Apple Fitness+ Review!

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Got a chance to check out Apple's new Fitness+ service over the last few days and it's been really amazing. Looking forward to seeing what you guys think of it!
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Any RD
Any RD 5 dagar sedan
Meanwhile in Europe “this service is not available in your area”. Region locking is anti-consumer BS.
Any RD
Any RD 3 dagar sedan
@Greed Demon unfortunately a lot of services have block listed VPN addresses. you actually need an American account to access these services. Apple doesn’t even sell their HomePods in some EU countries.
Greed Demon
Greed Demon 4 dagar sedan
Corey Blowers
Corey Blowers 5 dagar sedan
You already know you are gorgeous I just could not resist telling you Your right
Henry Jones Jr.
Henry Jones Jr. 7 dagar sedan
Why is everyone so over-excited?
Joud Falfali
Joud Falfali 7 dagar sedan
I never seen Apple Fitness+ app
Britt Schwei
Britt Schwei 12 dagar sedan
This was helpful, I have a three month free trial I’ll start up tonight- thank you!
Cussin’ in the kitchen Kay23
Cussin’ in the kitchen Kay23 14 dagar sedan
I got the three months of free apple fitness, and I’m LOVING IT! I can connect it to my ipad and run on my treadmill. The classes are really awesome! I’ll definitely be paying for it once the free trial is over.
JaXu 18 dagar sedan
with that peloton treadmill alone i would have lost 1 pound a day xD
Sunny Khullar
Sunny Khullar 19 dagar sedan
Please give me an iphone
Jax 21 dag sedan
David Pires-Smith
David Pires-Smith 22 dagar sedan
This review really inspired me to get an Apple Watch and give the service a go. Thanks Justine!
Emma Connolly
Emma Connolly 23 dagar sedan
I already have Peloton Digital and I tried one of the Fitness+ cycling classes to compare and the instructor didn’t really motivate me. He didn’t give me specific output or resistance like the peloton rides so I didn’t feel like I got a workout. Maybe I will have to try the other types of classes
Patrick Bernardi de Freitas
Patrick Bernardi de Freitas Månad sedan
Can multiple people do the workouts at the same time? I can't find if it's possible anywhere(and can't test it bcs I don't have an iphone and fitness+ isn't available here yet I believe)
ᖇIᑕᕼIᗴ ᒪOᐯᗴ:
ᖇIᑕᕼIᗴ ᒪOᐯᗴ: Månad sedan
I love you you made it so easy to understand ♥️new follower can you explain the new update 7.3 to how to use it with the fitness+
ktm im
ktm im Månad sedan
Normally I (just me) hate your content but this was really good. Thanks!
Potato Audio
Potato Audio Månad sedan
Lamarr Wilson 1 month ago What a fantastic video! Waiting for the update so I can dust off my treadmill, lol!
Anthony Ryder
Anthony Ryder Månad sedan
if you buy from Best Buy you can get 6 months free
William Vo
William Vo Månad sedan
Hey Justine, Wanna do ‘What’s on my Apple TV library Collection?’
Maritza Caraballo
Maritza Caraballo Månad sedan
What size watch do u have 40 or 44?
Natalie P
Natalie P Månad sedan
Can you make the content available offline? and do you have to select your own apple music? or do the classes come with background music?
L D Månad sedan
Great video, Justine! For 80 bucks a year, I'm in!
Gill Chieu
Gill Chieu Månad sedan
Anyone else having difficulties projecting from iPad/iPhone to TV? Why is wireless casting disabled? Lightning to HDMI not able to mirror videos on TV. USB-C to HDMI works, but why must we upgrade from iPad to Pro? Why must we buy/upgrade to AppleTV?
Daniel Spieth
Daniel Spieth Månad sedan
Apple Fitness is just ok. The Cycling classes are fine but the strength classes are not robust. The core workouts are a bit slow. Les Mills are way better. I am going back to Les Mills after my trial runs out.
mrmaxin53 Månad sedan
does apple fitness require you to have apple music in order to have background music during workouts?
Fatima Bagayan
Fatima Bagayan Månad sedan
Etharth Baratheon
Etharth Baratheon Månad sedan
Jim Rubel
Jim Rubel Månad sedan
Maybe a dumb question but... Can you use the fitness app without an Apple watch? Meaning... Can I just strap my iPhone to my bicep and get it to work? I haven't been able to find this info. Everywhere I look they want to sell me the watch, which I really don't want that much.
Chris Ascencio
Chris Ascencio Månad sedan
My fitness app doesn’t connect to my Apple Watch. Wack
Lucas Månad sedan
I can’t wait for it to drop in France! I hope we’ll have access to the same trainers!
