NEW iPad Air with TouchID!

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Unboxing and testing out the new iPad Air with Magic Keyboard, Smart Folio and Apple Pencil!
Magic Keyboard Review:
Magic Keyboard Q&A:
Snapchat: iJustine

Sony a7 III:
Sony a7S II:
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
Rx100 V:
GoPro Hero 7:
Insta 360 One X:
Memory Card:

PINK LOVER 9 timmar sedan
I love watching people unbox things I could never pay for
Abilashini Sureshkumar
Abilashini Sureshkumar 14 timmar sedan
Omg 🤩🤩🤩🤩 Apple is not a product it’s an emotion 🖤
Lirik Murtezi
Lirik Murtezi 15 timmar sedan
aj love u 😍😍
Lirik Murtezi
Lirik Murtezi 15 timmar sedan
playse giv me ipad
CrystalKayla plays!
CrystalKayla plays! 17 timmar sedan
lol your so funny
Dau7hy Dag sedan
She's so girlish annoying...
Christie Alamo
Christie Alamo Dag sedan
La lia Army
La lia Army Dag sedan
Justine can u give me one of your Apples?😭
Christie Alamo
Christie Alamo Dag sedan
Join me
Chance Rangel
Chance Rangel 2 dagar sedan
1:45 you can see she has a tattoo
LAMAR SUS 2 dagar sedan
Hey u guys did u know that Steve jobs is arabic and now he is dead?
J Shelton
J Shelton 2 dagar sedan
pink is your favorit i think
Itsuka•Aoiu• 2 dagar sedan
What cheap iPad do you recommend for me to watch,play and normal things?
CARINA 3 dagar sedan
Ok immaSend me up for the games
Lazna Åkerberg
Lazna Åkerberg 3 dagar sedan
I have all kinds of colors but my fav i the sky 🌌 blue
Sneha Soni
Sneha Soni 3 dagar sedan
Which one is better for medical iPad pro or ipad air 4🤔🤔🤔
Saket Ram Vedurumudi
Saket Ram Vedurumudi 4 dagar sedan
how mutch did evrything cost you
Brenda Caslin
Brenda Caslin 4 dagar sedan
Where did u get yours from
Mango Lover
Mango Lover 4 dagar sedan
Beacuse of you I bought a ipad air LOL
Amira albassri
Amira albassri 4 dagar sedan
monky 4 dagar sedan
i wish there was faceID
Rafif 5 dagar sedan
My mom is gonna sell my old iPad and get me that one the iPad Air with the pencil
Coffeeman77 6 dagar sedan
The pink is a good color
the boy fam the best fam
the boy fam the best fam 6 dagar sedan
Advik Singh
Advik Singh 7 dagar sedan
scribbling is also my favourite feature just subscribed
Advik Singh
Advik Singh 7 dagar sedan
This makes me want to buy 100 Apple ipad airs
Jhade Vincent
Jhade Vincent 7 dagar sedan
Budget hates apple Apple loves money and fame
Deadshot -_-
Deadshot -_- 7 dagar sedan
shes lefty i guess right?
NSR NERON 7 dagar sedan
I have it but it is lime
Ahaan Sachdev
Ahaan Sachdev 8 dagar sedan
I just got mine with the magic keyboard and Apple Pencil
Walnut 8 dagar sedan
her: look at this. LOOK AT THIS. me with my iphone 5c: yea
Asoo Mohamed
Asoo Mohamed 8 dagar sedan
Like lollipops
Apple Nuskiya
Apple Nuskiya 8 dagar sedan
When are you going to have kids
tootiee 8 dagar sedan
Ipad or macbook?
