NEW Apple Arcade games!

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iJustine 12 dagar sedan
Do you guys have any Apple Arcade favorites?
Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller 4 dagar sedan
I’m a bit biased since I was the Art Director, but you for sure should check out SurvivalZ! I’d love a reaction video!
Sarah Gilland
Sarah Gilland 6 dagar sedan
Omg I used to be obsessed with cut the rope as well! I didn’t know they remade it so thank you 😃 another favorite is slash quest! Super cute and fun but challenging.
Itz_GalaxyMakes 6 dagar sedan
Team Sonic Racing
Vibhansh Gupta
Vibhansh Gupta 8 dagar sedan
Reigns and Reigns : Beyond
Patrick Allaire
Patrick Allaire 9 dagar sedan
ATM, Survival Z, Grindstone, Creaks
onimarikar Dag sedan
Apple headquarters is epic. My little Chrome doesn't play anything. Nothing works.
Cristobal Zamarron
Cristobal Zamarron Dag sedan
S D 4 dagar sedan
Those eyes are a masterpiece. Wow
Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller 4 dagar sedan
Shout out to SurvivalZ, check it out Justine!
Mellon H
Mellon H 5 dagar sedan
What MIC is this
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 6 dagar sedan
If Apple wanted to jump into the gaming business, they should have invested in hardware and software that could compete with Microsoft and Sony. Seriously, apple just wants games for children and it is not cool at all.
Red Scorpion
Red Scorpion 7 dagar sedan
I play Apple Arcade with MFI Controller 👍🏽
Russell Campbell
Russell Campbell 7 dagar sedan
I like Oceanhorn. And Ballistic Baseball.
Derek Martin
Derek Martin 7 dagar sedan
Vibhansh Gupta
Vibhansh Gupta 8 dagar sedan
Reigns and Reigns : Beyond are the best games on Apple Arcade hands down
bossmatsymoto 8 dagar sedan
Зачем все это
HelperIndieGames 9 dagar sedan
G. Dark fantasy ARPG - She Will Punish Them
ahall3823 9 dagar sedan
Hi Justine, I think your audio ‘expander/gate’ setting need to be adjusted. It was cutting, out a little too much of the low low level audio...
Adeh Oliveira
Adeh Oliveira 9 dagar sedan
Qual camera você usa em seus vídeos ? é perfeita * ---- *
Bic A.
Bic A. 9 dagar sedan
I love Apple Arcade. I play it, my younger nieces and nephews love to play too. The recent release of Farm It has been a huge hit for the 4-5 year old. I’d like to request Apple to add a few toddler games. Color, matching, animals, sounds etc.
TYSØÑ VLOG'S 10 dagar sedan
Please send me 500 doller to buy go pro 😭😭
Salim Tadamz
Salim Tadamz 10 dagar sedan
Hi Ijustin 👩‍🚀
Yash Popat
Yash Popat 10 dagar sedan
Sonic Racing is my fav
Paul Alberto Meza Rodriguez
Paul Alberto Meza Rodriguez 10 dagar sedan
Where you get time to do all this kind of things,thank you for a totally free like,bye
Romi Bajwa
Romi Bajwa 10 dagar sedan
aneebaba06 10 dagar sedan
I'll one up you Justine - I grew up playing Oregon Trail in middle School WHILE LIVING IN OREGON and seeing the Oregon trail in real life on a school field trip to Fort Clatsop 🙌🏽🤓
Cevonna Marie
Cevonna Marie 10 dagar sedan
The Last Campfire is my favorite. I recently just beat it and I’m sad that it is over.
Dan McLane
Dan McLane 10 dagar sedan
You're 5'3. I would have guessed you were 5'6 to 5'9. 5'3 is good though. That was my mom's height. She always told me that her grandma, who was even shorter than that, would say that "good things come in small packages."
Landen Awesome
Landen Awesome 10 dagar sedan
My favorite game is 2k21
Armend Haziri
Armend Haziri 10 dagar sedan
Is apple arcade for family across the world? Cuz i bought it but my family members can’t connect to it someone help please.
Sulaiman Ahmed
Sulaiman Ahmed 10 dagar sedan
I love Apple Arcade! The game developers that Apple has hired r so talented! ❤️
Fpv Life
Fpv Life 10 dagar sedan
Love these classic games
Lucy Bloomer
Lucy Bloomer 10 dagar sedan
Sneaky Sasquatch is SOOOOOO GOOOOOODD!!!!
Jan Michael Bulaon
Jan Michael Bulaon 11 dagar sedan
Is it just my macbook or your audio has some weird buzzing sound?
Shreyas Kulkarni
Shreyas Kulkarni 11 dagar sedan
If they enable support for keyboard and mouse on arcade games on iPad, I’ll definately subscribe. I could only find one game where the keyboard is used and it is only spacebar.
