HomePod Mini! 💕

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Checking out the new HomePod Mini! It's so cute, but... powerful!
🎶 MUSIC I USE - share.epidemicsound.com/NNNGs
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steve 19 timmar sedan
Guys don’t believe these promo videos for Apple the HomePod is still not stable mostly says on it or one moment I’m having a problem - ask to play music and your HomePod will say on it or I’m having a problem - quality control is becoming very bad with Apple products think they have dropped the Apple.
Nikče 4 dagar sedan
i wan't it
Bhavna Tanwar
Bhavna Tanwar 5 dagar sedan
Over reacting 🤣🤣
Hassaan Qureshi
Hassaan Qureshi 4 dagar sedan
Yeah, um this is how people would react when they buy something like this. So yeah, um not over reacting.
Mark Mathosian
Mark Mathosian 18 dagar sedan
So dramatic. 😊 But that is good. LOL
Skylee Jeffrey
Skylee Jeffrey 27 dagar sedan
also thanks for bleeping out Siri. every time a SEmost says hey Siri it sets off my phone and my iPad and my bfs phone if he's around. so annoying
Skylee Jeffrey
Skylee Jeffrey 27 dagar sedan
I just bought it cuz I thought it would look cute on my desk haha. its cute :)
Lūkass Alpe
Lūkass Alpe 27 dagar sedan
Lūkass Alpe
Lūkass Alpe 27 dagar sedan
where can I get that light bulb???????
Bashar Abualmathaeed
Bashar Abualmathaeed 29 dagar sedan
Put faze rug music
Ling Aung
Ling Aung Månad sedan
Do Google nest mini
MilkBreadSetter Baby
MilkBreadSetter Baby Månad sedan
my heart jumped when she threw the homepod mini up into the air
Instant Shark
Instant Shark Månad sedan
0:17 uh oh
Sam Lai
Sam Lai Månad sedan
Kristen Jonas
Kristen Jonas Månad sedan
I love my HomePod. Didn’t get one till the mini came out though.
Alex Flaco
Alex Flaco Månad sedan
Apple quuen yeaass
RobloxSeePaa Månad sedan
she really getting the white version??
jackal monkey
jackal monkey 2 månader sedan
I look up home pod mini and the worst channel comes up for a suggestion. iramble.......
redpepper75 2 månader sedan
I watched like 15 of these homepod videos by SEmostrs... You're the first one where I could actually see the display colors show up on the white pod. Thank you.
solomon winters
solomon winters 2 månader sedan
I have to be careful! Throws it.
Alexandra Marie
Alexandra Marie 2 månader sedan
Is the big HomePod cordless?
Marie Jean-baptist
Marie Jean-baptist 2 månader sedan
Normal music:😠
Marie Jean-baptist
Marie Jean-baptist 2 månader sedan
Rock music :🤩
Rev. Tyler Mallari
Rev. Tyler Mallari 2 månader sedan
Sodium sloshed bridhe
andri404 2 månader sedan
price of home pod mimi in europe is 200 dolars
Raagam Parmar
Raagam Parmar 2 månader sedan
1:04 I call it The HomePod Snowman!
Syed Abbas Haider Naqvi
Syed Abbas Haider Naqvi 2 månader sedan
I love homepod mini because it looks like a cute baby.
Issac 2 månader sedan
When I do math homework I don’t have my phone I use my HomePod to do math 😅😅
Alfie Sanders
Alfie Sanders 2 månader sedan
Ordered mine , can’t wait ☺️!
Kerri McAlister
Kerri McAlister 2 månader sedan
1:07 YoU iS PErs0n NOw
Vinícius Porto
Vinícius Porto 2 månader sedan
This was so fun to watch! Unfortunately, it doesn't sell in Brazil... actually not even the bigger one. :|
Boston Red Sox fan
Boston Red Sox fan 2 månader sedan
AppleReview 2 månader sedan
They should have a feature that you can pair the big HomePod to the little one
Javin Gasca
Javin Gasca 2 månader sedan
when u unboxed the original it played the same third eye blind song.
elchatodeoro1 3 månader sedan
why can't she say Hey Siri?
Origami Central
Origami Central 3 månader sedan
0:50 I was scared that she was going to go and get scissors to cut the cable off.
Shaan Razal
Shaan Razal 3 månader sedan
These are the type of people who make money for apple !
