Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra Unboxing!

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edgar flores
edgar flores 18 timmar sedan
ngl if samsung had apple emojis id switch over to samsung immediately
Reeta Saarela
Reeta Saarela 11 dagar sedan
I have samsung Galaxy S21 and phone color is phantom violet :)
Leilah Isabelle
Leilah Isabelle 11 dagar sedan
I'm getting the s21 soon in Phantom Violet and I'm soooooo excited😊
V Orange
V Orange 14 dagar sedan
Alyson 15 dagar sedan
Definitely upgrading from my iPhone XR when this phone goes on sale 💜
Nightmaredeeb380 16 dagar sedan
Bruv i bought i bought the phantom black and oh boiii its sooo dark No wonder why samsung talked about the color for 5 mins
Dayana en bolivia
Dayana en bolivia 19 dagar sedan
Damn the purple is so pretty love it 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Patrik Dator
Patrik Dator 24 dagar sedan
Its so good to watch phone revieww and you cant even afford it, good review!
Armands Svampans
Armands Svampans 25 dagar sedan
Ironicly I'm watching this video on the s21 Ultra and I just got it 😝😝😝
RiverIsBored 25 dagar sedan
I love that Samsung has a smart switch app so its easier to bring your old data to the new phone
Honda Kuan
Honda Kuan Månad sedan
0:52 But at least Samsung's accessories are always cheaper and long-lasting than Apple XD
pahissonni Månad sedan
0:53 lol that's so funny and cute!
Souvik Mukherjee
Souvik Mukherjee Månad sedan
Oh my God such a stupid 🙄
Ian Trudel
Ian Trudel Månad sedan
Hey I like that karambit!!
LENNY Månad sedan
I used to be able to trust your opinion on technology Justine you had a unique opinion from the dudes in the Tech industry like Marques and Mike'O brien and unbox therapy. but you prefer apple over Android anything but that's not the problem you favour Xbox over PlayStation. Oh Justine how could you we all know the PS5 is better than the Xbox series x or S and the PS4 is undisputedly better than the Xbox one. I'm joking of course like whatever you like, but hmm I might have to take a person's opinion who prefers iPhone over Samsung and Xbox over PlayStation with a grain of salt.
Đông Bạch Thị
Đông Bạch Thị Månad sedan
Little does she know there's a macro camera in the ultra wide duo laser af
Beauty Neytiri
Beauty Neytiri Månad sedan
can you please tell me, does scrolling in the youtube app run on 120 on the s21 ultra ?
IMZ SHORTS Månad sedan
I really love the s21 ultra and I am thinking of getting it in phantom black
10 linkz
10 linkz Månad sedan
Ohhh Baby ! 💕
Randy Ragsdale
Randy Ragsdale Månad sedan
This review proves that Ijustine isn't biased to Apple products. This review is fair and unbiased. She did a very good job of reviewing this phone.
Randy Ragsdale
Randy Ragsdale Månad sedan
@IJustine: You're the most beautiful tech reviewer I've ever seen in my life.
Violet Wolf
Violet Wolf Månad sedan
I have a question what does she do with all the phones she gets to review
BK JAKE Månad sedan
S21+ violet ♡
Tereza Měšťáková
Tereza Měšťáková Månad sedan
Where is the review
DEJIE D D 2 månader sedan
How is the Samsung s21 sound quality on that phone you should test the sound system on that phone ?
Carly S
Carly S 2 månader sedan
you can tell the people who are new or don't follow Justine... she has always supported and used Samsung phones.
Julian Esteban
Julian Esteban 2 månader sedan
Hello cata latina otra trui casa a love española
Humzah Salman
Humzah Salman 2 månader sedan
We never got the review
rat_tears 2 månader sedan
POV: your a iPhone user tired of apples shit so your just binging Samsung unboxing vids wishing it was you
18259 李忠翰 LEEZHONG HAN
18259 李忠翰 LEEZHONG HAN 2 månader sedan
Could you give me a hand, please?
itchyfluffybum 2 månader sedan
Still waiting for that review...
