Robots are cleaning my house!

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This video is sponsored by iRobot. To learn more about the iRobot Roomba i7+ robot vacuum and Braava jet m6 robot mop, and to purchase your own, click here:
Snapchat: iJustine

Sony a7 III:
Sony a7S II:
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
Rx100 V:
GoPro Hero 7:
Insta 360 One X:
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GMH730YT 14 timmar sedan
What the heck happened to your Neato?
ElisCørn90Roblox Rutger
ElisCørn90Roblox Rutger 6 dagar sedan
The bravaa...Does it Wash on rugs?
Jesse Taylor-Vigneux
Jesse Taylor-Vigneux 8 dagar sedan
I wonder if someone has ever called their robots Dobby or Kreacher??
MUSIC AND NATURE 12 dagar sedan
1 as good
Wilson Rao
Wilson Rao 16 dagar sedan
You now have Echo Show 10, do you want to connect these robots with your Alexa device
ElisCørn90Roblox Rutger
ElisCørn90Roblox Rutger 17 dagar sedan
I havet sweeper
Brayan Machic Escalante
Brayan Machic Escalante 18 dagar sedan
i will not neen to clean
Itzel Jimenez
Itzel Jimenez 19 dagar sedan
My mom said that she comes and clean youer house
John Haesendonckx
John Haesendonckx 20 dagar sedan
buy roborock way better roborock s5 max
羽澤聡修 25 dagar sedan
Providence Stanley
Providence Stanley 29 dagar sedan
Kaya Kalkandelen
Kaya Kalkandelen Månad sedan
you are so lazy you have a small dog you can clean your house on your own
vishnu dev
vishnu dev Månad sedan
Ijustine i love you.
Adrianne Fung
Adrianne Fung Månad sedan
Adrianne Fung
Adrianne Fung Månad sedan
DogLover 10-18
DogLover 10-18 Månad sedan
Ijustine and her sister Jenna is the only ones I enjoy watching when it comes to unboxing things. Cause they get straight to the point.
Cat929 Foxy5
Cat929 Foxy5 Månad sedan
Maddy: oh, a robot? Nothing new.
riccccccardo Månad sedan
Great she can spend more time in the kitchen.
Narayan Dharel
Narayan Dharel Månad sedan
i heard dyson is up
Wilson Rao
Wilson Rao 2 månader sedan
What, Roomba mama and baby Braava
Wilson Rao
Wilson Rao 2 månader sedan
And Roomba i7+ and Shark IQ self empty are different
Wilson Rao
Wilson Rao 2 månader sedan
Roomba i7 and i7+ are different
Wilson Rao
Wilson Rao 2 månader sedan
I7+ has clean base
Wilson Rao
Wilson Rao 2 månader sedan
I7, not self empty
Wilson Rao
Wilson Rao 2 månader sedan
I got one Roomba 675
Wilson Rao
Wilson Rao 2 månader sedan
It’s name is Roomba, I will say Alexa, turn on Roomba
Stella Sheng
Stella Sheng 2 månader sedan
i have the brava jet and it got stuck once it was so funny 😆 (i named it mr fatti patti 😂)
すいらば / SWEETS LOVER CHANNEL 2 månader sedan
Robot vacuums are very convenient! I also use another vacuum cleaner. The video is very interesting! Please come visit me on my channel. With love from Japan :)
Basket Ball BFB - Roblox
Basket Ball BFB - Roblox 2 månader sedan
I named my roomba 890 Brushy.
Jerjees Ghoury
Jerjees Ghoury 2 månader sedan
ImTheMart 2 månader sedan
If only the braava had automatic water refill, like the roomba has to empty it out
Roll Tide 16802
Roll Tide 16802 2 månader sedan
We have the Bissell cross wave
Alma Macias
Alma Macias 2 månader sedan
שובל רובי
שובל רובי 2 månader sedan
I have both of them in my house lol
LXR 2 månader sedan
I bought one of the roombas and I used it for 2 weeks until it broke... idk y, but I think i just got unlucky because my mom has one of them and it works fine for her. It just sucks that mine was a faulty model or whatever.
TBC Spamy
TBC Spamy 2 månader sedan
Weir flex but okay?
Burmese USA
Burmese USA 2 månader sedan
so iRobot Roomba i7 wont do the mopping job? only vacuuming? I need a recommendation to have just one Robots for both jobs to be done. please
Kastefer Månad sedan
roborock s5 max is a good choice for that
Bryan Riggs
Bryan Riggs 2 månader sedan
For the same reason i returned my roomba after 2 weeks of use, and got the new one with three functions: sweeping, vacuuming and mopping and i'm incredibly happy with it, so think twice before you jump, there is a great brands out there with a great deals compared to irobot.
