AirPods Max: Pink, Silver and Space Gray!

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Snapchat: iJustine
Sony a7 III:
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FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
Rx100 V:
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Memory Card:

R MCK 3 dagar sedan
The Headband and Case always look Orange on the pink ones, I wish they made Product Red ones.
Aviation Boy!
Aviation Boy! 7 dagar sedan
My favorite color for the AirPods is blue
Davi Delva
Davi Delva 10 dagar sedan
IJedi new SEmost name
Ron Emery
Ron Emery 13 dagar sedan
Great, she yelled that hey Siri at the end and guess what is playing throughout my house now. 😑
Leonidas & Pepito
Leonidas & Pepito 13 dagar sedan
Don’t buy them. I just got mine the sounds quality is just ok. I compared them with my beats studio 3 and the beats sound much better. This is a $550 headsets they should sound amazing
pioterowy1 14 dagar sedan
dude, I just realized this girl acts the way we all do but with no cameras around us :D
Daniels Other account 2
Daniels Other account 2 16 dagar sedan
One pair is almost as expensive as an iPhone 11.
Sunny Khullar
Sunny Khullar 16 dagar sedan
Pleaseee justine i really need a phone
Sunny Khullar
Sunny Khullar 19 dagar sedan
Please give me an iphone
King David
King David 19 dagar sedan
I have one of those lightsabers too! But I have a red and blue one, this is the way
Hassan NM
Hassan NM 19 dagar sedan
Hi Justine can u give away the red one for me please that’s will be so kind for me ☺️💕
Jakob Achten
Jakob Achten 22 dagar sedan
When I heard the word gaming associated with an Apple product I knew it was 🧢
RiDeemedByRissa Månad sedan
Justine, where did you get your floor lamps in the back from?
William Vo
William Vo Månad sedan
Hey Justine, Wanna do ‘What’s on my Apple TV Library Collection?’
Earl Mar Goñabo
Earl Mar Goñabo Månad sedan
Hi from Philippines!!!☺️☺️☺️
adorb rae
adorb rae Månad sedan
CEO of having very apple product-
Arbel Sabach
Arbel Sabach Månad sedan
Imagine being so rich that apple sends you stuff to review
Electric Guitarist
Electric Guitarist Månad sedan
Of course she would would buy 3😂
Mackie Peacock
Mackie Peacock Månad sedan
How do you afford all of this stuff? I wish I had that kind of money to buy them. But Good for her to be able to afford all this!
Bisu Månad sedan
bruh those r ugly af
World Trader
World Trader Månad sedan
The shape of Airpods Max is terrible.
Meet Koriya
Meet Koriya Månad sedan
ok this is not a tech review this is fasion review!!!
Rosa Lesperance
Rosa Lesperance Månad sedan
Marco Vargas
Marco Vargas Månad sedan
Went into full lil uzi mode at 6:48
Geethika 24
Geethika 24 Månad sedan
Justine: They look like macaroons Me: They look expensive..!
22, Miguel Joaquin Rodas
22, Miguel Joaquin Rodas Månad sedan
I thought it was clickbait well not u iJustine it was another vid on these dang things
KayyPop Månad sedan
Aris Baires
Aris Baires Månad sedan
The fact that she is watching the movie mandalorian
Unfading Passion
Unfading Passion Månad sedan
I love the green one
Minecraft & roblox
Minecraft & roblox Månad sedan
I am probably might buy some AirPods for my iPad
bri the cat
bri the cat Månad sedan
yuh sorry apple im jot spending 550 dollars on headphones when i could legit buy a cheap ipad with that
Michael Maizner
Michael Maizner Månad sedan
The pink air pods max mach your iPad Air 4
Apik Channel
Apik Channel Månad sedan
Very good video. Can be an inspiration for me. Thank you.....
Her Unboxing
Her Unboxing Månad sedan
thinking about getting one
Shay 512
Shay 512 Månad sedan
Anyone else kind of upset they call the Airpods instead of head phones. They can not go into a Pod.