Colin 11 dagar sedan
Justine is permahot, sorry.
Stonecypher Gaming
Stonecypher Gaming 11 dagar sedan
does any one else hear the hissing mic
Beats Beats
Beats Beats 5 dagar sedan
It’s probably not the mic but some other interference.
dj brezzy
dj brezzy 11 dagar sedan
Nba 2k21 mobile but no association mode
Meredith S.
Meredith S. 11 dagar sedan
OM NOM !!!!
Andreas Limpert
Andreas Limpert 11 dagar sedan
Song pop party used to be free for appletv. Glad it is still installed on mine.
Beats Beats
Beats Beats 5 dagar sedan
Chameleon Run too. WTF is happening? Also don’t reset your Apple TV, I lost Duck Tales and MINECRAFT!!!!
Alex Crocker
Alex Crocker 11 dagar sedan
Wait Justine is 5'3", did I hear that right? She looks taller than that, but I guess the camera hides so much.
Melih Gönenli
Melih Gönenli 11 dagar sedan
Audio is a little bit odd in this one
Mehdi Raghine
Mehdi Raghine 11 dagar sedan
The vampire diaries s3 ep 10 @4:40
Average Dad
Average Dad 11 dagar sedan
Your audio keeps cutting out
sK yazan
sK yazan 11 dagar sedan
I have heard that you get a 3 months free sub if you buy a new i phone Well i am thinking of getting i phone 13 when it comes out but i have no close apple stores and apples website doesnt support my country so if i ordered it from an app like amazon ir any other app will i still get it ( i know that i have to join a link to get it )
Beats Beats
Beats Beats 5 dagar sedan
You should get it whenn you register your new Apple device with your Apple ID.
Mason Deterding
Mason Deterding 11 dagar sedan
twitch stream apple arcade games with a capture card?
Crasher_o 11 dagar sedan
Everything is awesome but your mic config is sooooooo bad
B00Mbox 11 dagar sedan
lob from india
Russell Jennings
Russell Jennings 11 dagar sedan
So still no awesome console like games.... still. Apple Arcade sucks.
Russell Jennings
Russell Jennings 11 dagar sedan
After watching you all these years and seeing how your personality is.... I think whoever gets to be yo man is a lucky guy. 😎
Matt Caffrey
Matt Caffrey 11 dagar sedan
We’ve loved so many of the games. Some of our favorites have been: Alba, Jenny LaClue, Sneaky Sasquatch, Beyond a Steel Sky, and Oceanhorn 2. We find that we play bigger titles on the Apple TV, but we also enjoy games like Grindstone, Patterned, or Spire Blast on the phone. Really excited for all these new games!
Zidane Zayed
Zidane Zayed 12 dagar sedan
My free trial ends in 3 days 😭
Joe Leone
Joe Leone 12 dagar sedan
I didn’t even know these games were on here!!!! OMG!!!
Joe Leone
Joe Leone 12 dagar sedan
Your audio kept cutting off.
RETRO 12 dagar sedan
You’re 37?!?!? 😵😵😵 girl share your secret lol
Rahul Sarkar
Rahul Sarkar 12 dagar sedan
sound issue!
Ahmad A Issa
Ahmad A Issa 12 dagar sedan
Monster Munch
Monster Munch 12 dagar sedan
Apple Arcade games suck. I cancelled my subscription
Benjamin Harrison
Benjamin Harrison 12 dagar sedan
In 1848 when the pioneers crossed The oreagooon trail, the oreagooon trail. I used to annoy one of my friends with that 🤣
Keith McKeown
Keith McKeown 12 dagar sedan
Keith McKeown
Keith McKeown 12 dagar sedan
Ocean eyes you are so good
spamsty 12 dagar sedan
he is not well lol 😂 5:03
Christian Fischer
Christian Fischer 12 dagar sedan
Can I hit somebody? 🤣
endres81 12 dagar sedan
Does you audio keep cutting out??
John Burke
John Burke 12 dagar sedan
Arcade has some very boring looking and playing games ...for the price they need to offer some cross over classic Xbox/PlayStation games from years ago ..
Nagaraj Nagaraj
Nagaraj Nagaraj 12 dagar sedan
Hi rapper 👍
Envy RyZeツ
Envy RyZeツ 12 dagar sedan
Lemme tell y’all...more than 75% of people watching this don’t even have Apple Arcade lmao lol
Rob Ussery
Rob Ussery 12 dagar sedan
Campwise05 12 dagar sedan
Nice video iJ!
Jeremy Louis
Jeremy Louis 12 dagar sedan
I really like Apple Arcade. Such a great service.
MRZsiir 12 dagar sedan
Apple just offered me a 3 months trial. Its been available for over a month. You convinced me to try it. thanks.
RELkay 12 dagar sedan
Oregon trail!!! I’m sold!!! I loved playing this in school!!!
