Tate McRae Interview and Sony's Spatial Reality Display!

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Thanks so much to SONY for sponsoring this video. Jenna & I had such a great time meeting Tate and experiencing her new 3D music video for new single “You Broke Me First” via the Spatial Reality Display. Check out more below:
►Spatial Reality Display Info: www.sony.com/electronics/spatial-reality-display/elf-sr1
►Sony Collaboration Series info: www.sony.com/en_us/collaborations.html
►Check out more about Tate:smarturl.it/TateMcRaeMusicVideos?iqID=s
🎶 MUSIC I USE - share.epidemicsound.com/NNNGs
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Faris The Honest
Faris The Honest 3 dagar sedan
Just wow and god i love that song
Ciprian Rengle
Ciprian Rengle 4 dagar sedan
And yet you're not using an Xperia.
Harsh Singh
Harsh Singh 6 dagar sedan
Hey guys its STUPID APPLE NERD 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Giannuzzo Filippo
Giannuzzo Filippo 7 dagar sedan
Mushtiar Engineer
Mushtiar Engineer 7 dagar sedan
Are you married
Marvin Price
Marvin Price 7 dagar sedan
Apple crashes the Sony AD with an unscripted Final Cut endorsement.
Marvin Price
Marvin Price 7 dagar sedan
Tate talking to her two crazy Aunts.
burper2000000 8 dagar sedan
2:34 every video you've ever made suggests otherwise?
noahEXE 8 dagar sedan
You broke me first, in my list of favs on spotify. Great song
Nick Todisco
Nick Todisco 8 dagar sedan
anyone else have the EVO 3D ?
bossmatsymoto 8 dagar sedan
Зачем все это
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 9 dagar sedan
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 9 dagar sedan
IT'S TATE!!!!!!!!!!
Pavel Malý
Pavel Malý 9 dagar sedan
3D: *dies for the 3rd time* SONY: “i am gonna pretend i didnt see that”
Emmanuel Mayr
Emmanuel Mayr 10 dagar sedan
That's like Nintendo 3Ds's Display...
Anonymous 1289
Anonymous 1289 10 dagar sedan
5000$ Display???
Dk Vlogs
Dk Vlogs 11 dagar sedan
I love India
Dk Vlogs
Dk Vlogs 11 dagar sedan
Streams4Charities 11 dagar sedan
I watch everything in 3D you train your eye muscles to see foreground and background areas in a movie scenario. It’s not actually as hard as it sounds. I have tried teaching a friend but have no idea how to put it into words
BodofLegend 12 dagar sedan
Damn I love Sony!!!! Wow!!! Already a REAL useful solution to the curved display
Hairy Pancake
Hairy Pancake 12 dagar sedan
James Cameron join the chat
Charlie Baker
Charlie Baker 12 dagar sedan
We’re living in the now future and stuff like this blows my mind
Pavel Malý
Pavel Malý 8 dagar sedan
We had 3d in the 50s... then in the 80's then 2010... it always dies... not the future
Francis Cardon
Francis Cardon 12 dagar sedan
Wow for people wearers it is a big step forward to look in 3D
bellyboy17 12 dagar sedan
That's cool! Now we can back from 2010 to 2021
jayne davies
jayne davies 12 dagar sedan
another 3d item, that needs perfect people with perfect eye sight to work, and will fail, because far more people have less then perfect vision.
dudeboy10g plays
dudeboy10g plays 12 dagar sedan
Big deal, the 3ds has had this since 2011
Henrik 12 dagar sedan
.... so just a "big" nintendo 3ds screen.. that use the save 3d effect as all other with 2 image so both eye get a image.. but it only work for one person..
The Search For Freedom
The Search For Freedom 12 dagar sedan
Was this an April Fools?
Deepak Sharma
Deepak Sharma 12 dagar sedan
April fool is it?
N. S
N. S 12 dagar sedan
Is the 3d display thing an april fool
hridima patwal
hridima patwal 13 dagar sedan
i grew up with her i supported each video of hers i feel so good to see how much she's grown i remember when i was and still am obsessed with her first song one day
Fenghua Zhou
Fenghua Zhou 13 dagar sedan
3D&performance, like real! 15.6" is too small, try something big, 28" or bigger.