Jan Månad sedan
Great summary. We got Fitness+ yesterday and love it so far! The integration with Apple Watch is amazing. I wish there were more workouts and styles and I’m sure there will be more added over time. Also wish two people could link their watch at the same time. Soon!
thesparewheel Månad sedan
Injustice is a huge supporter of child labour like every apple fan
David Holt
David Holt Månad sedan
Have used this for a week but the music is important for my work outs. Peloton has far more music options. I may hang till end Feb but without improvements I’m back to Peloton. If music is not important for you this might be what your after.
SøS_Ghöst :3
SøS_Ghöst :3 Månad sedan
Ni pensar que esta preciosura tiene mas de 35 años 😍
savagemadman Månad sedan
Neat idea, but not for me in the current form. Will they ever get non-American trainers for those of us in the English speaking world who don't connect well with the US?
Drucilla Jones
Drucilla Jones Månad sedan
i REALLY want an apple watch i have £100 and i need like £300, so i know i'll never get one so i'm just watching loads of apple watch videos pretending i have one......😭😂
Oscar Hernandez
Oscar Hernandez Månad sedan
Where can I get that candle from the yoga segment?
Will Månad sedan
Nice video. Question that I have is can u use a heart rate/chest strap with your Apple Watch so one can get more accurate reading?? Thank you
Cristina G
Cristina G Månad sedan
Hi, can you post an updated video on your Peloton Treadmill? Thanks for all the great info!!!
Dr. Cole
Dr. Cole Månad sedan
This was a good, comprehensive, and informative review. I enjoyed seeing you review several types of Fitness+ activities. I’d enjoy seeing another review after using it for a month or so. One note: you do not need to bring your Apple Watch super close to the TV. My wife, both kids, and I all have Apple Watches and whenever one of us is beginning a new Fitness + routine, the Apple TV typically shows all four watches no matter where we are in the house. Finally, that is one of my two critiques of Fitness +. First, it would be great to allow multiple friends to do a workout together. This would be easy if they were both in the same house. Even cooler would be integrating FaceTime to allow you and a friend anywhere else in the world to complete a routine together, all while sharing your stats on the workout with each other and seeing/talking to one another (with an option to hide our video of we don’t all look like you when we workout). The second critique is simple: they really need to add elliptical routines for those of us with older knees.
Lg Hammer
Lg Hammer Månad sedan
Cool, thanks for the look @ the new Fitness+ experience 😃
Guillermo Serra
Guillermo Serra Månad sedan
I wish they launch this service for the often-forgotten customers in Latin America.
GASLIGHT Månad sedan
It’s no P90X.
panda_brit Månad sedan
This is the gym motivation Ive been needing. Sign me up apple.
Mason and Crew Fragrance Reviews
Mason and Crew Fragrance Reviews Månad sedan
Do they do live sessions and workouts? 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Fatima Bagayan
Fatima Bagayan Månad sedan
no they don’t do live
özge sağıroğlu
özge sağıroğlu Månad sedan
wow this app is useless and awful. there r tons of other apps that does more. and this girl promoting it like its sliced bread is so lame.
craig woodgate
craig woodgate Månad sedan
Does it have cycling as one of the fitness classes and if it does is it indoor cycling only such as exercise bike not road biking as I am looking for one that is comparable with road biking i am currently using the samsung galaxy watch that tracks your heart rate distance and time when you are cycling but was looking for something thats slightly different
Night Rider
Night Rider Månad sedan
On “core” workouts I am in the lead of most people.
Night Rider
Night Rider Månad sedan
I just got fitness plus, SHUT UP, it is so awesome.
Logan Easterday
Logan Easterday 2 månader sedan
Does anyone know why I can't download it
ANAK Creates
ANAK Creates 2 månader sedan
Very great review!! I was bummed i couldn’t get this with the Apple Watch 2.. may be time for an upgrade since I really want this to add to my workout routines!
Katherine 2 månader sedan
I love your videos!!
flhrci1 2 månader sedan
Just found out Fitness+ WILL NOT cast to a smart tv with AirPlay. You can watch the preview videos but the actual workout videos only deliver sound and a blank screen. Its disappointing to be forced to buy an AppleTV or use the small iPhone or iPad screen to do the workouts.
Anna Swindle
Anna Swindle 2 månader sedan
I cant connect my watch with my ipad for workouts can anyone help me???
Hitesh Elango
Hitesh Elango 2 månader sedan
Does fitness + support iPhone 6’s ?
Milán Kingma
Milán Kingma 2 månader sedan
@Hitesh Elango no problem!
Hitesh Elango
Hitesh Elango 2 månader sedan
Oh ,ok thanks.
Milán Kingma
Milán Kingma 2 månader sedan
If it's on iOS 14.3
Ryan Wells
Ryan Wells 2 månader sedan
Hey congrats! Promoting a company that uses slave laboring to manufacture their technology.
lohyewcheong 2 månader sedan
I have an Apple Watch. I have an iMac 🖥 and a Mac mini. But I do NOT own an iPhone or an iPad. Can I use Apple Fitness Plus?
md w
md w 2 månader sedan
Can you tell me about those dumbbells ? What are they and where can I get them ?
