New Xbox Wireless Headset!

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Unboxing and testing out the new Xbox Wireless Headset!
Snapchat: iJustine
Sony a7 III:
Sony a7S II:
FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens:
Rx100 V:
GoPro Hero 7:
Insta 360 One X:
Memory Card:

Isaiah Gz
Isaiah Gz 7 dagar sedan
Xbox better then ps
GIVEMETURTLEZ 7 dagar sedan
I hate shopping for a new headset I can’t decide between these or the steel series Arctic 9x
Sergio 8 dagar sedan
What are your thoughts on the sound quality? Someone was not to fond of the bass. Do you have any pros & cons? I know there only $99.
bossmatsymoto 8 dagar sedan
зачем все это
LaPataBelluda 10 dagar sedan
This channel use to get 3 million views per video what happen what went wrong 😳
Louis B
Louis B 12 dagar sedan
what TV is that?
Marcus Abrahamson
Marcus Abrahamson 12 dagar sedan
I use the licensed Xbox Chat Headset. I don't know about anybody else, but apparently people don't hear me that well when I use it. I've only played with people on Windows 10 though, so it might just be an issue with Xbox Game Bar.
John Katz
John Katz 15 dagar sedan
I got these Headset at the release too. It's great :-) What game are you playing Justine? I hope it is in the Game Pass Ultimate ;-)
John Katz
John Katz 12 dagar sedan
@Eisa Malik thanks a lot. I thought the Same but wasn t Sure.
Eisa Malik
Eisa Malik 13 dagar sedan
Its Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and it's not on Game Pass. Its £60/60$.
Neur Way
Neur Way 15 dagar sedan
Ppl considered this a tech review channel? Poor thing
Samuel 16 dagar sedan
The headset I currently use is Hyperx Cloud Core
Benjamin Stephen
Benjamin Stephen 16 dagar sedan
Nuketown, call of Duty😃
Carlton Brooks
Carlton Brooks 19 dagar sedan
this is fun. I'm enjoying it lol
Bud The Cyborg
Bud The Cyborg 20 dagar sedan
So, to do an actual gaming headset review, you need audio recorded from someone who was playing with you so that we can hear what other people hear while playing with you. E.g. boot up Halo:MCC co-op with a second Xbox in your own house (which can still be done on a single Xbox Live subscription) and get the audio from that.
Dwayne Willis
Dwayne Willis 20 dagar sedan
Love the bloopers.. 🤣
Billy Jean
Billy Jean 21 dag sedan
This is not a true test of this product.. it is just showing she has the newest device from a big developer,! I have the headset and it is nothing special! The bass is too much and it clamshell is too strong ! Don’t believe the SEmostr hype ! They have too say this
Jen Craig
Jen Craig 21 dag sedan
Rahijahgaming 21 dag sedan
hyper gear headset
Leonardo Richard
Leonardo Richard 22 dagar sedan
got mines yesterday one of the last two im my area had to drive 30 minutes out to get them but was totally worth it 😁 love them
AJ 23 dagar sedan
I’ll have whatever she’s having 😆
HawkeyeNTexas 23 dagar sedan
we learned nothing. are we supposed to learn anything? probably not.
Anjan 23 dagar sedan
Why's Justine So Much Like Bugs Bunny 😂
Ansh Gupta
Ansh Gupta 24 dagar sedan
I dont have a xbox or ps or a good pc for gaming (i have a pc which does the job like entertainment or classes)
Tech Yard
Tech Yard 25 dagar sedan
How she pronounced line on 5:39/5:40,that wasn't relating to captions,That I just wanna 😮
Remedy Remedy
Remedy Remedy 25 dagar sedan
The solid children importantly beam because myanmar uniformly unlock apud a grubby gruesome advice. accessible, robust ravioli
lyla poopi
lyla poopi 25 dagar sedan
Loco G
Loco G 25 dagar sedan
Maan you getting old Justine
Chemi Kramer
Chemi Kramer 25 dagar sedan
The headphones look pritty wide hmm
Music4 Life
Music4 Life 25 dagar sedan
Happy B-Day!!!!! ❤️❤️
TechnoShuriken 25 dagar sedan
I use the Razer Kraken electric green headphones
Uknownna 25 dagar sedan
when shes raging thats exactly how i rage. i would force myself to stop playing before stuff get outta hand.
Paul D
Paul D 25 dagar sedan
they look so much better than the sony ps5 ones...i never know which button im pressing
Jeffery U.
