M1 Mac Review - Which M1 Mac Should You Get?

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Welcome to iJustine's Virtual Mac Depot! How can I help you?
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Adrienne Lee
Adrienne Lee 16 timmar sedan
I watched this video when it first premiered and am back because I just traded in my 16 inch for a MacBook Air..and just realized she keeps talking to a "Adrienne"..my name is Adrienne too. watching this has been a little freaky.
Nathan alexander
Nathan alexander 2 dagar sedan
Landon Crowley
Landon Crowley 4 dagar sedan
how do i download that 8k timeline
juan argueta
juan argueta 5 dagar sedan
So cute specially with the glasses
Iliana B.
Iliana B. 6 dagar sedan
i'm back just to rewatch the intro :D
Abby Gunadi
Abby Gunadi 6 dagar sedan
Justine can you make a video for gesture trackpad in Mac for the beginners like me 😊 Thank you!
Becca Ross
Becca Ross 9 dagar sedan
This is amazing! Is there a good adblocker for safari?
Lance B
Lance B 10 dagar sedan
Can’t wait for another m1 mac so I can loose half my ports .... again!
Lance B
Lance B 10 dagar sedan
Has anyone ever done anything on a MacBook Air that made it spin up the fan? Ever? Owned one for 6 years never heard a fan running.
Lance B
Lance B 10 dagar sedan
It doesn’t come with a keyboard , a mouse, or a monitor. .... but it has 6x faster graphics because that ... means something useful to anyone ? Faster. The dumbest word apple has ever used to describe graphics. Last year: 60hz ... this year? 300hz.
Carol sr
Carol sr 12 dagar sedan
- best intro ever seen
Carol sr
Carol sr 12 dagar sedan
lol HoW mUcH MoNey did u spend on all these APplE ProDucTs?????????????????
Lucy Yates
Lucy Yates 12 dagar sedan
Idk why I’m watching this when I already have the MacBook Air (M1) but it’s entertaining so??😂
삼미Sammi 13 dagar sedan
THIS is the video that convinces me to buy the M1 MBA
Everything Videos
Everything Videos 14 dagar sedan
i got the mac mini
Kizzy West
Kizzy West 18 dagar sedan
You are DEFINITELY the Queen of tech! 👑
alisonwithoneL 19 dagar sedan
Can you all imagine if iJustine ever had a job at an actual Apple store?
Edd Smith
Edd Smith 20 dagar sedan
I got my first Mac ever last week
Gerard Ferry
Gerard Ferry 20 dagar sedan
a girl recommending computers, the pink one
Damon Lam
Damon Lam 20 dagar sedan
At the rate language evolve today, the word Intel would pretty soon be relegated to the thesaurus under the entry for "slow".
Tori's Sppedbuilds
Tori's Sppedbuilds 21 dag sedan
i want macbook :(
Kid Soccer Stars
Kid Soccer Stars 21 dag sedan
Best intro
Isabel Pena
Isabel Pena 22 dagar sedan
I love this video! The intro. Thank you!! I just got a 13'' MacBook Pro with the highest memory and SSD storage can go! this video helped a lot with my options.
Ahmed Mahmoud
Ahmed Mahmoud 22 dagar sedan
does anyone know were i can find the vector image she used
Alexis Petropoulos
Alexis Petropoulos 23 dagar sedan
Y’all if she had a kid he or she would have their dream life in Apple
General squirrel
General squirrel 24 dagar sedan
Funfact if you remove macbook thermal insulators and then add a thermal pads to transfer the heat to the bottom of laptop and then get the meat out cook on it. Yes you can use it as a portable stove
General squirrel
General squirrel 24 dagar sedan
Justine nice video. Also it would be even better if you had one of those blue t-shirts with the apple logo on it
General squirrel
General squirrel 24 dagar sedan
Justine has that much apple products she can start her own store
Karan Sinha
Karan Sinha 25 dagar sedan
What’s the name of that game she playing? @18:12
Utility_35 25 dagar sedan
I don't see a link to buy my Big Mac; I demand false information
Gaylord Focker
Gaylord Focker 27 dagar sedan
Makes it hard not to love her
For The People Ent.
For The People Ent. 27 dagar sedan
I bet she got a big {Mac} and her ex Bf was a {Mac} daddy lmao!!!She probably knew Bernie {Mac}
Denise Racine
Denise Racine 27 dagar sedan
Excellent content presented in a very entertaining way! Congratulations! You are very good at this!
Juan Visbal
Juan Visbal 28 dagar sedan
I think this might be the best video intro ever.