Charles Modlin
Charles Modlin 2 månader sedan
How does the camera do compared to the Google Pixel XL4? I'm still convinced that the 4XL has the best camera on phones right now.
Adrian Duma
Adrian Duma 2 månader sedan
Imagine if Justine would just review every phone
ASBESTOS Fibers 2 månader sedan
Lack of a charger is bull**** Lack of a headphone jack is bull****
ASBESTOS Fibers 2 månader sedan
Wow you still exist....?
Trucking Venomsting234
Trucking Venomsting234 2 månader sedan
Just got my s21+ 5G
Angela Jane
Angela Jane 2 månader sedan
I think its phantom purple
Ferando Bolstawair
Ferando Bolstawair 2 månader sedan
What phone does she use?
Alex Larsen
Alex Larsen 2 månader sedan
No, the fact that they removed the charger on a $1200 phone is *not* fine. Xiaomi Mi 11 series, OnePlus 9 series, Oppo phones...etc. all come with super fast 55W - 67W chargers in the box, in addition to headphones, headphone dongles in case of those who come without headphones and protective cases...all for the same price, or cheaper.
be happy
be happy 3 månader sedan
I just got the S21 ultra yesterday and I'm obsessed. I'm so impressed with the camera wow!
Azereus Manator
Azereus Manator 3 månader sedan
I just came to tell Justine that apple did actually announced their own "tile" just like you said.
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez 3 månader sedan
Did she ever do a review video of s21 Ultra
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh 3 månader sedan
Still mad the ultra doesn't come in pink or rose gold.
Jon Keener
Jon Keener 3 månader sedan
way better than icrap!
ruger 1
ruger 1 3 månader sedan
Just noticed this vid cuz I just picked up s21 5 And I'm just stunned how absolutely beautiful you are 💯😘 Damn My people are beautiful your husband is a very lucky man
ASBESTOS Fibers 2 månader sedan
Your people? Sad...
ruger 1
ruger 1 3 månader sedan
You will definitely have beautiful children especially with your heritage
Believe on God
Believe on God 3 månader sedan
apple and samsung be like: we will not offer you charging brick in the box to avoid carbon emission on the other hand: we'll be selling you separately for $30 only because f$%%^^ck carbon emission
Chaniel Campbell
Chaniel Campbell 3 månader sedan
IJustine I am such a big fan of yours you need to do more of the Samsung galaxy Z flip phone please and thank you
Andrea Busch
Andrea Busch 3 månader sedan
Did you ever review these?
Paulie S
Paulie S 3 månader sedan
I've watched this video like 5 times! All your videos are soo exciting to watch, easy to follow and theyre just quality!
First Prototype
First Prototype 3 månader sedan
You don't show us when you take s21 ultra from the box!!!
Velkata 3 månader sedan
Phone is totally amazing but it will be more cool if it runs iOS 14 😃
i ate pizza for a week
i ate pizza for a week 3 månader sedan
I really need help on which phone to buy 😭 iPhone 11 or Samsung S21? I know the s21 is a bit expensive than the iphone 11 and im super confused on which phone i should get. Here's a little info on what i look for a smartphone: I've used android 10 years already and thinking to switch to the ios fam but my budget is around 30k pesos only. Im not sure if it is worth to buy the s21 since i heard samsung phones slow down after several months-years while ios system support there phone for more years than android. Please help meee 😭
CharliePuth Fan
CharliePuth Fan 3 månader sedan
Depends r u looking for quantity or quality? The Samsung is great! But only updates for so long until u have to buy another in a couple of months or a year from now, but with iPhone, u get quantity and quality, great battery, fast speed, better customization on apps, and A good life span of about 5-6 years.
Günther Robbeson
Günther Robbeson 3 månader sedan
on paper this Samsung is better than the iPhone in every way, but once you put it to the test.. like Samsung always claims their camera's are 556272929303 pixels but then you open that front facing camera and its just a crime.