Jeffery U. 25 dagar sedan
We need to spread the word that this product is very faulty. The unthinkable happened WAAY to soon. Battery died and I mean died after 3 uses. Charged once and used for no less than 8 hrs total. Now seeing a lot of review out in the wild about this exact problem. Microsoft failed on the battery which is one of the most important component for headsets. "Figured it out. You will have to do a hard reset. Pressing both mute and power buttons together then immediately plugging it to power. Have the USB C side already plugged in."
Specific Pickle
Specific Pickle 25 dagar sedan
Those ending bloopers and her genuinely cracking up and the game had me laughing. That headset looks awesome.
erica zapien
erica zapien 25 dagar sedan
Happy birthday to you have a good day love your vids we’re both Pisces ♓️
erica zapien
erica zapien 25 dagar sedan
Commented on March 20 , 2021
Coby Grey
Coby Grey 25 dagar sedan
Yes I own them I just received it yesterday they’re very good headphones like wow! I was watching falcon and the winter soldier on Disney plus and it sounds soooooo gooood! I felt like I was in the movie theater. I haven’t played a game that can take advantage of headphones yet but I’m sure it’ll be the same. Does anyone know if there’s any games yet that takes full advantage of this bad boy? As a PlayStation fan (I own both consoles) these headphones sound better than the 3D Pulse that released last year along side the PS5. I don’t know but I can only get good audio from those headphones through playing Astro room they sound amazing!!! and take advantage of the headphones features but it doesn’t do that for other games atm (or least games that I own) if y’all know please let me know.
Aarav Jasani
Aarav Jasani 26 dagar sedan
happy b-day
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 26 dagar sedan
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 26 dagar sedan
I'M A DISGUSTING HOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Microsoft_一个人 26 dagar sedan
Microsoft is always so beautiful
Maurice Mcmillian
Maurice Mcmillian 26 dagar sedan
I use the lucid sound Ls35x headphones.... haven’t heard a better pair yet. I’ll try these soon though. The direct connect needs some work as well, too many disconnects from controllers to headphones.
Leah Anderson
Leah Anderson 26 dagar sedan
Hyper x
P. Wingert
P. Wingert 26 dagar sedan
And it's already sold out at all locations in Canada. Maybe I can buy it next year
viRuS HulK
viRuS HulK 26 dagar sedan
cool headsets
Dan Davenport
Dan Davenport 26 dagar sedan
Is it worth upgrading to these from Astro a10s sound quality wise?
clearn nu
clearn nu 26 dagar sedan
How long can used and How heavy🤔
UniqTechniq 26 dagar sedan
Managed to find one online and ordered it. Get it in a week
Chase Peek
Chase Peek 26 dagar sedan
Who else thinks Ijustine should make a video of nothing but bloopers.
PoltergeistWorks 26 dagar sedan
Not buying anything from Microsoft ever again, Windows is enough of a pain in the a$$ already.
Michael Zero
Michael Zero 27 dagar sedan
Got mine first day. They are great and work well. Worth the money for sure!
Cate Thecat
Cate Thecat 27 dagar sedan
I don’t think thare charged😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cate Thecat
Cate Thecat 27 dagar sedan
It got your little name on it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
neverbrokeagainmoneygangtakeoff 27 dagar sedan
I have a pair JBL wireless headphone I have 2 /half of stand by time
neverbrokeagainmoneygangtakeoff 27 dagar sedan
Emiri Netic
Emiri Netic 27 dagar sedan
I would never op a xbox box like Justine just did hahaha
Rapid52 27 dagar sedan
My Mic lights up when it's not muted is that normal
GamerLord25 27 dagar sedan
Im using Corsair Void Elite Pro RGB they are so comfy with glasses.
Ad Den
Ad Den 27 dagar sedan
Im not a big xbox fan, but these headphones look cool 👌👌
Jacob Watkins
Jacob Watkins 27 dagar sedan
I love your music videos and videos so you I’m a comic book geek also I’m involved with special Olympics and global messenger
Nachito Arvizu
Nachito Arvizu 27 dagar sedan
Never in a million years I would ever hear Justine rage
sonicteam2k1 27 dagar sedan
man she's talking about making deposits and how easy it is to stick it in.....hmmmm my kind of woman.
Suhadisgood 27 dagar sedan
If it’s the best head set for Xbox it would cost the most but it doesn’t cost the most Xbox has other ones that cost $150 up to $200
sonicteam2k1 27 dagar sedan
wasn't she on Law and Order?
