Unboxing the Sony X900H 4K HDR TV!

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This video is sponsored by Sony. Click here to check out the Sony X900H 4K HDR TV: www.sony.com/electronics/televisions/xbr-x900h-series?cid=ban-na-3240
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Removed Bangers
Removed Bangers 3 timmar sedan
My Sony TV doesn’t have a Netflix calibrated mode
Angel Tseng
Angel Tseng 8 timmar sedan
Hey ijustine you forget samsung galaxy bud pro unboxing yourself by angel
Karam M
Karam M 21 timme sedan
What lights are you using in the living room?
Micah Bamaiyi
Micah Bamaiyi 23 timmar sedan
I think the pandemic has taught people a big lesson, having one stream of income is not really a good idea cause your job doesn't secure your financial needs. The pandemic has really set out business minded people from the rest that is why I'm so lucky to be among the investors trading with *metro_kelvinfx* on Instagram as his student it's been success and happiness since the beginning of my trades
Norreanelucy Padmencie
Norreanelucy Padmencie Dag sedan
Do we really have to wear a mask when alone in the desert?
SyncerGamer Dag sedan
Is it 120hz?
Jose Anaya TV
Jose Anaya TV Dag sedan
4:06 you can tell where it was edited because Alexa didn't work.
Jocelyn Vazquez
Jocelyn Vazquez Dag sedan
Omg justine i keep rewatching the vampire diaries season 3 episode 10 and i cant get enough that you were so lucky to meet Damon and Alarc and i keep rewatching the episode
Thoughts On Things
Thoughts On Things Dag sedan
Another great video Justine. :)
Joerome R
Joerome R 2 dagar sedan
I want the 75 X900 now with the ps5, it’s a game changer 😩😩😩
Iulian Gabriel Dumitru
Iulian Gabriel Dumitru 2 dagar sedan
Super great tv 😊🤭
Rya Blue
Rya Blue 2 dagar sedan
WAIT! Was she on vampire diaries? I swear thats her 😭😂
Cornelia Åberg
Cornelia Åberg 2 dagar sedan
what happened to "Cooking with Ijustine"? Miss it so much
Slyko - DJ & Producer
Slyko - DJ & Producer 2 dagar sedan
It's not exactly "new"
Allan Freeman
Allan Freeman 2 dagar sedan
Feel like I am watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000.
Rasras2148 2 dagar sedan
She looks like a rich 16 year old girl reviewing this stuff lol
Rasras2148 2 dagar sedan
Who this girl got so many subs she dosent know anything about technology only the filming of the video is well made/edit
Miracle 11 timmar sedan
How can you say she doesn’t know anything about technology when literally her whole SEmost channel is based off technology
Yonatan Ayisheshim
Yonatan Ayisheshim 2 dagar sedan
And the retail price is $1000000000
Sergej Slijepčević
Sergej Slijepčević 2 dagar sedan
-If you bought a copy of Culture of critique instead of electronic products you wouldn't be such a decadent consoomer-
Ayush Kumar 8 'A' 1 1 0 7 7
Ayush Kumar 8 'A' 1 1 0 7 7 3 dagar sedan
Chutiapa maatt kartoooooo 😠😠💢💢😈👿👹
Ssp ssp
Ssp ssp 3 dagar sedan
Tv is as big as my living room
Dixit Jain
Dixit Jain 3 dagar sedan
What has this channel come to lmao, the quality of content gets worse by the day, no wonder the time has passed her by.
William White
William White 3 dagar sedan
Yeah remember that time she was on annoying orange
Carlota Olivier
Carlota Olivier 3 dagar sedan
Crispy content Justine!!
Swaylex 3 dagar sedan
U cute
Marc James Dioquito
Marc James Dioquito 3 dagar sedan
Hi PassionFruit!
K3N 3 dagar sedan
Currently looking at the older Sony OLED model the A9G. With the new Sony TVs announced these older models are heavily discounted
Kendall Hackney
Kendall Hackney 3 dagar sedan
I like the vibe of your living room. What kind of lighting is that?!