J. Goines
J. Goines 28 dagar sedan
Why do people wear a mask outside when sunlight kills the virus instantly?
DJECA UMMETA 29 dagar sedan
I'm a young filmmaker, i will whait for the not Intel based iMac Pro, and the next generation MacBook Pro. The iMac Pro for the home machine, the MacBook Pro for the travel machine.
DJECA UMMETA 29 dagar sedan
You'r the reason why I'm an Apple fanboy now. Shit. Love how you have every Apple product ever.
sid Månad sedan
I don’t like chips in my Big Mac!!!😂😂🍔
sid Månad sedan
Big Mac lol
Sloane Slaughter
Sloane Slaughter Månad sedan
Justine is aging - tighten it up girl. Hands looking wrinkled, chin sagging, overbite profile show NEVER be shown...
Swacky Månad sedan
Maxim Stanishev
Maxim Stanishev Månad sedan
Where do u keep all of that stuff lol
Aime Sandoval
Aime Sandoval Månad sedan
Sad because I got the 8gb :(
Francheska Escalera
Francheska Escalera Månad sedan
Suuuch a good video!!!!
JD Ros
JD Ros Månad sedan
big macs 😂
Ritesh Khetia
Ritesh Khetia Månad sedan
What’s the name of that game she’s playing near the end?
Manos Gialitakis
Manos Gialitakis Månad sedan
where can we find this infinite zoom photo? 😳
Robin Hood
Robin Hood Månad sedan
My MacBook has a sanitiser holder on it.
It's Me Henry
It's Me Henry Månad sedan
“And so will Justine cuz she is very lonely”
Bhanuka Anjana
Bhanuka Anjana Månad sedan
Can you give me to m1 mac book air 💓💓💓
Justin Teaford
Justin Teaford Månad sedan
Justine you look cute with those glasses, and I mean it🥰
Jon Willis
Jon Willis Månad sedan
Great stuff! That Mac Mini and the MacBook Pro 13 are amazing.
Mihai Popa
Mihai Popa Månad sedan
me who cant afford an iphone 5
Abdullah Ghanim 12
Abdullah Ghanim 12 Månad sedan
Justine I got a question which out of the MacBook Pro and the air do I get for school things and for daily use
defendtheusa Månad sedan
I chose the MacBook Pro over the Air mainly due to its 25% brighter screen. Otherwise I’d be very happy with the MacBook Air.
Mathieu Couture
Mathieu Couture Månad sedan
Hahahahah you got me at the into ,,, love it lol
Robert zambo
Robert zambo Månad sedan
we ask for more videos like this
Robert zambo
Robert zambo Månad sedan
we ask for more videos like this
Elvardiel Monjahronson Sehrarah
Elvardiel Monjahronson Sehrarah Månad sedan
Really helpful and entertaining, thanks iJustine!
Merfiz Aziz
Merfiz Aziz Månad sedan
but can any of the M1 lines play Valorant at 360Hz?
Niceboi 6 dagar sedan
It’s not meant for gaming
K Månad sedan
Can you do that on iPad Pro ?
Owen Pistoia
Owen Pistoia Månad sedan
Why are making me sad my mom and dad are running out of money and I might not have my tablet anymore soon so if you just stop making these videos a little bit but if you give me money I can give it to my mom and dad and we can do way better with life if you read this comment please help
Misbah playz
Misbah playz Månad sedan
she looks like a grandma
Xuxu Månad sedan
And I don’t have un computer for make my videos 😢🙏🏼😔. I want so much un computer 😔😢.
countermoon Månad sedan
The first 30 seconds was one of the greatest things I've ever seen.
Poop Sniffer
Poop Sniffer Månad sedan
same 😳
WildThing 99
WildThing 99 Månad sedan
Love the intro 😂
jfromjersey147 Månad sedan
This is probably my favorite video you’ve ever made Justine. Love the video concept!
DJ Universal
DJ Universal Månad sedan
oh the big sur
Rich Briere
Rich Briere Månad sedan
My first time Visiting. Now I understand Why everyone Loves You. A Pleasure indeed, Justine. 🍎
Corrin107 Månad sedan
I’m not sure which Mac should get. The Mac Pro is more like a PC🖥. The Mac mini is like I can connected in MacBook💻. The MacBook Pro 16inch looks perfect for me that is bigger but little smaller. The MacBook Pro 13inch M1 is like my personal computer💻⌨️🖥
Antonio Hernández
Antonio Hernández Månad sedan
Sooo what’s the conclusion? That air can handle 4K editing just as much as the pro?