Keith McKeown
Keith McKeown 2 månader sedan
Sharrie Ross
Sharrie Ross 2 månader sedan
For wowowowop
Sicilian Chick
Sicilian Chick 2 månader sedan
She is spoiled
TCPMFS Admin 3 månader sedan
am i the only one who thinks the braava is cute?
Naiyah Patel
Naiyah Patel 3 månader sedan
so it has a lidar scanner that scans the room
Naiyah Patel
Naiyah Patel 3 månader sedan
these robots are expensive for what they are but if you want something like these to clean your house then maybe these are the ones for you
Riley Mishina
Riley Mishina 3 månader sedan
I thought Matty would sit on the vacuum when it started moving
Treisten Zenland
Treisten Zenland 3 månader sedan
I named my i3+ Gizmo LOL
JULIANA VAZQUEZ 3 månader sedan
do you really use temi the robot
Rushil Harry
Rushil Harry 3 månader sedan
Roomba i7+ and braava jet m6, the perfect pair, good choice
Watch and Learn
Watch and Learn 3 månader sedan
Hey justine can u please tell which university did u read in for being a tech expert
Tom Holland
Tom Holland 3 månader sedan
I would love to go into Justin’s house and shout hey google hey Siri and Alex it would be absolute chaos
Marc LeBlanc
Marc LeBlanc 3 månader sedan
Roomba and dog poop do not go well together.
Kim 3 månader sedan
I have the same dog so this was the best video for me lol
Boo Boo
Boo Boo 3 månader sedan
Lazy bum
Umar Ali
Umar Ali 3 månader sedan
When she says base station I feel like she said space station
nop sled
nop sled 3 månader sedan
Dod you just slice that box with a sog seal pup? Lol
Ashwin Raj
Ashwin Raj 3 månader sedan
I bought the exact same thing
slogibo slog
slogibo slog 3 månader sedan
What happens to your Neato Botvac you have done the Past
Richard smith
Richard smith 4 månader sedan
I have a Jet and a 980. They are like having kids. You have to constantly clean up after them and are always throwing a fit(error codes)
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh 4 månader sedan
it has also a feature that u missed it that was when i7+ finished cleaning, Braava jet automatically start mopping both are synchronized so you don't need to worry about mopping hahahaha i know because i have both of them and i use everyday without any worry
Steven Holt
Steven Holt 4 månader sedan
The future of automation. All we need now are robotic window cleaners inside and outside. The user is the master the robot is the slave.
edward batioco
edward batioco 4 månader sedan
I love you justine can you do a house tour?
Michael Prieto
Michael Prieto 4 månader sedan
I’m shocked Justine doesn’t have the s9 model
Xeelo 4 månader sedan
got the irobot e6 from costco. it’s not as good as the one justine has, however, it does the job. the only real downside is that it uses bounce technology, so the robot tends to go around the same spot for a bit. good piece of technology though.
Xeelo 4 månader sedan
@TypicalBlox yuh lol. it was on a discount for $250 and it was the cheapest of the irobot’s they had. perhaps i should’ve looked into another series for a better smart vacuum cleaner.
TypicalBlox 4 månader sedan
LOL why would you get that overpriced garbage, roborock for the win!
jbzhummerh2gamer 4 månader sedan
Careful with that long hair Justine, there was a lady who needed to change the battery & got her hair stuck in it. Needed to call the cops to help her get it out.
Hitman 47
Hitman 47 4 månader sedan
Get a life
David Hunter
David Hunter 4 månader sedan
Adna Sokolović
Adna Sokolović 4 månader sedan
What breed is your dog?
Ammar Bhutta
Ammar Bhutta 4 månader sedan
I have the 980 series and I was staring like the entire time when it was going
Ammar Bhutta
Ammar Bhutta 4 månader sedan
You are my top 3 favorite tech channel’s
Hedzer Castelein
Hedzer Castelein 4 månader sedan
I want to put my cat on it
Ayush Kumar
Ayush Kumar 4 månader sedan
Welcome to another you can't afford this vedio
Wyatt Giddens
Wyatt Giddens 4 månader sedan
I used to have one for my room but it has died and broke
Yvonne Graves
Yvonne Graves 5 månader sedan
That's Cool
moon 5 månader sedan
I personally hate how every ai robot has Alexa 😭
Sondra Findley
Sondra Findley 5 månader sedan
Justine, where did you get the Pokémon clock?
Jonatan L
Jonatan L 5 månader sedan
Imagine if it had Siri built in....
Emma Edwards
Emma Edwards 5 månader sedan
There is fridge you can get we're you out your foot under and the door opens and or I door opens or do dry till we put a bloody there with stoped the I robot going there
Ankita Singh
Ankita Singh 5 månader sedan
Wow I love it
Epic gamer
Epic gamer 5 månader sedan
Do you guys know if Eufy has the zone future on there robots
Brandy Ward
Brandy Ward 6 månader sedan
I have both and love them!