Maruf Hasan Nabil
Maruf Hasan Nabil 3 månader sedan
please give me your iphone 12 pro
ramsn gt
ramsn gt 3 månader sedan
Happy Easter 🐣
MegaMan X
MegaMan X 3 månader sedan
No charger in the box?
rulenumber1 3 månader sedan
the purple colour is beautiful and i love the black one too :)
l 3 månader sedan
You burger but not really a burger
Andreas Winje
Andreas Winje 3 månader sedan
Would love a samsung s21, but its expensive so ill wait for the s22
YamiAlex224 4 månader sedan
I made a choice. I am getting the S21 Ultra. I am leaving iPhone again for android.
Legend Hughes
Legend Hughes 4 månader sedan
Nope not cool
Kelly Dy Santini
Kelly Dy Santini 4 månader sedan
I love these phones but too expensive for an extra phone. I’m already using a 11 pro and I just want an android. Looking to buy the A52 instead.
Mikail Mahrus
Mikail Mahrus 4 månader sedan
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Hehehehehehehehehehe That was soooooooooooooooooooooooo funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 0:53
Sandi Hermana
Sandi Hermana 4 månader sedan
justine Where is the Full Review...?
Jericho Ponce
Jericho Ponce 4 månader sedan
*Waiting for the Full Review* Me: 🤔
Mike’s Reef
Mike’s Reef 4 månader sedan
No brick, no ear buds, no buy. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S21🙄
SuperMarioFrancisco Show
SuperMarioFrancisco Show 4 månader sedan
I got a Samsung ad
Gary Martinez
Gary Martinez 4 månader sedan
Cause like I be doing a factory reset en the other person account still there. I don’t think they allow the phone after one people use t
Gary Martinez
Gary Martinez 4 månader sedan
Okay but. What If I wanna resell it. Like can another person use the thing after I log int w Google.
Nalou 4334
Nalou 4334 4 månader sedan
It’s absurd that Apple and Samsung don’t include the charger. Their claim that it’s for the environment doesn’t make sense. It’s actually more wasteful to make people purchase it separately! A whole other box to throw away!
ARAFA 4 månader sedan
You are so annoying jeez
Inayat Hussain
Inayat Hussain 4 månader sedan
I came to see the pretty lady reviewing an android phone
Dau7hy 4 månader sedan
Boring af
Canden Channel
Canden Channel 4 månader sedan
S21 45.8 point S21+ 69.9 point S21U 99.8 point
Babar Dublin Official
Babar Dublin Official 4 månader sedan
Nice one lovely vedio best wishes from Ireland Dublin
Clinton Plowman
Clinton Plowman 4 månader sedan
with all the money they give you for add-ons plus a $700 trade-in, you get the money for a case that comes with the pen. let's be honest. it's good.
Aishabigfanof BTS101
Aishabigfanof BTS101 4 månader sedan
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh woooooow beautiful 🥺
Somesh Agrawal
Somesh Agrawal 4 månader sedan
The most idiotic tech youtuber on the platform
Jaime 4 månader sedan
My phone was only ~150 USD... Just don't buy an expensive phone. Mine works perfectly fine for SEmost, Google, social media, and all of the typical phone stuff.
David Does Random-Kinda Weird and Funny kinda
David Does Random-Kinda Weird and Funny kinda 4 månader sedan
Phantom silver looks like a really light pastel blue to me
Ryan 4 månader sedan
Wow they look so cool
Stefani Rodham
Stefani Rodham 4 månader sedan
I mean they've invented wireless charging so... that's just it. We don't really need wires anymore
Serkan Çayoğlu
Serkan Çayoğlu 4 månader sedan
Welcome to the world of USB C
Unbox With Matt
Unbox With Matt 4 månader sedan
I love the new Samsung design! They're so sleek and their camera is amazing!
