Apple Watch Series 6 and SE Unboxing and first impressions!

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7 månader sedan

Unboxing the new Apple Watch Series 6 and SE! Full review, coming soon.
Full Apple Event Coverage:
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Ryan Hush
Ryan Hush 4 dagar sedan
did she bring out an axe?
braxton rose
braxton rose 6 dagar sedan
justine does not need a child.. she needs a crib and one more watch ;)
New Gameplays
New Gameplays 6 dagar sedan
00:43 Justine Ezarik the hunter and the killer
Emma Watkins
Emma Watkins 7 dagar sedan
ZILLHACK_ 0π ¡π$TA fixed mine
samba ibrahim
samba ibrahim 7 dagar sedan
I like your videos but I wish I could get a iphone 12 pro max graphite and air pods pro and macbook pro and apple watch series 6 but that's life
vee luv
vee luv 9 dagar sedan
which one would you prefer the series 6 or SE ?
Prachiti Phadke
Prachiti Phadke 9 dagar sedan
Did you buy the 40mm or 44mm?
iiSimbxa plays
iiSimbxa plays 18 dagar sedan
Justine: It’s crazy you don’t even need an axe to open this Me: ScIeNcE
lalit das
lalit das 25 dagar sedan
She would have been really irritating if not for that face
Sahildeep Singh
Sahildeep Singh 27 dagar sedan
"apple has such a gracefull unboxing experiance" "still rips open with a freaking axe"
Alex 28 dagar sedan
Is this weird.. im left handed and wear my watches on my left hand
MilkCap 29 dagar sedan
These angles are terrible. Have you even watched this?
Jamie Mueller
Jamie Mueller 29 dagar sedan
Do a review on the Se Nike watch
Jeversion1 the_1_starlord
Jeversion1 the_1_starlord Månad sedan
You know that’s the color of the regular 12 right? Lol
Jeranian Månad sedan
Ijustine:it smells like faster charging time Me:smells like credit card debt
MrReddington 77
MrReddington 77 Månad sedan
I wonder if I should one now or wait for a 7?
Bassam Siddiqi
Bassam Siddiqi Månad sedan
ohh it's so comfortabblblblbe! It's soooo comfortabblble
20k without any videos challenge
20k without any videos challenge Månad sedan
I like the way Justine says comfortable
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith Månad sedan
The way u say comfortable tho
Emir Helvacioglu
Emir Helvacioglu Månad sedan
It hurts me soo much when there a pull tab less than 30cm away and Justine uses the biggest axe she find in her basement. 🤣
Emmanuel Silva
Emmanuel Silva Månad sedan
It’s the cellular (that read loupe
iCloud /apple
iCloud /apple Månad sedan
I’m getting the Apple Watch SE but switching from 4
RV Prithveesh
RV Prithveesh Månad sedan
Justine you are soooooo cute and adorable ☺️🤗
Grace P.
Grace P. Månad sedan
Ok but where can we get that axe knife you used to cut the plastic wrap?
Damir Planic
Damir Planic Månad sedan
Very nice video! Where can i get mine cheaper?
Haris Månad sedan
@Senad bought mine there too and im obsessed with it
Senad Månad sedan
series 5 is the best apple watch i have it is much better than series 6. i bought mine on iwatchclone,com
Jessica Kindred
Jessica Kindred Månad sedan
I want to be the one that gets ijustine returned products. Where do I sign up for that? no seriously
Jessica Kindred
Jessica Kindred Månad sedan
I never thought I’d say this....but I need that axe. For unboxing of course
anime PROOF
anime PROOF Månad sedan
I just love Justine’s knives every time she does and unboxing
Daniel Duhon
Daniel Duhon Månad sedan
Justine: “It’s a perfect fit, OH NOOOO!” 😂
Crxcked Kev
Crxcked Kev 2 månader sedan
I’m watching 4 months later and now I wonder why she used a call of duty combat axe to open the watches
Karen Shockey
Karen Shockey 2 månader sedan
Hey can you send me out an Apple Watch if you can please
Aesthetic Probably
Aesthetic Probably 2 månader sedan
Can’t wait for my apple watch in 11 days Update 3 more days
goodguynow 2 månader sedan
Just got mine today! ⌚️
Andrew Harmon
Andrew Harmon 2 månader sedan
Hey SE: your not a watch until you have an always on display
Naga Amogh
Naga Amogh 2 månader sedan
Why do you keep a old Macintosh in your home
Senen Abila
Senen Abila 2 månader sedan
marwane delhoum
marwane delhoum 2 månader sedan
The flex is unbelievable...