Karam M
Karam M 21 timme sedan
did you find out what lights is she using ??
sparky prince
sparky prince Dag sedan
Me to how did you do that
Latin très Amine
Latin très Amine 3 dagar sedan
I thought you playing mario galaxy 😅
Vishwa Patel
Vishwa Patel 3 dagar sedan
Not me watching tvd and Justine being there
Drijon Halilaj
Drijon Halilaj 3 dagar sedan
can you do tech Gadgets with Rosanna Pansino
Никита Жидков
Никита Жидков 3 dagar sedan
This happen every time but iJustine say: Strangled with her headphones ar the end of a struggle with Joe Nation.
Ben rockz
Ben rockz 4 dagar sedan
Mihai Lisenco
Mihai Lisenco 4 dagar sedan
I came for the unboxing... and i left.
Can_be_single 4 dagar sedan
I am huge fan of u from indai
Rabi Prakasa
Rabi Prakasa 4 dagar sedan
Your age
Ranu gupta
Ranu gupta 4 dagar sedan
You are my favourite girl's SEmostr. ❤️🔥
Sujeet Kumar
Sujeet Kumar 4 dagar sedan
Hi mam how are you
TechCulture 4 dagar sedan
Jeriah and Jewel
Jeriah and Jewel 4 dagar sedan
I thought it was hannah stocking
Ronald ghion Ong
Ronald ghion Ong 4 dagar sedan
How much did this tv cost
Kapapitan Jan jan migel
Kapapitan Jan jan migel 4 dagar sedan
New TV Set Along With LG OLED
EMAN 007
EMAN 007 4 dagar sedan
Is this better than the a9f oled?
Alex Schnellbach
Alex Schnellbach 4 dagar sedan
Subscribe to jatie vlogs
Salvatore Guzzo
Salvatore Guzzo 4 dagar sedan
Sony poweeeerrrrr PS 5 powerrrrrrrrt W Justine n one powerrrrrrr
gaurav sodhi
gaurav sodhi 5 dagar sedan
I love u justine
Mariya obroy
Mariya obroy 5 dagar sedan
Lg cx oled is still the winner sony took the L
Arlen Mayorga
Arlen Mayorga 5 dagar sedan
I am watching vampire diaries and on season 3 episode 10 you show on there I never new
Lowinsound 5 dagar sedan
And the unboxing
TheClap 5 dagar sedan
7.2 ms for gaming hahahahaha
Ril Drippy Content
Ril Drippy Content 5 dagar sedan
Wow iJustine, you know when you talked about gaming that you should put the ps5 in the 3 or 4 hdmi slot. you have your ps5 plugged into the 1 hdmi slot, your 4k 120hz is only in the 3 or 4 hdmi!!
Pig pieds88
Pig pieds88 5 dagar sedan
Lol thought that was funny.
Jerem_yyy .!
Jerem_yyy .! 5 dagar sedan
I’ve watched this only 1,000 times just because of the quality. 🤩
Rickey Carey
Rickey Carey 5 dagar sedan
Quality of the tv looks good. colors look bright and crisp. like the position of the speakers to get best sound. sony makes good tvs.
Jay 5 dagar sedan
Make 1 Time a video with plainrock124 an board smashing video or something just like that
Haşim Patan
Haşim Patan 5 dagar sedan
Sony xh 9505 best tv
Michael Majano
Michael Majano 5 dagar sedan
its so cool .....!
Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin 5 dagar sedan
I wanted this tv so bad, but ended up finding a x950h for 600 bucks off and couldn’t pass it up. I hope I don’t regret my choice, but I am so excited to see what it can do!
حسن محمد عبد الأمير
حسن محمد عبد الأمير 5 dagar sedan
O B 5 dagar sedan
Thank you for the video. What would you recommend webcam wise for a desktop to ensure eye level on video conferencing?