Cjon wickham
Cjon wickham Månad sedan
I guess mac and cheese is out.. Lol
Xtreme TopFuel
Xtreme TopFuel Månad sedan
But does it run Minecraft.....🤣
Cris Inc.
Cris Inc. Månad sedan
she could literally open an apple store and sell her collection
Alpaka Månad sedan
**Watching this on a Hackintosh**
Jae Ryo
Jae Ryo Månad sedan
How about the heat on MBA when you edit the 4K and 8K?
No One
No One Månad sedan
No One
No One Månad sedan
@Jae Ryo If you take MBA with 256 gb you will get 7 graphic cores. But with 512gb you will get 8 cores. ( better editing experience) They have the same processor so it is not difference. But with 512 gb model you will want to buy MBP cause they are almost the same price. MBA is a great computer for getting work done. But if you do only editing and music production I will go with MBP. MBP is just tiny more powerfull and has a fan to prevent overheating on heavy workloads. ( that dosent mean that MBA overheat). For budget MBA is a great price
Jae Ryo
Jae Ryo Månad sedan
@No One for long time use on editing, would it be MBA enough?
No One
No One Månad sedan
I work at the apple store so: MBA is nothing different from macbook pro. Pro just has a fan. MBA has natural cooling and its processor cools like ipads( no fan). Ipads get hot cause there is no space to cool down but macbook air stays cool even at heavy work. ( more space inside).
J.Antonio VR
J.Antonio VR Månad sedan
the less informative and interactive channel about apple -
Amitis.lv Månad sedan
Best tech video on the internet I THINK APPLE SHOULD HIRE YOU
João de Macedo Borges
João de Macedo Borges Månad sedan
That’s not instant on... but sure, pop off sis
Ozgun Doganbaloglu
Ozgun Doganbaloglu Månad sedan
Great videos, Justine. Was it 16 GB memory on MacbookPro with 512 GB storage?
Praful Dhiman
Praful Dhiman Månad sedan
Are m1 MacBook Pro good for music production??
Towhiduz - Jaman Rimon
Towhiduz - Jaman Rimon Månad sedan
Is Apple(Real) Laptop Cheap in China?
Flavio Castro
Flavio Castro Månad sedan
How many gigs did the MacBook Air have that she ?
Zapzter 77
Zapzter 77 Månad sedan
No offence u are a apple nerd I love apple but don’t know sooooooo much as u know And I have never seen any1 with so much of apple products knowledge
No One
No One Månad sedan
I work at the apple store so you can ask me 😂🤣🤣😄
SamWrd Månad sedan
Rick and morty vibes
panda101 Månad sedan
which should I get for SEmost ???
Gráinne_Róisín Månad sedan
Let’s be honest, it’s a tradition to watch at least 3 ijustine videos of Apple products before getting yours in the mail or before ordering 💁‍♀️😌
debbe buhat
debbe buhat Månad sedan
Very informative as always 😊
Sk Scarlet
Sk Scarlet Månad sedan
I want one so bad 😭😭😭
AtlasAesthetics Trainer
AtlasAesthetics Trainer Månad sedan
This intro is fire.
Ano Pro Max
Ano Pro Max Månad sedan
Sooooo entertaining, made my day!!! Loved it soooo much!!!!!!
Yashadii Baptiste
Yashadii Baptiste Månad sedan
Bernie Mac
Sasindu Geek
Sasindu Geek 2 månader sedan
gage6299 2 månader sedan
Love the comedy Justine...keep it up girl...great review
Othmaro hernandez
Othmaro hernandez 2 månader sedan
I just love you Justin , love your videos, all the time I waiting for it, best regards
Micah Ashley
Micah Ashley 2 månader sedan
i just bought my first MacBook (Air) and i’m soooooooooo excited
Micah Ashley
Micah Ashley Månad sedan
@Pudding Cups01 i highly recommend it
Jessica Sarah Liddell
Jessica Sarah Liddell Månad sedan
@Pudding Cups01 I don’t regret getting mine but I got a huge discount on it so yeah that’s probably why. I love a deal.
Jessica Sarah Liddell
Jessica Sarah Liddell Månad sedan
Julissa Rojas
Julissa Rojas 2 månader sedan
Ning Zhang
Ning Zhang 2 månader sedan
you are so adorable in this video
Ning Zhang
Ning Zhang 2 månader sedan
love her
dashcammer 2 månader sedan
The mini of course.
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