Laptop GOALS!!! HP Spectre x360 - Powerful and so pretty!

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Thanks to HP and Intel for sponsoring this video. HP has some great Black Friday deals going on - from 11/26 to 12/05, you can get $150 off the Spectre x360 through the link below.
Snapchat: iJustine
Sony a7 III:
Sony a7S II:
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
Rx100 V:
GoPro Hero 7:
Insta 360 One X:
Memory Card:

Azmir Mamun
Azmir Mamun 3 timmar sedan
I have this laptop...
Sanjana Raj
Sanjana Raj 4 timmar sedan
What exact model of hp spectre is it? Can i get the link please!?
myohmyli 7 timmar sedan
For some reason my HP pen doesn't work.. how do I fix this??
proto type
proto type 8 timmar sedan
Cheese is not mold ......
S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing
S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing 11 timmar sedan
This is one sexy laptop. I saw it in person in my local best buy and loved it.
Yadira M
Yadira M 12 timmar sedan
Are we all here after watching that one TikTok video?? 😆😆
David Igwe
David Igwe 3 timmar sedan
Yesss hahah
BE gee
BE gee 14 timmar sedan
HP or MacBook??? Need to know which is best to do assignments on and video editing. Please help ❤️❤️❤️
Chamodh Pabasara
Chamodh Pabasara 15 timmar sedan
Is this laptop good for engineering students ? Not software engineering !
Irockit 247
Irockit 247 17 timmar sedan
I have the 15 inch, highly recommended
Dany 21 timme sedan
This is not a review. Paid advertisement 🤮🤮 i don't now how she gets 6.50M followers. People are too stupid 🤮🤮
Shovon Tarafder
Shovon Tarafder 22 timmar sedan
This is what happens why girls do tech unboxing "look, look and look" 🙂
minnie 23 timmar sedan
I don’t know but I can’t with hp
Roy Biv
Roy Biv Dag sedan
Yeah, pretty. The laptop. And you, of course.
J Dag sedan
Cupertino does no such stuff and M1 smashes it absolutely. the difference is huge and Windows need design overhaul with new processing capabilities- non IT guy
Ahmed Abdelraheem - الحلم الاسترالي
Ahmed Abdelraheem - الحلم الاسترالي Dag sedan
Review or unboxing? Very bad review Too many jokes Testing camera and SEmost? End result: I could not tell if it was a good laptop or not! Dislike
Eva Beasley
Eva Beasley Dag sedan
I just saw this computer in the pawn shop
Tom Waznis
Tom Waznis Dag sedan
Too bad no Ryzen but it does have thunderbolt
sean lim
sean lim Dag sedan
You forgot to mention how expensive it is lmao 😂😂😂 it's even more expensive than the m1 macbook pro...
Jeff Sanchez
Jeff Sanchez Dag sedan
Nice design
A R 2 dagar sedan
what do you think..... is it a great product for Graphic designers??
Ajay Johnson
Ajay Johnson 2 dagar sedan
Nice laptop. The reviewer seems to be over confident and it would be better if u play it subtle
Tech Master
Tech Master 2 dagar sedan
Wow nice design 🔥🔥🔥
Incognito 2 dagar sedan
So, this is the person that only uses apple got paid to shout about something else... And it's supposedly 'informative'
Marco Guzman
Marco Guzman 3 dagar sedan
One day I just want to see where she keeps all of this tech
Jayrose Bunda
Jayrose Bunda 3 dagar sedan
There had been a lot of complaints about the faulty hardware of this device. Showing same symptoms no power no charge. Hmmmm
Rajat Sachan
Rajat Sachan 3 dagar sedan
You’re fun. Consider me a fan from now on.
Ms.Amarie. A
Ms.Amarie. A 3 dagar sedan
Ugh, my laptop died and Here I am watching a video of a laptop I can’t afford 😩
iStrqfings 3 dagar sedan
HAHAHHAA Suck my RTX 3080 and i7 10875h razer blade 15 🔥
elle clark
elle clark 4 dagar sedan
Anyone know how I can get this in Canada? Thanks
nishan abul
nishan abul 4 dagar sedan
You are not a true left hander,are you?
Leone Abbachio
Leone Abbachio 5 dagar sedan
Being a digital artist and seeing how this laptop is im very tempted to buy so i don't need to carry my drawing pad with me while traveling
Traci N
Traci N 5 dagar sedan
This review made me decide to buy this computer. Unfortunately they haven’t shipped it and won’t communicate with me to get a refund. BEWARE buying from HP. Never again!!😡🤬😡🤬
elle clark
elle clark 4 dagar sedan
Aryan Banyal
Aryan Banyal 6 dagar sedan
Dang!!! It puts my zenbook 13 2019 model's looks to shame!