Philli Riec
Philli Riec 5 dagar sedan
All of Rosanna’s and ijustine’s channels are nothing but promo videos. Just giant ads of them faking how much they love and use the ad product. It comes off so fake and just not what they used to be. “Real content”. Pretty sure I’m going to unsubscribe. Quarantine has shown that the AD video content is real and no original content.
Feroze Elahi
Feroze Elahi 5 dagar sedan
Ruben Hurtado
Ruben Hurtado 5 dagar sedan
Really I thought you already got the ps5 a long time ago lol
Marcus Welby
Marcus Welby 5 dagar sedan
Why would u consider getting this Tv after Sony fails to deliver VRR firmware update?????
Christopher Flanagan
Christopher Flanagan 5 dagar sedan
A bit late on this one, Sony 👀 XJ90 already announced...
Nehemiah Muchelle
Nehemiah Muchelle 5 dagar sedan
Why does ijustine talk as if she's reading a script from Sony? Very unnatural review and seems forced
Aras 6 dagar sedan
You got Playstation 5 at November of 2020 and you are playing astro's playroom in February of 2021...
Jeff Assassin
Jeff Assassin 6 dagar sedan
Justine do you do anything else besides play games and watch tv cook or play with your tech LOL?
Jasmine Horsepool
Jasmine Horsepool 6 dagar sedan
Can you play among us and film it BC we saw you play animal crossing when it was popular so can you play among us love you
Kris Chan
Kris Chan 6 dagar sedan
love the room lighting setup
Jupa Bafl
Jupa Bafl 6 dagar sedan
4k? Need to caych up to 8k
Corn End Kevin
Corn End Kevin 6 dagar sedan
Now we can watch videos in 2k
Sami Das
Sami Das 6 dagar sedan
Ss SsSniper wolf said that you have Mac candles or apple candles
James C
James C 6 dagar sedan
Girl, you barely just unboxing last years 900H? You know the X900J is right around the corner right? 😂 People. This is a great model, but if you have not purchased the 900H yet, just wait for the 900J. It’s already been announced, and will be coming out very very soon, and will be more improved on with Sony’s new Cognitive Processor.
Jayswade 6 dagar sedan
I've love you ❤️ Justine
Hush Banga
Hush Banga 6 dagar sedan
How its possible that model doesnt have blooming? Ive got same model and blooming in dark scene its very noticeable
D.O.B.D And Friends
D.O.B.D And Friends 6 dagar sedan
Do passion fruit
richard baker
richard baker 6 dagar sedan
I love that you and that other woman with you in your video. Where both wearing your masks properly. You would not believe how many people I run into at my work who do not know how to wear a face mask. It’s no wonder why this pandemic is still spreading.
Dansari 6 dagar sedan
Everyone should wait until the new TVs drop in May
Shravan Shahwal
Shravan Shahwal 6 dagar sedan
She is so beautiful 🤩🤩
Sticky Rice
Sticky Rice 6 dagar sedan
damn, I guess I'll keep my 100 dollar tv LOL
Jacob Rubio
Jacob Rubio 6 dagar sedan
The perks huh
Coro Tor
Coro Tor 6 dagar sedan
I miss the actual unboxing
Spectraevil 6 dagar sedan
How many times does she have to pull down her old tv and then put a new tv up there for a video...
Daniel 6 dagar sedan
You should do an “Unboxing” when the A90J or the A80J OLED’s drop with that new XR processor like oof 😍😍😍
Septic_Eye_ Revolution
Septic_Eye_ Revolution 6 dagar sedan
That TV from Samsung is advancing the technologies for the gaming experience with all the next gen consoles, exclusives and amazing games from Sony/Xbox Game Studios/CD Projekt Red an all the masterpieces from PlayStation 5/ Xbox Series X/ Xbox Series S, but it does need to support not only assistants from Google or the Amazon’s Alexa, for example Siri will be helpful as the Smart TV feature that is not available exclusively on the Apple TV 4K console
Danny Thomas
Danny Thomas 6 dagar sedan
This is one of the funniest commercials I've ever seen. The "Alexa, turn off living room tv" moment at the end reminded my of my grandma. She would always look around the room to see who she was talking to.