Gary Oldham
Gary Oldham 6 månader sedan
Just because you got free stuff you make false claims. Vacuum after the robots vacuum, we found it took 11 days to clean whole house, and when we vacuumed afterwards the vacuum would be full. They barely maintain at very least. ours still goes around wasting its time and then twic a week i vacuum everything it missed.
Grounded for 2 weeks
Grounded for 2 weeks 6 månader sedan
1:52 there’s another one of those Ethernet ports that she has laying everywhere
Chang Thao
Chang Thao 6 månader sedan
Tiger Cool Social Channel
Tiger Cool Social Channel 6 månader sedan
justine you are a show person in the good Way
Jeremy Laskowski
Jeremy Laskowski 6 månader sedan
should of got the Shark IQ Self Empty, 1/4 the price and bagless bin. I have two of them.
Jeremy Laskowski
Jeremy Laskowski 3 månader sedan
@TypicalBlox when the Neabot empties itself get back with me....
TypicalBlox 4 månader sedan
@Jeremy Laskowski The navigation is still trash compared to the Neabot
Jeremy Laskowski
Jeremy Laskowski 4 månader sedan
@TypicalBlox i own 3 shark IQ self empties. All 3 combined were cheaper than a roomba and does the same exact thing.
TypicalBlox 4 månader sedan
Its navigation is garbage, every reviewer that WASN'T paid by shark says that it is trash. The neabot is a much better deal.
Maggie Queen
Maggie Queen 6 månader sedan
I had a rumba and I love it
TonyG 6 månader sedan
I’m in two minds about buying one of these i just cant make my mind up lol
tECH wITH mE 6 månader sedan
My Mom Doesn't Want One! She says "We Have Too Many Things On The Floor."! Has She Been Living Under A Rock?!?
Natalie Stark
Natalie Stark 6 månader sedan
I've been wanting that combo for a while
Joseph X
Joseph X 6 månader sedan
it always had the map even before updating, it was just hidden lol
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 6 månader sedan
So cool 😎
Brahmika Reddy
Brahmika Reddy 6 månader sedan
Hi!!!! I was waiting for a total of 1 week. PLEASE UNBOX THE 2020 10.9 INCH 8 GEN IPAD PLSSSS
Frank Talking Blackpool
Frank Talking Blackpool 6 månader sedan
I've had a Roomba for two years and its honestly the best and most used bit of kit I have ever bought. I have not vacuumed for two years. Bit of a no-brainer😀 The best part of a robot cleaning your floors, is that your home smells fresher. And I have a small terrier dog shedding pet hair. Even though my Roomba is an obsolete model it is as powerful as my Dyson Animal vacuum. You don't need the most expensive Roomba, because they all do the same thing, suck up crap. And very well. But you do need a Roomba because the competition does not even come close. 😀
TypicalBlox 4 månader sedan
@Frank Talking Blackpool I know, the truth hurts.
Frank Talking Blackpool
Frank Talking Blackpool 4 månader sedan
@TypicalBlox There is only one word I can express here... "Cock"
TypicalBlox 4 månader sedan
HAHAHA "competition doesn't even come close" I think your brain doesn't work because Roborock and Deebot has PASSED irobot. Can your stupid Irobot avoid obstacles using a camera on the front? can Irobot's navigation work in the dark? Can Irobot be turned into a mop? NO, NO and NO. Roborock is better, use your brain.
Chillhaxer 6 månader sedan
ethernet nerd
Kia Robertson
Kia Robertson 6 månader sedan
The brava jet looks like a toilet for your puppy
Cody Private Channel
Cody Private Channel 6 månader sedan
One of my iRobot vacuums fell down the stairs and broke somehow, I am sure it was a software error but just saying they aren’t perfect, we got the newest version for each level and they have worked great.
Xingyue Tan
Xingyue Tan 6 månader sedan
Hahaha this is so surprising for Justine. Its so common on the other side of the world
Twila Davis
Twila Davis 7 månader sedan
I have both of these and I love em!
Bob Curry
Bob Curry 7 månader sedan
Darn you Justine, you made me buy this thing lol. I couldn’t resist...but since COVID I’ve not let housekeepers in the house, and I’ve saved more than the cost of this bundle already. *post-spending justification alert*
•Boba Miilk•
•Boba Miilk• 7 månader sedan
Lazy People need this.And I am one of Them..(But I already Have a Maid though,But this is just cool!)
FishinWithMikee 7 månader sedan
I’m glad I bought this
Joe Weller
Joe Weller 7 månader sedan
3... 2... 1... Activate!
Zep2460 7 månader sedan
I would like one of those, but I’d probably end up tripping over it!
Zach Downing
Zach Downing 7 månader sedan
Just need the Lawnmower one and you'd be set but I think you have artificial grass.
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