AirPods Max 🎧 Unboxing and First Impressions!

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Wow, super impressed with the new AirPods Max! Looking forward to testing them out more!
Same Brain Mugs 🧠
Snapchat: iJustine
Sony a7 III:
Sony a7S II:
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
Rx100 V:
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Memory Card:

Poltergeist Dag sedan
Someone’s been taking extra happy pills! 😂
Abdullah badawy
Abdullah badawy Dag sedan
Miss Sincere
Miss Sincere 2 dagar sedan
$550 !??? Dafaq???!!
Patrick Coburn
Patrick Coburn 3 dagar sedan
You're so cool. Love you content
Andreas Norrlund
Andreas Norrlund 4 dagar sedan
They could freaking never be worth that price
oof 4 dagar sedan
i have headphones that last longer are louder have way more bass and the cost 40$ pretty much the same thing but cheaper
Judy Monea
Judy Monea 6 dagar sedan
Ijustine: But are they’re worth it Me: HELL NAH
Ronald Tayag
Ronald Tayag 12 dagar sedan
Jamal Shedid
Jamal Shedid 13 dagar sedan
Noureddine Abidi
Noureddine Abidi 13 dagar sedan
Wwwwwwwoooooowwwww ccccooolll
acslater017 14 dagar sedan
With over the ear headphones, comfort and build quality are one of my main concerns (bad experiences in the past with Beats and Boses). The AirPods Max are the most comfortable pair of headphones I’ve ever owned and the build quality is amazing. When the garbage truck rolls around early in the morning I slip these on and go back to sleep. Expensive? yes. Overpriced, no. At least, in the sense that there is not one competitor that does everything the AirPods Max do, as well as they do. Except for the case, it really is the complete package.
Ethan Shoemaker
Ethan Shoemaker 15 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does it seem like apple wants you to buy these to match your ipad air?
Kristen Jonas
Kristen Jonas 16 dagar sedan
If I were to have a fifth pair of bluetooth headphones, these would be it in blue.
xbon1 16 dagar sedan
you be advertising that mug, what i wanna know is where do you get that karambit? lmao.
daisy dreamer
daisy dreamer 16 dagar sedan
Honestly apple's not forcing anyone to buy their products. If you can afford, buy. If you consider the minute details I think it's perfectly worth the price. Given the resources and people employed apple is on a next level.
Thomas 18 dagar sedan
This channel is the epitome of contemporary materialism
Kelly Lestig
Kelly Lestig 18 dagar sedan
I messaged a bunch of my friends on Facebook and they also said they would never buy these I wouldn’t either it’s like apple took a step backwards when they made the youth who wants to carry a big pair bulky headphones they don’t fit in your purse someone can grab them off your head in public and runoff with them
Kelly Lestig
Kelly Lestig 18 dagar sedan
You shouldn’t have to push a button to activate Siri
Kelly Lestig
Kelly Lestig 18 dagar sedan
Do you know how easy it would be for somebody to run past you if you’re wearing them in public and just grab them right off your head? Not to mention how big and bulky they are I hate headbands
Kelly Lestig
Kelly Lestig 18 dagar sedan
Everyone thinks because it’s a new Apple product it must be bad ass who wants to carry a big set of bulky headphones
Kelly Lestig
Kelly Lestig 18 dagar sedan
Look how big and bulky they are I carry a small coach purse my iPods fit in there those would never fit in my purse whoever thought of those was taking a step backwards
Kelly Lestig
Kelly Lestig 18 dagar sedan
I wouldn’t wear them I don’t like headbands I don’t care if they’re in the new Apple product there now I’ll stick to my iPods there discreet and it doesn’t mess up my hair
Sam 20 dagar sedan
why she is overreacting to everything???
Daniel Villalobos
Daniel Villalobos 21 dag sedan
Started from the bottom white girl version
Soumik Roy
Soumik Roy 21 dag sedan
Apple is the Rolls Royce of the tech world.
brett knoss
brett knoss 22 dagar sedan
It doesn't have a microphone, but Bower and Wilkinson have buttons to play/pause change tracks, and automatically pauses when you remove the headset. Also, the connect analog through USB C.
Roscoe 22 dagar sedan
Gday Osandu
Gday Osandu 24 dagar sedan
I don't know why some people have a problem with her doing unboxings or reviews about Apple products like we all know she's biased and always will be she's an Apple sheep and is proud of it🤷‍♂️
KickBoxer 1410
KickBoxer 1410 24 dagar sedan
They retail about 900$ here in Australia like oh my gosh
Tyler OC
Tyler OC 26 dagar sedan
Just because you guys don’t have the money for a luxury product doesn’t mean you gotta hate on it. This is the same company that charges $1000 for a phone so I’m not sure what y’all were expecting. Apple is valued at over $2 trillion so clearly they’re doing something right. These headphones are meant for the people who like the best of the best and those that can afford the price tag for it, which is not gonna be 95% of you. That’s why they’re more expensive. Less buyers, higher price. They don’t want ur average joe walkin around with these babies. Y’all just pressed cuz you ARE the average joe 😉
Muz Lee
Muz Lee 18 dagar sedan
@Gday Osandu Nah, he is just thinks he's someone because his daddy bought him this. People who work for money don't speak like this.