Rene christiansen
Rene christiansen 6 dagar sedan
Only 75 you need bigger
ashraf alex
ashraf alex 6 dagar sedan
this is the best cleanest gaming setup.I love it
Sarp Günaydın
Sarp Günaydın 6 dagar sedan
Sorry sony I love you but LG is better than you in this category :(
chewyspree8 6 dagar sedan
What are those lamps in the corner
sundos farhat
sundos farhat 6 dagar sedan
( ˘ ³˘)♥︎( ˘ ³˘)♥︎( ˘ ³˘)♥︎( ˘ ³˘)♥︎♡´・ᴗ・`♡♡´・ᴗ・`♡♡´・ᴗ・`♡♡´・ᴗ・`♡♡´・ᴗ・`♡♡´・ᴗ・`♡
No Café
No Café 6 dagar sedan
I have this TV ( great tv ) and even I feel like Justine didn’t really want this tv or purchased it Seems like Sony trying to regain the attention for this TV lol She also had the PS5 plugged into the wrong HDMI Port it’s HDMI Port 4 for HDMI 2.1 n 120hxz , this 100% an advertisement lol come on Justine haha
No Café
No Café 6 dagar sedan
@Miadaskate I said HMDI 4 since most people use HDMI eARC for audio ... which is HDMI 3
Miadaskate 6 dagar sedan
Port 3 and Port 4 are HDMI 2.1.
Stephen Boutte
Stephen Boutte 6 dagar sedan
Great Review! I just got the Sony 900h in a 65 inch and getting my PS5 today 😬🙌🏽
Clsyton smith
Clsyton smith 6 dagar sedan
You are one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen, I know YOURE single. I would love to date you princess!!
Clsyton smith
Clsyton smith 5 dagar sedan
I've seen millions of girls, Justine is so beautiful. Yes there are others that are hot as well, but she's one of the few.
MadxMass 6 dagar sedan
You haven’t seen many girls then........She’s pretty but there’s plenty just like her in all shades of color.
Clsyton smith
Clsyton smith 6 dagar sedan
You are so damn hot lady!
Pavel Malý
Pavel Malý 6 dagar sedan
You don’t “reproduce” original image... You don’t “analyze” data in your image... You play it! Your screen either is calibrated or isn’t. 🤦🤦‍♀️ I knew she was just reading a script they sent her but they could have written a little bit less of marketing lies...
ɐuuɐʎɹq Z
ɐuuɐʎɹq Z 6 dagar sedan
I thought it was a new ps5 😂😭
MadxMass 6 dagar sedan
This tv has been out for a while now and I’ve been seeing widespread complaints about random Audio cut outs while gaming, watching SEmost and just general tv watching. I have the q80t and love it but I ordered this x900h to replace another tv in another room and would like to know how it’s working for you or any of your viewers who have owned this tv for some time?
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum Dag sedan
@Pig pieds88 i bought it 1 month ago and i have Motion blurr issue on my tv can u help me plzz
Dansari 4 dagar sedan
So in your opinion, which tv is better: 80T or XH90 ?
Pig pieds88
Pig pieds88 5 dagar sedan
Got a 55" in October and never had any problems with it. Made sure it's always updated. Haven't seen the blur in 4K@120hz tho as I haven't been lucky to get a next gen console.
Caleb Brown
Caleb Brown 6 dagar sedan
Is this the one with cognitive intelligence?
MN NM 7 dagar sedan
Got the 75" for $1500 very happy with it, gonna take months before i can try XBOX SX PS5 on it Regret i didn't get thet 85" for $2500
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum 2 dagar sedan
Any settings to resolve the issue
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum 2 dagar sedan
I bought it 1 month ago and i have Motion blurr issue can u help me plzz
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