Max and Ollie Spight
Max and Ollie Spight 9 dagar sedan
Kay Millan
Kay Millan 9 dagar sedan
Who got this iPad air 4 in 64gb? Is it worth it or should I get it in 256gb?? I have iPhone 12 Pro 256gb and MacBook Pro base model should I get this iPad Air 4 or iPad Pro 2020 because it’s close in price ?? I am stuck between the 2 ?? Advice please
Mark Pyle
Mark Pyle 9 dagar sedan
What apple pen is that
EDIT YOUR OWN 10 dagar sedan
Everyone should get this iPad it’s better than iPad Pro but have it in the same color
Christie Alamo
Christie Alamo 10 dagar sedan
ChlowiiYT 10 dagar sedan
Im getting the pro 528gb 😌😌
Haris hasan
Haris hasan 10 dagar sedan
PLease Please Justine i wantone Pleaew
Reyansh Mathur
Reyansh Mathur 10 dagar sedan
I love that people are enjoying Touch ID on the power button when even 300$ Samsung phones have that P.S. I’m not hating on Apple I live completely in the ecosystem....
Ferdiansyah Bbm
Ferdiansyah Bbm 11 dagar sedan
Best review everrrr
Yoel Syed Jibran
Yoel Syed Jibran 11 dagar sedan
Your dump it’s gold
aisha ali
aisha ali 11 dagar sedan
I wishni uad ipad air 4 for school
Muhammad manga
Muhammad manga 12 dagar sedan
Rip i dont have friends
Themurderer_ Rblx
Themurderer_ Rblx 13 dagar sedan
Did it just say Ego? 6:51
Ashish Vishwakarma
Ashish Vishwakarma 13 dagar sedan
OMG! you are so beautiful..
Rakesh Patel
Rakesh Patel 13 dagar sedan
She is really very cute 🤩😌
Zahidi Zamri
Zahidi Zamri 14 dagar sedan
Justine: This is the first time I play call on mobile duty on ipad Also Justine: 0 death
Julian Zambrano
Julian Zambrano 14 dagar sedan
I had not seen your videos in a while and I stopped one minute in to come to the comment section and say AMAZIN JOB WITH THE FILMING SET UP. I said to myself: is this a tv show that she now uploads also to her YT channel? - love the camera / video quality, and the set up and background as well. So good!
Gaming with Sam
Gaming with Sam 14 dagar sedan
i have this iPad and if your a kid and you love gaming this is the type of iPad for you
Mario Mario
Mario Mario 14 dagar sedan
You are amazing 🤩 and charming
Mario Mario
Mario Mario 14 dagar sedan
You are amazing 🤩 and charming
Christie Alamo
Christie Alamo 14 dagar sedan
Scan ID on iPad Air
Kate Edwards
Kate Edwards 15 dagar sedan
where does she get all of the stuff from? i love watching things that i cant afford
NISHCHHALPRO 15 dagar sedan
Getting mine tomorrow Imma watch every IPad Air 4 unboxing till then
My channel Y
My channel Y 15 dagar sedan
I have the same iPad as this same colour and everything same.
Nnnvvv Nnnvvv
Nnnvvv Nnnvvv 16 dagar sedan
Stop overreacting ijustine
Umb O
Umb O 16 dagar sedan
Remember when you just whipped out a notebook and pen and were ready to go in 2 seconds without registering your fingerprints to a strange corporation? Man those were good times. Notebooks are $2. Pens are like $1. * Great review, though, props.
• Jesselyn •
• Jesselyn • 17 dagar sedan
Same fase And same Color gurl
Nufaysa_ 21
Nufaysa_ 21 17 dagar sedan
Nintendo switch love it woo
Nufaysa_ 21
Nufaysa_ 21 17 dagar sedan
Pink is your favorite color duh
spells wizard
spells wizard 17 dagar sedan
Can i just ask how big is the ipad?
Heidi S
Heidi S 17 dagar sedan
it was a toss between the gold and the green and the green won. so stunning.
Coffeeman77 17 dagar sedan
I just bought mine in blue
Said Hashimi
Said Hashimi 17 dagar sedan
Caelin Heusef Perez
Caelin Heusef Perez 17 dagar sedan
*I'm Happy For People Got What They Wanted And The Thing That I Can't Buy*
T 17 dagar sedan
As I am watching this video on the iPad Air 4 I will say that I absolutely LOVE it!! If you have the chance to get one you should, along with the 2nd gen Apple Pencil. 😊
Neetu Nabi
Neetu Nabi 17 dagar sedan
what app is your fav in the new ipad air 4 goodnotes 5
Nicky Kamp
Nicky Kamp 18 dagar sedan
Can you have two screens to multitask?