Parth Bhammar
Parth Bhammar 7 dagar sedan
Heyyyyyy Justineeeeee. If you wanna giveaway this laptop I'd take great care of ittt since I need it for college 🙃
TamjeedGamez 7 dagar sedan
The first video I watched of yours was when you saw what was on your old iphones
Gaurav Upadhyay
Gaurav Upadhyay 8 dagar sedan
It's way old now😂😂
ARIYA BG 8 dagar sedan
Sell Infinity
Sell Infinity 8 dagar sedan
does she really know how to use a computer?? sorry but this is my impression by watching her advs video first time. (I was just searching video regarding hp x360)
Disney Up, Boiler Up!
Disney Up, Boiler Up! 8 dagar sedan
I have yet to figure out how to use the pen. I use my Surface Book pen.
Sabri Fidan
Sabri Fidan 8 dagar sedan
Selam nasilsiniz
The Petrichor
The Petrichor 9 dagar sedan
What about scratches after using pen? Is it comes with screen protector glass or have to install externally. If we have to attach then where can I get tempered glass for this model??
Raffi Bedrosian
Raffi Bedrosian 9 dagar sedan
My daily use
Nature's Gift
Nature's Gift 10 dagar sedan
are you really a BILLIONAIRE?
Astra Friday
Astra Friday 10 dagar sedan
can you do the samsung galaxy book flex??????
Cookie Roxy
Cookie Roxy 11 dagar sedan
Just don't like how it's so... Square? Idk how to explain like I'd like it to have a shorter screen idk it's uncomfortably tall lol Edit: but other than that omg yes ma'am
Cookie Roxy
Cookie Roxy 11 dagar sedan
I want it
Abrar Tariqul Islam
Abrar Tariqul Islam 11 dagar sedan
My favourite laptop but can't afford to buy.
Christiann Foster
Christiann Foster 12 dagar sedan
Love it🔥 love way you unbox you to it just like me get into it 👌
Productivity Factory
Productivity Factory 12 dagar sedan
gold laptop? only for grandpas and pretentious women
Sethum Yatawara
Sethum Yatawara 13 dagar sedan
Which would you recommend for a college student in Asia which one is the best HP Spectre x360 Convertible 13-aw2100TU Core i7 11th Gen 13.3" FHD Touch Laptop -Or- Dell XPS 15 7590 Core i7 9th Gen GTX 1650 Graphics 15.6" 4K UHD Touch Laptop with Windows 10 Or- Dell Latitude 9410 2-in-1 Core i7 10th Gen 14"FHD Multi-Touch Laptop
Paulo Henryqk
Paulo Henryqk 13 dagar sedan
Wow really nice it😮😮😮, O I want one it, but I don't have money for buy🥺
Iw Qu
Iw Qu 13 dagar sedan
The demonic robert osmotically play because chocolate posteriorly confess for a handsome rabbi. gabby, pastoral letter
iTeach Physics
iTeach Physics 13 dagar sedan
She writes with her left hand... great!
Gopi Shendge
Gopi Shendge 14 dagar sedan
Please mam gift me a laptop
Dhanvine R
Dhanvine R 14 dagar sedan
Hey Justine can you send the wallpaper of that laptop..It suits it very well...Hope you can thanks
Yusuf Akoo
Yusuf Akoo 14 dagar sedan
Who's watching this and already got it
Ross C
Ross C 15 dagar sedan
Watching something that i can't afford 😭
Mohamad Tantra Rizki
Mohamad Tantra Rizki 15 dagar sedan
A little bit over act loll
Abhay Gupta
Abhay Gupta 16 dagar sedan
Over reactions on this one are dope 😂
DEATH SQUAD 16 dagar sedan
Battery life time?
Miguel Serrano
Miguel Serrano 17 dagar sedan
Where did you get that knife?
Bell End
Bell End 17 dagar sedan
HPs are shit
TheCheeryElement 17 dagar sedan
one thing that will stop me from buying another HP (from an hp Envy), is the bang olufson speakers. their 'enhancements' suck and the sound isn't that loud either
Seahorse 17 dagar sedan
Stop showing shots of the laptop while unboxing it. You're killing the excitement 😆
Adrian Catigay
Adrian Catigay 18 dagar sedan
I wish i have the money to own a laptop huhuhuh
Rui Yu
Rui Yu 18 dagar sedan
MacBook m1 or no specter 360
Rui Yu
Rui Yu 18 dagar sedan
Just good vibes
Harish Harish
Harish Harish 18 dagar sedan
lov u
Acelove1970 18 dagar sedan
I want it bad
Acelove1970 18 dagar sedan
I want on but not pay the high price
Xara, Ukulele and Jesus Rock!