Oliver Santiago
Oliver Santiago 2 månader sedan
My activity does not have the workout thing that u have why.....
anahi071007 Månad sedan
You need to update your phone and watch and any other device
洋蔥漫談 The Onion Talk
洋蔥漫談 The Onion Talk 2 månader sedan
Amazing review!Thanks!
MultiVigarista 2 månader sedan
1:50 😳🥵
FNXrose 2 månader sedan
Does anyone know if it will work with the apple tv app on a Roku tv or does it HAVE to be on the apple tv device?
phynx2006 2 månader sedan
Wait, there was a party last weekend, dam I missed it 😂😂😂
Rod Munch
Rod Munch 2 månader sedan
You can do all the stuff in Florida, you just can't do it in the communist state of California -- where only governors and local officials are allowed ignore the rules. Amazing how that always happens in socialism.
Raymundo Robles
Raymundo Robles 2 månader sedan
So Peloton or Fitness+ ? For at home workouts
RobT07 2 månader sedan
My Apple TV only says “Preview” but no “Let’s Go” option. My iPhone and iPad show both. Found a solution from Apple discussions: “I had this issue too. I created a support case with Apple, and they did not have an answer either. However, after much troubleshooting, I have appeared to resolve my issue. The "Home" Setup on the Apple TV was never completed. Once I did this, it started working 100% of the time. On the Apple TV go to Settings > AirPlay and HomeKit. I selected the Room to change the Name, and then it paired my phone with the Apple TV, setting up "My Home". Go back to the Fitness App and it should pair.”
Julie Hesketh
Julie Hesketh 2 månader sedan
Ok, I’ve three months free, I’m starting tomorrow! Great video as usual ❤️
Anthony Sun
Anthony Sun 2 månader sedan
nice case for the ipad, where did you get that? :)
CarlosG 2 månader sedan
It's cool but not that cool
Chase Wissbaum
Chase Wissbaum 2 månader sedan
“Looking for ways to look active” not me I’m sitting on my couch and the best workout I get is getting of the tv
md w
md w 2 månader sedan
My iPad is compatible and updated, can’t find it on iPads App Store, when try a workout and find a link to the app, it tells me some of the features required are not compatible....but that’s not true. Any suggestions ?
KevTheTrainer 2 månader sedan
Hey md w! Not 100% sure if this applies to the iPad, but when I updated software on my Apple TV, it automatically installed the Fitness app, so I didn’t have to download it from the store. See if it’s on your Home Screen somewhere!
jlitke233 2 månader sedan
why was your phone turned over during yoga? what are you hiding from us?? 😆
Christian Valentine
Christian Valentine 2 månader sedan
Absolutely do Yoga in the morning to start.
Ryan Lewandowski
Ryan Lewandowski 2 månader sedan
Who makes that weight set you used?
Jonathan Davila
Jonathan Davila 2 månader sedan
Wait y’all work out 👁👄👁
Human Function Podcast
Human Function Podcast 2 månader sedan
Hi. Justine. I am Brendan’s partner and was wondering where your pink top is from? Great video. I am now wanting to buy the same watch as you and use the fitness app!
Josue Arevalo
Josue Arevalo 2 månader sedan
I have the Peloton Tread Plus and Bike and I just got a Tempo a few weeks ago! How do you see this fitting in with that content? I already have Apple Fitness Plus because I have Apple One. I feel like I have too much fitness content and not enough time to consume it all. What is your experience as far as rotating between the different content between the 3, Peloton, Tempo, and Apple Fitness plus? Also, I notice I get less calories when using Apple Watch for working out vs using my Scosche rhythm connected to the Peloton Bike/Tread or the Tempo. Why is that?
Wynnie M
Wynnie M 2 månader sedan
Great video! Santa's bringing me an Apple Watch for Christmas and I'm really excited for this. The only thing I'm worried about is the whole Apple Music playlist selection part- even though my taste in music is available on the Apple Store, I highly doubt it would be pre-selected as one of the options. Is the music customizable in more detail?
KevTheTrainer 2 månader sedan
Hey, Wynnie! You’re able to filter the classes you want to take by music preference: Chill Vibes, Hip Hop/R&B, Latin Grooves, Throwback Hits, Upbeat Anthems, Everything Rock, Latest Hits, Pure Dance and Top Country. You’re unable to change the songs in the workout, so as far as customization, you’re pretty much only able to search for a class that suits your genre. Hope that helps!
