sedan
all thanks to DumpsGuru for the purchase of virtual card which I used in getting the latest ps5 for my son and my iPhone 12, he's the only real plug out here with no flaws,check him out on telegram for your dumps
Leon Mok
Leon Mok 2 månader sedan
thumbs up for RhinoShield !!!
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 2 månader sedan
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 2 månader sedan
ifoxino 2 månader sedan
@ijustine please what kind of lamp lights is behind you, amazing! thanks
Amy Lyn Robertson
Amy Lyn Robertson 2 månader sedan
im curious what do you do with all the other iphones you get but dont use
Mia Costa
Mia Costa 2 månader sedan
I upgraded my iPhone 7 to the iPhone 12
Mia Costa
Mia Costa 2 månader sedan
I just got the iPhone 12 last week and I love it
Queen_Andrine 2 månader sedan
So is nobody gonna talk about the amount of unnecessary wast she is creating by purchasing this many cases that she is not going to use?
Kanagavalli Bala Murugan
Kanagavalli Bala Murugan 2 månader sedan
I am really sorry because your hand is like a old granny 😅😅😅😅
Sarah 2 månader sedan
Rhino shield screen protectors are awful, I spent £30 on one as spigen didn’t have any in stock and it’s very flimsy and when I put my case on it lifted the screen protector. Rhino shield cases are ok but their screen protectors are crap.
Jaypzz! 2 månader sedan
i have a problem in my 12 pro max. who else here has struggle of finding 5g options in settings. because there is no 5g option on mine
Jaypzz! 2 månader sedan
Please give me some tips to prevent the 100% batt life of my iphone 12 pro max. becuz i do 40%-80% of chrging and usage. is that enough? i also need lense protector
Linzey Krystal
Linzey Krystal 2 månader sedan
Marylanders wya!!
Steph Catto
Steph Catto 2 månader sedan
I love her videos but I also love that stary photo which I would love to be able to make my wallpaper on my iPhone but it’s not long enough so it zooms in too much if you try make it your wallpaper
Averdein 2 månader sedan
I really love how creative your concepts have been and seeing the recap of the iPhone 12 videos
Nayantara Singh
Nayantara Singh 2 månader sedan
The people who disliked this video are probably from Samsung or google
LEOVIN AGUSTIM 2 månader sedan
Wooww They are a lot, Love them
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 2 månader sedan
OMG! 2:00 I literally got my silver 12 Pro Max today. We sooo have the same taste. Got my Apple Watch in Graphite as well 😃
Roblox Legends
Roblox Legends 2 månader sedan
Oh my Fashion!!!
anthony domene
anthony domene 2 månader sedan
gee wiz. I. never get free stuff. aw shucks. lol
July August
July August 2 månader sedan
...wow! so many accessories... I would be overwhelmed and lost wondering where to start... Luckily, you would be there to assist... 😅😉😘
Dakshana Madusanka
Dakshana Madusanka 2 månader sedan
commen section guys can you shipping Dslr camara for this address for record video for upload youtube plz im poor boy help me (12/110 gajabapura manintown borella colombo 8 sri lanka) plz plz plz
cormac 2 månader sedan
If u like the blue u should just switch to that one :3
MIZA AMINA tms 2 månader sedan
Oh my fashion !!!! Lol
Joshua Yong
Joshua Yong 2 månader sedan
you're so amazing
Lulu Alsurayea
Lulu Alsurayea 2 månader sedan
Justine has stacks of accessories and I just have one clear case for my iPhone 12
k v
k v 2 månader sedan
justine’s hands tho;0
Dreographic 2 månader sedan
You’re awesome Justine! I don’t think the wallet is a good idea at all though 🙅🏽‍♂️
Rita Rin
Rita Rin 2 månader sedan
omg they are sooo cuttee and looks very high quality
rdavorycaa 2 månader sedan
i thought she gonna try all the cases🙃
bleepbloop 2 månader sedan
it's been 2 months???? tf
Arati Nadkarni
Arati Nadkarni 2 månader sedan
Hey Ijustine can you pl unbox ipad 8 pl 🥺
Asakura 2 månader sedan
Someone has to teach her some math and how you calculate days into months
Mariusz Piaścik
Mariusz Piaścik 2 månader sedan
Justine, are U choiced Max or 12 pro?
Yeet Gaming PRO
Yeet Gaming PRO 2 månader sedan
I can’t believe ijustine use Apple Watch with left digital crown
TechCulture 2 månader sedan
So many haha...
nisaa シ
nisaa シ 2 månader sedan
why does she kinda look like the teacher from “bad teacher” 😳
Valentina Linares
Valentina Linares 2 månader sedan
I wish I can met you one day... I have the iPhone 12 pro and I want to learn more how to use it 🐞
sanil S
sanil S 2 månader sedan
I love your videos justine.. i love to watch your iphone videos more.. its really amazing.. keep continuing it.. ❤❤
Hani 3 månader sedan
Lol unrelated but I was watching criminal minds and I saw Justine in it
Soul Reaver
Soul Reaver 3 månader sedan
Cool, another 13 min. length ad video, instant dislike.
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