Shashank Vlogs
Shashank Vlogs 4 månader sedan
Samsung: add more cameras add more money so now they have come up with a $1,200 phone
Water Energy
Water Energy 5 månader sedan
I have the iPhone 12. That galaxy phone looks great! However, I’m too used to apple already. I’ve had the Samsung galaxy Note 8 but i didn’t like it :/. I think it’s because I don’t know much about all the different apps and stuff or even how the play store works.
Naturally Nissy
Naturally Nissy 5 månader sedan
I just got the phantom violet S21 5G I switched from iPhone and love it.
MAC 4 månader sedan
Aah right, did you get the standard S21? I am interested in the S21 Ultra, just need a bit more cash to get it, but it's the phone I will get above all others.
AK Sassy Cassie
AK Sassy Cassie 5 månader sedan
Anyone else have issues with the hardware malfunctioning on Samsung's phones... no I did not download ANY little-known apps. All the,Apps I download from Google Play or Samsung's app Store are VERY POPULAR, WELL-KNOWN, and used like Facebook, Messenger, SEmost, Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, and so on... no unknown, sus 3rd party apps installed on any of my Samsung cells, but still the software or firmware acts up... I'm not an expert.
AK Sassy Cassie
AK Sassy Cassie 5 månader sedan
Ohhhmmmyyyyggggeeeeeeerrrrrrrddddd I have a serious problem‼️❕‼️❕‼️😲😳😖😫 My name is Cassie and I'm addicted to the latest and greatest flagship cellies. I wish you and other SEmostrs didn't already beat me to the punch 🤛💥👊💥🤜💢 by recording, revealing, and reviewing fine quality electronics, because I need to quench my never-ending hunger for electronics. Keep it though, I throughly enjoy your QUALITY and detailed tech videos. Anywhos, A few months ago my Samsung Note 9's screen unexplainably started to overheat and violently seize and flicker between green, white, and black one cold, dark evening on the 40 minute drive to a Costco in Anchorage.... untouched once by either myself or my 14 year old daughter....leaving a permanent white tiny thin, horzonial line through the upper quarter of my Note 9's screen, along with a very small black bleed spot, and now the Note 9 starts to get super warm and only starts to violently flickering green, white, and black when it's battery or screen (my guess) gets really warm...and the only way I can use the Note 9 without it warming up fast and blinding me with strobes of green and white is by using it on the lowest or highest screen brightness... I've been an avid Samsung S & Note series user since last owning the iPhone 6+ and the releases of the iPhonea 7 thru iPhone X were entirely and utterly underwhelming... But I've noticed a trend since my Samsung S8, my then boyfriend's Note 8, my S9... and now my Note 9+... something with the 2 year-old since- first- released Samsungs' screens malfunction without being provoked, touched, wounded....notta... Case in point.... My mint conditioned, never been dropped, always cased and screen protectored Samsung S8+ was at 2% and my son was quickly purchasing a charging cord so I could charge up my phone. I picked up my directly after hearing the notification and seeing the tiny flashing blue LED light indicating I received a text from a friend. I tapped the screen to wake it up, but the screen remained black, even though I could feel the responsive vibrations and even unlock, call people, and listen to my visual voicemails...all by memory touch because my S8's screen never again lit up... even after a 2 week stay at a local cellphone repair shop.... the girl that worked there said it was called "Samsung's Black Screen of Death" and she stated it was a common problem with the S8 line.... usuay when they were brand new... people would just power them up for the first time after buying them, of course never opened new, from Samsung, AT&T, Verizon, TMobile, and Sprint and the screen would be black. the time it was cheaper to get an insurance replacement S8+ then have the Black Screen of Death S8+ screen and digitizer replaced... Then this unprovoked seizure-flickering started with Samsung Note 9's overheated screen and battery... So I purchased a brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max.....FINALLY APPLE HAS almost CAUGHT UP WITH SAMSUNG'S SWEEEEET TECHNOLOGY!!!!... BUT only almost.... I'm already bored of the 12 Pro Max, not even 2 months of using it... it is incredibly boring and soooooo complicated to use compared to my Note 9.... I still and prefer and use my Note 9, switching out the SIM card daily, sometimes multiple times a day sometimes... Wh Whoa a lot of backstory fluff there!!!!🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵 What I want to know is if you actually prefer the use of the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G + over the iPhone 12 Pro Max.... I know you have been a hard-core ride-or-die Apple iPhone user.... its even in your name of your SEmost channel...but I've noticed in these last 2 years you have been enjoying playing with Samsung Flips, Notes, and Galaxy S devices. IJustine fans.....Do you think the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G+ Is more versatile and better quality than the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max? I really do appericiate any candid reviews. Thank you in advance. Sorry soooo long. I thought a backstory of my iphone loality... up until the iPhone 7, was important.... as well as my strong respect to Samsung Galaxy S and Note Series since my first Samsung S7 Edge...
