I'm vlogging again! New studio setup!

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This is what it'd be like to spend an evening with me and Tyler while we try to re-do our shooting unboxing desk set!
@Davis Tyler : tylers.phone
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iJustine Månad sedan
u guys still like vlogs or whattttttt?
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 7 dagar sedan
NEW VLOG LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 7 dagar sedan
Dora Sel
Dora Sel 9 dagar sedan
Calan Strange
Calan Strange 9 dagar sedan
ixiiniick i
ixiiniick i 18 dagar sedan
Joe Black
Joe Black 2 dagar sedan
Did you vloggin with the 24-70mm for real?
TITU SAAD GAMEZ 7 dagar sedan
lanat aa tara ta
bossmatsymoto 14 dagar sedan
зачем всё это
Sonic Acoustics
Sonic Acoustics 15 dagar sedan
That is a cool setup! Awesome! :)
Cal Healy
Cal Healy 17 dagar sedan
We need more Tyler content. This was cool.
Lauraye & Phoenix
Lauraye & Phoenix 17 dagar sedan
How often should I be posting videos? How do you get your ideas? Your content is much funnier than ours.
Cynthia Garcia
Cynthia Garcia 18 dagar sedan
Ummm my bother is mean to me his name is Joey
ixiiniick i
ixiiniick i 18 dagar sedan
I come back every now and then just to check out the vlogs🌊👌
Sunny Khullar
Sunny Khullar 19 dagar sedan
Please give me an iphone
who's isaac
who's isaac 21 dag sedan
She should have side "long time no vlog" in the first 13 seconds of the video.
Joey Charnick
Joey Charnick 21 dag sedan
Yeah Baby! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Luisi Archi Valdi
Luisi Archi Valdi 23 dagar sedan
Oh Justine !, I´m one of many, many of your unconditional fan, but the present video I don´t how classify it. There are scenes with incoherent dialogs that lead to situations of Justinian humor. I have decided not to give you a unlike because the video was a test rather than an official presentation.Your unknown fool on the attack!
Sarah Pimentel
Sarah Pimentel 24 dagar sedan
I used to watch otherijustine on REPEAT. Same videos on REPEAT...
Dilip Kumar Palle
Dilip Kumar Palle 24 dagar sedan
When r u hiking again ?
Mahkota Motor
Mahkota Motor 24 dagar sedan
Its very good
Brandon Shepherd
Brandon Shepherd 24 dagar sedan
I've missed the vlogs!
10 linkz
10 linkz 25 dagar sedan
ITonyfy 25 dagar sedan
Please start vlogging again! For the OG fans here!❤️.
HMC 25 dagar sedan
Remember when she was passion fruit ok annoying orange
Amanda Hanson
Amanda Hanson 25 dagar sedan
Starting to get sus about Tyler n Jus. hmm...
Yugi_OH Yami
Yugi_OH Yami 26 dagar sedan
u should get a nose job.😉😊
YD Fonz Gaming
YD Fonz Gaming 26 dagar sedan
put a light on the tree leaves - its just a weird shadow tree ;)
The Friendly Reviewer
The Friendly Reviewer 27 dagar sedan
"This week on between two ferns ... " haha fun vlog
RMYTMusics 27 dagar sedan
What do apple have in store for us this year???
sc0or 28 dagar sedan
Let's be honest. You've interested more in how your hairs look on a camera than an ISO level -)
goodplant 28 dagar sedan
LB Retro
LB Retro 28 dagar sedan
Lol on your bushes
mikedelgado8888 28 dagar sedan
Lets Go!
Doobie Lane
Doobie Lane 28 dagar sedan
Anyone happen to know what exact light that is with the wood legs?
jetnight 88
jetnight 88 28 dagar sedan
Hey IJustine can you do a video about Facebook and apple invading our privacy in the next iOS update? Please because it’s creepy
Will Williams
Will Williams 29 dagar sedan
Yes clogs are back thank you, Iv missed these
szewei1985 29 dagar sedan
Hahahaha cool
Re1ampag0 29 dagar sedan
So are they dating or what? What happened to Ed? She dump him?