Quezonol 13 dagar sedan
These are the kind of videos why i started watching ur vids! Kinda curious about Same Brain now. 👍
Hussien Alsafi
Hussien Alsafi 13 dagar sedan
Black Studios
Black Studios 13 dagar sedan
Cool, another tech that will last for a year or so
Patrick Lewis
Patrick Lewis 13 dagar sedan
You get to talk to Tate your so lucky
G T 13 dagar sedan
Tate X iJustine !!! In crossover we didn’t know we needed !!!
Lancer Shade
Lancer Shade 10 dagar sedan
She broke me first
Something Sammy
Something Sammy 13 dagar sedan
I think this technology has been out for years *cough cough* (Nintendo 3ds)
Ad Den
Ad Den 13 dagar sedan
Woah Tate is very pretty 🙂👌👌👌
Crazy Cat Lady
Crazy Cat Lady 13 dagar sedan
🤩 shook
martijn nijsen
martijn nijsen 13 dagar sedan
nintendo 3ds
SwitchBlade 13 dagar sedan
Oh look they made a 3ds.
Dante 13 dagar sedan
I'm really curious how this looks in real life. Love ya to bits.
Saleita Smith
Saleita Smith 13 dagar sedan
I love ❤️ the way you edit your video I love 💗 watching your video I’m your biggest fan you make awesome 🤩 😎 👏 video you make amazing 🤩 video
Gaming With Cov
Gaming With Cov 13 dagar sedan
You’ve really inspired me to start my own channel.,!
Diegojustraveled 13 dagar sedan
IJustine back at it again with high end content as always!
Francisco_zx 13 dagar sedan
What the 3DS was missing
Emmanuel Lasat
Emmanuel Lasat 13 dagar sedan
Ijustine seal yourself Nair HD 3D Sony toe na 19 April in yourself youtube proseze in you funzien uit info van you predict out Smartphone top 🔝 information ℹ️ over Ijustine yourself
stanley weezy
stanley weezy 13 dagar sedan
HTC Evo 3D rn: 😭
Bronanaz 13 dagar sedan
Madhu babu
Madhu babu 13 dagar sedan
heyy justine why don't you unbox new mobile phones??? and i notice that you losing viewers ship day by day...
Taz 13 dagar sedan
Watching on my 1080p screen.
Thenessh 13 dagar sedan
Shit my favorite SEmostr n favorite music artist are together 😝 never been this excited in a long time
ITT - Itamar Tech Time
ITT - Itamar Tech Time 14 dagar sedan
Hey Justin lately I started noticing I don't get your new vids alerts even doe I have my bell 🔔 on ?
Negative Delta
Negative Delta 14 dagar sedan
imagine playing tetris effect on this thing 👀👀👀👀
Gavin Rice
Gavin Rice 14 dagar sedan
so it’s a glorified 3ds
Rey Oktay Hân
Rey Oktay Hân 14 dagar sedan
I remember regular 3D HDTVs 13 years ago started the same way. 5 years later it was mainstream. Imagine big Spatial Reality 8K TVs in 5 years time!! Like 77". Exciting!
Itzik CA
Itzik CA 14 dagar sedan
@ijustine you have access to so much tech, why sony xm4? When you can have something like high end headphones?
Itzik CA
Itzik CA 14 dagar sedan
I’m a lumafusion editor let’s be friends 😆
praneeth kalidindi
praneeth kalidindi 14 dagar sedan
Whole world thinks iJustine is all about apple and when i saw the channel last year i thought so.... But if u watch video by video i think she does more diverse content and gives the due where it has to be... Lately it has become a norm for me to unsubscribe all the big Amaricana channels just because they are leaning much more towards apple and one brand worship is what i hate the most... So subscribing to Justine...all the best
01 Aamina Shaikh
01 Aamina Shaikh 14 dagar sedan
Guys! Lets admit it we're all here for Tate and her interview:)
Jacques iPhotographer
Jacques iPhotographer 14 dagar sedan
So Sony is rehashing old tech from my old favorite arcade game Hologram Time Traveler if ya'll remember that game ;)
Asweth Jose job
Asweth Jose job 14 dagar sedan
HeavyMetalBoy4 14 dagar sedan
Yo Great Vid!
Xenovita88 14 dagar sedan
Lovely justine
Ologo 14 dagar sedan
I feel like Tate’s just saying that so then her fan base doesn’t yell at her
Ologo 13 dagar sedan
Motivational quote
Ologo 13 dagar sedan
Be ur self and that stuff
SJ 13 dagar sedan
Saying what?