Naim Rancier
Naim Rancier Månad sedan
justine should do commercials for apple she really has the act for it.
crimsonvenus87 Månad sedan
yo she gets the new futurristic things so fast is so cool
Hasan Mukhtar
Hasan Mukhtar Månad sedan
Stop being an apple sheep, review their products honestly & on merit and you might pick on the number of views! Sad to see you haven't hit million views for your videos for a while now. Try and be genuine i guess while reviewing tech.
rsd okta
rsd okta Månad sedan
would you give me one 😢
Noahboa2.0 Månad sedan
Man she buys every thing that she can at Apple😂
Isaiah Cayatineto
Isaiah Cayatineto Månad sedan
They are 500 bucks.... like why haha but good video ijustine
Scott Rance
Scott Rance Månad sedan
As much as I love apple products you can get better headphones with better sound quality from other companies. You can get studio quality cans from Blue, Sennheiser etc for cheaper and the sound quality is better.
isaias medina
isaias medina Månad sedan
Zeref Dragneel
Zeref Dragneel Månad sedan
little purse?? ohh come on..
jordi robin brayr chavez cubas
jordi robin brayr chavez cubas Månad sedan
is it true that there is not until March?
Laurens Dewitte
Laurens Dewitte Månad sedan
I want a product red
Tzachi Kraus
Tzachi Kraus Månad sedan
Great Review 👍🏼
Namrata Makhija
Namrata Makhija Månad sedan
1:53 😂😂😂😂😂
Thavajogarajah Kabilan
Thavajogarajah Kabilan Månad sedan
I need that 😐
JCUBER Månad sedan
nobody: ijustine: changing earcups of airpods max
iPhone iOS 14 iPad Pro
iPhone iOS 14 iPad Pro Månad sedan
Ml up Win 10!
Below Average Consumer
Below Average Consumer Månad sedan
Ming Jun Cheong
Ming Jun Cheong Månad sedan
I caught the Unbox Therapy reference 😉
Win Pa Pa Soe
Win Pa Pa Soe Månad sedan
0:23 airpods pro max
iiCosmoAngxlii Månad sedan
To me they just look stupid.
LoganArnoldKicks 2 månader sedan
I know I shouldn’t be watching this because I’ll want to buy these, but I’m hoping the price will deter me further 😂😂
Best gamer For ever
Best gamer For ever 2 månader sedan
I think AirPodspro butter than AirPodsmax
Elkin Rodríguez
Elkin Rodríguez 2 månader sedan
Exageradamente caros
Griselys Martinez Luna
Griselys Martinez Luna 2 månader sedan
Hi Justine, I like your videos. 😌👍🏻
Clonmaster Magia
Clonmaster Magia 2 månader sedan
Weird af
Weird af 2 månader sedan
Idk why but she looks like avril lavigne for some reason
Prattay Das
Prattay Das 2 månader sedan
U seem like u get way to excited and u overreact whenever u unbox something LMAO 😂
The Bendorfs
The Bendorfs 2 månader sedan
I’ve always wondered, the mesh at the top, is it durable because I know I have mesh on other things and it breaks easy. So I’m wondering is this specific mesh any better due to the high price?
The Bendorfs
The Bendorfs 2 månader sedan
I’ve always wondered
UrdaMan 2 månader sedan
See the new Waterfield’s AirPods Max “Shield Case” for the AirPods Max
MsPardal123 2 månader sedan
Too heavy !
ADRIENO Gaming 2 månader sedan
U are still a kid 👦 👀
ArtMazing 2 månader sedan
Since the iPhone 12 came out without a charger I’ve been so disappointed in apple I haven’t been on their website in like 2 months
SHERMAR POOLE 2 månader sedan
I need a new phone
July August
July August 2 månader sedan
Philipp Styles 2
Philipp Styles 2 2 månader sedan
Happy Christmas 🎄
Philipp Styles 2
Philipp Styles 2 2 månader sedan
Black ist my Favourite 😍
SモれS工モ Gaming
SモれS工モ Gaming 2 månader sedan
Could I adopt the black Airpod Max?