Eric Lewis
Eric Lewis 29 dagar sedan
Love the LULU
Sean Botha
Sean Botha Månad sedan
big tech's systemic sexism will give female content creators items they will not give to male ones!
Nathan Schuch
Nathan Schuch Månad sedan
Put the tree in the hallway!
Tslee Månad sedan
Justine came along ass way bro She really been doing SEmost for 15 years now that’s lit
szewei1985 29 dagar sedan
Haha she literally lit 2010 until MKBHD over took her by double few years later deng of course 6 mil is still great accomplishment but compare with tech guruji 20 million she got left out already like old nokia phone
Joshua Aaron
Joshua Aaron Månad sedan
I missed these vlogs!
Didier Janson
Didier Janson Månad sedan
thats a cool video
toadlguy Månad sedan
Your ADD becomes more apparent when you are vlogging 🤣🤣. I get the feeling if Tyler wasn't there, it would be completely random 🤣🤣🤣. (Not that there is anything wrong with that)
Marijo Nikolic
Marijo Nikolic Månad sedan
do you have new boyfriend too 😂😂
lifewithsooz Månad sedan
Love the new set :-)
Amir Mishali
Amir Mishali Månad sedan
Hi 🙋🏻‍♂️ what was the focal length you used filmed it ? At the desk
Mr.Lazers Månad sedan
what is the nook box in the back a 4 min ???
Kye Jones
Kye Jones Månad sedan
Is IJ dating Tyler?! they seem good together..
AhmaddIhsann Månad sedan
Justtinneee we miss the vloggs so much!! Thanks for bringing it back!!
Theo Kings
Theo Kings Månad sedan
Lol, I was just talking about that Spinn coffee maker with my brother. Thought about getting one. Too funny seeing it again in one of your videos. Loved your review of it in one of your past videos.
Edgardo German
Edgardo German Månad sedan
instant subscribe cus its real
Antonio Cervantes
Antonio Cervantes Månad sedan
Yesss!!! I’ve missed your Vlogs!! Glad you’re bringing them back !!!
cri s
cri s Månad sedan
i don't know it's strange ,............doctor.strange
Gabriel Larocque
Gabriel Larocque Månad sedan
Missed vlogs sooo much!!😩
Ary Alexandra
Ary Alexandra Månad sedan
Whose Tyler??????
Kevin Green
Kevin Green Månad sedan
He has a man-bun!
Techy Kid
Techy Kid Månad sedan
subpop2005 Månad sedan
If I could turn back to the past I would go back to the 18th century. I would own slaves. My slaves would vlog and podcasts for me. Yeah !!! I would live my life like Jenna. Lazy everyday.. 😜😜
rachana upendra
rachana upendra Månad sedan
Justin I'm a big fan of you
Kate Warren
Kate Warren Månad sedan
I’m glad you’re back vlogging Justin you need to make it one of your New Years revolution to vloog one or twice a week on this channel! I have mist them a lot 👍🏻😄😄
이과장 Månad sedan
Dave Maze
Dave Maze Månad sedan
This was great! LOL! Would love more vlogs again!
Panda Månad sedan
It doesn’t need to be everyday, but I definitely love it when you do it because it spices things up!!!
Panda Månad sedan
I hecking love when you vlog!!!
AGHORI Gaming Månad sedan
russianbear54 Månad sedan
Didn't this chick invent vlogging like fifteen or so years ago? Time flies.
Armando E. Sierra
Armando E. Sierra Månad sedan
Can you light the tree from the bottom?
Dream Kai Xin
Dream Kai Xin Månad sedan
After this video my family gonna hear me singing “🎵 everything’s got to go 🎵”
Carlos Le Mare
Carlos Le Mare Månad sedan
I like the background
Jeff Roberts
Jeff Roberts Månad sedan
Those eyes tho.... :)
Tanner Miller
Tanner Miller Månad sedan
Am I the only one who wonders if they be freind with benefits?
Okatragedy Månad sedan
Ok. That’s a nice studio and all, but I’d like to return to the kitchen & get an update on that Aerogarden Farm you got going. I bought a smaller one, Harvest 360, just a few days before you got the Farm unit, so I have a week or two before I pick so crops.