Isaac Merriman
Isaac Merriman 12 dagar sedan
Love love love Apple Arcade! I’ve had it since launch. Ocean horn is my fave! But now that fruit ninja has been revived wow so happy
Spectraevil 12 dagar sedan
1:15 game name?
Beats Beats
Beats Beats 5 dagar sedan
Chameleon Run. I had it on Apple TV so not sure why this version is special?
Arslan Zahid
Arslan Zahid 12 dagar sedan
‘Only 10 miles to go, suck it up’ 🤣🤣🤣
Kid flash 2001
Kid flash 2001 12 dagar sedan
Interesting video
Jerel Damon
Jerel Damon 12 dagar sedan
I didn't know your were so old! I'm only 36.
Bert Vedder
Bert Vedder 12 dagar sedan
I’m currently hooked on Crash On the run....not an  Arcade title, but it is great anyway🥳🎮
Chima Amanambu
Chima Amanambu 12 dagar sedan
3:08 MY LEG!
Jahziah Aaron Harris-Montague
Jahziah Aaron Harris-Montague 12 dagar sedan
Sneaky Sasquatch 🔥🔥🔥
Papagomo 12 dagar sedan fav game
miles34744 12 dagar sedan
Is it just me or is she having audio issues
CarlxZen 12 dagar sedan
Fantasian is so cool, and they add the Pathless, taiko tap, cut the rope remastered, don’t starve,... Apple Arcade became more and more awesome!! Now it just need some triple a title and a new Apple TV whit an Apple controller!! Finger crossed 🤞🏻🤞🏻🍀
Samuel Manny
Samuel Manny 10 dagar sedan
Maybe Apple Arcade Pro
Robert Ferrari
Robert Ferrari 12 dagar sedan
Justin the best amazing girl on SEmost the queen of Apple 🍎 Nintendo Sony bringing the last word in technology
Sierra P
Sierra P 12 dagar sedan
Justine: NBA 2K 2 1 Me: I never been so triggered in my life Love your videos, Justine!!!
I love games. My favorite is ps4 WORLD OF WAR SHIPS, LENGENDS. Been playing this game for seven years. Good to know info, thanxs
Fieryaleeco 12 dagar sedan
How did Wonderbox not make it into this video. It’s a great little game
Zena almeida-warwin
Zena almeida-warwin 10 dagar sedan
She mentions it at: 2:38
Quinn Stevenson
Quinn Stevenson 12 dagar sedan
Whats up with your audio? Is that a new mic? It sounds pretty bad.
Sin Jon
Sin Jon 12 dagar sedan
I look forward to the day when Apple Arcade games just look like games my 8 yr old niece plays. Hopefully this is the update I’m looking for. Also, you look fantastic, Justine
Someone 01
Someone 01 12 dagar sedan
Are there any macbook air 2020 with M1 chip users? I kinda want to buy it bu i cant decide. I use tge 2015 version.
David King
David King 12 dagar sedan
Why is the audio dropping every so often
Jesse Taylor-Vigneux
Jesse Taylor-Vigneux 12 dagar sedan
Can we get TAP TAP REVENGE back? Lol
David Datura
David Datura 12 dagar sedan
The amount of edits in this video is distracting! Can’t she do it in one relaxed take?
Jacob Baranowski
Jacob Baranowski 12 dagar sedan
I want to see The Simpsons Arcade, X-Men Arcade, The Terminator Arcade, The first game I ever played was Oregon Trail on a Apple 🍎 2 computer
RJ 12 dagar sedan
this video was so much fun
John Gramer
John Gramer 12 dagar sedan
10:09 I can’t believe I’m taller than Justine! I’m 5’5!
Mohammadreza Ahi
Mohammadreza Ahi 12 dagar sedan
Albert Dunisch
Albert Dunisch 12 dagar sedan
I might have to get it.
georges chamoun
georges chamoun 12 dagar sedan
We want videos about mattyyyy
Angel Lawson
Angel Lawson 12 dagar sedan
Just me or does her voice keep cutting? :(
Beats Beats
Beats Beats 5 dagar sedan
Yeah it’s an audio setting.
Dogsgowoof Catsgomeow
Dogsgowoof Catsgomeow 12 dagar sedan
Love you
Rogerio Gomes Osório
Rogerio Gomes Osório 12 dagar sedan
I’m sorry Justine, but I can’t agree with you. Apple Arcade games are boring, not fun at all and don’t make any justice to Apple products. Apple has been saying, for a while, that apple devices can run console games... but then keep pushing these boring games...
The iron gaming
The iron gaming 12 dagar sedan
Is it just me or is it your mic I hear buzzing (electro static) and some cutting out
David Lahusen
David Lahusen 12 dagar sedan
Fantasian looks soooo good, you have to see it for yourself!
Adamkilla9000 12 dagar sedan
Justine playing basketball was hilarious
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