Xara, Ukulele and Jesus Rock! 18 dagar sedan
Wow... Love the energy while presenting the beautiful lapitopyy😍⚡❤️
Ahmed Nasr
Ahmed Nasr 18 dagar sedan
What's up with the KNIFE 🤔💆🧘
Sponsi 19 dagar sedan
They gave a PC to YOUUUU?? WTF???
trump trinh
trump trinh 19 dagar sedan
hahaha, but the price is in the sky as well :D
Michelle Hines
Michelle Hines 19 dagar sedan
Got the 15 and love it. That joker is so fast lol 😆
Emily Do stuff
Emily Do stuff 19 dagar sedan
I’m planning to get this
matthew moi
matthew moi 19 dagar sedan
moscow moscow
matthew moi
matthew moi 19 dagar sedan
of course,looking at things i cant afford
Miaad Z
Miaad Z 19 dagar sedan
My laptop not have pen 😭
Muhammad Rizwan
Muhammad Rizwan 20 dagar sedan
Is Danny Daniels your sister…?
Joseph Aso
Joseph Aso 20 dagar sedan
Nice laptop but I don't like the shape
Lokhaz Ahmad
Lokhaz Ahmad 20 dagar sedan
I don't know about laptop but you are gorgeous 😍
Danny Pride
Danny Pride 20 dagar sedan
what about the latest HP envy 2 in 1 11 gen?? ... i was between spectre and envy... i bought the envy, i would like to see your opinion about it. do a VS.
Will A.
Will A. 21 dag sedan
Well I was considering a surface pro.... Not anymore! Lol 😂 Thanks Justine! New sub!!
Cranked CODM
Cranked CODM 21 dag sedan
U missed a point it has the bang and olufsen speakers fitted into it
its_romz 20 dagar sedan
she mentioned that at 4:28
Nitin Sharma
Nitin Sharma 21 dag sedan
LOL, when an apple fangirl uses a windows laptop, 4:55 and go crazy over the most basic features
DJTheAnkle1Taker 21 dag sedan
I really like her enthusiastic attitude, shoot I'm thinking about subbing just BASED off of her likeable demeanor...oh and great review by the way😅👌
Anisha S
Anisha S 21 dag sedan
😂 love that for her but she's kinda making me anxious with all the throwing and violent moves while opening stuff
duberney hernandez corzo
duberney hernandez corzo 21 dag sedan
con mas cariño hehhhe ave maría ome
Nice Try Bro
Nice Try Bro 21 dag sedan
piss off
Kunal Panda
Kunal Panda 21 dag sedan
Can I please not get likes.
رزان Razan
رزان Razan 21 dag sedan
2:20 I would love to find a candy inside the box
easy robotic
easy robotic 22 dagar sedan
It's a best in the world.. Hp
Samim Musamim
Samim Musamim 22 dagar sedan
the laptop is cool and nice but it does not worth buying it cuz it has a lot of fan noising and it is frustrating.
KING POSTER 23 dagar sedan
It's like a tablet and a laptop, 2 in 1, I love that colour too
MrMawnster 23 dagar sedan
hahaha I'm watching this on the grandfather of that hahaha the 13.5" HP Pavilion 13-a068ca x360 Convertible PC with BeatsAudio AMD chip with Radeon graphics from like 2014 0r '15 lol. The pen and convertibleness was so bomb when it first came out. I wanna paint it now with rose gold lacquer. lol
Moni Beroli
Moni Beroli 23 dagar sedan
You love fingerprint sensor? Uhhm why! Haha
CHEZ BENI 23 dagar sedan
Who's actually convinced to buy the product right now? You're probably a nice person or whatever but this was barely a review. So annoying that they send products to people who can't properly and genuinly review it. Being a long-time macbook user yourself, you could've at least made a comparison.
CHEZ BENI 21 dag sedan
@DJTheAnkle1Taker are you trying to be funny?
DJTheAnkle1Taker 21 dag sedan
Yo you good my guy?😅
Luke Coliflores
Luke Coliflores 23 dagar sedan
i i want one so bad
Sameera Dereka Nandlal
Sameera Dereka Nandlal 24 dagar sedan
Love it I need one like that 🔥right now I am using the Hp425
IE 24 dagar sedan
2:37 ouch..
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