Bodden Wachter
Bodden Wachter 3 månader sedan
I love it
Maia Adolphs
Maia Adolphs 3 månader sedan
You even have to use the charger in the box. it wouldn’t work with my iPad Pro wall charger
Corrin107 3 månader sedan
Omg I gonna get one for my mom’s birthday!
Zahidi Zamri
Zahidi Zamri 3 månader sedan
It's only $99 but when I convert it with my nation's currency, it becomes 398. I'm dead
Thomas Monaghan
Thomas Monaghan 3 månader sedan
I think all iPhones on iOS 14.2 or something can do the handoff but U1 devices can have the little haptic vibrations when it moves closer to the HomePod.
Varshith Aarav Gajula
Varshith Aarav Gajula 3 månader sedan
Not To be mean but Justine exaggerates alot
Watch and Learn
Watch and Learn 3 månader sedan
i do not get a join button to ur channel please a video on this too
Watch and Learn
Watch and Learn 3 månader sedan
Well Justine I'm such impressed by YOUR tech skills i told my mom (I'm still 11 years ) that mom im going to be a tech expert when i get bigger love ya please leave a reply wht u think about this
Watch and Learn
Watch and Learn 3 månader sedan
Well Justine im such impressed by ur tech skills i told my mom (im still 11 years ) that mom im gonna be a tech expert when i get bigger love ya plzzzx leave a reply wht u think about this
Etienn David mbela Tshimanga
Etienn David mbela Tshimanga 3 månader sedan
Etienn David mbela Tshimanga
Etienn David mbela Tshimanga 3 månader sedan
Relaxing Nature Sounds
Relaxing Nature Sounds 3 månader sedan
nice piece of kit
betches 3 månader sedan
Just shut the hell up
sparky prince
sparky prince 3 månader sedan
Tony Orsini
Tony Orsini 3 månader sedan
I found 4 iPhones near.... mood
Alexandre Goncalves
Alexandre Goncalves 3 månader sedan
Where can I find the nano leaf?
Toby Reads
Toby Reads 3 månader sedan
I got it in black for Christmas! Biggest surprise this year haha
Batmarin 3 månader sedan
I just love how having unboxed so many pieces of tech you're still so excited about a new one. Thank you for the vibe!
Vincent Caligione
Vincent Caligione Månad sedan
she's just so adorable when she gets new tech lmfaoooo
ahmed joy
ahmed joy 3 månader sedan
Hey justin homepod vs HomePod mini Sounds better??
Paul R
Paul R 3 månader sedan
AU$150 meh, I'll pass.
Yelitza Garcia
Yelitza Garcia 3 månader sedan
You soft it a bady be care ful then i am flying
Tiago Furtado
Tiago Furtado 3 månader sedan
I just got mine! I’m so excited
Wil Hellstedt
Wil Hellstedt 3 månader sedan
why. cant she say hey siri ?
Abdullah Jaffrani
Abdullah Jaffrani 3 månader sedan
U are so cute 😍
Conner Gates
Conner Gates 4 månader sedan
What’s the song that plays randomly on the speaker at the end?
Pablo Moscoso Caniuqueo
Pablo Moscoso Caniuqueo 4 månader sedan
❤️ I homepod mini!!! Jdjdjdjdjsjsjsjs
bmmomin 4 månader sedan
I like the floor lamp and would love to get one if you can share what it is. Btw, we love your beautiful videos!
Kelly Rackham
Kelly Rackham 4 månader sedan
It’s also the cheapest Apple device you can get. I’m also getting rid of my Amazon Alexa’s
DaveEP 4 månader sedan
Just got mine (x2 for stereo), but they are going to be returned. Setup through the iPhone (latest iOS installed) was trivial but connectivity after that is a disaster. Lots of music on my iPhone, but if I try to play it through the HomePod Mini it sometimes connects, and sometimes (mostly) not. When it does connect, it's only after a long pause (like 30 seconds to a minute), during which time the iPhone *thinks* it's playing but there's no sound from either HPM or the iPhone. If it ever actually connects you are already a minute in to the music and have to rewind. It NEVER connects immediately. NEVER. If I try to connect to play audio from another App, e.g. SEmost or Netflix it fails more times than it succeeds and even then it's almost always out of sync. When I say "Hey Siri, play 'xyz' it tells me its not found on Apple Music. Well, apart from the fact it IS on Apple music, it shouldn't have to even go to Apple Music, it's on the Phone already! I have never been soooo disappointed by an Apple product and I've been using them since the 80s. Something is very wrong here.
