NEW SERVER! 150TB server install with Linus!

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3 år sedan

So excited about this new server. Huge thanks to Linus for helping me out:
Linus Video -
IronWolf Pro 10tb drive -
45 Drives AV15 15-bay Professional Storage Server:
Protect your data like a pro with unRAID:
Kingston 1tb SSD -
Snapchat: iJustine
Sony A7s ii -
Sony A7 iii -
Sony rx100 v5 -
GoPro Hero 7 -
Insta360 ONE X -

itspenguinplays5 roblox gaming
itspenguinplays5 roblox gaming 4 dagar sedan
Me with my old house that is 100 years old and someone before me installed phone cables BRUH
Windows 7 Ultimate
Windows 7 Ultimate 6 dagar sedan
5:23 justine: GASP also justine: heart stops
Tanjumul 7 dagar sedan
My dog is more intelligent than her in tech side !
Eric B
Eric B 12 dagar sedan
alright, i lol'd when she was cheering in the background of the montage.
Daniel Malik
Daniel Malik 12 dagar sedan
Ugh god she's F**king GORGEOUS ❤💋❤💋😘😘😘
Transcon Play
Transcon Play 13 dagar sedan
"The Bug Is Like Fried Chicken
Naseem Khan
Naseem Khan 14 dagar sedan
i need the spare ones
maria aguiar
maria aguiar 14 dagar sedan
6:18 had a glitch?
Yuna Wolf
Yuna Wolf 15 dagar sedan
Justine: I carry knives! Linus: Umm...
Jazween A
Jazween A 16 dagar sedan
Linus: PC boi ijustine: Mac Gal
samet shabani
samet shabani 19 dagar sedan
i wish i found brand new ssd's in the closet too haha
Stephen 23 dagar sedan
Unscripted linus sounds like scripted linus
Gyan Prabhakar
Gyan Prabhakar 25 dagar sedan
she is so rich that she forget after buying 1tb ssd
Thomas Wagnsonner
Thomas Wagnsonner 26 dagar sedan
I bet it is full by now. Any updates by now?
skak2000 18 dagar sedan
Yes, she buy a jellyfish...
c m
c m 27 dagar sedan
Im going to tell my kids this was Cameron Diaz and Machine Gun Kelly
Leo välijärvi
Leo välijärvi Månad sedan
Lul pimp my wifi
ILikeRidat4030 Månad sedan
I need amiibos
sweetlu18 Månad sedan
linus you two spend alot of time together
buzman1985 Månad sedan
Remember when you ditched this solution and paid an outrageous price for the jelly fish?
Know one know me
Know one know me Månad sedan
His voice is so young after these 3 years
BOSS Månad sedan
6:18 what's with that video
John Moriarty
John Moriarty Månad sedan
iJustine, you are hilarious. Do you have a Bitcoin Cash address for tips?
istvan jegels
istvan jegels Månad sedan
Sooo crazy
Cinnamo Månad sedan
linus is visibly scared about justines storage solution
Cuticle cutter - Dollar Tree. Goes right into my electronics tool bag. Have bought and used them for years.
South Ark Weather
South Ark Weather Månad sedan
What was the storage of the disk
Alain nash
Alain nash Månad sedan
So now if i understand you can access your data from anywhere in the world. Through an internet connection?
Terakahn Månad sedan
And the jellyfish ate it.
Pixar Månad sedan
9:06 imagine finding Linus and ijustine, TOGETHER at a store
AlphaMax Månad sedan
Ah the days where people didn't wear masks how I miss it so much :(
AIO YouTuber TV
AIO YouTuber TV 5 dagar sedan
Now you have to wear masks everywhere. But still, you have to wear em'
HMA Hisham
HMA Hisham Månad sedan
idk why i always come back and re watch this video, its awesome
AlexPie Månad sedan
10:07 100 gecs
Area51 of Tech
Area51 of Tech 2 månader sedan
Color-grading was mad off for this vid lol
Daryl Anony
Daryl Anony 2 månader sedan
nipper = Perfect tool xD
Hampoon 2 månader sedan
10:39 really got me out of bed quick and my heart beating fast LMFAO
CsGaming YT
CsGaming YT 2 månader sedan
Are you linus's sister or wife?
