Tiny food in an Easy Bake Oven!

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Baking with Ro in this Easy Bake Oven!
Check out Ro’s video: semost.info/award/g2aMfdd6aLKLqZ4/video.html
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The Star Singer
The Star Singer Dag sedan
My teacher doesn’t have a phone case and there’s 14 kids
bob smith
bob smith 2 dagar sedan
Jose Yanes
Jose Yanes 4 dagar sedan
My favourite muffin is The white chocolate ones
Erwin Ignacio
Erwin Ignacio 5 dagar sedan
chocolate chip muffin
Isabella Huff
Isabella Huff 6 dagar sedan
I love strawberry cheesecake muffins
xana lyoko
xana lyoko 7 dagar sedan
“Comment if me and Justine should go to Hawaii again” ... little did they know 😩
Father Findley
Father Findley 7 dagar sedan
my fav muffin is chocolate fudge
Cayla Houston
Cayla Houston 10 dagar sedan
My favorite muffins are coffee cakes with chocolate chips and triple chocolate muffins
viraj bhalla
viraj bhalla 10 dagar sedan
blue berry and chocolate are my fav muffen
Tanya Theron
Tanya Theron 12 dagar sedan
Belen Jimenez
Belen Jimenez 13 dagar sedan
my fav muffin is cinomon
Georgia Barrett
Georgia Barrett 14 dagar sedan
anyone else just binge-watching the entirety of the ro + ijustine playlist over lockdown or just me...?
Liane Rhodes
Liane Rhodes 23 dagar sedan
I love blue berry muffins
Koalas_Gaming Roblox
Koalas_Gaming Roblox 24 dagar sedan
i don't see ros links
Samantha Berg
Samantha Berg 26 dagar sedan
Yes you should go to hawii agin
ST_SILVER 27 dagar sedan
Cookie _11
Cookie _11 27 dagar sedan
chocolate muffin
Demetra Alexander
Demetra Alexander 27 dagar sedan
My easy bake oven motto: DON’T FORGET TO SPRAY THE PAN!!!!!!!!!
Natalie Francs
Natalie Francs 27 dagar sedan
my favorite muffin is lemon poppy seed
Henry Hernandez
Henry Hernandez 29 dagar sedan
yes go to haiwai🍍😎
Ella Rose
Ella Rose Månad sedan
i love ro and justines videos together and my favorite muffin flavor is chocolate chip
shilpa g
shilpa g Månad sedan
Vanilla muffin with chocolate chips inside Ymmmm...
Pidge Månad sedan
Ro: "This is the cooling end!" iJ: "No!" Ro: "No, I lied" jhgdssjhdjhsg pls
Holiness Munashe-Takudzwa
Holiness Munashe-Takudzwa Månad sedan
Blueberry muffin 👌dilicioso 👌
Samana Zahra Punjani
Samana Zahra Punjani Månad sedan
My favorite muffins flavor Is probably lemon cranberry. Has anyone tried it?🧁
Sophia Roche
Sophia Roche Månad sedan
My fav muffin is chocolate chip and I love these videos
Ruksana Lodhi
Ruksana Lodhi Månad sedan
sindhu reddy
sindhu reddy Månad sedan
I like big chocolate cookies
Laina Shaba
Laina Shaba Månad sedan
My favorite muffin is poppyseed muffins!!
-Lily- Månad sedan
mine is chocolate or chocolate chip
Helen Kwon
Helen Kwon Månad sedan
i like the blueberry muffins and the chocalate muffins
Camilla Perez
Camilla Perez Månad sedan
Blue berry
Artsy Craftsy Club
Artsy Craftsy Club Månad sedan
Ya I remember last time 😂
mathias wolf
mathias wolf Månad sedan
My favorite kind of muffin is poppy seed I love them
Emi B
Emi B 2 månader sedan
My favourite muffin is blueberry
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle 2 månader sedan
blue berry Muffin's !!!! Just like blue berry Muffin!!😆🐕🐶
harrypotter fan
harrypotter fan 2 månader sedan
Everything went so much better than the last time😂 apparently you learned from your last trial baking something in an easy bake pven😂😂
harrypotter fan
harrypotter fan 2 månader sedan
Even the taste apparently
Shelby Slevin
Shelby Slevin 2 månader sedan
Ummmn my dog was dexter the one who died 😭😭😭😭😭
brian c
brian c 2 månader sedan
Justine sings great
American Girl Lauren
American Girl Lauren 2 månader sedan
My favorite muffin is chocolate chip
Little UniCake
Little UniCake 2 månader sedan
SEmost:Ro & Justine make cake Me:Oh Ro and Justine use an easy bake oven what can go wrong? World:FIRE
Sophie Burrows
Sophie Burrows 2 månader sedan
You are like sisters
Sophie Burrows
Sophie Burrows 2 månader sedan
Erika Muhammad
Erika Muhammad 2 månader sedan
wow they read my mind it is blueberry
Juane Minders
Juane Minders 2 månader sedan
I LOVE cappitiono muffins!💕💕😋
Mirza Clapz
Mirza Clapz 2 månader sedan
Nice but ihopeyou guys used ro s reciies to make the cake
mykaellqj 2 månader sedan
I'm allergic to blueberry 😂
Jenna Saad
Jenna Saad 2 månader sedan
my favorite muffin is red velvet and blue berry
snmullin 2 månader sedan
I love chocolate and blueberry muffins.