MAC 4 månader sedan
Very interesting comment Cassie. I'm in the UK and I can't say I've ever had a Samsung failure of the sort you describe. All of my family too, our Samsung S phones, which inc the S6 Edge Plus, S7 Edge, S8 Plus, and Note 9, all have been totally reliable and durable. I think you've just been unlucky. I have tried the 12 Pro Max too and found it to be basically the same as all other iPhone models. And the edges were not comfortable to hold at all. Nice quality though. I'm going for am S21 Ultra tho. It's expensive no doubt but I justify it in my mind by thinking that this is the device I use most of all others and so it's reasonable to spend a bit more on one. I've always taken the view; Samsung for phones, Apple for tablets. There isn't anything much better than an 11 inch ipad Pro with an Apple pencil in your lounge sofa after a hard day's work. Sheer joy.
Nazrul Islam
Nazrul Islam 5 månader sedan
Clearly we have a no-charging-brick trend going on with mobile phones
megajeremy3000 5 månader sedan
How much more black could that phone be?? None. None more black.
SHAZYT01 5 månader sedan
I love your voice it's sooo smooth
fazil haider
fazil haider 5 månader sedan
Why you don't get a charger with the phone?
Infinite 842
Infinite 842 5 månader sedan
I just discovered someone who really loves u would pay 1,299 for a phone and 1,299 for u...😳
annt hill
annt hill 5 månader sedan
As an Iphone user I would not expect you to know the so called "director" mode i.e front and back filming has been available since the S7 and maybe even earlier, but it is a feature we use frequently. Same with 4k video and even so called "Wide Selfies" Galaxy S series have had these options for years. So to be amazed at these feature now is a little late to the show. Now Samsung has dropped some feature and may have brought back others, but still they are normally 2 to 3 and some time 4 years ahead of iphones. And filming 360 and view 360 on S7 is fantastic too considering the time they released it and the use of VR devices with it. A big question is would it not be better to own a camera vs a Camera Smart phone for 1200.00 and why do we need to pay 1000 plus for todays smartphones with such features and for 5G. Infrastructure for 5G to date is still not as wide spread was they market for any carriers. So what percentage of coverage are the doing and then allowed by fcc to advertise as having 5G largest network and 5G services, those are some question like to find out about.
misa misa
misa misa 5 månader sedan
i get why her channel name is "iJustine" because she loves I pads, I phones and I macs
Bcgdbchdbc Nddgddgcdgd
Bcgdbchdbc Nddgddgcdgd 5 månader sedan
Do you know what even older note series S pen will also work on galaxy S 21 ultra older note s pen can also work on This s21 ultra like note 8 s pen 2017 note 10 s pen 2019. Note 20 s pen 2020 if you want more s pen features Go with s pen pro I think it costs a bit expensive than normal s pen....
ixiiniick i
ixiiniick i 5 månader sedan
After watching this, I literally got the 21+
Sholanda Purifoy
Sholanda Purifoy 5 månader sedan
Samsung better than apple iPhone I heard beautiful phantom is pink or violet I like it
Maria Pestana
Maria Pestana 5 månader sedan
I love that an apple fanatic still reviews Samsung phones it helps us Samsung users. Thank you so much Justine! Another thing that I like is that she is actually impressed and isn't like" this phone sucks apple is better"
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