AG_ Strike
AG_ Strike 2 månader sedan
Eric hankins
Eric hankins 2 månader sedan
This Bitch!
LoveMCU 2 månader sedan
I thought I am a nerd. But Linus is a alpha nerd
najolesor 2 månader sedan
Linus's Version of Kitchen Nightmares
Lando Rose
Lando Rose 2 månader sedan
lol omg this hoousee lol
Samuel Legese
Samuel Legese 2 månader sedan
I loved the music that u used its......
VIPUL ANAND 2 månader sedan
Linus secretly wants to live in this house seeing how many ethernet ports are there..
Васян Нирванов
Васян Нирванов 2 månader sedan
Only one question why not RGB fans?
Ben Müller
Ben Müller 2 månader sedan
just 150TB?!
Jorge Jurado
Jorge Jurado 2 månader sedan
According to this comment she still has 2 years left of warranty of the storage
Christian Longo
Christian Longo 2 månader sedan
7 mil? tf 😂😂😂
malek Ehab
malek Ehab 2 månader sedan
I have both vgas
Rick Sheard
Rick Sheard 2 månader sedan
how long did it take to transfer all her drives over?
Everyday hacks
Everyday hacks 2 månader sedan
14 minutes of linus making fun of ijustines house
Mordro 2 månader sedan
I have to be honest, I literally started getting dizzy from the camera, within 3 minutes.
Luke Andrews
Luke Andrews 2 månader sedan
Who realised they are catching a video that was put in her storage dive that Linus installed if that makes sense 😆😂
Bloopy Gaming
Bloopy Gaming 2 månader sedan
1:47 Linus: You have cat6 wiring in here! 1:47 Closed Captions: You have cats expiring in here! :) xD I laughed my eyes out! :) It really does sound like he is saying "You have cats expiring in here!" This is how many people agree 👇
JK99 JKellemen99
JK99 JKellemen99 2 månader sedan
I know this video is old and someone out there has probably already said this but. You two seem like a good match for each other.
Nathan Schick
Nathan Schick 2 månader sedan
my heart rate skyrocketed when that smoke alarm went off LMAO
Drino Zhao
Drino Zhao 2 månader sedan
The ultra stepmother micrencephaly calculate because archaeology unknowingly explain given a gorgeous height. groovy, changeable beaver
mrmotomoto 2 månader sedan
She said, “Hey Siri, play ‘back that thing up,’” and now my HomePods are playing that song
Hayat Hunt
Hayat Hunt 2 månader sedan
When you went out to buy stuff i was like “why is she not wearing mask” and then it hit me that this video is 3 years old
PiggyzFast GT
PiggyzFast GT 2 månader sedan
Next: 1 Petabyte storage
aleksander Okonek
aleksander Okonek 2 månader sedan
The aggressive stinger karunagappally fail because death karyologically support versus a festive nation. white, purring wrinkle
Krishnaprasad pj
Krishnaprasad pj 2 månader sedan
Me struggling with 32gb storage after watching this me literally laughing and laughing
ForSeen 2 månader sedan
Me: Look I found a pen laying around!!!!! YAAY Linus: Hey iJustine Look I found a monitor laying around.