Sam 2 månader sedan
Sandro Nunes
Sandro Nunes 2 månader sedan
You’re soo crazy, love your passion 🤙
Mari Unknown
Mari Unknown 2 månader sedan
You do wear it on the right
Sanish Sangeeth
Sanish Sangeeth 2 månader sedan
Why am I not born in US , if I was born there I would have got this for Christmas... Why God whyyyyyy...
Dev Mody
Dev Mody 2 månader sedan
she has a matching dress for evrey thing she unboxes
Samantha Pavelka
Samantha Pavelka 2 månader sedan
I hope my band fits 😂😂
Jasmine 2 månader sedan
Can you do a video on how to set up the Apple Watch ⌚️ for a kid (like you for “your kid Tyler”) 😂
YouTube Audience
YouTube Audience 2 månader sedan
 Watch
Cesar Peralta
Cesar Peralta 2 månader sedan
I got the Apple Watch SE so far so good
Joanna Angela
Joanna Angela 2 månader sedan
I wish I had an apple watch
Troy García
Troy García 2 månader sedan
0:27 I thought she was gonna ask him FOR a child... :lllll
Angeljosue González
Angeljosue González 2 månader sedan
Don’t mess white this woman 0:44 she’s got a knife
Andre's Fun and Games
Andre's Fun and Games 2 månader sedan
I want two before valentines for my mom and myself
Jam Phommachakkin
Jam Phommachakkin 2 månader sedan
😭😭 I bought it just for the joy and I’m loving it !!!!
choo geng nian
choo geng nian 2 månader sedan
tons of money! wow
matt taylor
matt taylor 2 månader sedan
LEFTIES UNITE!!! I am super weird and have my crown on the other side.
jeremy Ramos
jeremy Ramos 2 månader sedan
I got the series 6 and the wrist band it comes with every time you sweat or take it off from wearing it along time ur wrist smells like throw up
Rashad Rafiq
Rashad Rafiq 2 månader sedan
If your wrist measurement is number 6 on the apple wrist paper cut go for number 5. So just go for a number below to what it measures by the apple paper cut example when you measure your wrist.
Bees_nail_art 2 månader sedan
I’m getting the series 6 gold aluminium 40mm soon I can’t wait
William Toth
William Toth 2 månader sedan
Qasair1 2 månader sedan
Such a silly acting lady.
Carolina Carmona
Carolina Carmona 2 månader sedan
Do those cute watch faces with memoji and toy story work with the Iphone 6S Plus? I love them !! I have the 6s Plus and ordered an apple watch SE but I'm afraid it won't work because I don't have face ID on my phone.
Lauren C
Lauren C 2 månader sedan
Which size did you get in each?
Mustafezur Rhaman Shovon
Mustafezur Rhaman Shovon 2 månader sedan
love from BD
Blue Cat
Blue Cat 2 månader sedan
I'm stuck between getting an Apple Watch SE, or Airpods Pro. Which ones?
Blue Cat
Blue Cat 2 månader sedan
Indeed. Thanks!
Blue Cat
Blue Cat 2 månader sedan
Dnizze 2 månader sedan
I got first the airpods pro :3 and later... im going for the apple watch ;)
Warrior K
Warrior K 2 månader sedan
Both are good!...... but after some time u will get bored of it..... So I will prefer IWatch But it’s your choices 😇😇
MUSIC MINATI 3 månader sedan
10% : TECH 90% : It's so cool
Missy Chase
Missy Chase 3 månader sedan
ricky_ jpeg
ricky_ jpeg 3 månader sedan
Scoop scoop loop
Madison Tim
Madison Tim 3 månader sedan
Omg I think I ordered the wrong size band! 😂😂😂 I measured my wrist with a measuring tape bc my moms printer doesn’t work and I got 6cm. So I put it at size 6. I don’t know if that’s right but I bought a band of Amazon that will fit so I’m good 😅.
Austin Yahav Emuna
Austin Yahav Emuna 3 månader sedan
try a galaxy watch please!!!! or at least review it
Lauren Hurst
Lauren Hurst 3 månader sedan
Just ordered my Apple Watch se. I’m pretty upset that my Apple Watch 4 wasn’t even 2 years old yet and it completely died at 1.5 years. I bought a Fitbit versa 2 to replace my Apple Watch, but honestly, it’s not the same. So, I have a new Apple Watch se to go with my iPhone se 2020. I was also looking into the Apple fitness. Haven’t decided if I wanted to subscribe to that yet.