Gday Osandu
Gday Osandu 24 dagar sedan
You can't assume some opinions are just plain hating........
Tyler OC
Tyler OC 26 dagar sedan
I don’t see how y’all can hate on AirPods Max side of the club, you can’t even get in 😂😂
JeSs Creations
JeSs Creations 27 dagar sedan
Does this is better than sony xm4?
Starlife Gvng
Starlife Gvng 28 dagar sedan
You might as well work for Apple this is not a review this is salesman ship at its finest!!! If you guys want a real review go on flossy Carters page
Starlife Gvng
Starlife Gvng 28 dagar sedan
@The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures 🤣🤣🤣 exactly 💯
The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures
The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures 28 dagar sedan
Yep you 10000000000% correct cuz rule #1 don’t take advice from isheeps
River Wood
River Wood 28 dagar sedan
6:34 Justine I think you need to check your email
Brandon Bullet
Brandon Bullet Månad sedan
What is that lamp on a tripod thing in the background? I've been looking for something like that.
The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures
The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures 28 dagar sedan
Well only the light but
The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures
The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures 28 dagar sedan
Idk what it’s called but I do know logictech has em
Ngwajoyeh lisu
Ngwajoyeh lisu Månad sedan
What does the delay for pubg mobile ?
Paula Ale
Paula Ale Månad sedan
really?! put coffee in those mug!!!
Fueel Månad sedan
0:40 ayooooo 😂
cj wins
cj wins Månad sedan
They look nice but are way too expensive. I love how excited you are ❤️
tanay queen
tanay queen Månad sedan
i mean i wouldn’t rlly buy it cause everywhere i go i would have to hold it which is big lol instead of holding my AirPods in the case or have it as a necklace chain or something yk?
Alisha Shafi
Alisha Shafi Månad sedan
bruh i know
CJ Loh
CJ Loh Månad sedan
If apple really wants to save enviroment, they should not release new iphone every year. Or best, make a iphone that last for years.
Dark Days
Dark Days Månad sedan
The fact that she never said anything about BOSE or SONY Headphones makes it clear that she had nothing to compare it to. or even she does not want to.. Fanboy
SARI Månad sedan
yo I'm not gonna lie it's so ugly
Lisa Lomax
Lisa Lomax Månad sedan
Just get yourself a pair of audio technica ath-m50x BT - less than half the price and actually worth the money.
Bea Katrina Quinan
Bea Katrina Quinan Månad sedan
That headphone's price is higher than my phone's price
Justin_Time88 Justintime
Justin_Time88 Justintime Månad sedan
These are ugly asf
Sanish Sangeeth
Sanish Sangeeth Månad sedan
Sorry cant buy airpods max cause I'm max poor.....
Kazi Mehdi
Kazi Mehdi Månad sedan
biased Lovefest
Michael Lyras
Michael Lyras Månad sedan
Omg ijustine has the iPhone 12 Pro Max twice!
Benjamin McEwan
Benjamin McEwan Månad sedan
Are they compatible with mac ?
Amir Månad sedan
These things are so heavy. There's no way they are as comfortable as she makes it seem.
Prabhmeet Månad sedan
IJust expected that to be her reaction
O. Leon
O. Leon Månad sedan
She's so pretty. ❤️❤️❤️
Philly God_215
Philly God_215 Månad sedan
I would really pay a million to be with you 💯💯💯
Muz Lee
Muz Lee 18 dagar sedan
Random Cake
Random Cake Månad sedan
Ok ngl this is the ugliest things ever I want beats even more then I already did..-
DreMations TV
DreMations TV Månad sedan
whitney denise
whitney denise Månad sedan
Girl you are always excited about apple products ain’t nothing new
Tallal Adil
Tallal Adil Månad sedan
She is not a good TECH reviewer...just a typical apple fan girl
carlweezerswig Månad sedan
Plot twist: when Justine said that its ,, worth it " she died inside
soubido Månad sedan
I'm sure these are amazing, but not $600 amazing.
Pilars Cho
Pilars Cho Månad sedan
왤케 잘어울리징 사고싶다
lx Video Stuff
lx Video Stuff Månad sedan
anyone here for the headphones?
Idk Idc
Idk Idc Månad sedan
As I clicked on the video my air pods died
Waseef Habib
Waseef Habib Månad sedan
I thought it was AirPods Pro max
Goby G-Major
Goby G-Major Månad sedan
The music at the end makes me wanna play the original bejeweled...maybe bejeweled 3.....