Oliver is the king Thunborg
Oliver is the king Thunborg 4 månader sedan
Hello! Why Apple not lanching HomePod to sweden??? I hate Google
phinsmagic 4 månader sedan
If you’re thinking people are complex, unique individuals...don’t read these comments 🤦‍♂️
Efrain Sanchez
Efrain Sanchez 4 månader sedan
Bought 4 of these to put in the living room, kitchen, room, and bathroom and use it to control my lights
Aspie 4 månader sedan
Warning: Homepod Mini Might turn you into a Circus clown.
TheLegendryZelda 4 månader sedan
Doesn’t Siri only activates when it’s heard our voice and not anybody else’s es? Why even censor it? XD
ReignsFx 4 månader sedan
Because people may have Homepods.
Brandon Fletcher Music
Brandon Fletcher Music 4 månader sedan
Apple did soooo good this year
Sharkyboy Ramzi
Sharkyboy Ramzi 4 månader sedan
Is it from apple
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 4 månader sedan
Cool 😎
Red Yoshi
Red Yoshi 4 månader sedan
1:56 I have a Google Home mini in my basement
RBR 4 månader sedan
Ffs. Get a grip.
Gaming with Col
Gaming with Col 4 månader sedan
This is probably my most watched video I can’t even count how many times I watched this It’s got to be like 100 million times I like do it over and over and over again and it never gets old and thanks for never saying hey Siri because other people do it in their videos and it triggers my HomePod mini every single time
Zoey Hutchins
Zoey Hutchins 4 månader sedan
Gaming with Col
Gaming with Col 4 månader sedan
Justine it’s a baby I have to be very careful then five seconds later proceeds to throw it up in the air and then tries to do it again but doesn’t.
Cxdy Rxblox
Cxdy Rxblox 4 månader sedan
I have to be careful...: throws it in the air
Kristopher Ertmer
Kristopher Ertmer 4 månader sedan
Chima Amanambu
Chima Amanambu 4 månader sedan
This is only $99 and it sounds like a million bucks.
Jacob Dusek
Jacob Dusek 4 månader sedan
Good music choice👍
Chad Charming
Chad Charming 4 månader sedan
Hmm I don’t have an answer for that, is there something else you want to ask me? Lol
Carson Sandau
Carson Sandau 4 månader sedan
I absolutely cannot believe that you can’t pair a mini and a original HomePod. This is disgusting to me that apple doesn’t mention it anywhere. They are pushing me dangerously close to using a better android operating device. What a scam.
Behrad Saadat
Behrad Saadat 4 månader sedan
What your tv mark
No Nofi
No Nofi 4 månader sedan
Are you having a good day?
David OFD
David OFD 4 månader sedan
She's annoying AF. How is she "popular"?
Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Adams 4 månader sedan
Justine:*gasp* I have to be so careful Also Justine two seconds later: *throws it up in the air*
John Yassa
John Yassa 4 månader sedan
Does anyone know what lights she uses beside her tv? Those look really dope.
Benne MY
Benne MY 4 månader sedan
This is so uninteresting. Her reactions are as genuine as traps.
Dean Rau
Dean Rau 4 månader sedan
I got to HomePods both of them are black but I'm gonna put one in the bathroom and I'm gonna put one in my Loft
lukesuperflyjones 4 månader sedan
Everyone literally has the same comments in this video lol. Justine catches the baby
Michael Lillis
Michael Lillis 4 månader sedan
just wait till you use shortcuts with it . golddd
Aiden Hasani
Aiden Hasani 4 månader sedan
Justines reaction to any new apple product is the equivalent of a crackhead getting the fox of their lives, I love it.
Julien Salomoni
Julien Salomoni 4 månader sedan
Can I pair 1 HomePod and 1 mini HomePod together on stereo ?
hieroglyphics22 4 månader sedan
Song at the end of the video: Flo Rida feat. Ne-Yo - Be on You (feat. Ne-Yo)
Lara Buzzi Strauhs Ferreira
Lara Buzzi Strauhs Ferreira 4 månader sedan
fds sdfa
fds sdfa 4 månader sedan
Girls usually have same reaction when they open my trousers
David Martin55
David Martin55 4 månader sedan
Please, What’s the sound when the Guy sing « YEAHHHHHH... » i like this song but didnt know it.
Wahla saab
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