Codrod 572
Codrod 572 2 månader sedan
My favorite muffins is either lemon poppyseed or chocolate chip especially when it’s done cooking and the chocolate chips are melted
Ava Lundberg
Ava Lundberg 2 månader sedan
I’m new to this channel but not ro’s channel. My favorite muffin is chocolate chip
Lauren Mills
Lauren Mills 2 månader sedan
My favorite muffin is actually lemon poppy seed or the coffee cake or chocolate chip love you. Guys plz do more colabs
Brooke Sandoval
Brooke Sandoval 2 månader sedan
Blueberry muffins
Michael aldworth
Michael aldworth 2 månader sedan
My favorite muffin is chocolate oh and I’m a girl I’m just on my dads phone
Puppy Dog33
Puppy Dog33 2 månader sedan
The one that you did last time you did not do it right
Kris Burns
Kris Burns 2 månader sedan
Instead of saying Siri, my teacher says Suri. Ugh
Richie David O. Mungcal
Richie David O. Mungcal 2 månader sedan
Ian is bored easy bake oven video is better than this.
Laurie DiGennaro
Laurie DiGennaro 2 månader sedan
Laurie DiGennaro
Laurie DiGennaro 2 månader sedan
I only make ten
Laurie DiGennaro
Laurie DiGennaro 2 månader sedan
I have a easy bake oven too
Talia Adams
Talia Adams 2 månader sedan
Chocolate will always be my favourite
Kesslee Deboor
Kesslee Deboor 2 månader sedan
Blueberry and chocolate so good
Nathalie Holes
Nathalie Holes 3 månader sedan
I loved my easy bake oven
Samantha Harrold
Samantha Harrold 3 månader sedan
Venkata Krishnan
Venkata Krishnan 3 månader sedan
Guys u did not put the baking spray !
or dor ri
or dor ri 3 månader sedan
my favourite muffin is blueberry or choc chip
Brent Franey
Brent Franey 3 månader sedan
my faverite muffin is choccalate and im on my dads acount and im 9
Marita Grødem
Marita Grødem 3 månader sedan
Lovely London
Lovely London 3 månader sedan
This was so cool!
•Ella_ Tamaki•
•Ella_ Tamaki• 3 månader sedan
I think i love a strawberry and a vanilla muffin! My mom makes the best muffins
parsa janeeta
parsa janeeta 3 månader sedan
I love choclate muffin and blueberry
Best Sisters Forever - Hailey and Hidy
Best Sisters Forever - Hailey and Hidy 3 månader sedan
These were WAY better than the pink oven XD
Best Sisters Forever - Hailey and Hidy
Best Sisters Forever - Hailey and Hidy 3 månader sedan
Big sis: Blueberry muffins are the best Little sis: Can I have chocolate instead?
wolf moon
wolf moon 3 månader sedan
You need to put baking spray so they wouldn't stick on to the pan
Sarah Gelsinger
Sarah Gelsinger 3 månader sedan
My favorite muffin is chocolate chip
Caithlyn Lawlor
Caithlyn Lawlor 3 månader sedan
The fact they had to check if they did it right Because it tasted nice is hilarious
xwingextreme 3 månader sedan
I love chocolate chip muffins 🤩 💗 I'm hungry
Elizabeth Banda
Elizabeth Banda 3 månader sedan
My Favourite muffins are blueberry muffin
Emily Szeto
Emily Szeto 3 månader sedan
Me 4 months ago: How does Rossana get all of her baking supplies? Me now: oh
blanca davila
blanca davila 3 månader sedan
M and S do things
M and S do things 3 månader sedan
Anyone else wonder how the plastic doesn’t melt
Paloma Orta
Paloma Orta 3 månader sedan
Sometimes Siri can be useless
Sophia Ocon
Sophia Ocon 3 månader sedan
I just got one of those for Christmas of 2020
Cooking for kids Cooking for kids
Cooking for kids Cooking for kids 3 månader sedan
Can I come to hawi white you
Aliana Bri Basial
Aliana Bri Basial 3 månader sedan
I want this now lmao so funny!!
POTATO 3 månader sedan
6:39 at slow speed tho
Brandon Turner
Brandon Turner 3 månader sedan
Mine is strawberry 🍓
Chloe Spaull
Chloe Spaull 3 månader sedan
My favourite muffin is triple chocolate 🍫
Patti Nero
Patti Nero 3 månader sedan
You should go to Hawaii 🏝🏝
akshobyan 3 månader sedan
I like mango muffin
Autumn Trickey
Autumn Trickey 3 månader sedan
I'm impressed, your Lucy cooking thing was HORRIBLE this one I am really impressed!
Joanna Razowski
Joanna Razowski 3 månader sedan
YAISHNAVI A/P SUBASH Moe 3 månader sedan
Addy Jewell
Addy Jewell 3 månader sedan
Burley mufines
Andrew Sharp
Andrew Sharp 4 månader sedan
My life- " its crumbly but I'm just going to push it together and pretend it's fine."
shahab najafi
shahab najafi 4 månader sedan
Why don't you eat the apple for every meal?
Kenfou 4 månader sedan
Flips cookies upside down *Cookies fall to the ground* Don't fall off the tray😂🤣
Sarah Ciampoli
Sarah Ciampoli 4 månader sedan
Blueberry muffins
sandhya boyina
sandhya boyina 4 månader sedan
They are like tiny macoron
Flower Party
Flower Party 4 månader sedan
I hate cupcakes
OH K TV 4 månader sedan
Hello, we made weed cookies with an easy bake oven. If you have time we would really appreciate it if you checked it out!❤
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