MutleyAM 14 dagar sedan
y u no say bye anymore. :(
Bloxtendo Stop Motion Studios
Bloxtendo Stop Motion Studios 14 dagar sedan
can i have your 3ds friend code plz
T M 14 dagar sedan
Didn’t Nintendo do this years ago?
Nico Reuel
Nico Reuel 12 dagar sedan
10 years ago this month, to be exact (maybe it was March, can’t remember)
Sunfrog 14 dagar sedan
Holy Moley! The future is real! Pet the whale. Pet it. Pet the whale!
RAGINROSE VH 14 dagar sedan
Who is this Abella Danger?
Shru Artist
Shru Artist 14 dagar sedan
I saw this technology in Ben 10, Ben taking to his grandpa with his watch..hope fully this kinda technology will come in future 🤯😁👌🏼!
satvik chowdary
satvik chowdary 14 dagar sedan
Real shit I NEED ONE
Campwise05 14 dagar sedan
Nice video iJ!
Hithesh BS
Hithesh BS 14 dagar sedan
‘rubberband’ fansssss 👇🏻
Jitender Singh
Jitender Singh 14 dagar sedan
Please tell me something about your family
Nagaraj Nagaraj
Nagaraj Nagaraj 14 dagar sedan
Hi rapper 👍
Bodden Wachter
Bodden Wachter 14 dagar sedan
badger 14 dagar sedan
old ds teck upgraded, got it. but looking glass is paper thin at 8k and may cost an arm and a leg but its the next tecck
jefry shneek
jefry shneek 14 dagar sedan
and is only $5,000
Phil Nolan
Phil Nolan 14 dagar sedan
Sounds like the 3DS.
MIDNightPT4 14 dagar sedan
Tate McRae is an underrated artist
Jenna Ezarik
Jenna Ezarik 14 dagar sedan
great video JUSSSS
Junior artist 2.0
Junior artist 2.0 10 dagar sedan
Hopi 13 dagar sedan
she’s never hearts your comment D:
PhoneList 13 dagar sedan
you are awesome!!
#WELOVENERF 13 dagar sedan
Ologo 14 dagar sedan
Did you not say you didn’t watch Justine videos in the Mac vs of editing
TheMoro16 14 dagar sedan
I loved this
bogosse mathurin
bogosse mathurin 14 dagar sedan
La 3ds !!!
cyber pet
cyber pet 14 dagar sedan
the way tate talks and acts and even looks reminds me of my therapist 🥺💕
Teemu Sa
Teemu Sa 13 dagar sedan
Now everyone wants to know your therapist lol
Stephon 14 dagar sedan
she kinda looks like emma chamberlain!
CozmicK G
CozmicK G 14 dagar sedan
Isn't this the same as the 3DS display tech?
Matthew Robinson
Matthew Robinson 14 dagar sedan
I just started watching you and I’ve gotta say you have one more subscriber
Brandilyn Penman
Brandilyn Penman 14 dagar sedan
I feel honoured to be cousins with Tate MCRae she is growing well in her music she has released so many songs throughout quarantine❤️
Vaibhav Ahuja
Vaibhav Ahuja 14 dagar sedan
This is so Awesome. The only thing that would make the experience better is if the song was mixed in something like Dolby Atmos. IDK if it already is
Louis Y
Louis Y 14 dagar sedan
Will never catch on. Sony innovation been dead for years
Jojo John Tyler Quilon
Jojo John Tyler Quilon 14 dagar sedan
Why aren't you getting more views?
Ramon Solorio
Ramon Solorio 14 dagar sedan
everything in this is really good except the display, which is super gimmicky
Josué Hernandez
Josué Hernandez 14 dagar sedan
sony copying Looking glass portrait!! soon youll see demands from looking glass 🤣🤣🤣
Pasta Sauce
Pasta Sauce 14 dagar sedan
great vid but doesnt the Nintendo 3DS do the same. There is even a calibration mode on the DS where you can see the cameras track you ?
JonSnowxx 14 dagar sedan
I see those Sony XM headphones!
Miles Upshur
Miles Upshur 14 dagar sedan
Jerel Damon
Jerel Damon 14 dagar sedan
Who else thought the dancing chick on the thumbnail for the vid was Justine?
Sony Samurai
Sony Samurai 14 dagar sedan
I've played with it a few times at the Sony Store in Ginza Tokyo
My Hummingbird Nest Story 💕🙏🏻
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