Hussien Alsafi
Hussien Alsafi 27 dagar sedan
randoff32 27 dagar sedan
What do you call an electronic shovel? Groundbreaking technology
oliver sudden
oliver sudden 27 dagar sedan
i dont see the point my turtle beach is just fine
Conquer life
Conquer life 27 dagar sedan
Awesome headset
Eric P.
Eric P. 27 dagar sedan
Is it good for competitive gaming? That the big question!
Jam Sadat
Jam Sadat 27 dagar sedan
It was nice that you remembered what you said to me on our first date when you popped my cherry "...don't have to wait, just stick it in" :)
Maciej Kowalczyk
Maciej Kowalczyk 27 dagar sedan
I am using Astro A20 since Xbox One X and they work great with my Series X so I don't think I will get these.
Lokesh Loki
Lokesh Loki 27 dagar sedan
whats going Hm ha life sucks what to say
Ray McDougal
Ray McDougal 27 dagar sedan
Chima Amanambu
Chima Amanambu 27 dagar sedan
Stowed Stuff Vlogs
Stowed Stuff Vlogs 27 dagar sedan
don't show my kids!!! 😂
Article19 27 dagar sedan
10/10 Microsoft for wasteful packaging
Rohan Aggarwal
Rohan Aggarwal 27 dagar sedan
Nadeshot watching this be like "Maybe I am not so bad after all!"
Linou Gertz
Linou Gertz 27 dagar sedan
Best unboxing ever.
Shodipo Tani
Shodipo Tani 27 dagar sedan
Justine I don't know if you can hear me but can u pls give I x box to me pls I am going to be very happy if you can hear me
longboardguy 27 dagar sedan
Those are nice but I won’t trade in the turtle beach I’m using right now haha. Unless they break 🤪🤔
Victoria Olymbia
Victoria Olymbia 27 dagar sedan
and the colors of Xbox headset and Razer ...
Govind Krishna Lal Balaji
Govind Krishna Lal Balaji 27 dagar sedan
everyone here is a apple sheep. LMAO.
Leonardo Marquez
Leonardo Marquez 27 dagar sedan
So excited! I'm getting mine today and I can't wait to use them.
Pedro Hensley
Pedro Hensley 28 dagar sedan
100 percent getting them everything I want in a gaming headset
TryAdaptLearn 28 dagar sedan
These look good. For wireless, usually run a bluetooth set to the monitor. Compromise is that it’s listening only.
Poizn_Vesporo 28 dagar sedan
Justine be out here using a plastic straw 😱
Al-Ameen Ahmed
Al-Ameen Ahmed 28 dagar sedan
Hey Justine, please make a vid on editing with DaVinci Resolve 17!
Keith McKeown
Keith McKeown 28 dagar sedan
I am tailored to you. .. haha
H R 28 dagar sedan
Justine's iphone is bigger than her head 😶
FemaleAssassin 28 dagar sedan
Amazing 😩❤️
Diego Ramos
Diego Ramos 28 dagar sedan
You has Ear Phone for the Xbox in your Hand micphone Playing game
Must Kill
Must Kill 28 dagar sedan
Be a lot better if one could find an Xbox series x to pair with said headphones, Every store stocking Xbox and PS around the world: Tumbleweeds.
Mike Croninger
Mike Croninger 28 dagar sedan
Definitely wanna get a pair of these
NYK Fan 28 dagar sedan
Justine, for the love of God, tie your hair up or push back your hair. Putting the headset over your hair distorts and muffles the audio quality 🤦🏼‍♀️
Aclator 28 dagar sedan
Steelseries is the way to go for headsets. Got my arctic 7p the other day and the 3d audio is insane
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah 28 dagar sedan
Assalamualaikum wa rahmat ul ahi wa barakatu
Makylia Wessel
Makylia Wessel 28 dagar sedan
What game is that I need it in my life!
Diego Vasconcellos
Diego Vasconcellos 28 dagar sedan
2:25 whose is that hand?
Resident Evilfan666
Resident Evilfan666 28 dagar sedan
You are so beautiful and gorgeous and I found you very attractive women and I sure do like you a lot and love your hair color too so pretty and curly and I ❤️ it 🥰
Jason Hoffman
Jason Hoffman 28 dagar sedan
Preordered that headset and picked it up yesterday. Can't wait to give it a try tonight. :)
Sven Van Gestel
Sven Van Gestel 28 dagar sedan
Bad headset I have read the specs on the internet it does not have a surrounding system a good gamemer take a surrounding if his wallet can take it
J024 28 dagar sedan
Can we just take a moment to mention Justine her eyes..... like they pop!
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