Q80 Vaper
Q80 Vaper Månad sedan
This video is disappointing
Ebrahim T
Ebrahim T Månad sedan
Well It’s KillPods Max
Brian Månad sedan
Did she just outright avoid the glaringly obvious shortcomings? I mean she said "i wanted to be critical" and just avoids the cost, that there is no USB-C, that they are far from portable, you can't actually turn them off, the weight, the ridiculous "case" and that they don't even provide the 2.5mm cable at this cost. I mean...She is the biggest corporate shill people...just watch the Apple commercials and move along, you won't get anything of value to consumers here.
Team_ Sweat_YT
Team_ Sweat_YT Månad sedan
I Justine is one of the best tech you tubers ever so all of the people who are being negative get out of here
Orlen Espinal
Orlen Espinal Månad sedan
Those are ugly bro
Conscious Gentile
Conscious Gentile Månad sedan
Low key she is damn skilled with light sabers...🤯
M O Månad sedan
Now I wanna see iJustine do vibrator reviews.....or even better .....Goop product reviews!!
Ra T
Ra T Månad sedan
That video is my worst moment of 2020 aside from coronavirus.
Tzachi Kraus
Tzachi Kraus Månad sedan
Great review
Torchiam Sun
Torchiam Sun Månad sedan
money worship and brand brainwash is pouring out of my screen
Generic Person
Generic Person Månad sedan
She can spend her money on what she wants
Tom Moya
Tom Moya Månad sedan
I got mine I expect to see it in three months wtf
Michael O'Neill
Michael O'Neill Månad sedan
You see Justine your the definition of a white girl. Go to college with you MacBook and have all the money in the world everyone knows apple products are way to overpriced lmao you prolly went to Starbucks after this🤣
Sheikh Faiyad Hassan
Sheikh Faiyad Hassan Månad sedan
I can literally get a good gaming pc at that price or a ps5 or a Xbox series x
Nysonnia Untotem
Nysonnia Untotem Månad sedan
I want 😭😭
pradeep sharma
pradeep sharma Månad sedan
Justin is another isheep.
Generic Person
Generic Person Månad sedan
Ba ba black sheep have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full. One for the master and one for the Dame, and one for the little boy who lives down the lane
Micko Ivanović
Micko Ivanović Månad sedan
I Seed You In A Podcast In Google Podcasts App.
Sarah Widenhofer
Sarah Widenhofer Månad sedan
Justine I can not believe you have air pods to
Noor Azhar
Noor Azhar Månad sedan
bloody expensive!
FADthe9yearold Månad sedan
"it's expensive,but your paying for what you're getting" (X) doubt
Junr Månad sedan
she doesn’t like them, she’s acting lol
Mark Mathosian
Mark Mathosian Månad sedan
“We started from the bottom now we hear.” That made me laugh out loud. They look good on you. 👍
LoganArnoldKicks 2 månader sedan
Commenters: ShE’s AcTiNg sO oVeR tHe ToP, cLeArLy BiAsEd” You do realize that there is this thing called being a SEmostr where you kind of need to be at a heightened sense of excitement to attract more viewers. There’s also the possibility that she is actually that excited about them...
Xcvdf 2 månader sedan
E who on earth would buy a 600 dollars air pods you could have bought a good phone with that xD
Xcvdf 2 månader sedan
Just wear some earphones to save money bruh
Darren Brady
Darren Brady 2 månader sedan
You picked my favorite song lmao
Justin Clancy
Justin Clancy 2 månader sedan
I can assume she will find them life changing like every other Apple product she reviews
Carlie Bank
Carlie Bank 2 månader sedan
Ngl those are ugly
Easy 2 månader sedan
I don’t trust a word she says. of course she says everything is amazing. Apple sends her a fat check to “review” these. This isn’t a review. It’s a commercial
Soroush HD
Soroush HD 2 månader sedan
Watching this on Christmas Day 2020:
Attila B.
Attila B. 2 månader sedan
The only positive review about this product.
Alex Azzurri
Alex Azzurri 2 månader sedan
idiotic video childish attitude
Ernesto Moreno
Ernesto Moreno 2 månader sedan
I hate watching your videos because I always end up at the apple store 😩😩
Raul M.
Raul M. 2 månader sedan
You find everything Apple puts out amazing. Why do you even review their products anymore?
Scrawz11 2 månader sedan
For those of you leaving negative comments on her video, I truly feel bad for you. I’m sorry your lives are so empty that you have to type out snark online to feel better for a little. iJustine is killing it as usual, and if she is not your style, you can actually just CLICK OFF THE VIDEO. You very likely don’t have this product. You don’t know if they are worth it. Trash talk is for trashy people. Peace. ✌️
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