Jpbergin2 2 månader sedan
Great review but there’s one thing no one is talking about that drives me crazy. I exercise every day ( I have not missed a day this entire year) using my Series 6 Apple Watch and I love reviewing the data, metrics, trends etc... to determine if I’m making progress. The problem is, I’m stuck reviewing it on my iPhone’s small screen. Why can’t I review my fitness data on my iPad Pro and why is no one talking about that?? The new app would have been the perfect time to enable that capability and yet, it didn’t happen. Very frustrating. I would also like to see Apple cater to more series athletes rather than just the casual user but that’s a whole other matter. Would love to hear your thoughts.
KevTheTrainer 2 månader sedan
That’s a really awesome idea, Jpbergin2! I hope that since Apple’s pushing fitness content onto iPads and Apple TV’s that those metrics come available for review there too. Also, amazing job working out every single day this year; 2020 especially! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Michelle Southworth
Michelle Southworth 2 månader sedan
My apple watch activity ap did not reflect the fitness+ workouts I just did. 🤪 definitely getting an apple tv box so i can watch on tv screen because ipad is just too small for floor workouts. Ipad or phone are fine for treadmill or cycle.
KevTheTrainer 2 månader sedan
Totally agree on getting an Apple TV to view the workouts on a big screen. The experience is a lot better!
Brandon Eash
Brandon Eash 2 månader sedan
Is this compatible with the Apple Watch series 4?
KevTheTrainer 2 månader sedan
Yes! Apple Watch Series 3 and above!
Tor 2 månader sedan
McDonald's targeting people who wants to get in shape with their ads - it's just nasty.
Barry Macockiner
Barry Macockiner 2 månader sedan
The dark yam conclusively trap because thunderstorm histologically level worth a nosy instrument. well-groomed, tender tense fired
J 2 månader sedan
Do I still need to go 24 hours Fitness? Or planet fitness
KevTheTrainer 2 månader sedan
I’d say it’s a great replacement unless you need access to more strength equipment to build more muscle! Otherwise, you can burn a lot of calories and improve your mobility with just their classes!
Jared White
Jared White 2 månader sedan
Useless for a wheelchair user
An C
An C 2 månader sedan
Funny how people get so excited whenever they come out with a new way to take their money
Emily L.
Emily L. 2 månader sedan
I am loving AF+ so far, especially yoga, dance, and mindful cool downs. I’m excited to get back to the gym so I can try the treadmill and bike classes!
KevTheTrainer 2 månader sedan
Right! I’d love to try the running classes on a treadmill.
Erik Capuder
Erik Capuder 2 månader sedan
7:30 what’s the size of this TV
640 2 månader sedan
Apple is really firing on all cylinders, the competition is so far back...they can't even see them!
clip gamer
clip gamer 2 månader sedan
I like your pony tail 😍
Hayden Davis
Hayden Davis 2 månader sedan
I have a lot of catching up to do. Having a ijustine marathon
Ferran Burgos berroy
Ferran Burgos berroy 2 månader sedan
Fitness plus ,para España yaaaaaaaaa
HitchSteam 2 månader sedan
Well, IF you have an iPhone AND IF you live in the US.......... I don't understand why Apple doesn't enable this worldwide in English........ So everyone could opt to take this in English......
Erik van Ravenstein
Erik van Ravenstein 2 månader sedan
I dislike you Ijustine. You are faker than fake media. And you look like the Dutch queen. She has no real friends either. All fake smiles. No real joy.
Roman Legeza
Roman Legeza 2 månader sedan
And no one mentions that it doesn't work through screen mirroring on a TV :(
Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis 2 månader sedan
Personally the only thing I like about apple fitness is the watch integration. The workouts are really really basic, geared towards people that have never worked out at all.The strength training is only functional. I am an avid exerciser and wish this was much more diverse for strength training
Romania Official
Romania Official 2 månader sedan
just download samsung health if you have a samsung tv and they have videos
Alexander Haugbjørg
Alexander Haugbjørg 2 månader sedan
Anyone know when it'll be available in Europe?
KevTheTrainer 2 månader sedan
Hey Alexander! Apple Fitness+ is currently available in the United Kingdom and Ireland, however, Apple hasn’t said when it will be available in any other countries.
Theodore Hartman
Theodore Hartman 2 månader sedan
$10.00 a month is a lot of money especially when SEmost is full of good workout channels. I was hoping the fitness app from Apple would be priced like Apple TV +. BUTT.... If you do use fitness channels a money contribution would be well received.
Rynaldo 2 månader sedan
I love this and I can’t wait to try it but I need to know where she got that iPad cover
pilotnh2 2 månader sedan
Apple blocking AirPlay is a total dealbreaker on this.
KevTheTrainer 2 månader sedan
100%. I thought that would be a great loophole, but they thought ahead on that too haha
bjelln 2 månader sedan
Wait, how are you getting all this? I did the free month trial and it's not showing up anywhere. And how did you get it on your ipad???
aggs bz
aggs bz 2 månader sedan
Who is the music by for the yoga. Thx
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