LM12 but play video game
LM12 but play video game 18 dagar sedan
1:32 Pink, I think...
Aya Remeity
Aya Remeity 18 dagar sedan
Omg its pink
Siobhan28483 19 dagar sedan
Easily my favourite unboxing video of the new iPad Air or any unboxing video really! You are hilarious! 😂 I’m currently waiting for my iPad Air to be delivered. I also went for the rose gold. 😍
Nufaysa_ 21
Nufaysa_ 21 19 dagar sedan
I just got one that’s why I am watching this video and it wasn’t planned but I got a pink one too
TheTanadu 20 dagar sedan
It's fun for me to see excitement of technology (touchid in button) which is going backwards or it's stale (in Apple products). And it's not revolutionary. But overall this one iPad is a good one tablet actually
maryam zeeshan
maryam zeeshan 20 dagar sedan
I will be getting a new iPad. Can anyone help me to buy which one iPad Pro or iPad Air 4
Elena Saez
Elena Saez 20 dagar sedan
I think she uses every device every week
Kai Flare
Kai Flare 20 dagar sedan
I’m getting an iPad Air 4 and the Apple Pencil 2nd generation😁😁 Color: green💚💚💚💚💚💚 By the way i love your videos Justine 😇😊
Destiny Salazar
Destiny Salazar 21 dag sedan
People: “Justine when are you going to have kids😊?” Justine: “I have 2 right here 💻😐💻
Zero Anime
Zero Anime 21 dag sedan
Anybody notice how she’s screaming of excitement My iPad - bro you did the same thing when you got me
Sadi Mosimanegape
Sadi Mosimanegape 21 dag sedan
My new obsession is watching people get things I will never hace
Elijah Siko
Elijah Siko 18 dagar sedan
Omwana oyo
Elijah Siko
Elijah Siko 18 dagar sedan
Lovelylibragina Lovelylibragina
Lovelylibragina Lovelylibragina 22 dagar sedan
My brother is gonna get an iPad Pro 2021 on March31 and he is gonna give me his old iPad mini2
Lya Aesthetic
Lya Aesthetic 22 dagar sedan
Khai Spitler
Khai Spitler 22 dagar sedan
I want the iPad air but my dad don’t want me to buy it
TC closmore
TC closmore 22 dagar sedan
Sky blue
Kazi Yaad
Kazi Yaad 22 dagar sedan
Could you please give me the real apple website link?
Madison Sparkle
Madison Sparkle 23 dagar sedan
Me and my brother love your channel
Macarena Vázquez
Macarena Vázquez 23 dagar sedan
I love your vids and ⭐️NEW SUBSCRIBER⭐️
emeyeay 23 dagar sedan
I love how grateful and excited she is
Anuradha dutta
Anuradha dutta 24 dagar sedan
I think your favorite color is pink or rose gold
Darkcrowplayz2021 25 dagar sedan
Stop making me so jealous
AMY ROUNTREE 25 dagar sedan
Reema fun
Reema fun 25 dagar sedan
Now is March 20 2021 in my birthday is on April 6th 20013 and I am going to have the ipad 👧💃
Chloe Zabala
Chloe Zabala 25 dagar sedan
I wish I can I have one too🥺 but I can’t
Joshua Varghese
Joshua Varghese 25 dagar sedan
16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. .John 3 v 16 and 17
Sudharshana JRK
Sudharshana JRK 26 dagar sedan
Showing all cool features of new iPad Me: want this My Bank Balance: Then Sell your kidney..
Bainomugisha Desire
Bainomugisha Desire 26 dagar sedan
When are you having real kids
Bainomugisha Desire
Bainomugisha Desire 26 dagar sedan
Hey justine although i have never met you , I think you are cool
Valentina Neubauer
Valentina Neubauer 27 dagar sedan
UR favorite color is obviously pink
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