Jim B
Jim B Månad sedan
We're time traveling every day in life... It's just that no one has reportedly successfully found out how to fast forward, fast rewind, or jump to a specific time-point yet.
Jim B
Jim B Månad sedan
At the end, maybe we get to see a highlights reel of our lives and a bloopers reel too. But would seeing life teaser clips before they happened be good or bad? ...I'm not sure. :)
Chandrayee Soneja
Chandrayee Soneja Månad sedan
Signs of adulting- getting excited about redecorating/rearranging rooms! Also as soon as you said “I want a chair to sit and drink bourbon and read a book”, I’m like “She needs a Chesterfield” 😅 love the new set!
Jason Hastings
Jason Hastings Månad sedan
I was just talking about what time I would travel to yesterday lol I feel like there is always some downside to traveling back but I think the late 1940s would be fun. I would like to basically live in Grease the movie
Catalin Criste
Catalin Criste Månad sedan
2 Days ago you where testing for COVID, how are u with people when there was a chance you have COVID? America is so far behind in the pandemic. here even if you test negative you are OBLIGATED to do a 14 day isolation, this means not seeing no one during this period, not leaving etc. You tested negative but there is still a chance you could have it (incubation period etc) just because you don't have symptoms yet doesn't mean you are safe. I know America isn't having the greatest restrictions when it comes to COVID but it should be in you to search it and do your own isolation and confinements... Seriously disappointed.
Filip Paryż
Filip Paryż Månad sedan
Is that a Fellow Carter Mug!? :D Awesome! I love your new setup, it will look much more lively.
Ella Bruneau
Ella Bruneau Månad sedan
I thought the microphone was a furry rat! 🤣
George Getron
George Getron Månad sedan
i like the change
Ian White
Ian White Månad sedan
You should do a video where you just play the wii for a week
Sean Don
Sean Don Månad sedan
More Vlogs Justine Please my love!
Vihan Månad sedan
Ok the setup is 🔥🔥🔥
Shibli Sadik
Shibli Sadik Månad sedan
Carry on!!!!
Reece Carpio
Reece Carpio Månad sedan
That “sal-mon”, huh
Gavin Newton
Gavin Newton Månad sedan
Hi I miss your daily vlogs, Also where did you get that flask thing from I need one obviously in a different colour.
Sebastian Månad sedan
Ivan McCombs
Ivan McCombs Månad sedan
I'm here for more ijustine vlogs!
The Abyss
The Abyss Månad sedan
Grace Wan
Grace Wan Månad sedan
It’s not call long time no chat! It’s long time no see!
Keith McKeown
Keith McKeown Månad sedan
You have no idea how incredible you are. Ocean eyes
Dylan Taylor
Dylan Taylor Månad sedan
omg justineeeee im so happy rn that your vlogging best thing to happen in 2021 by farrrrrr
Ry Ry
Ry Ry Månad sedan
Corey Blowers
Corey Blowers Månad sedan
Anything that puts you online works beautifully
Nikhil Singh
Nikhil Singh Månad sedan
Yes! Now all you have to do is bring back the completely unhinged cooking videos! I miss them so much
Gary Wong
Gary Wong Månad sedan
I like the new setup. I need to learn from this. Tree stays!
DctrGizmo Månad sedan
Eh I'm not really feeling the layout. Maybe it's the tree.
Calvin Liu
Calvin Liu Månad sedan
Professional setups gets old after so many times. Vlogging even a few behind the scenes shots is refreshing and im here for it
Chris Skowron
Chris Skowron Månad sedan
I absolutely luv this video -iJustine is amazing! The New 2021 Studio is incredible which only means you both completely crushed it! Happy New Year 🎊
Stefan Spohn
Stefan Spohn Månad sedan
oh my God Justine I loved this video SO NUCH!!!!!!! Hahahaha I absolutely love the part where you said “look at this Authenticity” LOL 😂 it literally made me laugh so hard.
sowji safari track
sowji safari track Månad sedan
How do you edit
Emma Rae Ezarik
Emma Rae Ezarik Månad sedan
We love a good vlog
Rodrigo Garcia
Rodrigo Garcia Månad sedan
Digging that light!
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