Edyta J
Edyta J 3 månader sedan
Spoot loop
Zach Lamb
Zach Lamb 3 månader sedan
I just got my titanium 44mm apple watch edition with the blue leather band and I love it so far.
lupinsmile 3 månader sedan
i just got my apple watch se today!
Xervantez Xvi
Xervantez Xvi 3 månader sedan
I have the iwatch SE and I love it
UNO é uma Desgraça
UNO é uma Desgraça 3 månader sedan
0:44 👁👄👁 ?
arteusa 3 månader sedan
I finally decided to brake and get an Apple Watch! I got the series 6, 44mm. Your video got me so excited for it! I’ve seen this video before but when I thought I was never getting one so I wasn’t this excited. It makes a big difference watching a review from someone who actually loves the brand as much as you do. Thank you for always showing that!
TravelwithNAM 3 månader sedan
Normal o2 sat is 90 percent and up! as long as you are not gasping for air. 😊
Tahmid Ahmed
Tahmid Ahmed 3 månader sedan
I got the 6 cellular...I hope it’s worth it
Jaeson Cross
Jaeson Cross 3 månader sedan
this woman used the Covid Apocolypse Axe to open the Apple Watch box
Mir Abdullah Nedae
Mir Abdullah Nedae 3 månader sedan
Ms. Justine can you tell me do we have to set up our series 6 to our iPhones? , I mean is that very important to set up an Apple Watch to an iPhone or iPad?
Bees_nail_art 3 månader sedan
When I had my Apple Watch I wore it on my right wrist I am left handed also had the dial the same as you Justine can’t wait to get another one regret selling my series 3
Vivek Vivek
Vivek Vivek 3 månader sedan
I put on my right wrist as well because i'm left handed and I find it difficult having on left hand
TheOfficialPoopYT Roblox
TheOfficialPoopYT Roblox 3 månader sedan
I am left handed two but I use my left wrist I am ambidextrous
Munx 3 månader sedan
so I'm watching this video..... WHILST I am wearing my Samsung watch
The Islamic Times
The Islamic Times 3 månader sedan
no one: ABSOLUTELY NO ONE: Justine: iT sMeLlS sO gOoD ps: this not a hate comment Justine is a great SEmostr
Lucy Partridge
Lucy Partridge 3 månader sedan
I’m getting my Apple Watch se next week and I’m so excited
EmmyRose 3 månader sedan
I just love how she says comfortable
hannah abrams
hannah abrams 3 månader sedan
i just got the se for christmas:))
Azeez Kadiri
Azeez Kadiri 3 månader sedan
I’ll always be grateful to *will0_hack* on IG for his resilience work on getting my new watch fixed ..since i met him months ago.every tec issues has been directed to him and it has never been a regret for me
sunflxwer edits !
sunflxwer edits ! 3 månader sedan
I got series 6 for Christmas and it is amazing 🤩
Saner Su
Saner Su 3 månader sedan
3:20 It was the Series 3 😂
Ellie Kim
Ellie Kim 3 månader sedan
Lmaoo it’s not you. I did it at the store and it said 6-7 but I ended up buying size 5
Ellie Kim
Ellie Kim 3 månader sedan
Lol I’m left handed as well but I still have it on my left wrist 🤣🤣🤣
Rev. Tyler Mallari
Rev. Tyler Mallari 3 månader sedan
Reprogram. Goodie
Adam Achrane
Adam Achrane 3 månader sedan
Muhammed Jadwat
Muhammed Jadwat 3 månader sedan
@iJustine Please put the names of the bands in the description
Farahmudafer16 3 månader sedan
I don’t know what to buy can anyone help me??? Should i buy the series 6 like in 3 days or wait like a week till the series 7 will be released?? anyone know when the series 7 will be released or any information about it because all of them say it’s going to be the same price as series 6 anyone please help!!🥺🤦🏻‍♀️💔
Darcy Screen
Darcy Screen 3 månader sedan
I want an Apple Watch SE for Christmas so this helped a lot.
George Blunt
George Blunt 3 månader sedan
What happened to the review
Vihan 3 månader sedan
My mum bought my dad the series 6 44mm Nike cellular for Xmas !!! Can’t wait to see his reaction when he unwraps it !!
ChrisTian 3 månader sedan
This is how many times she said comfortable 👇
Obiwan Jakobi
Obiwan Jakobi 3 månader sedan
Oh no! It fits perfectly!🤣😂
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