A I Sourav
A I Sourav 2 månader sedan
How much does that costs?
humpty347 3 månader sedan
Linus, how dare you cut costs with using an Intel stock cooler. It's like getting a case with a built-in PSU just to save money. WHY?????
comment bot : 15
comment bot : 15 3 månader sedan
Nerds I want this ngl
Evan Wetzel
Evan Wetzel 3 månader sedan
Bet Yvonne loved this lol XD
Chizillio 3 månader sedan
My 32 GB iPad looking at that 150 TB: *they just jealous*
Hugues Moore
Hugues Moore 3 månader sedan
how does linu`s wife feels about this video 🤔🤔
Sam Cotey
Sam Cotey 3 månader sedan
That guy should get a SEmost channel
ii12x_x 3 månader sedan
13:31 plus how to kill a bee
Abraham Barros
Abraham Barros 3 månader sedan
When two worlds collide
Vipplayerr 3 månader sedan
asdf g
asdf g 3 månader sedan
The nondescript pet univariably stare because heaven behaviorally warm an a rich glockenspiel. screeching, literate shoe
Cat Harington
Cat Harington 3 månader sedan
Everytime I see these videos it reminds me how poor I am
Nima Jalali
Nima Jalali 3 månader sedan
wow she is so freaking rich
feflechi 3 månader sedan
This was crazy fun. Justine is so excited, even cheering Linus, it must be a blast doing that job for her wow ! I wish I had more clients like that. Great collab.!
cringe 3 månader sedan
4:53 mac name is pig
Rishi Flying
Rishi Flying 3 månader sedan
Cool Justine
Waquiv Akhtar
Waquiv Akhtar 3 månader sedan
Another video of Linus helping digitally challenged people
Benjamin Rich
Benjamin Rich 3 månader sedan
Linus: brings out plactic cover with her name on it. Justine: gets asthma attack
Matthew Eleazar
Matthew Eleazar 3 månader sedan
Who the hell has 2tb SSDs lying around in their house?
brandonboom 3 månader sedan
This was way cuter than I expected
Amogh Technology talks
Amogh Technology talks 3 månader sedan
ijustine dosent have 150tb of storage but has 150million ethernet ports
Mario Fachini
Mario Fachini 3 månader sedan
iJ your joy and exuberance is refreshing and your reactions are hilarious, and also, I don't think you staged it, you legit seem intrigued yourself, this is one of your best, and there are many
EdizHappy 3 månader sedan
Je- J'ai cru que c'était néo et Sophie (sa mère) à cause de l'image de la vidéo PTDR JE- 💀
Extreme Crafter
Extreme Crafter 3 månader sedan
mean while, my house has no ethernet cables built into the walls :(
triassic911 4 månader sedan
Damn, now I want a house that's wired with ethernet.
Jacob Petruk
Jacob Petruk 4 månader sedan
She's so happy and I'm John cena
Jenne Degroote
Jenne Degroote 4 månader sedan
7:30 intel stock cooler 💀
V 4TH 4 månader sedan
Is every successful SEmostr a little manic? :D
Jesse Fritz
Jesse Fritz 4 månader sedan
Linus!! Thanks reason why there is a cat 6 up high and one down low is so you can run HDMI to cat adapters and not have wires going up the wall.
Itsik Ben Sabo
Itsik Ben Sabo 4 månader sedan
super hot blonde with many tech
JymmyT xD
JymmyT xD 4 månader sedan
Linus? for real?
Brendan M
Brendan M 4 månader sedan
Gotta love how she has a better drill than I do, but has probably never used it.
ShadowXLink86 4 månader sedan
She's so adorable! Linus should just adopt her.
AttackerD 4 månader sedan
I wonder what else they “plugged in” in the bathroom
Ali Zubaidi
Ali Zubaidi 4 månader sedan
My guy Linus just giving them out 😭. Who else watched the MKBHD vid?
k ly
k ly 4 månader sedan
storage crisis is a real thing these days never ending storage
You are breathing
You are breathing 4 månader sedan
The smoke detector alarm scared the shit out of me. I thought that was in my house since we're doing construction.
aistancill gregoria
aistancill gregoria 4 månader sedan
Linus: I can get free advertising by installing servers for people! Also Linus: Now I have 7 year Olds on my channel 🤔
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