Juan ignacio Sodo
Juan ignacio Sodo 2 månader sedan
0:22 AirPods Pro Max
Sam Bink
Sam Bink 2 månader sedan
Everyone: AirPods max iJustine: AirPods pro max (0:23)
robmille 2 månader sedan
"I hope a 3rd party makes a matching cable, 3rd parties, get on that". Uh oh... My understanding is 3rd party cables won't work w/ these. IDK why not, but I've seen people trying 3rd party cables and they say no audio. Dunno what the limiting factor is. AFAIK (with no Max experience yet at all), is that you buy the Apple $35 w/ no color options (yet) or you use wireless.
Travel ‘S
Travel ‘S 2 månader sedan
Dislike por zrda XD
Travel ‘S
Travel ‘S 2 månader sedan
Esta tipa no solamente se compra uno sino que se compra dos. En fin la pobreza. XD XD
Dum Dum Productions
Dum Dum Productions 2 månader sedan
Me watching with first gen AirPods 👁💧👄💧👁
Eshaal Mahmood
Eshaal Mahmood 2 månader sedan
I miss her vlogs 🥺
Lemonsugar_gaming 2 månader sedan
You sound like passion fruit in annoying orange
Mr Sid
Mr Sid 2 månader sedan
guys be like UGH THERE SO EXPENSIVE. Its not for the average consumer 🙄
ZuhalaTalks 2 månader sedan
Bruh she just spent 1,500 dollars to flex
Rob Oo
Rob Oo 2 månader sedan
I don't think Apple meant for the AirPods Max to be a regular everyday use product, but it was meant as a brand setting luxury item that is intentionally too expensive to create a desire for Apple brand. If you could afford everything Apple made, then there is no longing left for the brand. So Apple has to create a product that is highly desireable but so expensive that most people cannot get it and most people is left wanting more Apple brands. I think that is the psychology of the Airpods Max. It is definately an excellent product, but not worth what they are asking for it, and meant to be just out of reach so that you are left wanting something you cannot have.
Kaitlyn Terzian
Kaitlyn Terzian 2 månader sedan
Like the pink, absolutely hate the orange band😖 that does not look remotely good
dodi kim
dodi kim 2 månader sedan
good good i want blue airpodspro.
PeeseeMR 2 månader sedan
The People: "You're just selling us the same shit every year" Apple: "Yes, but every year, it'll be a little more expensive"
Audrey Olives
Audrey Olives 2 månader sedan
The action tabs with arrows are for opening the packages
Rimi 2 månader sedan
Where are the vomit green ones ? 😂 The reds are sexy tho
InTech 2 månader sedan
MKBHD: Matte Black Everything Apple: Hahaha No
Ivone Lopez
Ivone Lopez 2 månader sedan
There’s cases for your AirPods max on Amazon
Heaven Cordaro
Heaven Cordaro 2 månader sedan
*HELLLLOOOO* lmao Justina I love seeing you excited about apple products
Midnightx 2 månader sedan
I really like the space gray AirPod Max
Andrew Bignell
Andrew Bignell 2 månader sedan
From what i recall you loved the Dolby Dimension headset a while ago, be interested in your comparison to those? I'm worried about the weight of these i find the Bose 7000 just to grippy on my head, worried these would feel the same way and I really do think the case is awful. Im probaby going to stick with my Bose QC, which to honest sound and look great.
Spencer Gibson
Spencer Gibson 2 månader sedan
The hey Siri at the end was sooooooo mean! Siri obliged, did she pay you? 😂
António Ferreira
António Ferreira 2 månader sedan
Jordan Oliver
Jordan Oliver 2 månader sedan
Where is the green one?
Danni B
Danni B 2 månader sedan
Parth Agrawal
Parth Agrawal 2 månader sedan
Pramod 😂😂😂
Leonard Soledad
Leonard Soledad 2 månader sedan
OA 🙄
Terrance Blount
Terrance Blount 2 månader sedan
Too funny with the lightsaber! And you got the last laugh as my HomePods (2 Big and 4minis) started to play everywhere. Whole family woke up to Taylor. My bad ya’ll...
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